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  3. такая же хрень , при чем два аккаунта
  4. https://trello.com/c/pgS8ynj2/99-auto-pick-and-voteban Not a macro but I mod which can do just that
  5. hah u had to nerf Circe once more before this games gone
  6. I sometimes play him Long-lane semi carry instead, cause he can just jump over to the jungle creep there and take them. Though it works best vs a solo-short or two guys without much stuns. Cause yeah, he really cant contribute ANYTHING until level 6 and even then barely.
  7. Ahh man I miss those days when Salomon was actually fun to play with or against... Do you remember his first iteration with Djinn blast and the other spells? It would be cool if he could do more than AFK farming in the jungle for 20 minutes, and not lose because people without high enough MMR does not know how to abuse farming in the jungle. Well, at least Prophet was freed from his curse of raven form era so I have nothing to complain about I guess
  8. How do you mine source code?
  9. Gabe doesn't have the balls Maliken did , for good or bad. The most epic announcers that are totally in your face like the Thai one (which came later but still) or the Samuel Jackson one are never going into Dota2, the same with the whole taunt system.
  10. Wish the game had a macro that you could turn on which just auto banned salomon each game. I hate having him on my team or playing against him
  11. I really dont like the notion of "nudging" players into what developers consider "intended" behaviour in game instead of having them explore the game on their own, creating their own meta. Yeah, his winrate will now be above 50% instead of around 50% but his actual ability to do different things will be diminished But its fine, I dont care too much xD and as you know we have so different views on this so just ignore me lol. I know its industry standard nowdays.
  12. The less jungle heroes there are, the easier it is to ban most of them at the start of the match!
  13. Have you seen Amun-Ra's win rate & read the patch notes? Amun-Ra's performance has increased ever since the patch. Playing him as a jungler from level 1 was nowhere near optimal - he is much better in lane & always has been, but the jungling capability from level 1 clouded that possibility from the majority of players who just want to farm the jungle all day.
  14. I was surprised about the Amun nerf, now when he is not viable in woods anymore unfortunately :/
  15. Im talking more about when it started proccing to people on every chain lightning strike rather than the one time you cast the spell. That made Q more viable. I like it, but it did pump TB up to top tier
  16. E was bugged for a while, in the sense that the reduced damage multiplier did not affect enemies outside of a certain range. The way E is now though makes the most sense out of all the past iterations.
  17. I got banned for nothing, played a single word, did not speak, and here it is, I understand everything, you need to free the server, but let me play at least a little more in a wonderful game, PLEASE. My nickname is BloodVisa, I will be grateful if you unlock it! Thank you
  18. Тоже самое, без причины
  19. заблокировали аккаунт,хотелось бы понять с чем это связанно?написанно обратиться в службу поддержки
  20. Не могу войти в аккаунт после одной игры на мид варсе
  21. It was hilarious though, but thanks, TB had a pretty big winrate. Not sure when that happened, probably since the changes to E cause you could always do that combo and he didnt have that kind of winrate. He was so strong in early game that he would often get that double ulti on level 2 before the supports were level 10 and thats what hurt. Though the tome helped I Remember most people would level up W but then Q became so strong cause of the changes to E I think.
  22. 20th march 2013 was the spotlight of him. The game run well at that time and everyone was happy with it. The map was original, Kongor was in his pit, and we had multi curriers already as I remember.
  23. Last week
  24. A recent patch, so he can't cheese the opposing team by wiping out 50% or so of every hero's Health pool without realistic counterplay options, if he has Restoration Stone. The 10-second delay was introduced so that Restoration Stone still works for him, there is just a window of counterplay for the opposing team to act before Thunderbringer double-ults them.
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