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  2. Hello, yesterday I tried to enter the game giving this error as in the picture below. What do I have to do to resolve this connection issue? A Windows update (11) has been installed but I don't know if this is causing the error.
  3. Well me and my friend xxfantasy retired from this game that supposedly they banned me for 3 days and I have spent many days and they do not undo me x what ?? goodbye everybody. and the worst thing is that they ban me only 3 days and they do not undo me ... another that they ban an account and they ban my ip is something abzurdo good I get out of the hon. goodbye
  4. Thanks for reply. Yes, that's what i figured out. You can't face any auto-attack-carry in late as mentioned above. That's why i mostly play him mid to place some ganks at side lanes. Nethertheless he is listed as carry in the hero list. But please consider him in some next patches: He got no buff since ages. - a slightly increase of Stats per Lvl-up - especially Str - to get more tanky and survivable - An increase of the Showdown range to 550/700/850/1000 would be a fair point. - Also a slightly increase of Flagellation bonus dmg by 10 poin
  5. Responding with insults is not and was never tolerated. It creates a further toxic atmosphere and makes you part of the problem. If you start to reflect your behavior instead of trying to find excuses and blaming other players for your actions, you will notice that the system is actually fine. What manu said is correct. The majority of verbal abuse reports are handled automatically as context does not matter. If someone insults you or griefs, it does not allow you to breach the rules yourself. You don't have to respond with insults. You should report him and move on.
  6. How you determine that someone is not playing "his" role? And who dictates roles and forces you to play one? Just because you are fast in selecting your lane/calling your role it doesn't necessarily mean others have to adjust. I mean, sure it would be better if people adjust but in the end people can play whatever role they like to play. Picking phase should be used to build the best possible team. If someone else wants to play the lane you called, you may as well adjust (especially if the other player is the better one or e.g. a carry-exclusive player). Also, in Dota, if you select
  7. Afaik there is no "real" fix for this. I think EU (or someone else) suggested having one player use a VPN to avoid this. That should certainly work, but it will involve small costs for that VPN.
  8. Hi, we are 5 players in a LAN, whenever we connect as 5 everyone gets dc about 1:40 into the game. If we play 4 it works fine. Any fix for this?
  9. Disclaimer: I'm not a GM, I have no insights outside of what has been posted on this forum. If you report a player for verbal abuse, the gameplay is actually not looked at - because it doesn't have any influence on that players guilt. If he violated rules and you responded by violating rules, you're both guilty and will be treated the same way! That way however also includes the requirement to be reported by enough players. So if two players reported you and only you reported him (and your rap-score is not "Top Priority"), his chat will not be looked at, while yours will. Afaik GMs ca
  10. The way you guys handle the RAP are rlly bad and you guys ban ppl without actually "LOOKING" into the matter. Last night a russian started to trash talk and insult me and my team. calling us monkeys, feeders idiots, insulting like it was a walk in the park. i got angry and i start to answer back bcs he actually refused to participate in team fight...he just simply trolled the entire game and beeing toxic and insulted me and my team for actually trying to do something and win the game. we lost. at the end we reported me for beeing verbally abusive...i get banned. he walks away free... This
  11. Gladiator is not a pure carry, he is a soft support who have a potential to become a decent carry. His damage output most come from his E, which having a cooldown. Trying to build him as a main carry often result a failure.
  12. He's fine. You just misunderstand how he should be played. He's not a hard carry by any means. He should be played as a semi with utility.
  13. But you can still get two feeders in 3v3 that don't want to concede, can't you? If there is not a chance for winning the game anymore, it shouldn't take too long for the enemies to push your base. So you'll probably not have to wait for too long. Also I've won a lot of games with multiple people with 0/8 stats (or similar) in my team. Deaths don't matter much, it matters how they play. I'm perfectly fine with an initiator that initiates, then dies and gets zero kills, but his team can get the kills now. It's much worse to have initiators which don't initiate but rather use their stun
  14. If you "win mid" and the other lanes lost, you didn't win mid. Especially mid is not about out-farming the enemy or killing only the mid-hero. It's also about good ganks. Even if you ganked your side lanes and killed their enemies - if you then decided to push that lane as well, so you get some additional farm, that lane is probably in a worse state than before your kill. Deciding "I won mid" because you subjectively did better than that single enemy in mid-lane, is . If you need a criteria for "winning mid", then choose something like: being immortal by the 15 minute mark, having pick
  15. Please only post in English. Other languages are not allowed.
  16. Actually you should only do the first. The rap-portal is for anything rap-related, customer support will just redirect you there. Oh and you're also not allowed to discuss bans on forums, so I'll close this thread as well
  17. You can try to download the international client and queue for australian servers.. your ping shouldn't be too bad there https://cdn.naeu.installer.heroesofnewerth.com/wac/x86_64/HoN64_Install.exe
  18. Hi guys, played a lot of Gladiator now, mostly mid. Funny hero, but it's so hard to carry with him. Tried a lot of builds. Nethertheless which build, if u come into mid / late game, you make less dmg. Each auto-attack-carry rips you in mid or late game. Even with Showdown, Pitfall, Ult-Combo you are hardly able to chase down enemies in time. And what about the role of Gladiator? He is no full carry, maximum a semi carry. He is not a tank. The main purpose of him just seems to be to catch enemies with escape-options (valk, chronos, ...) that your team can put them do
  19. whilst dwindling down in 1500 video games, (seeking to hard help in that bracket, is worse than aids). i've a query that has been questioning. in case you're actually suitable at hon, can win mid 9/10 times, bring your team to victory, and so on... do you get bored? i suggest, i apprehend there are one-of-a-kind kinds of video games, mixtures; however does it ever get tedious - playing day in, day trip? simply something that turned into on my mind. cheeeers.
  20. Kraken just got a buff in previous patches as mention above. He scales very well in each stage of game. Don't would say that he is too weak
  21. i am the usage of garena to play hon however i don't know if there are any gamers. i simply queued for an hour lengthy and observed no one. i even tried to play bots with real human beings but there is still no humans left. sea server and garena does not have any gamers left. i want to play hon since it offers the complexity of dota [W3] and dota 2. and i love video games like the ones. so i am asking if there are any servers that'd be stable with sea. on account that i can't recognise my ping for hon, the use of league of legends for instance, i get approximately 24-40ms in kee
  22. I que for a game, get 2 outright feeders. that at 5 min mark are 0-8; but i'm forced to sit for 30 mins in a match or i get double punished for leaving with megastat bomb. I mean i'm losing a match thru no actions of my own. but now i'm getting double punished for not wasting 30 mins of my life sitting in a doomed match that there is 0 chance of a win? btw theres a simple fix too... bring back 3v3.
  23. Dear HoN players, Our Customer Support portal has a DMARC issue regarding Gmail and Yahoo email accounts that we unfortunately cannot resolve at this time. As a result, players cannot register new accounts with Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. Existing registered accounts with those email providers still work, however players will not receive emails on those accounts & will have to check the Customer Support portal manually. Workarounds involve creating an email account with another email provider and registering that email address with our Customer Support portal instead. We
  24. Last week
  25. Hola he venido a pedir ayuda durante días mi cuenta fue temporalmente prohibida y cuando terminó el tiempo de desbanqueo intento entrar en el juego de nuevo pero consigo que siga prohibido, lo comprobé en la página oficial y allí comprobé que mi cuenta ya había terminado el tiempo de desbanqueo pero en el juego sigue saliendo cuenta prohibida te pido ayuda gracias
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