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    Hello, I am WingDings`, a player from The Brazilian Community that has dedicated a lot of time and effort trying to make the game better for our community. Back in 2016/17, me and S1` took over The Translation Team that was very poorly managed and translated the whole game, every single item, hero, menu and even the EULA. The players were really satisfied with our job, but it was not enough to bring other players back. So, I wanted to ask Frostburn to trust on me again, I want to host a Brazilian Server so our players could have fun with a decent ping, I have posted about this in some Brazilian HoN groups and many players showed a big interest in returning to the game. The amount of people tagging their friends and being happy about this idea gave me an overwhelming feeling that this can work and this will be good for the game. So, I wanted to ask some assist from Frostburn, so we can talk and discuss how can this work, I am willing to pay the Brazilian server fee by myself. I am really interested in either Frostburn or HoN Garena opinion about this, thanks in advance.
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    Best games are when you fight for 40 min you have taken t2 but enemy is able to fight back. Comebacks are the best on midwar. You can't take only winner view on game. Balancing game to give opportunities for weaker team is better than boosting stronger team on river. Game will be flat when this will be only about t1 push. I can't support this change.
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    No, no and no. We tried that in Mid Wars Beta & people hated it because the game end condition is artificial & feels anti-climatic.
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    We'd love to do all those & thought about those years ago. Unfortunately there are barriers to those seemingly little things that actually end up being complicated to implement: - Resources (this means time, money and developers who are experienced with the HoN code base) - Priorities (any resources we have that can do this are working on more important solutions) There will be an announcement about what the community can do to help us out in the near future though.
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    If you want it that badly and you actually can't wait, stay tuned for an announcement that may be related to your request in a few days. I will tell you that quality dedicated game servers from Brazil/South America are expensive. An example from quick google searches for server hosting services: https://www.ariseserver.com/dedicated-server-brazil/ It's 550 USD+ per month for 16 cores, as an example. 1 instance of that server is more than enough to cover LAT region games though.
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    The additionaI medium camp which can be farmed by aII jungIe heroes IvI 1 and the fact that it is so easy to doubIe stack/farm hard + medium. I was IvI 5 soIs 2:40min and I'm sure better pIayers gonna be even faster. Edit: AIso the new hard camp + medium camp are just near the rune, which makes you have an aImost guaranted fuII bottIe + goId or powerup every 2min. DuaI manup Ianes are stiII good it's just more of a risk since you have to win manup Iane or you gonna have 2 useIess heroes. JungIe on the other hand is a pretty save bet for a farmed hero.
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    I'll be 100% blunt with you: I'm pretty confident that you're one of the only players who has this sentiment. Haste rune has existed since HoN's inception & also for as long as I can remember in DotA (and by extension, Dota2).
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    Astrolabe and Striders costing more as a support is kind of painful. Grave Locket having less utility kind of makes sense, but in general "life is harder for supports across the board" is the only tangible thing I'm noticing so far.
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