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  1. As my last post was rejected due to lack of info, I'll try to provide more here. The issue is the rampage charge behaving strangely when it comes to blink heroes. Sometimes it follows them through the blink, while other times it simply gets cancelled. When trying to replicate it in a practice match, the charge never broke with 40+ attempts made. While reviewing the game in which it occurred, the only time the charge followed through blink was when we had vision of the landing area, might be something that affects it? Match ID: 161227044 Timestamps: (Game time/replay time) 15:40/20
  2. Just went through a frustrating game as a rampage versus a hag. While charging hag, if the hag blinked, around 50% of the time the charge simply got cancelled. I'm not talking about the moment right before I connected, but at large distances. When trying to replicate this in a practice match, the charge never broke no matter the amount of blinks used.
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