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  1. Your OS should cycle the load on the different cores, at least if they have shared cache, to avoid that. AFAIK
  2. teh_laser

    Single Draft

    It's kind of a weird mode, a bit like All Random but you can still draft a bit, yet since there's no shared pool between teams it cannot be balanced by default. I just wish there'd be more Banning Draft tournaments, the last one we had was amazing. In my opinion shows which captain can adjust fastest and not replay the results from scrims.
  3. Though I'm looking forward to that release, I'm not sure it is really needed anymore. The Windows client runs fine using WINE, and with D9VK, there's no performance penalty; in fact you get multithreaded graphics via Vulkan, of which I am unsure if you can achieve that using OpenGL. The 64bit client crashes on close, but otherwise seems to run fine. Anyhow a native solution is always preferred. Just saying that we're in a much better position than say Mac users.
  4. The Linux client always offered 64 bit, but it's still a legacy build
  5. I recommend Linux users to switch to the Windows version via wine. I've had zero issues with that, though lately my mic doesn't seem to work (64bit client here).
  6. It's actually fanart not created by FB, and tbh I both find it very good and am happy that they include stuff like this. The work is top notch. Does it fit everyone's expectation of HoN? No, but it's fanart after all.
  7. Can someone clarify on the time aspect a bit more? I mean what kind of time are we talking about here? Does "real time" refer to the time stored in the Real Time Clock? What about people who have the "RealTimeIsUniversal" registry key set? Or does it refer to the reported system time? Is it some sort of region blocking? Can you still queue for the other regions, but then not connect to servers?
  8. 12 characters, except if you're swindlemelonzz
  9. At least I can tell you that the name you chose is too long
  10. So what did I do wrong here?
  11. I wanted to try Grimm Hunt with Blitz Mode recently, but I couldn't get it to work on neither public servers nor on the practice server. Players don't get the Blitz buff. Also you don't start with level 3 anymore, I guess the XP requirements for that changed?
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