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  1. i am also having the same problem. I'm from Brazil, I can't play on my country's server. when I play on a server in Brazil I have 500 ping. to play with minimal dignity game on USA server. my internet and fiber optic 400 mbs. to check my connection I downloaded lol and call of Dusty, and in these games I have a ping of 20.
  2. Wingbow: With components changed with the inclusion of fauxbow. The characters who are meele, who wish to make this item have a small loss! Perhaps if it were possible, for meele heroes the components could include brass knucles
  3. new staff effect suggestion: Apex - cause its passive effect around you! gaulent: Its last possible to be thrown into a specific area there instead of selecting a hero.
  4. Release the notes today! We're all looking forward to finding out what's new!
  5. P4i

    Arcane bomb

    Excuse! I used the translator to expose my idea! but when correcting the writing of xemplar changed all the text!
  6. P4i

    Arcane bomb

    Ele recebeu esse nome porque produz ilusões por meio de seu passivo ou de seu conjunto de habilidades (invisibilidade)? O que xemplar poderia herdar é a produção passiva, mas não suas ilusões também herdarão essa produção de ilusões! Em hon eu acredito que existem vários personagens que podem contra-atacar este tipo de habilidade. Expresso este pensamento porque gostaria muito de o ver na prática!
  7. P4i

    Arcane bomb

    If the solution were the heroes' rework! I have in mind that your illusion production was in the form of a passive skill! making him unique in his form of illusion creations! I think it would be more fun to play. The use of your (q) would have to have more control for its use!
  8. P4i

    Arcane bomb

    After implementing this item Heroes such as xemplar and sand wraith suffer a lot after the enemy team acquires it. Especially Xemplar, as he's too reliant on his illusions to scale his damage in a game! The problems of illusions in Hon, and their difficult identification for opponents. My suggestion for this item, instead of it dealing damage to illusions it can identify the real character.
  9. *censored* Above are accounts of the same person who enters the game and stays in the base! So that he is not removed from the game he disconnects and returns! The game manages to block people like it from creating multiple accounts to disrupt other people's fun! A solution that existed when I started playing this game! Allow only accounts with a certain level to participate in level games!
  10. P4i


    I would like nitro to be a character to have a greater impact at the end of the game! His ganker role in the current target is very low compared to the other characters who do this much better. I would like to suggest some ideas He had a passive that attacks by dividing and causing damage to enemy units directly behind the target and providing additional attack range. This would be interesting because the player could exploit his (r) reaching more opponents. And some other ability that exploits your movement mechanics with damage
  11. The third adrenaline skill (E), was it tested as a passive?
  12. I would like to see the latest King Power Parade in the PBT version again!
  13. Dear ElementeUser, the nitro hero has recently been overhauled, but his performance still leaves a little to be desired. (q) Basillist - It could be implemented, after an amount of shrapnel received the opponent is debuffed. because this skill has a lot of relevance only when you use your last or at the beginning of the game. (w) BlastOFF - I would like to see a better scale of the range of this skill - he already has a big punishment on his (e) when the heroes are close. (r) Overdrive - staff master - He could shoot even when stunned.
  14. With the current buff of the warbeast character, blitz is not the fastest hero in the game! Can we expect a later blitz buff returning his post as HON's fastest character? War Beast Metamorphosis - While active, max Movement Speed for your own units increased from 550 to 550/600/650. Bliz Quicken [ E ] Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds Target Unit Ally Units Type - Magic Blitz surges an ally with adrenaline granting the nimble movements of a
  15. Dear developers, is there anything in mind for the heroes' mastery? I have mastery 15 on all the heroes in the game. And I can't earn any more benefits. I have 64 tickets I need two more to play my luck for the last time. Can this poor lover of this game fulfill his wish?
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