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    -Arachna and Ellonia felt kinda too strong when i was playing them. So as i did a post about them in the past, i have to make a post about my new mid hero Hellbringer . I am not going to speak about the heroe's burst damage, as i think is pretty ok. He is just one of the best mids imo. And i like that. Coz Hellbringer used to be like this in the old days. And i like his place now.But i do have to speak about the crazy lifesteal he can get. -I dont know if you guys are aware of the lifesteal this guy does but I saw every aspect of how strong it can be. From midlaner( played it myself there) to hard carry( watched Dutch playing it). I do believe that the passive 20% lifesteal from every source of damage and adding the demons active effect( the 30% damage received on heroes returning as lifesteal) is kinda imba. - Consider that the passive bonus of Symbol is 25% on just autoattacks, whether Hellbringers passive is 20%(inactive) and 30% (active) are from all the damage sources. I cant judge what the correct changes on values can be, or the type of lifesteal etc. Or maybe im exaggerating , but thats how i feel about the hero atm. I consider that the toolkit of this hero is so strong ,each spell individually. He is a massive cc hero, he always was. -Aside his lifesteal ability, just a Staff of the master + and a resto stone at late game , put him in top tier picks of intelligent heroes, if u want a decent position 2 hero. Even just staff alone actually. Also the hero can farm fast and the accumulation of gold early mid game is easy, considering your getting lots of golds through a teamfight also. I literally see 'people on their knees'' (i hope u know this punch line ^^ ) Tried to replicate a raw scenario in practise mode, its my first time doing this, dont judge too hard: Hellbringer level 25 no items(1803 HP pool ) vs Maliken level 25 no items ( values are after armor reduction) Lets consider that the initial burst damage below will be calculated to the 20% passive lifesteal and later Hell will activate his demon, for the 30%. Q : 123 damage x 2 times= 246 dmg W: 237 dmg Ultimate: 75 dmg Malpha's damage: 109 per hit ( in this case scenario i put malpha to give 5 autoattacks)= 545 ( maybe in a teamfight he can pull of more auttoattacks, i just put 5) Hellbringer damage : 99 per hit ( in this case scenario i put hellbringer to give 3 auttoattacks) = 297 Total of 1400 damage. 1400 X 20%(lifesteal) = 280 Activated E spell : Lets say in that area are 3 heroes, and they receive his demon. And lets consider they will take a combined of 2000 damage post mitigation. ( for 3 heroes combined maybe its too low 2k) 2000 dmg x 30% = 600 Conclusion : Total of 880 hp returning to Hellbringer. Consider that this is an one-time,a raw scenario. A teamfight will go longer, spells get off cd and u have them again, there are also items in place, that will boost the damage done, or items that will delay the duraton of a teamfight, also there will be creeps involved on taking damage etc. It doesnt show the maximum healing HB can receive potentially. The scenarios are whole lot. But from a raw scenario i got a 880 hp returning to a 1803 hp Hellbringer. -My only suggestion can be a twich of his passive and active effect: 1) 20% -> 15% and 30% ->25% or 2) Passive effect: any source of damage -> magic damage and active effect: remains the same(all damage sources) . Worth mentioning changing to the 2nd suggestion transforms the hero into a higher skill based hero, as above managing to hit your Q and W you will have to land a good E spell off, so u can get the best out of it, as the active effect has a timer. Personally i do support the 2nd suggestion as i do believe that in order to be able to play a strong hero like Hellbringer, you will have to do one or two things more, than just spamming buttons. Thats kinda a reward. And is not about you being a good or a bad player. It just needs a small effort to learn to utilize the hero at his best. ps: Dunno if i did this right, its my first time trying to post this kind of thing,most of the times i just post plane suggestions without numbers, maybe i did it wrong,or didnt evaluate something extra etc, pls feel free to correct me, or point out mistakes . Also as i said i like the place Hellbringer is now, even if he stays like this i dont have any problem.
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    It seems there is no longer a strategy section of the forums. :< So I’m determined to get good at Nitro. Like, really determined. She is my new Blitz. Everyone complains when I pick her. Everyone says she is the worst. The stats don’t lie, I guess. That doesn’t matter to me. I’m in love. The kiting. The range. The power of siege. Splash damage. Skill cap. From the booms of her cannon to the roar of her motorcycle, she has it all. I hear rumors of reworks or buffs incoming. What do you think is going to happen? Any successful Nitro players out there willing to give some tips? She is beautiful Rolling by with guns ablaze Bullets pierce my heart
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    A mid hero can do multiple different things and any hero that does any of those well, can go mid. That doesn't mean it's a good or the best choice, but an option. 1. Good Harassment of enemy, forces enemy to miss last hits or use more regen - Magmus (for meele), Salforis and Thunderbringer are good examples 2. Good push, if enemy leaves mid they loose xp and their tower is going down fast - Balphagore and Defiler 3. Good gank, if you win top and bottom because you can gank a lot, you win games - a lot of heroes do this, including Hellbringer and Arachna 4. Good rune control, which kinda only buffs the 3rd point, but is worth extra mentioning - example: bubbles Answering the counter-question is kinda difficult. Mid lane is not (only) about winning mid-lane. If your enemy harasses you, you can pick a ganker. Simply leave him alone and win other lanes. If you encounter a ganker, you can pick a pusher. If he ganks, you kill his tower. If you encoutner a pusher, you can pick good harassment and prevent him from farming/pushing.
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    Ogre Magi as Blacksmith Model came from the game - Warcraft 3 Reforged by Blizzard Entertainment Special thanks to RedBear for helping me with this mod and many other mods I've made. Please support him any way you can. Model Conversion - RedBear Visual Effects - Whyzozerious Staff of the Master: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bnqk9594cfcaxvi/resourcesOgreMagi.s2z/file HOW TO INSTALL: Move the downloaded file into (.s2z): -Linux: /home/username/HoN/game/ -Windows 8/10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\ Mac: 1. Press Finder 2. Press Applications 3. Right click 'Heroes of Newerth', and press Show containing files 4. Open Game folder 5. Move file here
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    I’m not suggesting an overhaul. Just add a new article to the front page from time to time so that the most recent stuff isn’t from 2017. Like even just patch notes. You’ve done so many crazy good patches since 2017.
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    I'm going to get this thread locked. As far as these posts go, we actually have a forum competition opening up on June 2nd that will ask for your HoNiverStory with lots of Prizes. Just know, we are well aware of HoNiversary and are working really hard to get things into motion for the June 2nd patch.
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    Mod Avatar Anime Dampeer Remilia Scarlet ( Touhou ) Model & Animation By: 300Heroes Conversion By: TH!NT @atsniperthin Effects : Kim22 @TheKim22 Download https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1W_6OWCHy-GqkuB5WCxnYvHuznaQC4-O7 Installation Move the file(.s2z) into the game folderExample: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\
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    Heelo, the same problem here. For 3 or so days can't play without delays in midwars matches, appx 3 pm - 5 pm New York time delays every 5-10 seconds Server EU84
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    The number of middlaners is high, though as your question leads to strong midlaners, (after seeing the next questions) im gonna refer to my top 5 try hard picks: 1) Succubus, 2) Ellonia, 3) Arachna, 4) Amun Ra , 5) Zephyr Im gonna reply in short, not over extend with words: 1) Succubus : Ranged, True damage -> into lifesteal for you, Sleep .. u cant kill her 1 v 1 for no reason at all, and even with a gank killing her is a tough task 2) Ellonia: If you are taking melee hero for mid you insta lost mid, If you are ranged you will suffer from the constant spam of her Q and W, and their low mana cost 3) Arachna: Ranged,Orbwalking. If you are mellee hero you just play like you are on a suicide lane, sit back and get your exp :D. Also her damage output combined with the orbwalking can outharass any hero she has against her. 4) Amun Ra:, a good Q on you, and u have to run back, especially if you are playing intelligent heroes against him . Even with strength heroes against him u can suffer. He may not kill you but you are going to have a hard time . Also he has a good amount of health regen early on, an aura for damage around him and his spells have a good burst. If you are a good player you cant die with this hero 1 vs 1. He is kinda a simila rzephyr -mid playstyle. Rush helmet , no bottle etc etc. BUT the hard thing about Ra is that you cant possibly know he is going mid, unless you check his games, or know the player etc. So you cant contest him with a range hero lets say 5)Zephyr: Cyclones. If you are solo queuing and picked a melee for mid, and noone wants to gank, then you are going to suffer a lot. * These are the strats i would use, there are many heroes in the pool to mention if i wanted, also the strats are a lot. So i will just reply in short with what i am doing/ or i think i have to do. 1)Succubus: I cant think of anyone constesting her mid 1 vs 1. The strats are: either to burst her down before she lifesteals from you. But that means you have a bad Succubus player against you, or ask for a gank from a good ganker( ex witch slayer) provided you are playing something like chipper lets say( so you can nuke her). 2) Ellonia: A gank will suffice, intelligent hero, no escape, just raw damage in her toolkit. Maybe sometimes she can take someone with her in the grave though xD 3) Arachna: When i see arachna mid, i mostly pick magmus long lane, and around level 4( mid lane level 4, not mine) i rotate with a rot . 4) Amun Ra: Need a good rotation early on from a stunner imo. But you need communication for that, as most people will underestimate the power of Ra , so they might ignore you.And believe me a high level Ra and with farm is a pain in the ***** !!!!, also my go choice for going against him mid is always Ellonia . If he is a good player he might not die, and he might harass me also, but i will make sure this lane is contested to the limits. 5)Zephyr: You need a nuker against him, like Ellonia to get contested. Also a gank might not be enough to kill him. It needs to have some criteria the gank( maybe have him on ur cliff, harrass him a bit,so he is not full hp, maybe have a good rune in ur bottle) Generally as i was writing this i noticed that there are so many different ways to play against them mid, and also so many more options of heroes that go mid that i dont think a post should suffice to describe everything. There are a lot of heroes that go mid,a lot of the scenarios following a mid lane, and what is going to happen in the game. For example while i was thinking what to write in my mind came Fayde. Which is a different kind of middlaner. She just hit 6 and snowballs easily. So that is a general try hard pick, not a try hard mid pick. But at the same time a fun pick. So i do believe the replies in this post should be directed to the personal flavour of each one of us, and be more specified , as the replies on this subject can be vast.
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    Hellbringer is already getting a nerf next patch, but ty for your suggestion anyway
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    I appreciate your effort in putting the test number of this suggestion to prove your point. So, I helps you enriching the discussion by putting the changelog of Hellbringer: In my opinion, the reason of the lifesteal being so high is because some of Hellbringer player tends to forget controlling Hellbringer himself and focuses too much on his Malpha - CMIIW.
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    The top articles on http://www.heroesofnewerth.com are from 2017. You guys are putting in a ton of work and continue to make amazing improvements. Advertise and celebrate your accomplishments. The front page is the first thing potential new (or returning) customers see when checking it out. If they think it's been stagnant since 2017 they might not install.
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    Welcome all HON Players! This channel is to give back to the competitive community by providing good games and sharing worthy experiences. This is a completely non-profit organization, but we will seek sponsors, cash prizes, and other incentives as more players join. If you all are unfamiliar with what an in-house league is, it is basically an organization that organizes scrims and games through various methods; team captains, random, teams, etc. Please read the rules to understand how to join and participate in this league. https://discord.gg/avzhUcy Basic Rules: 1. Players must report their MMR/Rank from their main accounts to an officer or server admin before joining the league 2. Players will be provided respective role colors based on their MMR/Rank. Respective role colors must join their respective lobbies to avoid unfair matches. (Players must maintain their MMR/Rank. It will be an honor system, but we will do random checks and will demote or promote respectively) Lobby-Low: < 1600 Lobby-Mid: 1600 - 1750 Lobby-High: > 1750 3. Games type will be "Captain's Pick", Tournament Rules, 5 versus 5, Official 4. Servers will be hosted and decided based on average region/ping compatibility 5. Team captains will be decided by highest/lowest ranking or majority rules 6. Captains will choose their team based off the generic picking rule (first pick , then two picks each side, then last pick) Application: Players must submit their main account to an officer or server admin as well as have their main account as their name in this discord channel. Once approved, role color will be assigned. All players are welcomed. ***However if you are a known griefer or leaver, you will not be eligible to play*** We hope to see more HON Players come back to the game and bring back the competitive scene to the best MOBA game ever created!!!
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    @Claudineee Not to be THAT guy but what are the reasons for some of these Staff suggestions? What do they accomplish? Do they encroach on all other builds? Does Staff become a necessity? Its important to have a clear design goal in mind. Some of your changes look like they are just pure number buffs like the Old Staff Upgrades (eg: Balphagore), some just are mechanically impossible or overly complicated (eg: Puppetmaster), some seem meaningless (eg: Accursed) and others seem overly strong (eg: Gladiator). That's not to say you can't push the envelope with a design, but I think its important to look objectively at the idea, the hero, their kit, their build order, and the feasibility of actually acquiring SotM. Let's take a look at just one, as its hard to scroll through. Note that I am picking one that is easy for me to critique for this, so I am self-proclaiming an almost straw-man here. "Every time Night Hound uses an ability". Look at his Kit and see that Pounce (W) has a 5 second cooldown at maximum level. This means that for 40% of his fight time he is completely invincible. This is absolutely absurd for a hero who needs to be locked down. Not only that, why would you take a Shrunken Head over this? Why would you take any protective item over the ability to have full invulnerability? Extending that further, you can still get Shrunken or Nullstone and have someone farm you an extra 2300 so they can Staff you and now you have an unkillable monster on the battlefield. This also means that you stop debuffs, stuns and everything else when you are invulnerable but you can continue to attack, use items and most egregiously, use more abilities. I think taking a step back and looking critically at what you propose would go a long way because you have some interesting ideas here such as with Fayde's Reflection but they are mired in all of the ones that are not that well thought out.
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    1) halfed cooldown (or more), doubled max range (almost), exponentially increasing attackspeed, inheriting movement mechanics.... if this were a "choose one" thing, fine, but this is ridiculously broken, just way over the top, that is essentially three staff effects combined into one 2) this was too much chaos for me or i am too exhausted to comprehend, should I have misunderstood please excuse me, but to me this sounds like the initial Ravenor issue where he would just stack up his passive in the jungle and then melt everything and return to the jungle. except including additional creep value and set max movementspeed ontop of crit multiplier. if so then go figure... 3) basically a watered down version of Klanx's H.A.W.K? not sure the hero needs an additional tool that allows him to maneuver the map disregarding of obstacles, ontop of being one of the few only heroes that can nuke a support as easily with just one single item obtained (as it is now). I am simply not sure why the hero would require more maneuverability. Or is that something you only came up with ebcause the heroes basic idea is being a vampire with wings? 4) i could get behind giving him more puddles or moving him out of that boring "be silenced + slowed so i can autoattack you for 4 seconds" corner but it's not a hero i identify with at all so i can barely give a proper oppinion on that. in my oppinion the hero itself is just plain boring and annoying, either complete lackluster or in rare cases very difficult to deal with, just generally not a good concept considering how much he relies on the maps properties to begin with. 5) i would absolutely get behind Bubbels receiving a more useful staff effect, afterall the ult tether is still a major condition that has to be broken and unless i misremember, the staff only benefits the tether break stun, not the initial cast itself. but regardless compared to some other staffs out there, the hero could use SOME form of a more beneficial staff. personally I'd not give him a aoe superior tempest blast tho. Rather reduce the cooldown on his q, or have bubbels autocast Song of the Sea either after Teleporting to shellsurfs location OR when it expires without him teleporting to it (unless silenced or stunned!) so it does somewhat match valks staff (reduced damage and silence duration tho, obviously). 6) i am not sure i entirely understood that but having to return back into that sphere to have the ult removed seems something entirely unreasonable to expect from opponents. allowing her to cast her e in a aoe instead of singletarget would suffice completely due to its low cooldown and high kill potential. it wouldnt make for a great staff (not worth 4.2k) but could make for a decent enough boost (2.5k) as the slow is rather strong, not gonna lie, if used well! 7) i don't get your point here. why would you reduce his cast action time? the ability has way too much cooldown and if you want to push, getting thunderclaw will be so much more valuable instead combined with the insane early game autoattack damage buff you receive from killing creeps. increasing the amount of souls by 20 already is strong, tho again not worth 4.2k, rather 2.5k if you have gold to spare on someone else. would be much more profitable to ss to instead increase the -armor aura by a slight amount -OR- have the aura apply -armor matching your current attack type (phys/mag) accordingly. 8 ) not gonna work, e is forgetting the stolen ability. would make for more hotkeys and the hero already requires decent macro and alot of activatable items if you wanna reach it's skill ceiling, adding another one will just add to the confusion, plus he does not really need it tbh. i dont see how that hazzle is gonna be compensated by the ability to lift one specific tree, ontop of that you are not able to select the tree you want to lift, but it is randomized among the most closest units (always choses closest unless several are at the same distance, then it seems to be random), so you gained nothing but added more annoyance and basically just gave a slight damage boost. 9) reviving at will is too powerful. allowing to revive within a 2 second window at will or as it runs out automatically is something that could be interesting as it does "somewhat" allow ra to play around "you died once you now are trapped" situations if he is solo. then again the ult already grants a second life sooo.... again tho and this is highly personal oppinion from the days i used to play RA alot, he doesnt need a nuke damage buff... in not a single situation.. his passive is the absolute lackluster when it comes to the regen it provides. that's where staff effects should add something. maybe double the regen and give a armor bonus that slightly increases with lost hp or whatever. 10) that will just end up in volcanos being everywhere and fucking up movement and even area accessability.. too easy to abuse. however if he were able to place a primal volcano instead of a normal volcano by his chosing (subability!) that would remain dormant and allow draconis to return (flight) to it until he places another primal volcano somewhere else (which removes the first one), now THAt could make your suggestion interesting. 11) by "last damage received" are you referring to a single damage tick, or an intervall? because thats a major difference. not sure thats what he needs tho but i have no real oppinion on that, i mostly ignore that hero since it is way too easy to counter in any single existing regard. 12) not sure how you intend on doing that, how do you control where it goes? after it attacked the target will it stand there like an idiot until you cast another spell? also you have that 0.1second (or less) gap inbetween the cast and the spawn of the illu. so as someone with not the worst perception, you should always be able to spot whether it is mirrage or true strike (i once brought this up as a "bug" a few years ago but was told that due to engine restrictions this could never be changed and even while reduced there would always be that noticeable delay, by elementuser himself). i do agree tho that nomad desperately needs a GOOD staff effect as the hero is actually fairly bad all facts considered. 13) not sure what your intend is here, do you want oogie to have two ults? or will it replace the initial ult? not sure a single hero exists that should receive a flat +100 attackspeed buff (are you even aware of the amount of attackspeed modification this provides you with, actually?)! 14) it should not look like a real warchief and being able to attack with it would just cause any decent player to camp somewhere and abuse the all terrain walking and free autoattacking for 6 seconds to deal damage while being hidden themselves. also this ability seems to cause alot of crashes that have not been resolved in the past anyway so maybe there should be a different staff target on that hero until that has been resolved (just some personal input here). 15) not sure why you chose to buff his w which was one of the more frustrating abilities that hero had (hence why it was nerfed). maybe improve his passive instead? [...] more to come, have some other important things to attend too first, either today later or tomorrow. keep in mind all of those are MY personal oppinions.
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    This is simply high-risk low-reward. We don't have SBT anymore, so the process for hero reworks & the like is much worse (since I also have a limited playerbase that is willing to test on demand). The high-risk part comes from the fact that players will hate the hero (remember what I told you about the jungling efficacy loss + survivability loss?). It's less to do with actual implementation, but more to do with "if we put the time to actually get this into a production-ready state, is there any big payoff? Or will it just risk killing Zephyr?" Right now, it's not convincing to me that it's going to work, and resources are better spent conceptualizing other things, like oh idk, reworking heroes that are broken in design (Adrenaline, Nitro). I'd rather spend time on the patches that are coming in the near future, rather than patches coming in the far future.
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    Its barely one week that playing is impossible from 18:00 to 00:00 CET. Having lag spikes every 10 seconds or so even if the ping showed when /pa is correct. For example right now on server EU86, packet loss 0.1% but impossible to play. Every other games i have work fine, so its obviously your servers.
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    server name : EU98 packet loss : 0.3%
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    Most "trolls" are simply people who project their own frustrations onto others. They assume their allies are the source of their losses, and then lash out when things don't go their way. There are very few people who queue into matches with the premeditated intent to troll their allies. The truth is that the circumstances of the game cause them to lose what is left of their maturity. Fortunately there is a cure! Break the cycle. Do not return the salt. Encourage the troll. Offer assistance. Communicate. When the troll does something good, praise. Praise other team members as well. Motivate. I've seen hundreds of matches where a complaining/griefing player turns it around and starts working with the team after a few good vibes. Better yet, if you start the match with an outwardly positive attitude, you'll prevent them from acting in a destructive way to begin with. If so many of your matches are filled with trolls, what is the common denominator? I suspect your anger may be apparent before the "trolling" begins. Do you insult them for poor plays? Demotivate? Demoralize? I think you may be creating your own demons.
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    Don't judge others by your own standards. Not everybody rages and retributive justices leads to what you described above - getting suspended yourself. Insulting other players just makes you part of the problem. It literally has no positive effect on the game. It just further lowers the mood of your team and makes things worse. Besides that, the "troll" or "griefer" won't magically stop griefing if you insult him. Ignoring those players on the other hand will lead to them losing interest in griefing in most cases. I enjoy the majority of the games I play and I don't care too much about others actions. I lastpick what is needed so the team setup is not fked up from the start. If people rage/insult just mute them/report them. If someone takes your lane just go to a different lane and adjust.
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    Drops the link of your thread here: As for your suggestion, most of them are indeed a 100% mandatory choice to the boosted heroes over any item, so that's the problem as @ElementUsersaid that himself. Let me comment your suggestion: I assume the targeting system of this staff boost is dual target (like Witch Slayer 1st ability for instance), isn't it? Like a nerf to me if you accidentally hitting creep than intended hero and current target unit ain't bad, right? Just make the targeting system like Logger's Hatchet if you want to keep the tree-grappling. The attack speed boost shouldn't be percentage because at 100% of attack speed (10 times of attacks) is equal to double the amount of attack speed, assuming late-game Gunblade has 200 attack speed means 400 attack speed at 100% of attack speed boost. Plain and simple but pretty strong if you ask me. It's like you gets 2 items benefit for 1 item (critical strike and attack speed). You should make a option to the suggestion rather than mix it into one. The boost itself just encourages War Beast to accumulate the charge first before going to the fight, not that good than the current boost. I assume this ability is tied to 'R' button and granting Dampeer an omni-walking, isn't it? I suggest to put it on separated button because ultimate as a damage tool is wasted to gain weak utility is a no for me. Did Riptide already gain invulnerability when casting Undertow? permanent water trail is a no for me unless it limits to one per player (can create two revolving Circe). Too strong, enemy might as well just jump right after they get affected by the spell even it gives stun effect. Weird boost. So, will 'the point of view (?)' be permanent if they don't return to the sphere when the ability ends? I prefer this boost is tied to different button but share the same cooldown as Cover of the Darkness, giving the 'stealth' benefit to allies instead of reducing enemies sight. A no-no boost for me because a hero should spend ton of gold for a 'transition'. I don't understand this boost, please elaborate more. I don't know how the chance will work, so I suggest to remove the chance or elaborate the mechanic of it. Revive at will should after the current time to revive (3 seconds I guess) so the enemies know exactly that Amun-Ra has been eliminated before. Also there should be the limit time so the boost doesn't feel like a jail-free card. Is the bonus damage permanent until the next cast of ultimate? Pretty good additional effect if my assumption is correct. I don't know if deceiving the enemy for a short time is a good investment of staff of the master. you should add the clear optional boost because at glance I thought both the attack/move speed and limitless stacks of Tar Quake is one and the same. I like the approach though. I like to include both optional boost as one, so I suggest to make the second ability to add the attack speed rather than make the attack/move speed boost tied to ultimate boost. Also, the health cost should be replaced to increased damage taken following Oogie's mana loss so the current concept still there but gets strengthened. For short, this boost should be like this: By my proposed boost, the current term and condition is still kept but it gets stronger. So this boost makes the spirit acts like invulnerable illusion, doesn't it? So this boost is similar in fashion to Deadlift's Death Grip, isn't it? Why did the illusion leave the arrow if Forsaken Archer can consume the illusion to get the arrow instead? I like the approach though. If I may remake your suggestion, it'll go as below: From this boost, Forsaken Archer will get another option to increase her attack damage output. I approve the 100% lifetime cooldown reduction, meaning at full duration of the illusion the ability is already off cooldown. The two illusions are too much for Silhouette because how her Shadow is almost identical to her. How much the cast range of the boost? I like the approach of trapping the opponent but just change it to give restrain effect to enemies and movement block around the sphere (similar in fashion with Xemplar and Empath ability) to simplify the effects. A I like the Attack and Defend option (you should make this command tied with Skrap R button as sub-ability), but the Defend state should shorten his Rock Smash cooldown drastically instead of making Vorax ranged unit. Broken boost unless the effectiveness of the Shatterstorm is also reduced. Why don't it directly buff Time Leap instead of making it tied to Rewind? What? I believe Martyr heal works by comparing the percentage of highest health, meaning a 70% health Martyr heals target from 30% of target's health to 70% of it. I prefer permanent zombies following Gravekeeper if no viable target is found and back to their habit again if they found one. A frustrating boost for opponent because of Puppet Master control over target's items and abilities (imagine wasting a long-cooldown ability for instance). What? Definitely a must pick item for Night Hound. 2 seconds free action is no joke. Could make a total 6 seconds invulnerability if timed correctly (12 seconds if Restoration Stone is involved, even more by cooldown reduction buff). A nice suggestion. Out-dated boost suggestion. Move on. You get my approval if the bounce limit is still there, though still broken boost. Just stay at the base and profit. So it works like Soulstealer ultimate (the spreading part), doesn't it? I guess this proposed boost includes the current boost, doesn't it? An out-dated suggestion I guess, move on. I like this suggestion excluding the global range. Unless this extra illusion only limit to 1 for each ability cast, a broken boost indeed. This is an optional item pickup over Hypercrown, isn't it? Pretty nice boost. I like the Face-Off chance on attack (should able to deactivate it though) but no for the permanent damage steal. I only approve the heal, damage should retain as Magic or True with limitation to deal no damage on physical or magic immune unit. Another variety of Goblins only increases an uncertainty of ability reliability. I'm confused, please make it simple or elaborate more. the first version is interesting, without the global cast range. The second version boosts all abilities but the passive, doesn't it? A balanced boost, I assume. Though, this boost should adds the current boost. I like the proposed boost excluding the increased damage and detonated radius. A weird boost because Adrenaline should retain his current mana at certain point to make this boost works greatly. A nice additional boost, no-help is the answer for possible griefing. What? I like the approach of resetting the cooldown if no enemy is nearby.
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    Just wanted to clarify a few points regarding long-term design decisions: For the first 2/3 of HoN's lifetime (shortly after the official release of the game), the meta has always been 1-1-2-jungle and it led to repetitive games. Around 2016/2017, Orb of Zamos was conceived to replace Merrick's Bounty to shift the meta to 2-1-2 (even if it was slightly ). It did work, it just took a few years for NAEU to shift their mindset & meta. For long-term, we want the viability of each option to be more or less comparable in terms of tradeoffs. I can tell you that for the next patch (4.8.4), there will be small nerfs to Orb of Zamos & Grave Locket so that jungling/suicide lanes become more viable options. In 2 patches from now (hopefully - no promises), we will have a small map update that favour jungle & suicide lanes even more slightly, to the point where the power discrepancy between the different laning setups is lessened (but still has unique tradeoffs). We understand the possible points of frustrations for playing on a team with a jungler & a suicide lane, but forcing the removal of early jungling's viability would ruin a big part of HoN's identity. HoN is a team game & it's up to the team to organize themselves properly before the game starts. Even if jungling was removed early on, imagine starting jungling at 3 or 5 - you're gimping your lane partner if they're going up 1v2 against heroes of the same level later on. In a way, doing this would make the situation even worse.
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    That's probably it then & without more servers, there isn't much we can do about it. In the meantime, can you provide screenshots with the results of the /gi command when you use it in-game? That will provide us the server name and Match ID, so that we know which servers are potentially having issues. Even if you don't think it's important, it's important for us to at least have some basic info before I end up contacting Garena. A base rule of these forums is to provide critical information where possible, so please follow that subforum rule. Thanks.
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    Sorry this topic is duplicated by a mistake. I don't know how to remove this.
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    Predator - Kil'Groth Replace Predator with Kil'Groth from Arena of Valor(ROV). [Preview] [Download] https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1Xy5E8L7go5imW3UNfF7m00uu3CCyDuG6 [Installation] Move the file(.s2z) into the game folder Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\
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    Devourer - Grakk Replace Devourer with Grakk from Arena of Valor(ROV). [Preview] [Download] https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1M1wuosvpt6JpGDdvk04HTCI9Q9ji4qy5 [Installation] Move the file(.s2z) into the game folder Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\
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    Ravenor - Thor Infinity War Replace Ravenor with Thor Infinity War from Marvel Future Fight. [Preview] [Download] https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1-fbZExDtO-nLiAuGXkWq92C8wIbOcmbl [Installation] Move the file(.s2z) into the game folder Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\
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    You can try 2 things: 1) open console (ctrl+f8) and type "reconnect" 2) (if playing with a friend) find the friend in the friend list, right click and click "join game"
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    We would love to, though HoN's front end and back end are quite tightly coupled with regards to certain functionality (e.g. the hero guides and hero info) alongside a legacy tech stack. It seems like an easy thing to do, but we'd pretty much have to redo the whole thing and that would take such a long time (not to mention we would need professional front end work done after getting the backend sorted out with a newer tech stack first).,not to mention having limited resources. There are simply higher priorities for us right now despite what you see on the surface.
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    After some years of trying to join the lovely HoN community, thank you for updating the forum that I only want to join in. Now, I am finally here to spread an even greater 'knowledge' to help my people. I swear I love all the staff effects that you brought recently. Tho there are some like Shellshock's, Zephyr's, Deadlift's, SoulStealer's, and Warbeast's which were all seemed to be rushed, please don't do it the way you did it to them. You know what I mean there, right? Make it more "fun and interesting" on playing every single hero, please. AGAIN, thank you for not giving up on my favorite game.(I will go at the suggestion forum for proper posting.)
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