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    I looked at your screenshots and it's a case of Occam's Razor. You wrote so much to explain your actions - if you had to explain yourself so much, perhaps there are other factors to consider, such as maybe you're in the wrong after all. Just do better in the future.
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    I'll just mention some general stuff here and then talk just a little about the particular case briefly as it's not allowed to discuss the decision in detail. I have asked Kei to send the screenshots and he forwarded them to me. I also found the game and watched the replay. I have been in the GM team for a while and many of my decisions were overturned (mostly due to human error or lack of experience, never intentionally banned ofc), so I have a bit of a first hand experience from the other side. I also played with Shattered in the past too, so I tried my best and hopefully succeeded in keeping this without any preconceptions. I have also explained everything very detailed in a private message I sent you, which I hope would make you understand the decision better. I still wanted to post this message in the forum to not leave this unanswered. There are more to the way GMs review cases than known which I obviously cannot disclose, but I agree with the things said above: that the GMs don't simply ban someone without enough evidence that the action is against the rules and the values their processes are based on. There are always disagreements between players whether an action is bannable or not, but those processes within GM team are set to prevent those decisions from being subjective. In general but especially in appeals, they are very careful about that there is no conflict of interest, no human error or anything which may cause an unjust situation. Also that another person taking a look at the case might provide a different point of view. All of this is to ensure that the case is not reviewed in favor of the GM and the actual aim is to conclude it with the right thing to do. As they are still humans, and mistakes can rarely happen. However, in this particular case, I am afraid I won't be able to say you have been wronged. The information you provided after the decision does not justify your ingame behaviour and I believe they do not align with what you did either. I understand that you thought the game is already over (which I kinda agree, the difference was quite high between teams), it still does not justify intentionally dying. You have presented excuses for every point of the decision but ultimately some of them are either subjective, wrong or irrelevant from each other. It would be understandable if you wanted to avoid fights/stood behind/went jungle to farm/did not engage with pushing enemies due to the huge level and gold difference, but it's not ok that you would let yourself die multiple times -which looked like intentionally, just because enemy team are dominating the game, your team plays very bad and the other reasons you provided. I understand you are particularly offended about being called a liar, but I believe what you mentioned here is only one part of the conversation and not the whole thing. While I absolutely respect that you felt offended by it, I don't believe it was used to insult you in any way. I am trying to give as little detail here as possible so far due to the rules, but I have sent you a PM with a further explanation as well. The GMs can't go around and ask whether players did something intentionally or not, everyone would of course deny their intentions in order to avoid a ban. So maybe you have not done it intentionally and you believe it, but there are many and enough evidence that points to the violation of the code of conduct. ... I'm sorry about the ban, but I hope my PM was able to explain it to you a bit further.
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    This has been a bane on the existence of mid wars. But it goes through phases of being really bad. And lately I've noticed A LOT of people quitting mid wars or just afking in the fountain. Or just feeding constantly. Players don't even get leaves a lot of times because teams will just push the minute it turns into a 4v5 and then the game is over. Is this a fixable problem? Some ideas for how to fix it... 1. Stricter bans on egregious feeding/afking in tower. 2. Quicker kick vote in MId Wars (less than 5 mins). 3. Disconnect timer when games end with you not in game. Any other ideas or suggestion on how to address this problem?
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    I won't discuss the decision made further, as I explained you again in a message, I still believe it was correct. I believe the SGM responded the points you mentioned in your appeal. He did not respond in a long and detailed way like I did since they have limited resource and time as they need to reply other players too, but he explained the actions which led to the decision. I don't agree with your comment where you are saying "you have done wrong and hence you are suspended, you don't need to know why". You have done the same in the original post too: I can see that in every message he had sentences where he explained his point of view while giving an example of an action you did, so I think you're exaggerating the whole thing in the two quotes I mentioned above. If he made a human error and called a non-carry hero a carry, or even wrongly said your GPM was higher, these still would not change the decision. As I mentioned in my PM too, there were many points and you had a diffferent excuse for each of them, which may have lead him to think you may be lying. So I understand why he thought that way, but would I use the same words he used? maybe not. I have a corporate background but this is a game and the written language here is less formal, so when I look at the whole sentence I see that he does not mean it to harm you or insult you but says that simply because of the reason I mentioned above. He even starts with saying he has respect for high rank players (such as yourself, as you mentioned you are a high rank player). I think I have given more details than I should have, but I'll end here, I really don't think this case needs to go further than this :<
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    First of all SGMs aren't allowed to handle appeals for players which they themselves banned (at least for when I was a SGM) When SGMs handle appeals they simply look to verify if the gm in question was correct or wrong in his/her initial decision. I have overturned many decisions during my reign as a SGM and given many players the benefit of doubt due to the case in question being very borderline and there being no right or wrong decision. Regardless I do believe some things were not fully explained by on both sides, will not go into detail as I don't want to write a wall of text. I however think that shattered still handled the appeal as best as he could, there might have been room for benefit of doubt from what I read in the screenshots but I didn't watch the replay so can't say.
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    Which hero in your opinion is the most aggressive in lane? Ideally in a dual lane, support/carry lineup, my goal being to make a short list of heroes to pick from when I really need to keep whoever I'm laning against off my carry so they can farm. My first thought would be something like Voodoo Jester or Martyr. Strong attack damage, you're strongly discouraged to trade attacks since their abilities have big kill potential, especially VJ. I've heard arguments made for Slither in the past, but if anyone outranges him and so much as looks at him too sternly, he doesn't get much of a chance to tag people with his passive. What do you think? Additionally, I'd personally really like to have different like, custom hero selection filters. More than just a favorites list. Like, imagine if you could make your own custom tags? If you could create a new list and add heroes to them, you could make lists of your favorite heroes broken down by the roles your team would need. The mindset of "these are the carries I can do well with, these are the junglers I can play well, these are the hardcore supports, these are the mids, I can only do a few different heroes in the suicide lane" etc etc Maybe it's just the way I think when I'm trying to flex for the team, but that kind of system would be really helpful to me.
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    No, we're not doing that because of maintainability (there are 2 other sources in the game that reduces cooldown & it's possible there may be more later). It sucks, but it's best for HoN until code changes enable proper support for it (which we have no idea how long it will take due to resources and other priorities).
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    He was just giving an advice, I can't see anything wrong with that! Anyways, the OP got his answers, no point in letting this thread go since nothing constructive will happen, if any of you have something to suggest or discuss then you can just create another thread! Have a good day!
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    The last one is the official submission. The first two are bonus.
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    You could queue commands with shift if I'm not mistaken.
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    Hey, I accidentally posted this too soon in the previous comp. Now I get where it's suppose to go. Sorry about that. So here is my entry. (I also updated it a little :3) EDIT! : It's the last night of the month, and I had an idea... So here it is. Hope adding to my post is ok! Also, done in paint.
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    Half the people I've befriended in HoN were talking with me in the post-game-chat before playing another game with me. So I disagree with this. But of course, in most matches it's just not very friendly.
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    This I disagree with. MW is a fun, casual, faster-paced mode where you have more teamfights occurring more frequently, it scales faster, failure is more forgiving and you have a much better chance of getting geared up. It's a fun sort of, showcase of the game's action and hero ability interactions. FoC ranked matchmaking is much more strategic and tactical. A slower but longer and more intense burn, the actual real game, the full experience. Much more grounded and serious. Most of the time you'll be playing FoC, but sometimes you don't have time for a full game or you don't really have the energy to take it that seriously, or maybe you just lost a game and are disheartened and annoyed at your team so you go to midwars to have a much quicker fun time that's harder for your team to screw up and doesn't require playing smart and farming. Imo both absolutely have their place in the game.
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    who is your friend, the famous youtuber? Is it pewdiepie or kripparian? Anyways I agree that the system has it's flaws in a way. you should stop acting like you are some kind of a staff member, staff impersionation is against the rules.
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