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  1. I definitely had to stop playing this game because of the insane toxicity. At a certain point the game isn't fun enough to tolerate weirdos flaming everything you do.
  2. Arachna is very strong 1v1 mid lane but their vulnerability makes them really easy to kill. You probably won't be able to play a lot of melee heroes against them but pick any caster like pyromancer or ellonia and keep harrassing them, then get anyone to come gank them and you'll be feeding on Arachna so much they'll be out of the game for a while. I can understand some of the frustration trying to beat them alone, but they are so weak in other areas that it doesn't bother me much.
  3. With Wza gone I hope we can see Tremble return to a better state. It never needed the double auto attack passive, just the version before that would be great.
  4. Jungle is a bit too easy now. I would say that things like the neutral corpses blocking camps and the old courier were bits of artificial difficulty. It made the game really tedious but not more interesting. What concerns me is how easy it is to play heroes like lego and draco and rather mindlessly take on the jungle and come out of it with a high GPM. I miss the much older iteration of the jungle where a lego was actually afraid of dying in the jungle and couldn't battle hard camps without having their black helm. Back then it was actually tricky to play the jungle and it was easier to c
  5. This is a plan to get the game more popular. Make this game cost $30 again and then have a Christmas bonanza sale where accounts are 100% off. Soon players will come flocking to the game to enjoy the sense they are getting a great discount and accessing expensive content. They'll feel like rich aristocrats enjoying their time off in a game among fellow wealthy people. It'll work, trust me.
  6. I like everything about the new patch. I'm really pleased to see that Elementuser has noticed that tons of carry heroes are going plated greaves and/or astrolabe because of how insanely cheap and efficient they are to buy. They definitely needed a nerf. I prefer seeing supports prioritize these items anyways.
  7. I watched madclay's last replay where he took Thunderbringer to solo farm in the shortlane, he died a couple times 1v1 against the opposing suicide hero, then ran to his teammate's sidelane to ruin their game because his own lane was too hard. I'm pretty sure any trolling he's receiving is because of the selfish way he behaves.
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