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  1. Happens every time 5 carry players get in a game. It's a team game, adapt and compromise. If you can't suicide you can certainly roam.
  2. There's also the possibility of being too used to the old hero he hasn't adapted to the new one yet.
  3. Geo ult can be very strong since it can be chained with Q, making it a long range 3.5/4/4.5s AOE chain stun. But yeah on its own it's a pretty meh delayed stun for an ult, with visuals that enemies can see and avoid. I'll put my own thoughts in: Crystal Field: Now does 2 explosions after 1.5s and 3s. First explosion does 150/225/300 magic damage and applies 40% slow for 1.5s. Second explosion does 150/225/300 magic damage and stuns for 1.5/2/2.5s. Also about Earth's Grasp make it so the target also takes full damage if it's affected by slow, it's really underwhelming.
  4. I previously attempted to brainstorm changes to W: Lion's Pride to improve Midas functionally and further flesh out the hero. Today, i'll make a more comprehensive thread with more changes and a more cohesive vision in mind. Changes: 1. Primary stat attribute changed to strength again. Slightly increase starting str/gain and reduce starting int/gain, making Midas a ranged spellcaster bruiser hybrid. Reasoning: Being a nuker that can clear wave, hard stun up front and escape/initiate, the only reasonable approach imo to make him balance niche wise is t
  5. SEA region is ip banned, you'll have to use a proxy app. But the ping is probably too high anyway.
  6. Even though i did address your points? And even though the end of your posts are "pls don't ban me" or "just ban me it will prove my point"? Because thread was made before the patch, the only posts after the patch are reworks that involve reworking E. Turns out jumping in mid way assuming things is bad. Opinion that seems to be shared if you converse with people playing the game or active on the forums, which comes from actually engaging in discussions. Turns out jumping in mid way assuming things is bad. Player base is tiny because EU took over after Wza resigned
  7. Because you consider it a buff to an already strong hero, even though it's kind of not? He will just change, lowering his effective range from 1800 to 1200 will mean something. Besides, the thread was made before this patch's buffs. And balancing the numbers, not touching the abilities, if you've been around for a while and engage in some conversations you will have seen why not. And since you can't tell that HoN's balance under ElementUser has been popular among players and wildly different from Wza and his predecessors, 10 years of doing the same thing is the assertion that begs
  8. Coming from a guy who didn't manage to connect the dots that reworking E will also mean removing extra Q range. Also irony is rich, calling someone else a snob when every assertion you made begs for humility. Do assume that someone else knows something you don't.
  9. Yeah this. Getting staff was a downgrade, now it's permanent down grade LUL. Especially when you try to spin while stunned, which of course you wanna.
  10. A thing about this is that, it becomes a permanent defensive tool for magmus. Every time enemies close in on him, he can just cast it, then cancel when they retreat, then do it again. SS has this, but he's squishy and doesn't have invis and the Q dash stun that magmus has. This would be too huge of a buff.
  11. I have considered that, however i've also made some new changes to Overgrowth, which should also increases EW's farm, so for now i don't think EW needs more farming tools, and opted for it to be closer to current version. For better visualization, new W's usage would be as follow: you activate and spawn 2 wolves, they will function the same as they currently do by pouncing on targets within 1000 range, if not they will remain for 8s until they find a target. By using Q, you can send them off toward a direction for 1000 range, increasing their effective range by another 1000 range t
  12. I have made revisions to Q,W and E and rewritten my post to be clearer and easier to navigate, please go over it again for my newest fine tuning ideas. I also provided more detailed, clean reasonings for the changes. I've made sure that even with the changes, EW will still feel largely the same to play in most cases: you can still click heroes with Q, W still reliable in lane, E is much better now just without manual detonating. I see people are confused about why i think W should be changed. Well the biggest reason it would it got nerfed with 50% damage penalty while t
  13. I think Artillery needs major changes no matter what, the hero is only functioning with LRM in practice, and due to this the hero only has 2 statuses, too weak and too frustrating. Q no longer doing reduced damage to creeps means that now pushing against an Artillery makes one wanna kill himself. So far, i fail to see a mechanic like Bunker Down remedying any of it, it still provides bonus range on Q, even more damage, and will only make a change in the very rare scenarios where standing and shooting is somehow more appealing than repositioning and wait for Q to recharge. As long a
  14. Can confirm Tablet doesn't always break chain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Just don't use tablet instantly when the target is still faraway, wait till they get pulled next to you first.
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