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    == HoN OMG Tour - Season 3 (League) == HoN OMG Tour Season 3 has been announced with a League system! Watch the video on Youtube for more information: Frostburn Studios is proud to officially sponsor this tournament and League system == League Information == Official information regarding HoN OMG Tour (Season 3) can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z9zH-6mWLrDKGlLPXx0Yf4_hIjW5giuWb359feZL2pA/edit?usp=sharing == Cycle #1 - Tournament Registration == Cycle #1 Tournament Information & Registration page: https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/3797926314174824448/information YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/HoNOMGInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/HoNOMG/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HoNOMG Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/hon_omg Disclaimer: this tournament is organized independently & not associated with tournaments that have different tournament organizers. However, the timing of this tournament was organized such that it will not interfere with other HoN Tournaments officially sponsored by Frostburn Studios.
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    == Donations == Hello HoN players, As you know, our team at Frostburn Studios has a limited amount of time & resources to invest into different areas of HoN. Each one of us loves HoN, but cannot devote as much time or commitment to it as we would like to because of commitments to other areas in our lives. The community can help us achieve certain goals more easily by donating towards the development of the game. This allows us to allocate more resources and budgeting to different areas to solve HoN's major issues, bring in some features that players would love the most, and ultimately make HoN the best it can be. We will have a selected few Donation Goals up at a time based on what HoN needs the most, alongside a long-term general purpose donations category. All donations will be used in some way to benefit HoN and improving the player experience. == How to Donate == Players can donate by clicking on "Store" -> "Donations" in the main bar of our forums (alternatively, just visit the link directly: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/clients/donations/). You will see the current Donation Goals on this page & can contribute any amount you want to them. Donations will be accepted via Paypal only at this time. The current value of each Donation Goal will be updated and visible to the public. Internally, we do keep track of which account has donated what. == Donation Goal Examples == Some examples for Donation Goals include (but are not limited to): Bringing back War Effort as a system Server upgrades: Stability and quality upgrades (e.g. DoS protection, hardware upgrades, bandwidth quality upgrades) Increased server count: more servers translates to higher player capacity, which makes it viable to focus on marketing Solving some of the game's core issues, such as: The lack of apparent account value New player experience (and fixing bots) Smurfing & how easy it is to just make a new account and enter ranked CoN games right away Development on the 64-bit HoN Client to progress the client to the point of an official public release. Benefits of this client include: Faster load times Increased in-game FPS Official client & support for modern Mac OSX (e.g. Catalina latest releases) Official client & support for modern Linux clients (Ubuntu and Debian latest releases) More in-game events and out-of-game community events Marketing all major features to cater towards veterans and new players alike! Funding prize pools for future HoN Tournaments Map Upgrades Cosmetic map upgrades, possibly different map skins for different seasons/events. Functional map changes for Forests of Caldavar & Mid Wars alike High quality animated art for the login screen & to be used for other areas (e.g. social media banners) Server infrastructure upgrades - allows us to do much more in general, including but not limited to the following: Development on a new HoN API (allows for user-made and official HoN tools to be made more easily, such as an in-depth hero statistics application & in-game item usage application) More flexible store management (currently, the store is a huge pain to manage & this cannot be solved unless the server infrastructure is upgraded) Modern solutions for ban evasion Implementing new in-game systems Exclusive store products for donors Doing a major overhaul of the main HoN website Being part of an exclusive Discord group And potentially more! _____________________________________________________________________ == Thank You == We appreciate any and all donations for HoN! Thank you for your continued support to Heroes of Newerth! We will continue to do what we can to support the game and make it the best it can be. - Frostburn Studios
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    Donations goes directly into the development of HoN without anything getting shared with companies like Garena (which is where the gold coin purchases probably goes to).
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    Your post has quite a few premises & is largely an overarching game design question, so it's tough to fully answer your question. I'll try my best to explain & break it down, but the main issue stems from the overall complexity regarding the general game design for HoN specifically & how general design philosophies being subjective is the real answer here. I would like to start out by saying that the way you represent the design philosophy of HoN for the past few years is inaccurate & you framed it in a way where you made numerous assumptions about it. So in a way, you're only partially correct, but you miss the other half of the story regarding design philosophy. Missing that other half paints a negative light on HoN & makes what you say sound worse than how HoN actually is right now in terms of practical, real usage & play. Heroes aren't actually meant to be perfectly balanced against each other. If they were, we'd have 50% win rates on every single hero. Your premise in this question is flawed and/or misrepresented to begin with. The question you meant to ask is "why should we reach to obtain as close to this goal as possible", because that is what actual balance ultimately tries to obtain. The reasoning is pretty simple & it's so that every hero has a more or less fair chance of winning no matter which you pick. It is important to note that this perspective is only applicable when viewing each of those heroes in a vacuum. Skill ceilings vs. skill floors is also a very real thing. From a pure design standpoint, one can argue that a hero with a high skill ceiling should outperform ones with a lower skill ceiling. That is still true today (see: heroes that require micro like Ophelia or Gemini, heroes who require enough mechanical skill to excel like Silhouette). The problem comes from how much more badly said hero with a higher skill ceiling can perform vs. a hero with a lower one & whether that level of outperforming based on player skill input is healthy or not. That is ultimately subjective & is defined on a case-by-case level. A good example was old Nitro - assuming you hit all accurate shots and have top notch spacing skill, the hero is pretty untouchable if played properly unless you devote 1-2 blink-CC/nukers on her. Old Nitro was also a hero that can abuse fog where no other hero can & also doesn't lose space when attacking compared to other heroes. Those 2 mechanics coupled together were considered too strong in terms of balance & design. Not only that, but old Nitro's damage output is entirely dependent on landing her old Ballistic shots. That mechanic in particular is way more lag dependent than other mechanics due to the dependency on the player's accuracy, and the old ultimate (H.E.A.T. Rounds) was so difficult to balance. As a result, Nitro ended up being way too good and frustrating to deal with, or way too weak. The other problem is the player base playing this hero - old Nitro was actually fairly simple to play in terms of landing her shots, yet for some reason a large portion of the player base can't seem to do it (likely due to the lowered overall skill of the player base, but also partially due to a player's internet connection with respect to the server). All of these factors are a prime example of why Nitro was considered a badly designed hero, in addition to having a relatively high skill ceiling. The rewards & performance levels are disproportionate to one another. Yes, and having certain heroes who do that are fine - we can call them "specialists" in this post. The design question to ask here is how good specialists should be at max performance (with a team that is synergized with said specialty), how good the specialist is on average, and how good the specialist is in a disadvantageous situation. Actually, apply this concept to all heroes. The next question comes from whether counters can be realistically obtained & applied, and at what timepoints of the game & conditions (e.g. are there items you can buy in the game that would help? How much would they help?). Also, how much would you have to change your team composition if you have the opportunity to counterpick (e.g. last-hero counterpick vs. in the middle of drafting, vs. only after the first few hero picks)? In other words, how easy & realistic is it to adapt to the opposing specialist? This premise you've presented is another loaded question, there are so many factors to consider & the premise works as a generic, vague premise. Nobody can answer that in full unless you go through literally every single hero in HoN & compare it with every other single hero in HoN and come up with a variety of team combinations. I believe I answered this question sufficiently with my old Nitro example. Yes, admittedly it is subjective for every single case, but it also truly is a case-by-case basis in terms of assessing what is considered an unhealthy play pattern & what is not. Many factors are stemmed from this, such as the available options for counterplay, its realistic performance measured against the game's baseline in terms of high/average/low performance. I've said all that before. I would also like to say that "easy" is probably a pessimistic point of view to address it as in terms of playing supports & junglers. Yes you can say that it's true, but you also have to keep in mind the "fun" part of game philosophy, as well as what a support was defined in the past vs. how they perform now. A support in the past barely got any core items completed because of low gold income & resource min/maxing. Originally, the game wasn't meant to be played that way & wasn't balanced with respect to the metas. But as metas change, the areas in which balance & design changes affect must also be directed appropriately. A support having no gold sure was considered "fun" for a small subset of players because they are prideful about the skill required to perform well with minimal items - but for the majority of players, this was no fun at all. "Fun" or no "fun" factor aside, a support should be able to pick up certain items to prevent them from being absolutely steamrolled by the opposing team if they have a lead & to at least have a chance to adapt to the game with a core item or 2 other than just with their base kit. With regards to junglers, sure it *may* have been made too easy in 4.8.5. The intention was to put laning combinations on a more similar footing in terms of viability - it's weighing those pros & cons with respect to one another that matters here, because those are still unique to each team lane setup (i.e. 2-1-2 and 2-1-1-Jungle have unique strengths and weaknesses). Changes may be made depending on how the meta develops, as balance/design is also a reactionary process. You can argue that "fun = gold" is completely opinionated & that "majority vs. minority" or "balancing for top players vs. the average" are also completely opinionated. You can also argue that balancing according to the fundamentally lowered skill level of HoN's playerbase compared to how it was during its peak can be considered incorrect. Everything you can possibly ask in terms of generic design questions for HoN will tend to have conflicting answers to your personal or a general game designer's "rulebook". The important thing to note is that HoN's design & balance changes are meant to be adaptable & somewhat changing over time, whether it's to the current meta, or trying to make different strategies have a more equal weighting with respect to one another. Which touches on your next point: "Similar" or "More equal" does not actually mean "the same". To me, it looks like you've taken that quote in the patch notes and equated "similar = the exact same". "More similar" would be correct here. To put it bluntly, players complained that the performance on both sides were different enough such that they can recognized it was a problem. I don't think you read the "while retaining their own unique benefits and advantages" part of the post, so I'll just leave this part as a personal bias on your end. Regarding the "everything should be similar" mantra - yes, but no. The game has a baseline value of nuke damage per level of a generic nuke spell (typically, 75/150/225/300) and a baseline of HP values over time, as well as potential early game items they can pick up for that (alongside considering other pros & cons of different item pickups). So yes, in this regard, some things have to be standardized (see: Shadowblade in Gargantuan Form & Strength mode on Essence Shift being too much of a powerhouse & being objectively the superior build path before recent adjustments), but they only get standardized to an extent. Do you have control over whether you're on Legion side or Hellbourne side? No, not in TMM. Even in BO3/BO5's in a competitive setting though, one team will get Legion more than Hellbourne by a factor of 1 game (if it goes to the last game of the set). This should be obvious enough why each side should be more similar - the advantages & disadvantages with each side are still unique enough. With regards to playing any hero in any lane/role - you know for a fact that's not true. Go ahead and try a generic carry hero as a jungle or as a suicide, get owned, and come back and try saying that again. What you meant is that "more & more heroes can go lane anywhere you want to" (with exceptions being jungle in most cases) - yes, this is true. However, if you go up against a hero that is primarily intended to be in a certain lane (e.g. Succubus as a mid lane), you're going to get owned (assuming factors like relatively equal skill). That's how it should be & that's how things work right now. So while you CAN put certain heroes anywhere, it's not often the best idea to do so. With that said, there are heroes that go to different lanes with different lane compositions for different purposes (e.g. a kill lane/shutdown lane to go up against a farming lane with a carry), or dual laning mid to specifically counter a mid lane specialist (as far as laning specialists go). One of HoN's (and Dota2's) selling points is in fact the flexibility of laning options, and that is a design philosophy we are keeping. Depending on your team lineup & the opposing team's lineup, you can mix up your laning choices early game (particularly in competitive mode) to throw them off if you're anticipating their lane options to be something more or less specific, while yours is a little more ambiguous (but each hero & lane pairing combinations have different strengths & weaknesses). It is much more difficult (if not impossible) to do this in other games like League of Legends, where the 2-1-1-jungle is always the optimum strategy due to how their game is designed. There are also numerous other factors that I haven't even touched on (regarding HoN's history & how some abilities/heroes are simply iconic to the game). Those can't simply be reworked, removed or changed. ======================== Overall, design philosophies are largely opinionated & there's no 1 right or wrong answer or approach. I do however, think that the way you've phrased your post is more on the pessimistic side of things & you don't grasp the uniqueness of HoN & why they are what they are. While I respect your opinion, the premises, questions & points of view should be less generic & more specific if you wanted to actually try & change HoN.
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    Hello, I am WingDings`, a player from The Brazilian Community that has dedicated a lot of time and effort trying to make the game better for our community. Back in 2016/17, me and S1` took over The Translation Team that was very poorly managed and translated the whole game, every single item, hero, menu and even the EULA. The players were really satisfied with our job, but it was not enough to bring other players back. So, I wanted to ask Frostburn to trust on me again, I want to host a Brazilian Server so our players could have fun with a decent ping, I have posted about this in some Brazilian HoN groups and many players showed a big interest in returning to the game. The amount of people tagging their friends and being happy about this idea gave me an overwhelming feeling that this can work and this will be good for the game. So, I wanted to ask some assist from Frostburn, so we can talk and discuss how can this work, I am willing to pay the Brazilian server fee by myself. I am really interested in either Frostburn or HoN Garena opinion about this, thanks in advance.
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    == PROBLEM == How I look at this is it is not a very promising strategy to get community contribution. Most of our community players are not donating out of sheer goodwill, most of us expected something in return. And human nature dictates that we prefer things that are beneficial to us, concise and immediate - we prefer to know exactly what we are going to get, then if we like it, the sooner we get it the better. Also, we players care about the future of HoN, we would love to help in ways we could, but we are not the ones responsible for improving the future community, it is the sole responsibility of Frostburn and should be done in the backstage (I am mentioning this because it is how human behave in general, we care about our own benefit first, above all else). Some of the goals that you have may be very beneficial if they are to be realized, however, from a player's perspective, they are not much beneficial. Examples of these are: - Acquiring new servers (for obvious reason) - Server upgrade (less lag is good, but current quality isn't so bad) - Christmas theme (really, I think nobody ever cared about those maps, what we all waiting for are Frostburn's presents) Some other goals are vague, we do not know WHEN it is going to be realized, and IF AT ALL: - The lack of apparent account value This kind of donation approach generally brings a free-rider problems. First is risk, people might not want to donate to a goal if they are not certain that it will be realized. "What if I donate $50 toward the goal of improving account value, but in the end the goal was not achieved and my donation is moved to something of no benefit to me, like a new AI system?". So they might be hesitant in donating, especially in the early stage where the donation bar is almost empty. Eventually this risk could make a beneficial goal for many unrealized. Second, most people want improvements in HoN, but they are at least okay with how it is right now. They could still play HoN daily and satisfy partially their happiness with the game. This group of people expect changes, but rely on goodwill ambassadors (a.k.a people with money to spare on a dead game) to do it. Also, this approach currently directly competes with buying gold coins from the shop. As said above, people strictly prefer benefits than none, and sooner than later. It is preferable for most people to buy a $50 gold coin package knowing that a part of it will be directed for development, instead of donating $50 and get some public benefits in an unknown future. So from my point of view, asking for community donation could have been done more genuinely. == SOLUTION == Perhaps you could ask the community directly, what changes they would want the most. As a veteran HoN player, I have already had some of those answers. 1. We love presents. These presents come in the form of in-game miscellaneous that you have done such a great job at, including new avatars, symbols, account icons, name color, announcer... and stuffs like that. If I remember right, new, glaromous HoN avatars are still introduced in SEA client, but for over a year now all those new avatars never make it into NAEU client. 2. We love events. In-game events in simple forms do not need much effort to implement, but they keep people motivated. Things such as daily reward, goals and achievements with real rewards... if done genuinely could encourage people to spend more time in HoN. 3. Many of us love MMR. We like competitiveness, we enjoy dominating good players, there are peaks we want to climb and people who we want to show off to. Nothing beats a good rush of HoN adrenalin. I know you have wrote something about these in your thread. However, remember that people prefer things that are beneficial, concise, and immediate. If people feel like it is too uncertain, or not beneficial to them, or there are better alternatives, the chance of donating is low. Let me give you an example of what could really make me donate (and so do the many mmr-whores, smurfs, and high-rated players out there). A donation goal that, once achieved, would enable the facilitation of Heroes of Newerth Season 12, with new rewards, avatars, and most importantly, new stats. Many players over 1800+ MMR have used up all their sub-accounts and they are either unhappy with the stats or the MMR became too high that finding games take too much time. Meanwhile, the penalty for stat reset is set too high, so very few people would actually want to afford, and it lasts only a short while. Even if you set a goal for the realization of this event at $2000, I am sure many people would be willing to chip-in $10-50 to realize it. Because it is more beneficial for them to do so instead of buying a new stat reset. You could then redistribute this amount to other goals that are beneficial for the general public and future community, such as marketing, new AI, and so on, things that are not the first best options of the players. Another approach would be to employ voluntary work from the public. Instead of paying $200 for a professional mapmaker, you could organize a map-making event for the general public, with the best maps getting recognition and gold coins reward. I am pretty sure there are splendid mapmakers in the community who would work for gold coins, because goblins love Merrick. How about exclusive community avatars? This is what I would like to contribute. I love the game, I would be willing to donate, but I am not a goodwill ambassador.
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    Is there any reason to donate via these goals page? I mean how about you give GC just like in store? They cost nothing to you, just add some amount to the account. I bought GC pack to show my support. Why would someone donate w/o any ingame reward?
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    Match number? I'm really curious about this one. I play a ton of MW and cannot imagine a situation where you go 2-1/2 minutes without damaging anything. Edit: Nevermind I found it. Match 159600925. You were generally refusing to participate and asking your team to concede by the 2:30 mark when the score was 1-0. No sympathy.
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    By a request fixed old shop to have enogh slots to fit arcane bomb Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6v2ee8iw4rw5f2t/resourcesoldshop.s2z?dl=0 To install place in the game folder inside your heroes of newerth installation.
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    Uhm can i just ask: What do you consider supporting and what do you mean by staying back? A good support does quite the opposite of staying back, they actually play aggressive and active to make sure their team has space and dominates or atleast doesnt crumble.... And if by staying back you mean afking then you actually deserved to get kicked. Cause, mind you, getting kicked for idle requires you to not move significantly or interact with creeps or opponents. That means you actually did NOTHING productive for 4 minutes STRAIGHT. So there is no fucking way you were supporting, excuse that language of mine. And if you actually got a one day ban, then hells to the yes you deserve that. because to get mm banned by the system for 24 hours, you have had to disconnect or get kicked from atleast 3 other games within a really short time window. Unless you happened to come across a bug I am very certain you even deserve more than that system applied matchmaking prohibition, cause that could be interpreted as systematic and intentional refusal of participation and stat manipulation over the course of multiple matches.
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    Those were Garena's strict orders at the time, for post-4.0 imbalances and power creep so it was unavoidable. We warned them countless times that it was not the correct the move to do. I don't know if you've noticed, but the patches for the last 2 years were focused on reversing these changes. And here we are, back at a more appropriate overall power level for the game.
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    LOL.. that 4 core server is woefully under powered. PS: I have a few servers in my garage (no joke). They are 8 core XEON processors. I don't mind donating them to get a few more servers up with better ping times.
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    You literally told a staff member (not even to mention that it was directed towards myself, one of the staff members who want to help HoN the most) to f*** themselves if Nitro was reworked. You should actually be happy I'm responding to you at all - every kind of forum/discussion board would ban you for that. That was a pure rage post by you & it was inappropriate in any kind of capacity. That's actual ad-hominem, and you lose all credibility if you resort to it. There's absolutely no defense for you in any kind of circumstance & you should apologize for that post. The onus of limiting frustration should be on your end to explain, not mine. Isn't it obvious why limiting frustration would lead to a positive outcome? Would you as a player want to be frustrated when playing a game (in the sense that you can't have reasonable counterplay against something or have to really go out of your way to do it)? If you say yes, I don't think there's any point in having any kind of further discussion on that topic. From the tones of your 2 most recent posts & the ones I recall from the past, it seems like you have an underlying problem with HoN that's just largely opinionated & biased, or you just simply disagree with me as a designer on the fundamental design of HoN. You can vent as long as you don't actually break the forum rules & offend others personally, but not everyone is going to agree with your opinion. I would like for you to keep in mind what would happen if you magically got the changes you wanted for HoN - do you think the game would overall be a healthier game for the large majority of the game? Would it extend the lifetime of the game? Would people even want to play your game? You have to consider that above all else, not everything you think is good for the game is actually good for the game in reality when considering these out-of-game factors, aside from balance & design alone.
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    Well Predator is a garbage hero anyway so It's not really an issue.
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    If you want it that badly and you actually can't wait, stay tuned for an announcement that may be related to your request in a few days. I will tell you that quality dedicated game servers from Brazil/South America are expensive. An example from quick google searches for server hosting services: https://www.ariseserver.com/dedicated-server-brazil/ It's 550 USD+ per month for 16 cores, as an example. 1 instance of that server is more than enough to cover LAT region games though.
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    Oh man! How did I miss this post? This is really amazing that you did this, nonetheless! True patron!
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    You're standing around the tower for 2.5 minutes doing nothing? You do have a "different" way of playing
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    A low cpu-frequency is usually a big part when HoN isn't running too good. Your CPU shouldn't be too bad, so you should reach at least 60 fps when no action is happening. Gpus don't really matter anymore. You can play HoN with recent onboard graphics. Anyways, on Windows the Nvidia drivers are known to have problems with detecting HoN as a performance-needing application (that might be related to only requiring 20%). The other option is that the game doesn't use your nvidia-graphics card at all. So either way, you should browse through your nvidia-settings and find the place to put your 1660 into performance-mode when HoN is running.
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    Sadly I'm not a layer and I have no clue about American laws. I don't even know too much about German laws - all I know is that there is definitely some legal reason as to why certain areas are blocked from buying GC. That reason might be obsolete or can be circumvented by knowing "law-stuff" but I don't know of any FB-employee that is actually a lawyer. So if some person would want to change this, they probably have to be a person that Garena believes is capable of the right judgment - I assume that person has to be a payed and contracted one (because they would want to be able to sue someone if they gave wrong advice that caused harm). So once again, I have no information about lawyers, but I assume they would probably cost around 300 US$ each hour. Figuring all that out, presenting it to Garena and whatever else they would have to do, is probably at least a week of work. So 300 US$/h × 40h --> 12 000 US$. So the "risk" for Garena here is that they have to invest 12k and it might not result in them actually being convinced enough. Let alone any additional cost which might be a consequence like reconfiguring paypal or creating a legal company outside of US (which Amazon and Blizzard definitely have). And the potential benefit for Garena is "people of a couple of countries in near-east can buy GC". Even if they would know that all those people combined would buy GC for 12k - it's still not a good risk to take. I mean I guess some FB-staff could volunteer to figure out how much money it would actually take to investigate and convince Garena from changing that system and they could add an additional goal for it. Since you guys can donate, that could work - but I kinda doubt that there's enough money in that market - sadly. Btw Indie games are usually sold through Steam, the Epic Game Store or some Appstore, so basically you're never buying anything from those few Indie developers but always from steam. Anyways I'm sorry if I was a little bit rude - I try to not be and just take the side of people I want to rather invest their time into HoN - occasionally I assume wrong things, after all I don't have any insights into this. But since you kinda remind me of one of our programmers, I want to give you an advice: Try to calm yourself down before you speak/write. You have valid arguments and I totally understand your point - but if you sound as aggressive as you do, very few people will read your arguments or listen to you. And people that don't have to listen to you (like bosses or staff) will probably just stop reading early and just ignore you. (Or in games just mute you) So since you're writing, it's easier - you can give yourself as much time before posting as you want, just read through your post 3 times before you actually send it and imagine if anyone could take that as offensive. It should be helpful basically everywhere //EDIT: Since you edited your post while I was writing that wall of text: As for that giveaway - that's probably similar to the donations: It's not selling, it's "gifting".
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    Hello Elementuser, The servers are stored in the garage. They are not active. These servers are very powerful and should be relatively sufficient for HON. They should be in a dedicated data center (I've done this a few times), and I can set them there. It can become expensive depending on how much bandwidth is needed and you are right, the code is closed sourced so I wouldn't be the one managing it. However, if I knew that it would add life to HON, I have no trouble donating the servers to make this happen.
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    This system is a bit broken in Midwars as everyone has huge GPM. But if you could base it on net GPM, probably for Midwars only, that would be good.
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    This should 100% be considered. I would like to make monthly donations if possible and given that reason(many would like to make monthly donations) the hon developers would know how much money is going to be raised on a month to month basis via patreon. For example: You can make certain reward tiers for the people who DO donate in this manner. Also, what is the target goal being raised for server maintenance? This is the main feature i will be donating toward in the future.
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    Good question! The difference is that if you donate through the Donations page, then you know for a fact that your donation is going back into HoN for a particular Donation Goal. In other words, we can say with 100% certainty that the money paid for a Donation goal goes back to HoN in some way (and not going to any person, company or entity otherwise).
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    Or put owned avatars first in the list
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    Can we add like a slider or atleast numerical buttons to quickly navigate through the alt picking screen in a match please? sometimes REALLY annoying when you pick last in a match and have a few seconds to select your alt but picked a hero with 76448 alts and it takes 2 hours to get to the last one (overexaggerated but you get my point :D). Or maybe present all alts on the same space, aka significantly smaller but on like a grid that varies in size depending on how many alts exist.
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    I'll tell you why I basically stopped playing Hon in general, and it was not just the new map, or power creep strategy a bit before 4.0 and after. I played most of time mid lane and I think I was good at it, I could almost mid with any hero and win the lane or at least not lose it in my bracket and I was 1600-1850 (through all years). I was a big factor to the team, I ganked, helped, tp'ed when team was in need, even kept warding. I loved to play heroes like Gladiator, Gauntlet, Deadwood, Drunken Master (mostly strength heroes) and as I said most of time I won the lane and was dominating like 5-0, 10-0, 10-2, 6-1 etc with plenty of assists but with each and every patch I figured out my impact on the game was getting lower and lower. As a mid ganker, when I won mid lane or even owned my enemy I had enough resources to place 1 ward in enemy jungle and place 1 ward at entrace to my jungle, so my carry could farm without harm, I could buy good items and pick off outpositioned support or low health carry if not protected everytime off cooldowns and I was still a threat to enemy team even tho I was not a carry. With every patch, gold income, gold lose on death etc enemy team was recovering so fast, supports literally doing nothing and getting more experience and gold, more than me, so players that roamed, ganked a lot (sometimes without success) ended up being not worthy to do so, in that situation it was much more profitable to just farm lane or as a support stick to your carry like a leech and do nothing. You couldn't solo gank such player that sticks to a carry nor the carry because he has support on his back all the time. Killing a support or carry that outpositioned himself was no longer profitable because gold income was so high and the penalty for death was so low especially if he died x time in a row by your hard that you actually wasted more hunting those players rather than just farming woods or lane. With every patch as a mid player, even if I performed perfectly I was so useless much faster than before, of course with time those heroes fall off because the potential of nuke was not that high later in game but still it became faster than ever. Back in the days I could secure my carry a safe farming, help other lane, gank woods and focus on their carry all the time, gaining control of map, gaining good experience and gold while taking enemy team gold and their time when they were dead, on top of that if played properly and their lanes were controlled by my team they couldn't even farm, because their lanes were pushed to our towers and I was roaming their jungle, so due to their extremaly cautious game they couldn't farm so efficient. And then it was all gone, you could dominate game but you no longer could even kill a support, because even tho he kept dying he still gaining experience and gold so fast from recover and penalties for killing same player over and over my power wear off. I was never big fan of high death penalties, it was frustrating most of time to lose big chunk of gold everytime you die but reducing it so badly and making the game so easy to recover made me stick to 1600 and max 1700 because I no longer could almost solo win the early game and then rely on my farmed carries with me on the front line still being a high threat or literally sometimes win the game solo (with some luck) by ganking enemy team so hard they rather start a new game instead of getting wrecked in this one.
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    Players like Ondis have a point with the hardcore/punishing part of the game & I can empathize with how they feel. HoN still very much is a hardcore game & you can still snowball pretty easily. Players who play horribly still get punished pretty hard & it's still enough to lose their team a game. It's just some factors, like repeatedly picking on supports, have had the impact factor diminished because again, it's not considered a healthy play pattern. Killing a support shouldn't give gold close to the average player on the the team. Factors like GPM difference between the game's/team's average GPM take care of this as the support is already down & you're making it worse if you keep on killing them, making it that much harder for them to have an impact on the game later if you keep killing them. That's why items like Orb of Zamos, Grave Locket, Tome of Elements help them out - and even with those items, if they're still getting picked on at least they have a chance to at least adapt to why the opposing team is able to kill them so easily. They're still underperforming by a huge margin even with all that help - I don't see the problem here. The goal of the game is to give all roles a fair chance to make their unique impact on the game matter at various points of the game, even if they're down. One of the ways any hero can adapt to the game is buying items to help them in their specific situation. The rubberbanding mechanic in our game is not as strong as Dota2's, so snowball factors really make a difference in a game's outcome compared to Dota2, and it's important to actually balance out the extent of snowballing vs. the extent of rubberbanding - otherwise, you run into games becoming too long & diminishing the aspect of certain roles like support unless you do what Dota2 does & give every hero ridiculous power, while accentuating other roles disproportionately (like carries). Also @Ondis, regarding "must-pick" items like Orb of Zamos for supports - you can say the same thing for Hatchet for carries, Iron Buckler & Logger's Hatchet for certain heroes who jungle, Marchers for all heroes so that they keep up with the rest of the game's mobility, Bottle for mid laners that have strong rune control abilities, etc. To really capitalize on certain advantages/traits in a min-max manner, you do have to pick certain items. That's just how it is for every game (not just HoN). Devil's advocate can say that you have to pick up X/Y/Z as core items for a hero no matter what the game or else you'll fail. It's Runed Cleaver for heroes like The Dark Lady, Magebane, etc. Need I go on? I would say that early game itemization diversity is something that we've been working on as you can see from the list of recent changes (Orb of Zamos nerfs, Golden Apple & Lunar Tear), so it's not like the issue is as big of a deal as players make it out to be when they equate "making games easier = babying the noobs" or other kinds of similar sentiments. At this point, it's fair to say that we can agree to disagree. I will say that much of HoN's elements that make it HoN, that makes players want to play with the adrenaline rush/endorphin rush feeling when you get a kill/wipe a team and it feels way different than other MOBAs - it's still there. It's just not as lopsided as it used to be is all.
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    Hasn't really been an issue for me, and practically nobody brings it up these days. If there's a replication procedure for a particular circumstance where this happens, then you can re-report this bug.
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    Ondis just killed this Thread with all that nonsense
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    what do you mean, he was supporting the grass
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    you have to listen for the hero that is being fed. for example: game has nymphora, devourer, flint, arachna, bloodhunter, empath. empath disconnects. empath is sent to die by someone. you follow ALL the steps above! you then select nymphora on the replay and listen for devourer sounds. if you hear none you go back on the replay to shortly before empath dies and select devo next. continue until you hear empaths sounds on one of the other heroes. that player was the one feeding them.
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    I kind of doubt that you would be able to or willing to admit you're wrong on this point and I wrote a much longer post listing all the things that you've done to limit frustration. But I think we agree on the basic premise. No matter the good or bad things of the patching since you took over from WZA (and it has been far more consistent and less all over the place) the one unifying factor is limiting frustration. So instead of listing the dozen or so meta changes you've made to limit it and listing my reasons for why I think lmiting frustration is bad I'll ask you first. Why do you think that limiting frustration is good? Eh, I mean you'll probably fall back on "not discussing moderator actions in public" or some lame excuse this time.but if I remember correctly the story was more akin to you not allowing a particular line of discussion among forum members (not you and forum members) and me telling you to fuck of if you can't handle people discussing your reworks. Regardless a permanent ban was a bit harsh. This is why I liked Maliken, inspite of everything the man had some spine. He could dish it out but he could also take it and his ethos is what made this game so amazing, inspite of his many faults. Now this will be relevant lower down in the post. _ About frustration: I mean I could send you this if you'd actually read it? I'm not saying you're the exception here. Most people do not want to change their beliefs or have them challenged, especially when they are in a position of authority. : http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2%3A821653&dswid=-781 I think you fall in a totally different category of people and players to those that enjoyed and made this game what it was early on. Your style and your ethos and thus your design choices are much different to that of early S2. Let's just point out the taunts and announcers. They are meant to cause frustration (on one side) - or anger, resentment, etc... and a sense of accomplishment and pride on the other. I bet if you had a say they wouldn't have looked quite the way they do. Maybe we'd not even have custom avatars but generic trash like in other games Heck there's a Devo-skin that says "Come here you b i t c h". It's probably a word already censored in the forum and something that I imagine today could lead (if repeated) to a ban in game. This game, despite being in a state of disrepair for a long while survived because it's or "was" hardcore. And it was hardcore because punishment and reward were so enormous. Mistakes cost dearly AND it catered to that segment of the population. And this is something that would be self evident if you were that type of player. But I can bring up more casual examples instead of university papers. There's a reason why Counter Strike became the popular game it is. Its main innovation was a timer. A timer of frustration. Where if you failed too much too early you'd be punished with less play. You'd have to wait for your team to finnish. It was an innovation. And it created a sense of accomplishment to stay alive and be in a situation of 5v1 and sitll win that previous FPS games with their dethmatch or CTF didn't have. __ TL DR (exemplified positive frustration (working hard, with small margins as a support in the past) with negative - imposed - frustration (being forced to every game buy an item to stay competetive with the other support):
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    just a litle advice, during picking phase stay in spectator PoV until game launches, dont switch to any specific player and also dont slide the replay bar. If you stay in PoV of specific player during picking phase, then only unit reactions from that player will load.
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    1. Go to Options ⇒ Sound and enable “Unit Reactions” and move the delay slider to 0 2. Open replay and set perspective to the player that is disconnected. 3. Watch the match from that players view; make sure you can hear his unit reactions. 4. Find out the point where he was controlled. 5. Switch replay view to the player you suspect controlled the disconnected hero. 6. Left click the disconnected hero. You will hear the disconnected hero's unit reactions when moved. 7. If you cannot hear unit reactions, switch view to another suspect until you find the correct one.
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    HoN was perfectly fine and was the best balanced moba ever before 4.0. Before those Adrenalines, before those powercreeping. I played HoN so much in those days and I think it was the best times, you were 1700-1800 and you played with such players, of course sometimes it happened that you had 1700-1800 player that was 0/20 but still game was in best, healthiest state ever. So sad staff members made so many mistakes through the time so HoN is now forgotten. P2P, EA, bans for abusing glitches, bans for verbal abuse, 15 heroes avaibility with rotation, resetting stats for smurfs for free so they can stomp noobs and average players, powercreeping, 3.9-4.0+ patches and so on. Who was approving those movements lol? How could that even pass? Its like shooting ur own foot.
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    Monkey King Model came from the game - Dota 2 Exporting, converting, cleaning and fixing models and animations - RedBear Ability 02: Ability 03: Ability 04: Staff of the Master: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5z4sobu0tkp62ow/resourcesMonkeyKing.s2z/file HOW TO INSTALL: Move the downloaded file into (.s2z): -Linux: /home/username/HoN/game/ -Windows 8/10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\ Mac: 1. Press Finder 2. Press Applications 3. Right click 'Heroes of Newerth', and press Show containing files 4. Open Game folder 5. Move file here
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    Our aim is to reborn Heroes of Newerth, and we are ready to focus only on that. Our new name is saying something
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    I get that - and I said that you can make it worth buying. But none of those "skills" are something that really make all the people want those things. Soul Reaper is no where near a frequent pick - at least not for fun-to-play. Nomes is occasionally picked up but only if heroes match. Not a fun item you have to get either. If you compare those effects to a storm spirit, tablet, lex, hex - they are definitely less fun. And you even remove satisfaction from stunning with your Q (since you deal more viable damage with that staff). As far as I can see, your only argument is that "bunkering is boring", which is subjective. It's a pretty unique mechanism and every mechanism can be boring. In current times, I would probably not ever pick Empath if I queue solo, because she's way too dependant on a capable team-mate. But that doesn't make her boring, just situational.
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    @EU Why should heroes be perfectly balanced to each other? What I mean is that there may be heroes few players play really well but others can't play i.e. skill ceilings may be different. In other cases certain heroes may only be good in certain compositions? Or rather balancing itself is semantics. What I mean is that rather than thinking about concepts and cool mechanics or combo potentials you've these few years been trying to bland out the game a bit, nerfing or reducing certain that you felt were "abusive" or "annoying" mechanics while trying to pool more and more heroes towards a center. This has also in general been happening even before that by making it easier for supports and junglers, and again it happened. Less specialization basically and more of a "same same" around which you can micro-balance things. It's a very bland approach imo. edit: Even the reasoning is this: The main goal of the changes to the "new" Forests of Caldavar map is to make the viability of each laning setup choice to be more on par with one another, while retaining their own unique benefits and disadvantages." "Everything should be similiar."..seems to be the mantra and what ever you pick you should have more oppurtunity to play the game anywhere (any lane/role) the way you want to. Even less consideration to be given on which side you're on. Tbh I found it kinda interesting (and certainly a result of the nature of the map being community made) that hellbourne and legion had different strengths and weaknesses in terms of location and map while still being overall balanced. That has been steadily eroded.
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    Bunker mechanic on Empath is fine because it has a short cast range and you're not normally using it to escape (because of its huge potential impact on a team fight and because of the cooldown). It's much different when it's on another hero (Parasite), though I believe the hero already got nerfs to Infest to combat that
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    So you're now basically a weaker soul reaper. I wouldn't pay 1000 for this, even if it wouldn't use an item slot. I guess an additional nomes would be helpful, but the numbers would need to be bigger to actually make it viable. Twice the heal is just pointless. In general: That suggestion would make me never buy staff on Empath again. And since staff is probably the biggest reason to pick Empath, I would pick her much less. From a staff that changes how you play and makes you choose between "warding on your own" and "following carry 24/7" and when to safe some mana or when to time your ulti to not pop out at a bad moment. And without making Empath totally broken. You want to switch to a boring staff which basically doesn't change anything (but make using her q as a stun, less worthy) and just buffs her other skills to a minor degree. You could tweak some of those numbers to make that staff a viable option, but you will make Empath a way less fun and versatile hero without any benefits. If you don't like her "bunkering mechanic", you would have to remove that entirely from Empath - which means you need a new ultimate - which makes Empath a totally different hero.
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    Hello, That is bug, some players use that exploit to alter their rank and mmr, Dev team will start working on a fix soon, I guess that is not one of the priorities but it's still there on the top of the priority list Note: people that use that exploit to their advantage to manipulate rank and MMR risk getting their account suspended, we do not tolerate people who abuse the system! If you encounter people leaving games in that manner then please do report them, follow the link my colleague shared Have a good day,
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    In my opinion, the Hellborne jungle's most valuable ward spot is this one: Anywhere on that spot and you get vision of: - Rune - Important ganking paths - Two creep camps It's the vision of those 2 creep camps that lets you double stack them easily by standing around where Empath is now. Although with these jungle changes, I'm not so sure stacking the medium camp is a good at all idea anymore, since during the laning phase at least, it looks to be more of use to the Long Lane. Now, if we go over to the mirror of this spot on the Legion side: We have a problem. A ward placed on this spot gives you vision of: - Rune - Important ganking paths - The new hard camp, which you could always already stack with the new medium camp without wards. If you want to double stack the easy and medium camps, you have to place this ward a few pixels downwards: However, you lose sight of the rune, and only barely get vision of the easy camp. The new map changes seem to also make it even more difficult to get vision of the medium camp as well. I think it's good to think of solutions if you notice problems so, my proposed solution would be to move that little rocky ward tower a good few inches to the right, perhaps one Witch Slayer's stun distance, on the other side of those steps into the jungle. I think this would make the ward spot better and provide similar vision as its brother on the Hellborne side. As of right now, whenever I play support I always wish I was on the Hellborne since it's easier to stack their jungle. Although I was pleased to find the Hard/Easy camps nearer to mid on the Legion side are easier to double stack now. Personally I have a general grievance with the "select few dedicated warding spots" vs. the older versions of the map that had multiple areas with elevated cliffs all over the place. I used to pride myself as a support for knowing a ton of creative, lesser-known warding spots that would do multiple jobs; but maybe that should be its own thread. Hoping we can get both Jungles to be just as good as the other, although pls don't do this by taking away that first ward spot. Cheers guys
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    Greetings! Our official Discord channel is up and running now! We are excited to announce our official Discord server for the international client to bring players together, like our FB page, this server is another official way to interact with Staff, volunteers and hang out with players to talk about game and anything else you feel like sharing. Use the following Link to join our official Channel and make sure to read the rules http://heroesofnewerth.com/discord (original link: https://discord.gg/F7gQtUm) Like most Discord servers, the official HoN discord serves is a place to chat and have a voice channel. So you can join whether you are just looking to have a casual chat, talk about the game, or look for new teammates. The discord channel is also a great place to learn about news and upcoming events and updates about the game. Regards. Saphirez
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    You can probably just open your browser devtools (ctrl + i or f12) and write that there. You can also make that script waaaay shorter - at least in Chrome you have xpath and don't need to use jQuery (the $). Try this instead: var guiltyCount = $x('//td[last()][text()="Guilty"]').length; var warnCount = $x('//td[last()][text()="Warning"]').length; var innoCount = $x('//td[last()][text()="Innocent"]').length; var rapScore = (warnCount + guiltyCount)/(innoCount + warnCount + guiltyCount); console.log('Innocent: ' + innoCount); console.log('Warning: ' + warnCount); console.log('Guilty: ' + guiltyCount); console.log('Rap %: ' + rapScore); Btw - to use that info, you kinda need to know at what "rapScore" you have top-priority
  47. 1 point
    Apparently that's not possible with a script. You can only determine your rap score of your current logged in acc. If you want to do it overall you can use the script on each acc and do the math yourself. var guiltyCount = 0, warnCount = 0, innoCount = 0, rapScore; $('.rowlink tr').each(function(row) { switch ($(this).find('td:last-child').text()) { case 'Innocent': innoCount += 1; break; case 'Warning': warnCount += 1; break case 'Guilty': guiltyCount +=1; break; default: break; } }); rapScore = (warnCount + guiltyCount)/(innoCount + warnCount + guiltyCount); console.log('Innocent: ' + innoCount); console.log('Warning: ' + warnCount); console.log('Guilty: ' + guiltyCount); console.log('Rap %: ' + rapScore); You can use Tampermonkey to use the script on the rap domain, you could as well open your browser console and paste it directly.
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    Now that the Dream Meme is over, I will post here other ideas I had for the @CuysauruS template. I hope you enjoy these as well haha
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    Pikachu as Thunderbringer Model came from the game - Pokemon Legends (Warcraft 3 Map) Requested by @T0MMY All lightning visuals is yellow Staff of the Master: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/echrdzqnc3qhyfz/resourcesPikachu.s2z/file HOW TO INSTALL: Move the downloaded file into (.s2z): -Linux: /home/username/HoN/game/ -Windows 8/10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\ Mac: 1. Press Finder 2. Press Applications 3. Right click 'Heroes of Newerth', and press Show containing files 4. Open Game folder 5. Move file here
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    Kunkka as Gladiator Model came from the game - Warcraft 3 Reforged by Blizzard Entertainment Model Conversion - RedBear Visual Effects - Whyzozerious Ability 01: Ability 02: Ability 03: Ability 04: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/99yf9gh3ub2z293/resourcesKunkka.s2z/file HOW TO INSTALL: Move the downloaded file into (.s2z): -Linux: /home/username/HoN/game/ -Windows 8/10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\ Mac: 1. Press Finder 2. Press Applications 3. Right click 'Heroes of Newerth', and press Show containing files 4. Open Game folder 5. Move file here
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