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    Rampage Buff

    Second that, without a wall of text i want old rampage back at some capacity simply because he was more fun. Couple things i'm unsatisfied with the current rampage: - E doing only slow. Yes i understand Rampage having 3 stuns on 3 skills slots is way too much, but you knock hard into a guy and he is just slowed for a bit feels really wet noodle. I'd like to see some compromise like half knockback half slow. - Ult being a straight copy from Dota. On top of the annoyance of abandoning your own interesting take in favor of a more bland version taken from another game, its da
  2. I too think Solstice is a very well designed hero, beauty of simplicity. Clear cut strength, obvious weakness, advantage and counter that can be played around by both the player and enemies. And most importantly fun and satisfying to play.
  3. https://imgur.com/c7U8blN You can see me spamming login on top.
  4. A few things. Can we consider changing SW's E into something like this: Each attack gives self and nearby instances of self a charge, at 4 charges gain 50 attack speed and deal 8/12/16/20 extra damage on attacks for 4s then put the skill on cooldown for 20/16/12/8s. Illusions share this ability. Point is to give flavor and a burst effect with down time instead of a 100% up time effect, which is bland, too ineffective in the early game and has no counter in the late game. In the laning phase SW lacks a whole ability slot and is forced to turtle farm until late game. Which imo kinda ex
  5. Quick fix is to Ctrl+f8 then spam login until you get in.
  6. Why would you think EW should be able to outplay a chipper? His first 2 skills require no positioning and no mechanical counterplay while his 3rd is made to be effective vs melee. Meanwhile chipper is a nuke hero that has higher payoff ceiling, with a combo that can hit or miss entirely which should and does do higher than normal damage if done properly. Plus he has a literal anti-poke 3rd skill against magic damage and EW is all magic. At best the match up comes down to who has the better mechanical skills but why do you think the hero that requires less player input should be favor
  7. As i see it, the staff's purpose isn't to increase Kane's carry or dps potential, but a buff to his supportive/tank/lock down role. Yes for pure dps purposes it's better to buy any other items that give immediate effects, but with staff he gains: - All stats and max hp, in particular 390 hp. That's a substantial amount that would let Kane soak in cc and damage from the enemies as he locks down their carry and can still out last them, drawing attention away from your carries. - Good build up for a non-priority farming role, he gets to upgrade at 1000~1200 gold a piece, this allows him
  8. If someone wants to play selfishly and grief that someone will grief with any hero. It's nice for Jereziah to be able to do things other than being a heal bot while being melee.
  9. As a 600 ranged hero valkyrie has decent stats and average ~ good attack animation/projectile, she can already bully some heroes with just auto attacks on top of having effectively a blink, on top of having additional bonuses. 40s might be too high, but it's easy to imagine the hero getting out of hand. In terms of overall balance, her ult is good and annoying as is, but it's her Q and W that have high potential ceilings, that Q nuke can do 450 damage to a single target and that W can stun up to 5s on top of above average damage. Therefor her normal state should be just a bit lower in the
  10. Str + illu is for them to be tanky enough to not get wiped by spells and generate value by being able to stay in the fight longer. However i find Xemplar to be quite boring, the hero revolves too much around his ult so all his basic spells seem lacking without it. Regarding Tarot ult, i actually prefer when she had charges and could built it up. The way i see it, it was less about being forced to participate in kills to bring the skill up to its normal base line, but more of not having any charge is the normal base line, then you snowball and get rewarded by taking successful fight
  11. With all due respect, the menu music that blasts the moment you log in is a disaster. I hate to manually delete it from the game file everytime it updates, please include the option to turn it off.
  12. In the mean time, i suggest we do this.
  13. You can already do this by taunting the one who kills you, you get an unique annoucement line no? Edit: misread first post, safely ignore dis.
  14. I understand, though i'm curious what the process is like to work on something in the background for 1 year+.
  15. ^ That staff effect being broken balance wise aside, that gameplay is just unfun for everyone involved imo. Being incentivized to drop everything on the ground then comeback to pick them up later, urrgh. Essentially doing a super cc for 10s+ on a carry or worse, turn him into enemy support, who will probably proceed to smash keyboard yelling on top of his lung about how stupid it is and will never play this stupid game again, urrrrrgh. The difference is like gaining gold for oneself, vs deleting gold from other players, psychological impact is different and it's a negative one. I personal
  16. I brought it up because you started doing it. Did it stop the discussion from going astray or did it make it go astray itself. I addressed it because i felt like it would benefit any further discussion. What did arguing "no it's not about removing jungle, just nerfing it to irrelevancy" bring about to the table other than being a waste of time and space? Your analogy makes no sense and doesn't have anything to do with any relevance of the discussion, really pointless. Ask anyone if removing a leg from a chair/table that currently has/was built originally upon all 4 is somehow a good idea.
  17. While you're at it, please ask Garena to do something about vietnam too. Vietnam used to have its own login client, then they just dropped in out of the blue and now we can't play HoN with our regional settings on Garena, HoN doesn't show up. I have to fake ip to US and set my region to SG in order to get it to show up to launch the game.
  18. Focusing on semantics drags out conversations and it is pointless, like how i have to reiterate my argument because you went for the dry definitions instead when in reality they are essentially the same thing. Nerfing jungle to the point of not worth doing, is basically removing it, yes. We could have skipped the arguments around this entirely by not arguing semantics. Therefor let's not talk any further about this. Bad effects being players being players. Good effects being good game balance, viability of tons of heroes, and maintaining a part of the game that absolutely adds t
  19. One can do literally anything and still grief in the game, conflating any mechanic to this behavior makes no sense. Jungle/suicide is already bad as is, how is nerfing it not basically removing it? I was addressing your notion that balancing jungle/suicide vs laning would somehow increase frustration to the point of not worth implementing it, despite its obvious good effects on the well being of the game. You argue semantics too much instead of addressing the core arguments.
  20. Getting rid of jungle is foolish, HoN's been built around it and heroes have been balanced around it. Certain heroes are good at certain things, good at adapting to certain situations. The existence of jungle and junglers creates another dynamic to 3 lanes, allowing some hero designs to work or even have any value. Otherwise you will see the same optimal heroes every game because the game's laning phase will have been flatten. It's a 10 people game, don't expect to be able to completely remove frustration created by other players. Also, arguing that jungle is inherently bad because "
  21. Management sucks, there's no english forums, no way to communicate whatsoever. One day servers are down and we'll just have to wait and see if it comes back tomorrow.
  22. Not debating whether or not the hero needs ghost marcher and/or helm to function properly (i'd still argue yes), the hero needing instead to rush staff in itself is another symptom of the same problem. Staff being overwhelmingly better than any other item choices indicates that's just simply a bandaid to keep the hero afloat despite their design problems by giving them an upgrade unique, unfair, either bypassing their weaknesses or is uncounterable, available only to that hero unlike normal items. There are currently some heroes like that and i abhor their current states: Slither, MoA, Ra
  23. You misunderstand me, it's also in my opinion that Zephyr's on the weaker side right now and i'd never pick him over Ra. I'm trying to address the issue that Zephyr is intentionally put on the weaker side because of his cyclones being such an over-the-top jungling tool, if Zephyr is ever slightly above the curve, he becomes a ball of frustration and you'd sure see him picked every match as a cheese because you'd have to pick hard counters to him every game. Snowballing from the jungle plus scaling damage via survivability inherently has no legit counter and unlike Ra, Zephyr has the tools and
  24. Brand autocombines are all rounder, however i'd argue that the brand themselves are specific. So the combinations giving so much free stats compared to individual pure strength/agility/int parts is what doesn't make sense. Currently only firebrand is the only thing worth buying on its own. Feels like every time you want to buy a brand you have to rush for its next upgrade for it to be worth it. So i'm for buffing stage 1 brands.
  25. Not sure if the hero needs buff, but i think kraken could use a change. PK->W->R-> is too good on the hero, but the hero can barely function without it. Kraken's good laning is wasted when the hero uses too much mana and has to save up for a pk, thwarting any advantage he has in lane and any plan to buy efficient stat items to solidify it. Maybe allow kraken to cast during charge so he can set up his ult even when not getting the stun off, kinda like geo, but also reduce its damage to nerf the pk combo a bit. Maybe reduce manacost a bit too.
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