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  1. Mac: The unsupported Heroes of Newerth Mac client is currently 32-bit. This means if you're running a version after Mojave on your Mac system you won't be able to play, since Apple dropped support for 32-bit applications. A 64-bit version of Heroes of Newerth Mac is currently in the works to support playing on Catalina and later, but it's not here yet. If you're having trouble installing on Mojave or earlier versions of Mac, make sure you're first Allowing Third Party Applications to be installed. -> System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General -> Enter PW and Unl
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  2. I've had this issue before, I circumvented it with a bash cmd. Try this in Terminal: cd "/Applications/Heroes of Newerth" ./HoN This might do it for you, unsure if mac hon folder is called exactly that, you can check by just going "cd /Applications" and typing "ls" can't remember what retail mac folder is called. If you still can't get it to work, I'd love to assist directly, get on touch with me on discord and I'll have it fixed guaranteed. https://discord.gg/MfuM4b8w Join this and send me a PM
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  4. I liked the mod in which every player picked their hero and then all abilities were thrown into pool and randomly divided between players, I remember playing behe with 4 passive abilities
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