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  3. The root from his Q is like a second ultimate and I'm not sure why it was implemented in the first place. On top of the defensive bonuses from the spell; Extra armour, health regeneration etc, it now has an offensive aspect to it, why? Countless players are abusing it, and keeper can just purchase Elders and Ghost Marchers and 1 shot everything around the map which is quite extreme for a 'push bot/walking ultimate' hero as you just stated
  4. Eclipse, Construction Worker Behemoth, Unity, Songhran Athena, Nebula, Dominion Shadowblade, Songhran Disciple, Blitzen, Nian Guardian Kinesis, Scorpio, Warmonger Gunblade, Sanctum
  5. To address your point about junglers tending to overwhelming games, I don't argue that it could be true for the sampling of games you've played/watched on stream, but in the grand scheme of things that idea doesn't hold up with the data. Below are win% of the most common junglers pulled directly from Hero Usage % (which can be viewed in the Learnatorium section in-game) : 1. Solstice 47%W / 53%L 2. Legionnaire: 51%W / 49%L 3. Parasite: 51%W / 49%L 4. Draconis: 51%W / 49%L 5. Salomon: 48%W / 52%L 6. Tempest: 49%W / 51%L 7. Keeper of the Forest: 51%W / 49%L
  6. Yesterday
  7. I'd like to suggest the use of this website "https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/" made by CraZ_Killa and originally posted on Reddit ( ) as a quick tool to search and compile relevant match IDs regarding what you feel as KotF being broken.
  8. I see all these reports, but none of them following my instructions on giving more info - we won't look at it until this has been done sufficiently - and even then, it's unlikely from the logs that we will see any issue (I have done this a few times recently and none of them seem abnormal save for real DDoS attacks)
  9. You posted this in General Discussion, not Balance Discussion. At the very least you should post the games to prove your point - KotF is either a push bot or a walking ultimate without the root on his Q.
  10. It's been happening on and off, when the patch hit my ping increased by 100. I'm playing with 340 ping atm when it should be 250.
  11. Since few people actually bothered to comment in the thread after I wanted to abonden the discussion, I shall swallom my pride and give the comment you deserve. First, Hegelsohn, I did not expect that the reply that seemingly put in the most effort was from someone that simply wanted to call my claims for anectodal nonsense. That my telling of personal game experience were not trustworthy at all. That I should simply get better or stop cry. How can I possible want to continue in a discussion that were more concerned about trying to make me and the thread a flaw rather than actually
  12. So, I've been watching this hero for the past week or so and I just want to make sure this gets fixed next patch Keeper is clearly broken op It's good short lane, suicide, long, jungle, mid, anything Imo, Q and W are the issues, I don't think I have to explain why Last game I played was the last drop. My entire team got counter picks to the hero and it was still able to perform well, even though it was on the hands of an average player, who could badely macro his minions I suggest removing the root from Q and lowering how much the buff lasts If you don't agree with me,
  13. Hey, I tried using Host_MaxFPS 500 and get the error unknown identifier. Is it different in the 64bit client?
  14. Olá, estou tentando entrar no Hon, mas diz que a entrada falhou, não consigo conectar no game, baixei a versão 64x e continua a mesma coisa, tentei entrar com uma outra conta e também dá a mesma informação, alguém me ajude, oque eu devo fazer?
  15. So that's not the issue then, it's something wrong with your routing most likely if it only happened in the middle of the patch.
  16. All USW servers are worse from me now they are all 400+ ping. One game towards the end I had dc symbol every 5 seconds and ping spiked to 600. There was a 5 second delay between actions too.
  17. is there anyoption how to make my coursor size normal at 4k?
  18. An idea for another rework of Armor of the Mad Mage: Components: Null Stone (4500g) + Platemail (1400g) = 5900 gold Stats: 10 armor + 15 all attributes + 15 damage + 6 health regeneration + 150% mana regeneration Passives: Single-target spell-block (15 seconds cooldown) Mad Mage Aura (enemy unit; 900 radius): -4 magic armor Active: Transfers the spell-block and mage aura to target allied hero for 15 seconds (putting the passive on cooldown). Has 1000 cast range and 15 se
  19. Is it possible to add new item for Midwars? I assume item change on Midwars is still manageable and the new item can use the unused item as its icon for less workload.
  20. I'm really happy to hear that. I understand very well what you mean by his main problem, as I believe I experienced it first-hand by having to buy items from all the spectrum of attributes (Agi, Int, Str). It may be contrary to my current opinion, but to my eyes it is fortunate - as I just wanted to see Adrenaline changed for the better, be it drastic or moderate changes. I'm really looking forward towards the next patch, uncovering the new methods to be used with the future changes
  21. I noticed that Adrenaline was missing the Blue "Crystal" looking Avatar. Don´t know what´s the plan with those Avatars.
  22. Jungle Heroes need to have a place in game. You may dislike it but some people not. You cant force the meta destroy the jungle so everyone will go 2-1-2. No matter how you nerf or buff those neutral creep, there is still people keep picking jungle heroes and you must deal with it They are part of this game.
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