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  3. That's not considered an urgent issue - you can contact HoN SEA's Customer Support about this.
  4. You can just report it once a week or whatever interval you see fit then. I did let Garena know again, but since it's their backend & their specific login client, there's really nothing we can do on our end & there's only so much I can do to bug them about it.
  5. Anyway, this is not an "urgent bug" in any sense of the word. Come up with a fix that I can officially put into HoN, or use the new shop, or just deal with it in the old shop UI.
  6. If you can find a fix, let me know. The old shop is not officially supported. Besides, you can get essentially the same functionality by using the "Simple Item View" tickbox. Literally 0 of the popular HoN streamers that I watch every now and then use it & it actually appalls me: This is opposed to the standard view where you get a bunch of cluttering text:
  7. If you see the store, you can see that they obtained several of those franchises so to speak, several of which are not seen in other games, such as the announcer of samuel l jackson, the sailor moon skins and other anime, what he said It's hard to demand HoN right now. There is even a reference to the avengers in some old avatars as well, but it is that you must understand that the game is on standby and many of us hope that it will come back with force and take players from dota and lol and start taking skins as it was doing, also a new season of with, but that is frozen for the moment
  8. Hi there, For us old schoolers who still use the old shop, it's missing the recently updated grave locket recipe for grave locket and also more importantly, Arcane Bomb item is not in the old shop at all. Should be a quick fix but both are important items to not be able to utilize. Thanks
  9. Mod Avatar Anime Ravenor Tohka inverse Anime : Date a Live Model & Animation By: 300Heroes Conversion By: TH!NT @atsniperthin Effects : Kim22 @TheKim22 Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oRAI81XWl58Pr3KtAWqkuQxZKASSecKU/view Installation Move the file(.s2z) into the game folderExample: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\
  10. They would make this game big if they sell hon mechanics to some known franchise... like DC Comics, Star Wars.. etc. Would you like to see jedi knights, droids, bounty hunters, aliens, batman, witcher, predator, wonderwoman and wolverine mixed together? This would be gold mine.
  11. I don't know about the 2.79 importer-exporter plug-in, but I found a 2.78 one on my PC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w50vpwym0lchnul/BlackRyuScript.rar?dl=0 Put BlackRyuScript folder into addons folder (e.g. C:\Blender\blender-2.78b-windows64\2.78\scripts\addons\BlackRyuScript).
  12. Already fixed internally & scheduled for next patch
  13. Well if EU wants me to stop spamming, I can do that too. Hell I'd rather do that, since it means I don't have to check this forum every day. 11 July 2020: problem not fixed.
  14. Diabetis

    Engineer keg (Q)

    Engineer's Q spell doesn't damage the catapult/balista.
  15. https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/15-about-the-fixed-subforum-what-fixed-actually-means/ Also, I'm pretty sure I wrote to tell me after the next patch hits. Please read what I wrote before you go ahead and repost threads.
  16. if your using spirit walk and you teleport to it and drop totems too fast it says bad packet from server and kicks you from the game
  17. Sky

    In-game polls.

    I've always wondered why HoN Admin have never run or advertised forum polls in game. I think it would be an awesome, easy way to get the wider community involved in growing the game.
  18. Sky

    Super Taunt

    You can vote for it in the general forum section.
  19. Sky

    Silver x3

    I agree. I played 200+ games over the Honiversary period just to milk the coin multiplayer It's quite deflating earning 15 coins a game now >.<
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