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  1. Dear developers, is there anything in mind for the heroes' mastery? I have mastery 15 on all the heroes in the game. And I can't earn any more benefits. I have 64 tickets I need two more to play my luck for the last time. Can this poor lover of this game fulfill his wish?
  2. Apex - Add a preexisting effect: Damage the area while moving and healing.
  3. I deserve some consolation prize for those who have completed all the mastery of heroes. And you can't get a plinko ticket anymore! https://ibb.co/Px9gxvf ?
  4. Nitro: (Q) This ability in the current objective of the game has little impact. Most of the damage he could do to his opponent is on the ground. Rework: The attack splits and damages enemy units directly behind the target and provides additional attack range. As per the heroic Psychic Blades skill TEMPLAR ASSASSIN (d0ta) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=TujHkI7r5Lw&feature=emb_logo (W) I would like it to be better used instead of fending off, the opponent would be thrown into the air for longer.
  5. I have a doubt. Would Moraxus become very strong if his (q) ability was able to cast as a panda and chipped can cast his (q)?
  6. new update will bring some buff for nitro?
  7. I also feel the same thing when I played with nitro. I played a few games and I can't really have fun with it.
  8. I would like to leave my feedback and some suggestions for the rework of nitro. Q: I believe that this ability could be your passive, of course your damage or shrapnel amount would be adjusted, as it will no longer have a cost to cast. My suggestion for the new Q: For the hero's design, I would like to have a long-range shot causing some debuff for the opposing hero. Stun or Slow. something similar that we have with alchemist in dota 2 with his skill "Unstable Concoction". Nitro charges his bazooka for 5 sec, every second his skill gains range and duration of the debuff effect.
  9. is there a possibility of the mastery ranking being updated? i managed to complete lvl 15 mastery for all heroes. I would really like this updated rank. I'm sad to not be able to enjoy the hon birthday using plinko tickets. taking advantage of the contact I would like to request a gift add 2 plinko to my account, so I can cast my last luck.
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