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  1. So for a while we've had the issue expressed by many that people in high mmr midwars players take the game too seriously and towerhug waiting for pk gold on their initiators and what not. Just now I've played a game where 8/10 heroes picked were melee and the action was constant and awesome, made me want to create this thread to suggest the implementation of an all melee mode. A few of my friends suggested to just make it an all strength mode, but flux and draco could jeopardise the fun of that mode then. When all heroes are melee, this urges players to go into the river for lasthits etc.
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  2. The topic has been brought up so many times in the past. At the time it was initially considered, it was not financially feasible for Garena because Valve takes a significant portion of profits if you use their service. This option just gets financially worse as time continues to elapse, not to mention that the efficacy of obtaining new players is also diminishing over time as the MOBA genre has already been saturated since a few years ago. Finally, being on Steam does not mean you get a reasonable return in the game's player growth. See: Strife (and how the game died even though it
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