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  2. That's not true. Before BR was removed, I've played only that and only on my own for years and did always reach within the same 50 MMR no matter what account. That's clear indication of it working. Also games were very balanced back then. It's easy to destroy a ranking system, it's hard to establish one - especially with a small player base. It has gotten better over the last year, but it will probably never be real good again. However there's not really much you can do without a huge amount of money put into machine learning for balance - which might or might not work.
  3. Don't play Balphagore jungle But if you are forced to or really want to. Kill easy camp (make sure it happens outside so you can kill it again the 2nd time within a minute) then kill the medium camp. Then again easy camp... Then it depends on which hard camp you get. Skelee king camp is what you usually want, other than that, it's not worth to kill besides maybe the vulture lord camp. You should probably look to push lvl 7.
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  5. Once upon a time you could kill pharaoh mummy walls for balph corpses or soul stealer souls at level one to speed things up. Alas, not anymore.
  6. learn the matchup or counterpick against her
  7. Hello, are you gonna ignore my response? Though I didn't give you any recommendation so I'll give you one (see below). Once again, I can't wait to see the result of the tattoo. Please don't disappoint me.
  8. FB did that to reduce queue times. Unranked was always kinda unbearable in terms for queue times. Most of the times you had to wait at least 30 minutes. Casual was kinda different and more problematic I guess, but they went with it anyways: Casuals can play MW now (or in SEA I guess). They also dropped SD and AR/BR modes to speed up queuing times which for me personally was the biggest impact of everything that has ever changed in HoN (2nd place being the ruined "balance" of 4.0). But even though I lost a lot of fun when they did that, HoN's still fun to play .
  9. Welcome back, enjoy the experience.
  10. Commentary: I like the primary attribute revert suggestion. The proposed Golden Salvo has too much utilities in one ability. Even in-game it could be simple, I still think the proposed Lion's Pride is complicated. I like Transmute suggestion to have already leveled at the start. Allow me to put other ideas:
  11. Yes, yes he was. His ulti alone was enough to turn games, and his dot was nasty as damage, slow was pesky as hell too, since forever. (dunno about now, haven't tried the "new" one yet, went through my old favs first) Shti doesn't need to be AoE to be disgusting/strong/good.
  12. Thanks! Damn, that's dumb...
  13. You basically simply farm easy-med-easy-med until you are 5 and are able to take a hardcamp. He is farming slow in jungle so it's not really worth it. I dunno if there is any corpse trick - I haven't seen it - if you want a balph jungle video, search for zlapped who made some.. Still not really effective even for a pro jungle player but that's cause the hero isn't intended to be played in jungle.
  14. I like the EA geo attack animation but the new geo model, or most likely his new skill, i hate it
  15. Let me drop this because the thread I drop discussed same issue and we are close to next patch in around 10 days later, so I'm afraid this discussion will be a little quick to no longer relevant. I believe the issue about Adrenaline will be leveraged on next patch so if you wonder what will happen to him on next patch, feel free to visit Reddit to join patch note guessing.
  16. This theme has been talked about quite a lot recently in the forums. From what I understood, he will be changed towards the next patch.
  17. Agree on this statement to few perspective like, if someone buy alt avatar for the ability animation, they must be disappointed when the ability is gone because of the rework. Hello there, ninja words.
  18. Is it just me or is the new Adrenaline rework super weak? I barely have mana to cast all of my spells, and the restrain on E is too low at early levels. I feel like the mana cost should be reduced on Q and perhaps have 2 charges of rush, as it feels clunky to walk up to an opponent trying to hit them while while applying Q, and then rush into them to apply the last damage. Often I find myself using rush as a gap-closer and then it's on cooldown or I don't have mana when I need to apply the damage. Maybe i'm just stupid?
  19. I don't mean to be racist or nothing with this post, but i'm pretty sure that there are many others who fight with this problem also. There is a great nation just next of europe to the East, just across Finlands border and while i have been playing with them, the majority of players coming from there, does not discuss about gameplay, and if they do, they flood the voice chat with their own language and you have to instantly mute them so you don't get distracted when there possibly is one other than yourself who can actually speak English with. Most of the time players who come from that region
  20. Reworking is fine, but avoid reworks like Nitro or Geo that had models and animations made for the hero or changing a range to a melee for exemple.... RIP Adre
  21. When did i said i can clear the tripple camp at lv 2??? Even at lv 3, you'll be dump if your RNG is shjt
  22. That's why you take trippled hardcamps at 3 not at 2 ._.
  23. I played Legionaire with above 450+ GPM many times and i rare see him clear a triple camp within 8 seconds with W at lv 1, W lv 1 only applied its debuff in 4 seconds. After the debuff gone, you gonna lost a lots of Hp it your hard camp is full of cat champion and minotaur. Not mention the RNG is shjt sometimes You can say you can applied debuff to all the creep but not all the time, you can. You can learn 2 W at lv 4 but i would rather putting point to Q and next point to E so i can farm two double camp at the same times while stacking hard camp when i free and farm it when i at lv 4-5 a
  24. what?? no???? you don't... if it's trippled it should fall within 6-7 seconds max 8 seconds if you are level 3... unless your charge misses most creeps and does not debuff them
  25. To be honest I just buy runes of blight, health potions and once I have PK I do visits to the base once in a while, and go for Barbed / HotBL from there on, once I have HotBL/Ultor's I no longer need to sustain myself. (I do have a chalice with me at all times)
  26. How constructive... HB was never considered OP, not sure what brackets you play, but there were far better picks, and this is not only true for HB, there have been several heroes that needed tweaking to fit the current meta. To debunk your theory of HB being op, he is basically doing double the damage right now, compared to his past kit, and on top of that he actually have area of effect crowd control, besides his ultimate. In the past HB could only slow ONE target, and his 3rd spell was basically just a magic armor reduction, with spell steal. You might need to check the definition of "rem
  27. Hey Guys, is there a educatinal on how to jungle with Balph. Somehow i remeber that you could pick up corpses somewhere close to a building at hellborne? Cheers P.
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