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  2. "The worst community" Hate to break it to you mate, but the community is exactly the same in every MOBA. Mostly because, in many cases, it is the same exact people playing. The amount of positivity vs toxicity is identical in HoN, DotA2 and LoL. Keep your salty rants about how you're still 1500 after 14 years and it's "your team's fault" to yourself.
  3. Thanks for that, fun seeing a snapshot of what was going on behind the scenes. Seems like you had a lot of fun.
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  5. You cannot play ranked with a basic account that has less than 100 games and no purchases on it since the beginning of the year.
  6. I will just assume you cant read if that's what you got out of what I said. When I was playing this game every day from 2008-2015 I averaged about a 60% win rate in the 1800's bracket topping out around 1950. Seldom to never touched it after they added the lame league rip off rank system and hid the MMR of players. I play maybe at most 5-6 games a year now. Even at the start of season when I place gold after placements then push diamond with how long I quit in between rank decay puts me back in silver anyways. Playing this game alone is a miserable experience, that's why the game is de
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  8. YEAH! I LOVE HoN! REALLY! RUSSIA LOVE HoN! YEAH! hi dota2((( stupid dota2((
  9. I think you needed level 3 years back, right now you shouldn't need levels I think. I might just have missed or forgotten about the revert (my age, you know). https://support.heroesofnewerth.com/
  10. seems like you're actually the main garbage of this community. If you're silver and negative winrate. Then it's 100% your fault, I'd personally have to be drunk for 5 days to play that bad, and even then I'd probably reach 1700 mmr eventually
  11. Weird. I cannot level up or play ranked. Where can I make a ticket for this?
  12. I dont think that u need to be lvl 5 to play ranked im lvl 4 and im playing u can lvl up through midwars too
  13. I know this is off-topic but I am not sure where else to post (tried reddit but was removed and tried to create a new topic but couldn't get past selecting topic category). How can I play ranked with a level 1 account? I heard I need to be level 5 to access ranked but I do not know how to level my account. If account experience is disabled then I guess that is how it is!
  14. Steam wont buy this steaming pile, they wouldn't in 2008 and they wont now. Everyone wants to complain about the dwindling player base but no one accepts why. This is the absolute single worst community I've ever played in during my 23 years of playing online games. This is the first time I've checked the forums in a little over a year and maybe play 2-3 games a year and am instantly reminded of why I quit. Everyone I knew quit long ago and the only time this game was worth playing was when it was region locked. Unless you were a 2k player you needed comms and when your mid died at
  15. I just wanna cry, since beta... to the final stand up...
  16. Is there any sort of community project for allowing players to continue playing HoN with one another in pub games? If there is, I'd be interested in financially supporting such an effort. LoL, Dota2, any of the others, they're all pretty "meh" to me. Nothing plays quite like HoN, it'd be a shame to lose that for good.
  17. @ElementUser in the last week before the closure, will there be any kind of special event or anything? Would it be possible to make Midwars with Duplicate Heroes? Not in the Public games section, but in the official Midwars game mode. I don't know if the players remember, but back in the day when public games were a thing, sometimes you would join a MW with some custom modes and Duplicate Heroes was one of them. Man was that fun as heck, having like 3 TB in the team, or 3 Devo.
  18. There'll probably always be Reddit. But I guess no one stops you from creating your own memorial site for HoN. If it's properly done, you might even get an official shoutout.
  19. Will we have somewhere to post our memories after the servers close? I remember when Grande Chase's servers shut down, a memorial site was created where players could post screenshots and text. Something like that would be cool here, I know HoN has a lot of players who grew up playing and has great stories to tell. I vote for a site called Memories of Newerth (MoN). All HoN players and contributors would love to have a place to leave their memories and move forward. Who's with me?
  20. guys cut the stupid drama and move to dota 2... its overall a better game, just get used to the gameplay
  21. not relative to the topic but id like to ask for an invite to the discord servers ive learned last night that theres no invites anymore cuz of toxicity but im not like that all i want is play and enjoy hons last month with the community
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