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  1. I think he's talking about his attack damage, in which case, i wonder if he's not attacking at all, only spamming Q, hence "magic hero".
  2. Maybe the in house players are doing something right with adrenaline and you aren't.
  3. Perhaps not in NA, but Adre was popular in SEA. Nitro too when she was slightly OP. Well the new halberd is a buff, so she should tick up again.
  4. Yeah turning off exclusive mode = borderless
  5. I actually don't think much is wrong with his Q. You can potentially heal even with the health regain, and the health cost acts as activation for E, same with W. I think people under sale the MS boost too much, it's a MS boost after a quick gap close that lasts for a whole 6s, useful even if you miss the meteor. It will be even more valuable if E gives attack speed, since there's more payoff to sticking close to a target. But if you must address the risk vs reward, i think lowering the meteor delay for more consistency along with reduced damage is fine. It is after all just an 1s stu
  6. The hero suffers from some internal issues with his skill functions, as well as limited item builds and his need for power farming. Either he reaches peak power before his enemies can deal with him or he does nothing. Here's some changes to address that. Q: Passively grants 1/2/3/4 hp/s regen. W: Passively grants 1/2/3/4 hp/s regen. Now gain 1 charge after taking 1.5% hp damage from enemy player controlled units for 4s, up to 10 charges (independent duration). On activation, consume charges to reduce health cost by 1.5% max hp per charge. E: Regen reduced to 1/2/3/4 hp/s.
  7. The firework is a fix to AOE bug that some people have, so that they can cast their first AOE spell in the fountain.
  8. If attack speed reduction resistance is gonna be a thing then first such mechanic must be universal and widespread first. Right now only a handful of things have that as their niche, so it'll either be too insignificant to consider or it'll make the small niche those already few things have disappear. I don't see we'll go anywhere with this. It'd be a different story if attack speed slow is a staple feature for anti-carry hero type, but well that's not the case in HoN.
  9. There are many ways for warchief to counterplay being purged. Wait for them to use spells, or stay out of range before you got SH. Q totems got 700 effective range, you can easily put them at the periphery of the battles and spam W without going in, and your team would still benefit fully from the aura. Personally i think giving warchief a need for SH is healthy design, it creates a window for his opponents to exploit and it's not as if warchief has no way around it.
  10. Moira ult pauses all buffs and debuffs, for one thing it's to combo with her Q, for another it's an unique feature. Also it's to nerf magmus.
  11. I'd like it to disincentivize trilane too, so many heroes are just done for when crushed in lane going duo and meeting a trilane.
  12. Kane's a failed creation, abandon all hope ye who tries to play him.
  13. The guy said everyone voted no, so he thought the GM by passed the vote and intervened with the game itself using his privilege. Which, if true, is worth bringing up.
  14. Are you kidding, TB has another item to reach godhood with. But kraken is slowly moving away from life threatening PK dependency, which is nice. If Cthu's W doesn't interrupt anymore, can you take a look at Rampage's W and Solstice's W? They're in the same ball park. And in Rampage's case, it's unlikely for him to travel 2000 distance to get 2s off Horned Strike, realistically he will only get 1, so overall it comes off as a nerf in most situations since it can only go from same to worse than before. It'd be better if it's more consistent in smaller values like 0.25s for each 250 dis
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