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    @Lifewaster Hey there. I understand where you're coming from, I'd like to clarify this so others can read it too on why we are moving towards 64-Bit and the benefits it can bring to the game. HoN is currently built on technology that is literally 15 years old ( Visual Studio 2005 ) and most of the libraries for the game are a decade old at this point, if you look at the post above, that guy can't even play the game because its SO OLD that apple has removed support for the ability to play on HoN's tech. Although maybe you get great performance I've heard nothing but the opposite for years, I get PM's, DM's non stop telling me they're getting 35 FPS in team fights on even $2000+ computers, the game is laggy, crashing, freezing all the time, and it is impossible to upgrade the game in any substantial way including DX11/Vulkan or anything like that on what we're currently using. This isn't just upgrading the game, it's a rebuild of the foundation allowing bigger and better changes moving forward, we plan to release this VERY VERY soon. The benefits of 64-Bit are far more than just more FPS, this also applies to Game Servers, which will also be upgraded with the same treatment, giving servers a 30% performance boost, so there's that as well. And ontop of that, bringing Mac OSX back to life, which users haven't being able to play on for a long while now. Major Client Stability/FPS Major Server Performance Boosts Fixes MacOSX Catalina allowing users to play again Upgrades important security / networking libraries Stepping stone for much bigger upgrades moving forward This is way, way, way overdue, and honestly I think you'll be pleased with it when it comes out and I hope you give it a try, especially if you're rocking a 144hz + monitor or a higher resolution than 1080p, you'll really be able to take advantage of it. We have been testing this behind the scenes for 2 years now and we have got outstanding feedback from it, players even refusing to play 32-Bit anymore I am in not way discrediting your point, I just want you to at least understand why this is much more than just an FPS upgrade thanks for reading!
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    How much do I have to donate to get a Staff of the Master effect on Engineer?
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    Hi all, Many of you are probably wondering on our progress & what happened with the donations, so I will elaborate on that here: Stripe actually has a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 of the donated amount (https://stripe.com/en-ca/pricing), so we never actually get 100% of the donations (unfortunately). $1 donations usually result in a net of $0.66 - so donating one time with something like $5 would actually be more helpful than donating $1 five times. Just wanted to state that somewhere so you guys know! Most of the currently unused funds are kept on hold until our small development team finishes up x64 for its initial release & moves onto working on other tasks & features (in other words, the funds will be useful for them in the future). Some funds were used on x64 development as well. A small amount of funds were used for map-related touchups in 4.8.6. HoN x64 has Chromium implemented, and we are just working with Garena to get a proper CDN (Content Delivery Network for those who aren't tech savvy: https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/cdn/what-is-a-cdn/) to allow proper distribution of the x64 client without overloading the servers in an official manner (for an official release). We are close to a public beta release though & are looking into a temporary (unofficial) CDN-based solution - more details to come in the (very) near future! Most of the funds used for 4.8.6 were used to replace the USE servers ourselves with OVH servers, since their regular server provider (Tencent Cloud) does not have any data centers in the USE region. Some funds were used for developing a DoS attack proection mechanism. All servers (at least to our knowledge) now have proper DoS attack protection and DDoS attack protection. Part of the reason why the USE servers had to be replaced (& not the others) was because the original server provider for USE servers had no DDoS protection, and DDoS protection is handled by the provider. Contrary to what everybody has been saying, most of the attacks on HoN aren't DDoS attacks, but DoS attacks that could be initiated by a single machine using a malicious script to spam fake packets to the HoN game servers. You can read more about the technicals in this article if you wish: https://www.comparitech.com/net-admin/dos-vs-ddos-attacks-differences-prevention/ DoS/DDoS attacks can never be 100% mitigated due to how the internet protocols work. Recent attacks on properly protected servers have been limited to 2 seconds of disruption/lag spikes or less with the defenses enabled, which is efficient when considering the level of resources we have to mitigate attacks & to develop any kind of solution for this. In the past, the attacker can take down the game server instance any time they want to. As DoS/DDoS attackers are persistent & have nothing better to do with their lives than attacking a small indie game, they will continue to attempt attacks and evolve their mechanisms to do so. If there are servers you suspect are getting DoS/DDoS attacked (server lag for longer than a few seconds), please report them in this thread & following the thread rules + provide the requested info mentioned in the thread (we can collaborate with Garena to look at the protection mechanism for existing servers if they have that service available): ============= For 4.8.7: We are aiming to release x64 via public beta, likely before Patch 4.8.7 is released. 600 USD is reserved for the 4.8.7 winter Forests of Caldavar ("New") map touchup - at the moment, it's not confirmed that other maps will get the same treatment, but I will talk to Strider (the professional map editor for HoN) about that & if he's generous, he may do it for more than 1 map. We are also aiming to get some account value features implemented, as that is quite critical for HoN's sustained success (since it is too easy to create a smurf and join CoN games). The team (including myself) will be really busy with life until 2021, so these features may not come in full as much as we want to in 4.8.7. Once again, thank you for your understanding & continued support for HoN! - ElementUser
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    We can most likely make some announcements shortly after 4.8.6 officially releases Stay tuned & thank you for the donations once again! We appreciate all your help
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    That statement is SO stupid that it (almost) doesn't deserve an answer. For the convenience of course. Many will 'swipe' their credit card on a donation site - none will open their net-bank and make an international wire-transer, which in some cases can be expensive for the player.
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    Fellow Newerthians, we are currently hiring more volunteers for the position Game Master. In this thread you will find all the vital information you will need in case you are interested. So lets get started! What does a Game Master do? Game Masters are mostly responsible to keep the community clean from all kinds of toxic behavior in game to ensure overall enjoyment of the game. You would mostly review replays of reported players that were made via the RAP (Report a player) system. Upon acceptance you would start your trial period in which you learn all the basics that you will need to make a fair judgment in accordance to our guidelines. After evaluation of your judgment, and with the blessing of Sols, you will become a GM. What are the perks of being a Game Master? As was mentioned, this is a volunteer position, so it is not payed as a regular job. However, you will be able to purchase in-game perks as avatars, chat colors, chat symbols and pretty much anything in the store for all your hard work. Also after being promoted to GM you will receive a shiny GM badge and maroon name color. What are the requirements? For start you will need the willingness and time to learn and good English skills. The journey is at times hard but it repays in keeping the community clean. If you have been recently suspended then you might want to apply later on. In the trial period you will need a bit more time but after promotion it usually takes about 3-5 hours per week to fulfill your duties. Overall understanding of what is griefing is very welcomed and can be found here. Where do I begin? Great! You can apply via this Application. Please take your time and answer as best as you can. After acceptance you will be contacted via Discord so make sure your Discord tag is the correct one. If you will have any other questions feel free to contact us in the Official HoN Discord channel (https://discord.gg/heroesofnewerth) in sub-channel "GM recruitment". Good luck and hope to see you soon! Best wishes, [FB] Narandea
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    So much work lately I forgot about this thread lol. I hadn't much time to work on my piece, but since I did it, I'll post anyway. The 1080p version: Since originally this competition didn't have any defined format, I started it as a portrait. I was planning to do it more like a wallpaper for cellphone haha Anyway, here's the original:
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    There's is no denial that considering what you have been left with, you doing an exceptional work EU. I've been playing HoN for over 11 years now and unfortunately I was, like many others, a witness of the downfall of it due to stupid decision making. This is your baby now, and I'm sure with a little support from the community it will grow back. Just look at the Honcast, 1.000 players were watching the finals, and we even had BreakyCPK casting it. For me personally the game doesn't require much more polish in terms or hero balance/map or new content that much. The real problem for anyone who play HoN right now are. Long Que in higher Ranks Hight Ranked players, smurfing on low ranks Extreme Toxic and Rude community No account value, that promote smutfing and griefing Pointless Bans Jungle meta where 9/10 games are with junglers due to people not wanting to support each other I'm convinced if we would shift our focus to resolve those problems, the game will again see the flew of new and returning players. The main issues for people not wanting to play support it's of course their stats. I bet many people would play support if it wound't affect their stats. To resolve this problem, I would even go as far as creating a new statistic tab "Support" where the stats from listed supports are only registered and if you play a hero from the list, your "main" stats are not affected.
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    What about after a certain hero gets X amount of total AFK per game, then they can be kicked. This would prevent being kicked from a quick afk but if they repeat this, the team can vote kick.
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    Your best bet would be create a mod yourself and if it's of high enough quality there is a chance that it could get implemented. If I recall correctly that's what happened to the seductive announcer.
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    Report A Player News R.A.P Hello, players of Newerth, this thread will be here with the sole purpose of announcing new changes, modification on how the R.A.P system works etc. The Latest modifications made (already in place) Mute part of an active verbal abuse suspension was removed which means the mute is no longer a thing, you will not be muted anymore regardless of the offense. Suspensions for verbal abuse that included a mute, currently: 3-day suspension, then 3-day mute 5-day suspension, then 3-day mute 1-week suspension, then 1-week mute 2-week suspension, then 2-week mute 3-week suspension, then 2-week mute 1-month suspension, then 2-week mute 2-month suspension, then 2-week mute 3-month suspension, then 2-week mute 4-month suspension, then 2-week mute 6-month suspension, then 2-week mute Now for the players that think they can disconnect from the placement games+ and think that is fine to do and nothing will happen to them, well, you are wrong If you do that you are considered a stat manipulator and the punishment for that is permanent suspension of the manipulated account Reminder/additional notes Account sharing it is still a serious offense, if you get reported or get caught sharing your credentials then you risk loosing your account for good. Stat manipulation, as stated above, if you leave a certain number of games with the clear intention to alter your mmr and rank, then that it's considered stat manipulation and again you risk loosing your account Both of these two deeds will result in Permanent Suspension of the account. If you encounter any of the offenses above you are invited to report them directly to any SGM or through the R.A.P help desk We wish you all the best, SGM Team
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    I buy milk at the grocery store every week. Why won't they arrange the products the way I want it?
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    People skills don't matter when the picks are shadowpicks and you learn that u need a specific hero to counter just after the game has started. Also there are a lot of OP Heroes, if you refuse to see it, i can't help you but there is just no breaking a Armadon, Ichor, Deadlift, Accursed max level all items they need? Tell me how u wanna survive against a Tarot, flint, MoA, Sapphire, Predator max Level with all items they need? You should not forget, you not always play with 4 profigamers in your team, mostly with FoC guys who can't adapt to the fast paced game style. wile anyone can bring annihilation with the OP heroes, even those guys, as i mentioned those who got more win. But i don't wanna see even more of those, or two Flints, Devourers please no. Just give us a opportunity to ban all OP Heroes. Lets make HoN Great again, give us back Midwars games with heroes that are not the 20 usual subjects.
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    Unfortunately, we didn't have much say for what our programmers should work on, because around that time, the power to direct developers was basically shifted over to Garena. Now, we have a lack of resources issue, so we can only tackle on the critical elements of HoN one step at a time whenever we can humanly do so. But at least I have a lot more say as I'm the director for the NAEU/International Client right now. The actual limits/bottlenecks are the physical resources, time, the age of the tech stack & how much access we actually have (and of course, legal constraints & what-not). If I was a director maybe 5 years ago, things would have been so much better.
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    As you probably know from all the posts a lot of people only play midwars. But "player profile" (view stats) only shows FoC statistics. Except if you hover mouse over total games played, then you can see number of mw games played too. Please give us a mw stats page too, for example the ability to change like we do in previous games list. Probably not a priority but it would improve QoL for a large portion of players. Have a nice day
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    Yeah it was meant to nerf the brain dead aspect of drunken master. However, it does feel weaker now cause of the charge upholds. I do agree that it cost a bit much early game. I would scale the Mana cost due to what it's even worth cause the value is so low that the high mana cost doesn't make sense. Would do like 20/30/40/50 Mana cost. I don't agree with the stagger nerf. It's harder to burst down blink/dash heroes now. I would bring back the CD reset on stagger, buff the E by giving charges upon death, and reduce mana cost to make drunken better again. As for staff ideas, it's up in the air. Personally I would increase the damage on ulti and maybe more charges on drink upon death if elementuser gives that mechanic back.
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    Hi Guys. So a lot has happened. I had a death in the family, I got married and I'm about to take a week offline on a mini-moon (not a fully honeymoon, but a remote cabin experience).As far as this competition goes, I just wanted to make something clear as you read the results. ANY SELECTED ART: 10k Gold Coins. To avoid disappointment, I needed to make this clear: The resolution HAS to be 1080p for starters, and the level of drawing had to be of the highest standard and it had to have detail with an immersive background. Our crew has agreed and have selected nettocap's picture to be showcased as a revolving loading screen in the December patch alongside another redditor that posted their submission to me. I don't think it's fair that people gave an honest attempt, so I've awarded you with Gold Coins for your efforts in submissions. *IMPORTANT UPDATE* Management have held a discussion and have decided to revisit voting in favour of including `Mazda's second submission as the second winning entry and will also receive the prizepool of 10k Gold Coins as well as be showcased as a Heroes of Newerth Loading Screen. Congrtulations! We are running another HoNmas competition; this time it will be a Winter Wonderland theme. Cheers.
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    Believe it or not, you actually don't have to channel the full duration. It gives the DM player a lot of control over when they should stop while in combat. Also, the ability has a 8s cooldown at max level, so they can use the ability quite liberally.
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    Every time it's after I post the patch notes. I can squeeze the fix in for another patch.
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    Well, Maliken did start with selling soap
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    How about you actually come up with a constructive suggestion about HOW you wish to see the spell changed (even though it wont be), instead of just a pointless rant/very weird flex about "How you like midwars and used money 2 years ago"
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    It has only been a month, which is almost nothing in development time. That being said, I'm pretty sure I wrote somewhere in that thread that we wouldn't have made that post in the first place if we didn't have significant progress. We need to finalize the integration of chromium to replace awesomium (the web browser library) due to the need for the in-game web panels to function properly. After that, we as a team need to talk about the process of making it public beta & are determining the best way to do that (this is pipeline related & is purely technical, as there are many unseen obstacles due to Garena's current pipeline and we need access for that if we're doing it the best way straight off the bat). That will take time if we take that route, but it would be the most permanent route if that is successful. You should inquire more about it in the donations thread like the user above said.
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    1. Learn the rules 2. Ask other people to report with you 3. Enjoy people getting banned because of your reports
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    Okay if you can come up with a solution how FrostBurn can stop people from being racists you would solve racism as a whole and receive a Nobel peace prize so lets hear it.
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    That's where you're wrong. Heroes themselves behave the same between modes & will stay that way to reduce burden of knowledge and differences in performance when transitioning between game modes.
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    Definitely happy to hear about having some account value features implemented not only for love of CoN but also griefers that are banned on daily basis. Smurfs and griefers are a real problem in current HoN age, which is sadly driving people away at there's not real repercussions
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    Only midwars stream with games from 1500-1900 mmr, soloQ to 5Q, fun-games to tryhard. Me and chat analyse, test, win, lose, have fun and have pain-games. I'm live 2-4 times/week and all vods are saved on twitch after. Come hang out and chat, join the group and play, ask questions, just lurk or check out vods whenever you feel like. I try to spread good feelings and I never flame even though chat sometimes feels i should (but i report), let's make hon a fun and nice place for everyone! Doesn't matter if you are 1k or 2k mmr, we are all here to enjoy ourselves and have a good time. www twitch tv/gorillastarktv (add the dots before and after twitch) Have a great day everyone!
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    I like your stream Supa and it's nice to watch you! Good luck! Followed!
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    1 is account icon 2 is coupon 3 is siIver border 11 is coupon 12 is siIver coins 14 is pIinko tickets If you go to your acount page to the mastery tab you can see it in the bottom Ieft corner. In the new UI that is.
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    nah, Silhouette is one of the strongest 2-3 carrys as it stands atm, buffing her wouldn't be a good idea.
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    Hell no. That's all, thank you for your attention.
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    Hello @pipireis, Sometimes for some individuals the reports won't go through, when that happens we advise people to create a ticket to the help desk https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Make sure you mention the reason on why have you reported it there and not in-game, Additionally you are free to contact any SGM via discord or forum PM. Best,
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    Chronos Ultimate
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    I bump this up because this topic is interesting and I approve it. I've tried several attempts to different heroes with similar mechanic (Prophet and Ravenor to name a few) and the result are: Prophet lost the charges when hitting wards (pretty understandable knowing the ability boosted attack speed). Ravenor kept the charges when hitting wards (looks like Revenant should be able to be like this, though I guess Ravenor self usage of the ability was the case).
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    Model came from the game - Dota 2 All credit goes to Whyzozerious and RedBear Original Author - Whyzozerious Model Conversion - RedBear Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a8xeh4tp6bawxmb/resourcesLuna.s2z/file HOW TO INSTALL: Move the downloaded file into (.s2z): -Linux: /home/username/HoN/game/ -Windows 8/10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\ Mac: 1. Press Finder 2. Press Applications 3. Right click 'Heroes of Newerth', and press Show containing files 4. Open Game folder 5. Move file here
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    You think I lose a lot of games to god tiers? You're wrong. These days I've been banning Ophelia and Keeper (two of the worst heroes) because I know how to play against - and beat - god tiers, and in fact I actively want to play against hem. Sometimes I am disadvantaged based solely on hero picks, yes, but I seldom outright lose. And very often I outright beat these so-called god tier heroes. Up until recently (when he quit the game), I also played with someone who regularly picks Magebane, Scout, Legionnaire, Nomad, etc, and often overperformed expectations as well. What do you know? "Team plays perfectly" - they often don't, but so what? This is what my match history looks like. Most of these involved pubs on my team, none of them went to the 6-slot carries with Corrupted Sword phase, and many of them never went into the late-game. If you think I didn't play against good heroes, you're wrong, e.g. in the Deadwood game we 3q'ed and beat a lineup with Klanx + Bramble + Ellonia. And if you think this is an anomaly, just ask for the screenshot with the next-previous 9 games. By the way, since you're fond of flaunting your 6.5k MW games, I'll tell you that I have more MW games than that, and I have played MW tournament games. I've reached 2100+ MW MMR before. You? Don't blame game balance because right now all indications are you have a lot more room to improve as a player.
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    I was fighting for this cause for many years. It ends on 2 forum bans of my account. I gave up. Now I only care about... how to sustain mw exactly how it is and prevent fb making mw like caldavar or bridgewar. I feel the same. Mw is best mode and this is future of moba. Fb doesn't understand how precious is this mode. Orienting game on pure pvp is gold. This should be main mode. This is fresh on the market. There was very interesting balance attempt for mw which was not harmful for caldavar experience. Balance was only for attributes. Some op heroes had lower attributes incremental. It was something. Many ppl think that caldavar is superior over mw. It's funny because mw gives better les toxic emotional experience. You feel that there is more you can control and you have more influence with keeping your individuality. It's like playing basketball vs playing soccer... where basketball is like midwar and soccer is like caldavar.
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    Might have missed it, but I would like to see how you guys are doing with the progression of donation goals, the actual work, not the money that has been given. Thanks
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    have you deleted cookies, or are you using incognito mode or using different browser? maybe the notification was triggered by some service (google ads, facebook ads, ...) and not by the site itself also at site hon.com, they are selling furniture, I dont think it has anything to do with Heroes of Newerth
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    5-10 min q is the norm for me, it depends on your mmr and group size. You don't have to stop after you've made 4 friends. You can also just add nice people you find in game, that's how I did it.
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    As a long time Valk suicide player, I like the way RUS_AGENT007 is thinking. Lower CD/Charges will help immensely against supports who are able to box you out with spammable spells.
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    Your ticket priority is very low, meaning that the system considers your reports to be of low priority (mostly likely) innocent and very unlikely to turn out a guilty verdict so it's not even reaching the gms for review. Why you might ask its because the current system is designed so, to weed out the "trash reports" from the ones where an actual offense was committed. This is because there is not enough gms to handle the influx of tickets nor should they be wasting their time reviewing tickets are most likely to be innocent. How did I get low priority u might ask, well the system takes into account your reporting history. e.g reports that were submitted by you that turned into a guilty verdict/innocent. category etc.. This way the system can determine whether you are a reliable reporter, or someone who just reports in a rage or for no reason at all.
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    Adrenaline's damage is mostly coming from the mechanics and combinations of his skills rather than items. Sure items can provide additional damage for him, but his kit scales regardless of level and his items because his is based on %HP (no matter how tanky you are). If you are to make subrants about Adrenaline in this same thread you made, I would suggest you make a dedicated one for Adrenaline to make the case for him (i.e. his recent nerfs being unreasonable). Adrenaline has his own issues to deal with though - i.e. his reliance on snowballing (since he has 0 farming skills in his kit), his % mana based skills (are both a boon and a curse). He does have a lot of mobility though.
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    Default Taunts/Announcers Description: Turn every taunt and announcer into the default ones. Changelog: Download link: default_taunts_announcers.honmod Installation & Usage: All rights to the original announsers and taunts belong to S2 Games and Frostburn Studios Inc.
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    Make leap more selfish. So we can get a leap without The team buff but More Leaping. More +as for valk, charges 1//2/2/2 refresh rate 25/25/20/15. As+ to valk 25/30/35/40 ms+ 5/10/15/20% No aura for team. Nerf ulti slightly. Increase agi/lvl and start agi. The arrow stuns to Long on low Ranges. Like 2s in auto attack range...
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    Generally speaking Items. Try to go for items that give more than one thing. Items like geomancers and frostwolf give you all stats and an extra ability. Stats are very good because you get dmg, armor, reg, atkspeed, mana and hp. Hex used to be +10 all stats (iirc) but since it's already gives a great debuff the extra agi and str made it too good. Dawnbringer is not very good though because it gives a little of everything which means your gold is better spent on a more focused item. Armor and hp. What to go for depends on what hero you are playing and your opponents heros. Armor is very good vs physical carrys while high hp protects you from all types of damage. Try to guess what type of damage will be the biggest problem and buy defensive items accordingly. Counter picking. All heros have something they are best at but some are more focused on their thing and suffer more if countered. Abilities can counter heros but items can prevent the counter but then another item can counter that and so on. It comes down to who has to invest the most gold and lost opportunities. For example a carry should be forced to buy shrunken head, sh doesn't give alot of dmg or stats lategame and takes up an item slot, just to protect themselves so they can be useful. A complete list of counters would be too long. Hellflower, hex and bola are good offensive counters, shrunken head, nullstone and geomancers are good defensive. I know I have missed a million things, this is just something to start with.
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    All Might as Rally Model Extractor - @AtSniperThin Spell Visuals - Whyzozerious Ability 01: Ability 02: Ability 04: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wvobys7nsmrsjbc/resourcesAllMight.s2z/file HOW TO INSTALL: Move the downloaded file into (.s2z): -Linux: /home/username/HoN/game/ -Windows 8/10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\ Mac: 1. Press Finder 2. Press Applications 3. Right click 'Heroes of Newerth', and press Show containing files 4. Open Game folder 5. Move file here
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