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    Obviously Succu/Ello and even Bomb are top tier. Artesia and Revenant are also extremely good but underestimated in most brackets. The only melee heroes that can contest ranged heroes are those that have lifesteal. The best one would be salforis. BH works in lower brackets but suffers vs good players. My current favorite is Xemplar. He struggles a bit early vs ranged but if you manage not to lose too hard and get at least your bottle and preferable red boots he is a threat to almost every hero as soon as he got his ult and even you might have lost the first minutes you easily recover. In general a mid hero should be a good ganker. There is no point going mid just to farm - you need to help winning lanes. Therefor heroes like SS/flint should not be played mid lane (not to mention their squishyness and lack of escape so they instantly die to any gank).
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    Now that Homecoming Stone costs 50 instead of 135, the “value” of teleportation has decreased by 85 (63%!) Reduce cost of Post Haste from 2500 back to its original cost of 2200. It used to be PH was worth 12.6 teleports (1700/135). Now it requires 40 teleports (2000/50)! Granted, PH offers other amazing benefits, which is why it is still the best item in the history of MOBAs once the recipe was changed to utilize Striders (whoever thought of that is a certified genius and also probably quite handsome). Nonetheless, a reduction to buy price of Post Haste is a necessary market correction due to the depreciation of the teleportation commodity.
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    Make that a 100% chance. Sorry but her concept is a plague to HoN since its inception & can't be balanced without it having such a bias to Nitro veterans with an above-average connection. She will still be able to do everything in your original post though, just a lot more fairly.
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    ^ That staff effect being broken balance wise aside, that gameplay is just unfun for everyone involved imo. Being incentivized to drop everything on the ground then comeback to pick them up later, urrgh. Essentially doing a super cc for 10s+ on a carry or worse, turn him into enemy support, who will probably proceed to smash keyboard yelling on top of his lung about how stupid it is and will never play this stupid game again, urrrrrgh. The difference is like gaining gold for oneself, vs deleting gold from other players, psychological impact is different and it's a negative one. I personally would never want to see it. My Sotm suggestion: Nomad: Edge Counter duration increased by an extra 1.5s, during which nomad can cancel it by any action. (Initial 1s stays the same, then followed by 1.5s that can be cancelled). If Nomad maintains Edge Counter for the full 2.5s duration without cancelling, activates the counter toward the mouse cursor (if possible, or can just be the nearest/furthest hero in range). Reasoning: I've been wanting a different build for nomad for a while now, this will enable it while not being mandatory and isn't a 100% buff to his normal damage build. The extra duration is unbeneficial for a carry, you don't want to spend time not hitting, it is also worse vs other carries due to SH. Hence it's not a straight buff but a branch out into tank/utility builds.
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    I’ve decided to start taunting the enemy when I know I’m about to die. The humiliation announcement is quite entertaining and helps lighten the mood. Why not put a smile on somebody’s face from time to time? I hope you join me.
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