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  2. From this point onward, please only let us know if it happens after the time of this post (i.e. not instances earlier in the day).
  3. here are multiple failed attempts to join a game. The last one was "No response from server" the before the last was "It has taken too long to ... all players" Server regions are EU only. console.log file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BLXQgke1yRqXmgB0kOAVHr44MqnGwIN6/view?usp=sharing Hope it helps
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  5. Sandwraith is fine as is. just get good
  6. Rather than a countdown, do a countup. Much easier and intuitive. Simply read the time, and that's how old it is.
  7. I recently switched back to Heroes of Newerth after playing Dota 2 for a couple of years, My gaming experience in HoN has been so much nicer than Dota 2 ever was. For reference, my MMR is around 1600. Yes there are arseholes but that is inevitable no matter which online game you play. Heroes of Newerth has a Report a Player system where you can actually see the results of every player that you have reported. And reports I make are usually reviewed within 12 hours at most. rap.heroesofnewerth.com If someone is being racist or wishing suicide upon you then just report them for chat abuse and make sure you get someone else to do the same - I can say with full confidence that they will be punished.
  8. got dcd 18 times out of last 20 times i queued, I have EU only opened.
  9. I'm having fun with Goldenveil but I think his Staff effect is incredibly dull (AoE damage on Greedgutter). I'm proposing the following two changes: Goldenveil can now passively 'smell' where gold was made. For example whenever an enemy hero would make money, either from a kill, assist, creep kill, a little gadget can spawn at the location that Goldenveil can see which counts down the last minute since the gold was made, allowing Goldenveil to effectively 'track' people throughout the Forests while farming. To prevent clutter, only X gadgets can spawn within Y units of a location (no need to see 7 gadgets to represent a dead creep wave). Gadgets would be invisible to all but Goldenveil, and by checking the time remaining on them he can see how long ago someone was near there making money (easy visual, similar to watching a ward duration tick down). Alternatively (and probably more simply), whenever someone makes money within X radius of Goldenveil, he gets a little golden ping on the map similar to Geomancer's Geo Stalk. In addition, Greedgutter no longer has the AoE functionality but deals bonus magic damage based on how much Gold the target is holding; dealing an additional 20% of their current Gold in Magic damage. A couple of reasons for this: I wouldn't propose it if I didn't think there was flavour to it. It allows him to track in a unique way that complements his already existing playstyle. It gives incentive for people playing as Goldenveil to attack higher priority targets instead of weaker people. It can give valuable information on a target such as their farming patterns and how much money they're holding. What do you think?
  10. Because of hero imbalance? Doesn't fix those banned heroes coming up in Single Draft, but it's an easy fix if wanted. One of the two biggest problems for me is being compelled to finish miserable games. For some reason, a lot of players insist on finishing lost games and it only takes 1 or 2 of them on the losing team to compel everyone else to. Midwars is supposed to be fun. You play it out if you want, but I shouldn't have to. But, Leavers ruin a game that isn't already ruined. There has to be a compromise. One easy partial fix: remakes should require universal approval of one team + one from other team. Every DC/Leave should remove 1 from the # of votes needed. Ideally, one less for anyone AFK > 1 min too (and ignore their votes). Currently, 6 votes are required regardless. As for other situations, I believe players shouldn't be penalised for going AFK/Leaving if the concede vote is one short. This would need to be announced after such a vote. Hero balancing would help either way. ElementUser has stated that such balancing would need to be very professional ie accountable, committed etc whilst not causing too much work for FB.
  11. Harkon's Blade is overcompensation, if you ask me. But I agree it is the best endgame item and always has been. Now with the removal of attack modifiers though, the item is actually a no brainer. Just having it change the damage to Magic is desirable enough, having the effective 'True' damage with the -5 debuff is even more insane. I think bumping up the mana cost per attack could help, but the buildup does include ~25 Int (so about 330 mana); and at 75 an attack you get 4 attacks for 'free' with the blade. Perhaps making it so that Harkon's while toggled on drains your own magic armor as well could make the decision more interesting, and possibly turning it into an activation modifier that doesn't stack with Mad Mage or Shrunken... But then you get an arms race.
  12. Last I heard, almost as many people play Midwars as Caldavar. What changes would Midwars players like to see? Most suggestions should go in the Suggestions forum but feel free to briefly mention well thought-out ones, particularly in relation to commonly-perceived issues. ElementUser suggested starting a thread on problems perceived in Midwars. We had a messy one in the old forums full of random suggestions. Let's try getting consensus on the problems first.
  13. Trying MW to EU servers. 5x No response from server. When it works its always 1-2 people that cant connect and "It has taken too long..."
  14. Hi Sir, for my SEA client in-game username was MCdoNuggets and from (PH) Philippines region. Around late night of June 1, 2020 I tried to play then after logging in then i just found out that my heroes are missing during the hero selection phase of the matchmaking game. After that, I've checked well the others as for my alt avatars, announcers, taunts, etc then everything is missing. but when i check the products purchased on shop its already got a "check mark/purchased". Hopefully they can fix and help me with this, not just me but others as well who loses their purchased products. Looking forward to this. Thank you
  15. If you are affected, please post your SEA Client username & which region you are in, as well as the timestamp when you found out you lost the products on that account. I've let Garena know, thanks.
  16. Chinese model has the following differences: 1. It is not as thick as in the english version, where it was forcibly stretched, due to which the mesh was torn in several places 2. It has a gun hanging on its belt, which is not in the english version (gun appears only during borred animation) 3. It has sound effects for borred animation (sticking a saber into the ground + gunshots) 4. It has different sound effects when activating and channeling ability 2, which in the english version is replaced by bubble sounds 5. It has a good specularity, while in english specularity was forcibly increased by modifying .material file (as a result, clothes became 'plastic'), and not specular texture itself.
  17. Mid Wars is generally fine as is. If you want a serious discussion on problems with Mid Wars & proposed solutions, we can do that in a separate thread for Mid Wars. The original premise of this thread is denied for the reasons I've outlined.
  18. I was there when it was added and its purpose was initially to give casters an endgame damage option. At the time spellshards did not yet exist and I wouldn't go as far as calling it a shieldbreaker equivalent. The item is percentage based armor pierce against an armor type that doesn't scale by levels. Because of this oftentimes it's not even worth getting on a caster hero and armor of the mad mage will always be preferrable due its flat reduction. Not to mention that mad mage gives a huge chunk of armor and and incredibly desirable activatable for caster heroes. Now if spellshards would cause you to reduce the enemy's magic armor by 2/3/4 or something like this upon receiving magical damage from the carrier, then yes, we'd have a shieldbreaker equivalent for casters. That idea stands very close to the current harkons blade excepting that it triggers on magic damage, while harkons triggers when auto-attacking a hero. I'm not saying the item desperately needs a rework or is completely overpowered, imbalanced and abused in current gameplay, I'm saying that it completely missed its mark with the intended purpose, the result being we're here with spellshards which I see more as a non-item unless if the enemy team decides on going mass shamans. You say it has its place, that's true, but it annoys me like the S2 pathing annoys me. Unstucking your way out of unpathable terrain is in fact a bug that played out nicely. I still don't like it because it's a side-effect of something else and not actually meant to work that way so there is little to no control over it (what happens when other code is updated, how do you touch pathing from stuck spots without breaking something else now, ... relying on bugs and unintended effects to "work" for you is not exactly best practise). I don't know if that pathing code was ever changed, it might be, but it gets my point accross I hope.
  19. Give him a chance. Midwars isn't at the top of ElementUser's priority list and that design philosophy was probably ubiquitous in Frostburn -- it's fine for Caldavar. All we can do is present a different case for Midwars. ElementUser was maintaining HoN pretty much single-handedly until the situation improved a couple of months ago, probably doing a lot in his spare time. I don't want to diminish the work of the others, especially when unpaid. But, ElementUser is a big reason the game is still going and will keep going for years to come.
  20. Ya me too bro. My main id now like new id no have nothing at all
  21. I dont know if what u are stating has some backgroud statement to support it. Harkons was always like this. Harkons was always from 2009 at HoN if im not mistaken. And casters dont actually benefit from auttoattacking, thus the spell orianted - built they always follow. Harkons was not put into the game ,so it will be a casters exclusive pick up. The effect of minor -5 mag. armor do benefit casters true, but the item has a variety of usage. And if u are looking for shieldbraker's analog in the game, its spellshards atm. I really can expand more on the topic, but generally i dont think Harkons needs a rework, it has its place, its not abused or OP and i find the argument u presented biased at some point.
  22. Yes but no. Yes as in you can autocast Flux's W to make it apply the spell effects when you autoattack so it mimics the mechanic (even though it's not quite the same). That's what he's asking for, for double-activate to mimic the toggle effect of most Orb Attacks. No as in it won't work because this is a spell & not an Orb Attack, I just tried it & can't do this.
  23. ??????? You are aware that Flux's ability is an actual spell right? Vindicators and Arachna's are attack modifiers that are being applied with their autoattacks. So what on earth do you want Flux's ability to autocast on? Plus, common non toggleable abilitie's double activation will just cast it on self which does not work either with Flux. So what exactly is it you are asking here for?! €: 100% NOT a bug, actually not even a thing to begin with
  24. Happens when you try to join game on the server EU202 (54.37 etc address). Probably it is still set in tournament mode? (I heard they did it to avoid DoS attacks)
  25. HI! Good Day! This is to report regarding the loss of all my heroes, alt avatars, announcers, taunts, and everything that has been purchased through the Shop. Its not just me who got this problem but several players at Garena HON Sea. Its been annoying to play because i cant even use what hero i want as well as all my purchases in-game. Another issue was the matchmaking, after the game ends it was not recorded. Kindly please look unto this and hope to fix it soon. We are counting on someone from the technical team to get notice this issue especially from the garena frostburn team. Hoping to get back soon what we purchased. Thank you
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