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  2. Fact: when Harkons was was implemented it was supposed to be for casters what shieldbreaker is for auto-attackers. Opinion: harkons is absolute shite for casters (thunderbringer, witch slayer, ellonia, torturer, ....). It's almost exclusively picked up by heroes that rely on auto-hits with some exceptions like DR (half his damage comes from overload hits anyway) and casters with good auto-attack capabilities (hag, bubbles, gravekeeper). If there is one item that missed its mark it'll be this one, and I honestly think it should be re-oriented to cater casters or very specifically counter void talismans. But right now harkons is without contest the best lategame dps item for heroes that are physical damage dealers.
  3. dowload the mod. Single draft not available momentarily.
  4. Today
  5. Guess noone has any idea and I am just fucked
  6. This sounds like how wza did his balancing, taking his own word for law without considering what players in general actually liked. And here we are with wildsoul.
  7. its been "dying" since lol came out so unless the developers stop the players will still be around
  8. Update : the mod still works with the new UI, not with the old
  9. Hello... how to fix disconnected from chat serever???
  10. is there any difference between the english and the chinese one? voicelines aside.
  11. Force fresh accounts (not sub accounts bought with 2100 gold coins) to play 25 midwars before joining CoN mode. Easy ^^ Make a purchaseable perk for like 500 gold coins which will let you bypass that requirement. Ez money right?
  12. Very good game. Queue time in Iower rating is fast. Rather hard to Iearn. Community not very noobfriendIy. You might wanna check out HoN-Reborn some community project to heIp new pIayers Iearn HoN.
  13. Chinese Keelhaul Description: Replaces the default Devourer model with the avatar Keelhaul Devourer model from HoN China. Preview video: Changelog: Version 1.1 (June 4, 2020) - Updated for HoN version -- Added hero preview in the store, since in HoN China it did not exist yet -- Added hero icon from HoN China -- Added changelog.txt file -- Increased ingame model size by changing preglobalscale from 2.1 to 2.2 Version 1.0 (February 21, 2016) - First public release on Garena.ru -- Hero voiceovers borrowed from avatar Keelhaul Devourer from HoN International. -- Ability 4 visual effects borrowed from avatar Keelhaul Devourer from HoN International. -- SotM visual effects borrowed from avatar Keelhaul Devourer from HoN International. Download link: chinese_keelhaul.honmod Installation & Usage: To use honmods (*.honmod files) you need a HoN Mod Manager. To install it download the zip file from the link in this topic. You can place it anywhere you wish. Linux and MacOS users need Mono to run it. The HoN Mod Manager will try to detect the location of your Heroes of Newerth install automatically; if it can't it'll ask you for the folder (usually something like "C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth"). To install honmods (*.honmod files) put them into the mods directory (see below for locations) or drag them onto the HoN Mod Manager window (Windows only). Any mod files in that directory that are compatible will automatically show up in the mod manager. To use installed honmods you need to enable them first (e.g. by double-clicking on them), then select "Apply Mods" from the "File" menu. You'll need "Apply Mods" each and every time the game was patched or you have installed/uninstalled/updated any honmods. The HoN Mod Manager will remind you of this. The default locations for the honmods directory are: XP/Vista/7/8/10: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of Newerth\game\mods Linux: /home/<username>/.Heroes of Newerth/game/mods MacOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Heroes of Newerth/game/mods This directory will be automatically created when you launch the HoN Mod Manager the first time and can be easily be accessed from the "Open Mod Folder" option in the "File" menu. All rights to the original models, animations, textures, sounds and effects belong to S2 Games.
  14. If you're primarily after fast action, you should probably start with MidWars (even though I find it boring). It's missing most of the tactical and strategical stuff but in return you get non-stop action. The real HoN (foc) is also faster than DotA(2) (or at least it was when I last tested DotA2), so that might still be to your liking. It's probably best to try both .
  15. Hi there, Since you went public with your case I will take the liberty to tell the story from our point of view: 1) You contacted us complaining you didn't receive the full amount of gold coins purchased, that you didn't get to "claim" the extra gold coins. I carefully explained that you had already received them. The "extras" are already a part of the full amount as explained in the picture below: This text will be even more highlighted in the next patch. 2) You then ask us for a refund, claiming it wasn't you who made the purchase. I then explained, since Garena owns HoN we do not have the control over finance, or are able to issue refunds, and thus I recommended you to talk to them. I still attempted a manual refund, but it ended up failing. That being said, since Garena was unable process your request, you could always go to your bank, and tell them your son used your credit card without permission, and you need to get the money back. Frostburn Studios are by no means thieves or scammers, and we have done everything in our power to help & assist you, with the best intentions at heart. You then decide to call us out in public, claiming we are racists and don't do anything to help you.
  16. Same... 90% of games don't work Fixing inc ??
  17. Please help how to fix my hon... i can login but after that only show disconnected from chat server... ?? Tell me to fix that ???
  18. Welcome to the world of an oppressed ethnic minority as taught by the western left Notes to take away: - be LOUD, type in highlighted text and with a giant font - scream RACISM even if it is unwarranted always warranted - disagreement in any shape of form is the most vile form of racism and a sign of an oppressive western hegemony after all - blame everything and everyone else for your lack of foresight and poor decision-making, the last thing you want is to be held responsible for your own actions
  19. Same here, it never happens on my sub account tho...
  20. Thanks, I will try to check that out.
  21. For Goldenveil can we get a list of "Wanted" targets on his R? Just a quick list of names who need to be killed to be refreshed? I know you can't really add it to the tooltip as it changes throughout the game, but is there a way to do it without playing the look all around the map and count coins game?
  22. You can use the MMR mod. The existing version still works.
  23. I would expect the game will still be going in 2022, maybe 2023 now. It's under active development again. There won't be new heroes and probably not new skins. But a hero was remade in the last patch and I expect a couple more will be.
  24. keep it as it is. better to have a 2-1-2 lanes now. suicides are supposed to have a hard time in lane to begin with. since they sent a jungler to the other side to gank and farm .
  25. A friend of mine had the same problem. He would lose all this settings when he turned off HoN. Ironically he bought a new pc a few weeks ago and his problem was solved. So the solution should be around HoN installations etc , my guess. I would suggest running HoN repair tbh, and if that doesnt help,unistall and delete everything, including My Documents sub folder of HoN, and reinstall from scratch. ( HoN takes lots of time to download, so if i was in your position i would wait a little more, for someone else to answer also; maybe there is a less time consuming solution to try )
  26. I ask for a refund as soon as I get a message from my bank. Not even 2min passed and I made the refund. Do not be racist. Mister GM.
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