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  1. Faster vaulting would definitely help, for both sides. Less air time for the enemy to be able to pint point MK's location quicker, faster movement so it's less of a vulnerable melee range spell in the late game. Also, current vault's long cast time also means less hitting time so it's actually dps loss to use vault. Faster vault would fix or alleviate most of my problems with MK.
  2. Anti-mage and hard carry will always be oxymoron. A hard carry will be anti-mage by default in the late game, if he's a hard carry there's no niche for anti-mage. Magebane is just a hero with blink and 1.45 BAT. If we're to explore the theme he will need to be anything but a hard carry.
  3. Nomad ult on a basic slot with 3s cooldown KEKW
  4. Personally, Magebane is an unfun hero who makes 9 other players suffer, either make him weak or make him gone. 6s blink on a flash farming hero is pure aids. So yeah, i'm in favor of a rework or at least a rebalance to shift him to something else. Keep everything iconic about him, a passive Q that burns mana and deal bonus damage, a blink W, and a nuke ult that's based on missing mana, yet a few numeric changes and some added features could change the hero into something else entirely. After all, the current Magebane's capacity as a hero is simply his blink. 1.45 BAT + some gimmicky bonus damage. A few ideas on top of my head: - Stat increased across the board, BAT normalized to 1.7. To turn Magebane into a different niche other than a super squishy carry that becomes god once he survives natural selection. - Q burns/deals damage by 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 times when target's mana is greater than 60% (can be lower, depends on the average int nuker hero) of their hp (either current or max). Base value readjusted. - W regains its AOE magic shield on cast. W giving team magic armor was a good feature that fitted his theme and promoted aggressive plays, as opposed to the passive armor that only serves the afk farming play style. Cooldown greatly increased, to both limit his flash farming and make it a greater commitment. As far as balance go we can just increase the magic armor amount until it's fair to the increased cooldown. - E becomes activatable (then it might become Q): deals 60/80/100/120 magic damage to all nearby enemy heroes, slows them up to 20/30/40/50% for 4s based on the amount of their mana that was used/drained in the last 5s, up to 300/450/600/750 mana. Affected enemies take bonus % damage from magebane by half the slow amount for the duration. - R, largely the same, adjusted for balance. Overall Magebane would still be an evasive hero that chooses his battle, that can either dominate mages, or use his mobility to farm and win in later stages of the game. However his starting kit should be more well rounded and enough to be useful, and his scale ceiling should be way lower in order for it not to be an autowin option.
  5. One thing that absolutely wrecks MK is the fact that his vault gets worse over time. Not stronger, not the same, but worse. Recently i haven't seen a MK win if the opponent is anything decent. I just feel so reassured knowing there's a MK on the enemy team, and dread when vice-versa. Timing gets tighter as the game goes on, and spending time doing vault is not only a loss of damage, it's time wasted being in the critical melee range. It's a noob trap and an expensive escaping spell by mid-late game. I wish there were other purposes to vault other than flat damage to justify it.
  6. Title. I've been fine for the longest time then suddenly this happens. These are screen shots of Ctrl f8 panels i took right after the freezes happened. This happened out of no where so i have no idea what could have caused it. Update: uninstalling nvidia sound driver solved this. My HoN still freezes for 1s periodically when it plays new sounds though.
  7. Rezziedahl

    Rampage Buff

    The thing about slow is it's only valuable if you're already winning and wish to stop the enemy from running. If you're weaker however and lack any tool to turn the fight in your favor, slow doesn't mean much.
  8. Rezziedahl

    Rampage Buff

    EU, i have said this before, but will you consider removing inherent stun on Q so rampage can have it on E back? There's no significant reason why it must be on Q as far as i'm aware, by changing Q's contact into an attack it can proc E stun immediately, then rampage will still only have 2 stuns. We can change rampage's Q into granting 30/40/50/60% debuff/stun reduction for 3/3.5/4/4.5s when successfully charged or something like that, giving him a reason to consider maxing anything else other than E.
  9. Just Ctrl + f8 and spam "login". That works for now.
  10. Rezziedahl

    Rampage Buff

    I think having the charge starting off slowly but becoming unstoppable when ganking globally is awful. First, in a normal combat situation, Rampage will indeed become useless and unfun when not having ultimate due to the charge starting slow, making all sort of input from the player useless. Second, how do you balance a ganking hero that started from the other side of the map that is immune to all sort of things you can do for the first half of the game without making him really really bad. The original Rampage had this issue, only balanced out by the fact hero was a big creep in walking distance due to his awful charge start and ult only usable in melee range to begin with. If Rampage will ever have magic immunity on his charge again, it will have to be at the beginning of it, so that Rampage has an effective range/condition of being close enough and allowing his enemies to counter play by creating distance. And imo, i'm would remove stun from his charge entirely if it means he can have it on his E again. Think about it, it's functionally the same whether or not it's on Q or E if he's to stun the enemy upon reaching them. If it's on E you can prevent the stacking of 3 stuns while preserving his iconic knockback. In this idea we can turn the charge into an attack with some sort of bonus/buff to proc E on contact. On top of that, ideally, we would have the build diversity of max Q for the charge + whatever bonus it might give, W for shield + MS for defense, E for proc damage and sustain combat.
  11. Rezziedahl

    Rampage Buff

    Second that, without a wall of text i want old rampage back at some capacity simply because he was more fun. Couple things i'm unsatisfied with the current rampage: - E doing only slow. Yes i understand Rampage having 3 stuns on 3 skills slots is way too much, but you knock hard into a guy and he is just slowed for a bit feels really wet noodle. I'd like to see some compromise like half knockback half slow. - Ult being a straight copy from Dota. On top of the annoyance of abandoning your own interesting take in favor of a more bland version taken from another game, its damage being tied to E is an obsolete concept that doesn't do anything fun except forcing you to max E. Essentially killing build diversity. - Q W E all being more damage with little difference save for E because ultimate. I really liked the shield he had, worked well in a suicide lane and created another direction he could take. Perhaps another compromise of MS + shield or MS + damage + shield at lower value.
  12. I too think Solstice is a very well designed hero, beauty of simplicity. Clear cut strength, obvious weakness, advantage and counter that can be played around by both the player and enemies. And most importantly fun and satisfying to play.
  13. https://imgur.com/c7U8blN You can see me spamming login on top.
  14. A few things. Can we consider changing SW's E into something like this: Each attack gives self and nearby instances of self a charge, at 4 charges gain 50 attack speed and deal 8/12/16/20 extra damage on attacks for 4s then put the skill on cooldown for 20/16/12/8s. Illusions share this ability. Point is to give flavor and a burst effect with down time instead of a 100% up time effect, which is bland, too ineffective in the early game and has no counter in the late game. In the laning phase SW lacks a whole ability slot and is forced to turtle farm until late game. Which imo kinda exacerbate the either he makes it or he doesn't kind of feeling. Also how about the old-new prisoner ultimate. I feel like the effect of reducing damage dealt by enemies hit by ult fits the hero more, he wants to stand in the middle of the fight to hit stuff but he's too squishy. Lacking such a sustaining combat tool makes him reliant on burst damage, and that doesn't feel good when you die faster than the enemy you're trying to burst.
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