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  1. @HenryCase actually nevermind, @Anakonda managed to update the last known version to work with lua. You can download it from the Mod Manager thread, it already has updated link. HoN Mod Manager - Download - Modifications - HoN Forums (heroesofnewerth.com)
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  2. Hello all. I will make this pretty short as I am quite mortified and trying to forget the past months of my life. I was browsing the forums today and in my forum-profile, I am able to see my post history. During which I became aware that I have been on the forums for the last six months or so. I see that it is not pretty. From about July until 23 days ago I have had a massive drinking problem. I started drinking when I woke up and all throughout the day. It cost me my job and my sanity. Luckily my family was able to help me seek the help I needed and I have now been sober for 23 days.
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