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  1. Let it be known that I have been watching anime since 2003 (not counting what I watched on tv as a kid). So, my taste at this point is pretty nuanced I just watch the genres I like, mostly. And then eventually watch others if I hear good things or just feeling like something else. Of the current anime season I am watching: 1. 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru I would consider this one quite generic but on the acceptable spectrum of isekai. 2. Danmachi 3rd season If you're into anime you know why i'm watching this, i've given up on the shame of watching e
  2. Do you mean these? Worst case scenario just go on your documents and delete your Heroes of Newerth folder and boot up the game again (it'll auto recreate it) and then edit towards what you want changed.
  3. Oh. I don't know. The fact it is one of the best carry items in the game? I'd only put it behind Geometer's Bane personally. Remember that the "passive" attack range on ranged and unitwalking+ms on melees was a buff a while ago, when the item was already considered good. Anyway, the main thing that made me want to reply was this: Stares at: Slither; Nymphora; Drunken Master; Tundra.
  4. Pet peeve, I wish random gold were back. ? And while i'd appreciate Single Draft being back in TMM for FoC, i'd appreciate our "old" map being an option while queuing it. Y'know, just having both maps avaiable. Could always just thumbs up whichever modes/map you'd want for this.
  5. This report is being made because on Hellbourne it works, Legion it doesn't. Therefore I am assuming it isn't intended to work this way. How to replicate: Legion Jungle left easy camp, attempt to stack at :53ish like any other camp but creeps lose agro within 2-3seconds instead. Note it is possible to still stack it, but if you have no hatchet/boots and it is a ranged camp it is nearly impossible, and it is the only camp behaving like this. P.s.: Could Nitro be removed from the picking phase until Hero gets reworked/reverted? As it is, it is just a free pain Hero.
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