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  1. Hi everyone, Garena has confirmed with me that Patch 4.9.4 will be releasing on October 26, 2021 (in the NAEU/International client). Thank you for your understanding and patience.
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  2. Also - I forgot to add - do not be afraid if other people threaten you, grief you, say they will report you - it is your right as a player, especially as a new player, to enjoy the game the way you believe - and if someone else is giving you a hard time for you either being yourself or trying to learn something new - you have the ability to ignore them and cease further communication with them. Believe me - I have learned this on my skin many times - don't enter unproductive arguments with people, it will waste your time and may harm you in the process.
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  3. All you gotta do is copy what cactus wrote and before the game loads, hold down your key bind you set it to. Having a mod that automatically does it for you is pretty redundant.
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  4. Would it be possible to implement purchasing Plinko tickets with silver coins? Not sure what the conversion rate would be maybe 1000 silver for 102 Plinko tickets? That way 1000 silver gets you at least 1 chest or 2 Plinko rolls, as the worst prize is 30 tickets and would get you the 2nd roll. This might be my personal experience but I'm more interested in the possible Plinko avatars than the avatars I can purchase with silver since I've played so much for so long. Thanks
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  5. It will be likely be later on in the month (hopefully this month & not next month), as I have not heard back from them. This is still considered an estimate & not a confirmation.
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