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  1. On our client... Country most likely USA, Brazil or Russia as they're huge compared to others. Region... definitely EU.
  2. Vindicator ultimate is global though... if you're still getting caught by Flux ult then whoever is playing it is just out of position. I personaly don't play midwars that much, but it is that simple. Sadly, just as Flux can be banned so can Vindi. Honestly, just having good teamfights most of the time is enough. Because just as your team gets clumped by Flux ult, so does the enemy team to react. Counter initiation is thankfully a thing. I mean, just look at Legion's team. There's actually 0 instant initiation. And Pesti who could have some of it with PK, is going Staff instead. The ke
  3. Actually, it's the best one to get. And it gets you the most unironic MVP votes. /s
  4. I'll translate ElementUser's words to portuguese since you guys keep replying in portuguese. Bem... tradução do que o ElementUser disse. Sem provas que o ping realmente está com latências instáveis, ou seja, ping instável infelizmente não se pode fazer nada. A Garena, que são os donos do jogo a bem ou a mal... são os que contatam os serviços de host incluindo os do Host brasileiro, IBM. Façam estes passos quando poderem se fizerem favor: Abram o Terminal do computador (Tecla do Windows + R e escrevam cmd, ou barra de procura e escrevam cmd). Escrevam: tracert
  5. I have taken notice of people complaining about some javelins simply not being visible compared to others, effectively making some avatars better than others. Some seem to have better attack animations, which are actually placebo other than *feeling* better. But... actually made a comparison ingame with Valkyrie Javelins... Every single Javelin (didn't bother checking Throwback/POGs since they generally have the same effects as original avatars). If you notice, the bottom right Javelin is from Ultimate Avatar which is the only Javelin with no noticeable shining effect. Also,
  6. If alt avatars ruin your experience that much, you can technically mod them all out, to look like defaults. And i'm pretty sure some people wouldn't mind getting paid to do it. Now, regarding avatars not witholding the Hero's theme, some are indeed the case... HoN sadly went full "look cool/cute" for a while which kind of killed each Hero's "id" so to say.
  7. Match ID 161300786 Around minute 29:00 as Shellshock, targeting Prophet with Roll (W) can't click because of exactly ontop of "hill" cliff. Replicated it https://clips.twitch.tv/PoorOddDotterelKevinTurtle-HWoaGdcGVkmTi1V3 Assuming it works on every hill like this (Might edit post later with other hills if so)
  8. Regarding Shieldbreaker(/Riftshards) on Panda. The main issue is that you *have* to initiate with W or R if you don't want Heroes to Stun you or Blink away (speaking of when panda already has pk scenario). If you want to get Shieldbreaker's - armor effect off, you HAVE to autoattack before using Q or E, or ultimate(those actually count as auto attacks.) Another way would be getting a Staff of the Master, which make Q count as auto attacks as well... but item is a joke on 95% of the Hero pool on Panda it is the actual circus. Also, yes, Shieldbreaker is really good on Pestilence the
  9. An alternative to the further away from lane easy camp twice for level 2, is to just pull a Zlapped Balph. Which is, go to your shortlane and yoink a few corpses. Goes about as fast for you really. But they might rage at you for the xp/pull you'll end up taking.
  10. Let it be known that I have been watching anime since 2003 (not counting what I watched on tv as a kid). So, my taste at this point is pretty nuanced I just watch the genres I like, mostly. And then eventually watch others if I hear good things or just feeling like something else. Of the current anime season I am watching: 1. 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru I would consider this one quite generic but on the acceptable spectrum of isekai. 2. Danmachi 3rd season If you're into anime you know why i'm watching this, i've given up on the shame of watching e
  11. Do you mean these? Worst case scenario just go on your documents and delete your Heroes of Newerth folder and boot up the game again (it'll auto recreate it) and then edit towards what you want changed.
  12. Oh. I don't know. The fact it is one of the best carry items in the game? I'd only put it behind Geometer's Bane personally. Remember that the "passive" attack range on ranged and unitwalking+ms on melees was a buff a while ago, when the item was already considered good. Anyway, the main thing that made me want to reply was this: Stares at: Slither; Nymphora; Drunken Master; Tundra.
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