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  1. Are you kidding, TB has another item to reach godhood with. But kraken is slowly moving away from life threatening PK dependency, which is nice. If Cthu's W doesn't interrupt anymore, can you take a look at Rampage's W and Solstice's W? They're in the same ball park. And in Rampage's case, it's unlikely for him to travel 2000 distance to get 2s off Horned Strike, realistically he will only get 1, so overall it comes off as a nerf in most situations since it can only go from same to worse than before. It'd be better if it's more consistent in smaller values like 0.25s for each 250 dis
  2. The Q change is to apply a different damage gaining mechanic to make it independent to E+R combo. Also, you would only have max charges off cooldown if 1. Blitz is already in combat, needing to put out 5 attacks within 3s, you only get this with a semi carry build with sufficient attack speed (new W synergy) and 2. Initiating a combat with E and travel a total of 1500 distance or mix in 1 attack to lessen the distance needed. Just casually moving nonstop won't guarantee you max charges, so imo this mechanic is serving its purpose in gating Blitz's Q's max damage within those 2 specific scenari
  3. Are you talking about my reasoning about his wave nuking? By that i meant his ability to 1 shot a wave then goes else where, heroes that can insta kill wave from long range have zero to minimum risk of being harassed and ganked, which goes against what i want him to do which is gaining "value" by combating and hindering enemies, instead of power farming ignoring opposition entirely. Or at least at higher level requirement, which was what was said. It has nothing to do with his capability to gank, which i think he should not be a big creep until 4, hence having stun from lvl 1 with no bonu
  4. I don't care that a hero does damage, but i care when that hero does damage during his own stun. SB is tanky, can do damage and is generally flexible, that is good, so the stun has to go or just be a small stun. Any carry hero that has a pattern of bushwacking somebody, stunning and one shot-ing them during that stun is cancerous and gets out of hand with any slight item advantage, particularly out of invis, particularly shroud, particularly even without high cooldown. SB shouldn't have a solid stun, perhaps a silence + slow.
  5. It happened consistently from the beginning till the remake. Though i don't think it's ddos, rather it's faulty server, happens randomly sometimes.
  6. I can't find either of those files in garena's HoN's folder, we remade it though, i only checked the server's name. Lagging as in incredible spiking, like a slide show, for the majority of players in the match. I was hoping to make a list here so you can give it to your garena associates.
  7. Title, i'll list the lagging servers as i come across them here. SG211 SG213
  8. 0.8s and 1.2s's difference can be huge, we'll have to see in practice. But if Shadowblade can reliably initiate a fight leading to a stunlock as a carry, leaving no room to react then he's leagues stronger than if it's just a minor annoying stun, which opponents can still do stuff after before supports can follow up.
  9. I enjoy playing shadowblade even current patch. Hero's versatile and is fun in lane, he can man up with WQ or harass with E. +7 to all stats and the change to Q means that you don't have to always max Q because it's too good anymore, you can max either of the 3 depending on the game. Q to soak damage, W to harass/beat down ranged heroes, E to harass melees. Low manacost and higher mana pool also mean you can spam more generously, his laning is honestly really good.
  10. Searing was too good, you use AOE spell on a bunch of creeps and instantly 3 stacks. Bought it once on armadon LUL.
  11. My problems with Blitz are: - He's a generic cc burst hero with only Quicken as his distinguishing feature. - He's overloaded with forced synergy. W R both slow, E giving himself movement speed, which inherently give each other diminishing return just so Q can do big damage with its gimmick. Not mentioning R simply replaces W as a superior version of it for most purposes. - He still has great potential with his design, which i'll now try to improve. Changes: Q: Blitzkrieg: Blitz gains charges with every attack and distance he traveled in the last 3s, each attac
  12. Dude's terrible, all over the place, and quite clunky to use. Mainly because his ult is simultaneously too good and terrible. He's forced to hold back from using his spells casually due to the prospect of missing out on everything when his ult is off cooldown but his other spells are not. So i'm trying to remedy this, with some extra fixes with some problems i have with the hero. Proposing changes: Q: Debilitate: Damage reduced to 80/120/160/200. Cooldown increased to 12s. Debilitate effect increases damage taken rescaled to 6/9/12/15%, its duration increased to 6s. Leave
  13. Happens every time 5 carry players get in a game. It's a team game, adapt and compromise. If you can't suicide you can certainly roam.
  14. There's also the possibility of being too used to the old hero he hasn't adapted to the new one yet.
  15. Geo ult can be very strong since it can be chained with Q, making it a long range 3.5/4/4.5s AOE chain stun. But yeah on its own it's a pretty meh delayed stun for an ult, with visuals that enemies can see and avoid. I'll put my own thoughts in: Crystal Field: Now does 2 explosions after 1.5s and 3s. First explosion does 150/225/300 magic damage and applies 40% slow for 1.5s. Second explosion does 150/225/300 magic damage and stuns for 1.5/2/2.5s. Also about Earth's Grasp make it so the target also takes full damage if it's affected by slow, it's really underwhelming.
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