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  2. A cumulated timer would be hard to implement and is not necessary imho. Regular (allowed) afk periods would also count into this. Suicides hiding in the trees would count into this. Goldenveil sitting on a tree would count into this. I'm not saying the last 2 mentioned cases is how the hero/role should be played but in fact you cannot punish people for leeching xp on a hard suicide lane (even tho there are better options to actually play the lane). Due to the lack of GMs I agree it might be an issue for Garena. For NA/EU if people repeatedly go afk in intervals it can be reported as it falls under afk avoidance. A solution only implemented in 1 client is also not the way to go forward.. IF some sort of timer should be implemented, it should have a minimum requirement (e.g. 30s) where afk time is actually added to the overall afk timer. A better approach would be to have replays compatible between both clients and a GM team handling reports for both clients. However, this might be complicated to implement - not just cause of the replay but due to the fact that databases are separated.
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  4. Just imagine as if ranks never happened, like back in the days.
  5. There's is no denial that considering what you have been left with, you doing an exceptional work EU. I've been playing HoN for over 11 years now and unfortunately I was, like many others, a witness of the downfall of it due to stupid decision making. This is your baby now, and I'm sure with a little support from the community it will grow back. Just look at the Honcast, 1.000 players were watching the finals, and we even had BreakyCPK casting it. For me personally the game doesn't require much more polish in terms or hero balance/map or new content that much. The real problem for anyone who play HoN right now are. Long Que in higher Ranks Hight Ranked players, smurfing on low ranks Extreme Toxic and Rude community No account value, that promote smutfing and griefing Pointless Bans Jungle meta where 9/10 games are with junglers due to people not wanting to support each other I'm convinced if we would shift our focus to resolve those problems, the game will again see the flew of new and returning players. The main issues for people not wanting to play support it's of course their stats. I bet many people would play support if it wound't affect their stats. To resolve this problem, I would even go as far as creating a new statistic tab "Support" where the stats from listed supports are only registered and if you play a hero from the list, your "main" stats are not affected.
  6. Ah I didn't know that. I did hear someone mention they "nerfed smurfing" which I guess is why you can't lose a lot of points (So many people would throw/leave the first 6 games, etc). I just think we have more to lose than to gain with a total reset, but I guess it can be rough for the actual bronze players
  7. Nerf his damage but make him global, lul. Like that artillery from Company of Heroes
  8. A little overlap is fine, because even if Artillery can be more actively auto attacking between the 600-900 range , Flint will outperform him. And to compensate for not being as good as Flint is in that range, he has access to farther ranges of combat.
  9. Yeah...when the map has been the same for 10 years the players tend to be "ok" with it.
  10. I have tried everything. Please help me. Everytime I log in it says new update available. I say yes - it crashes and opens honcrashuploader. I uninstalled and reinstalled, did all recommended settings. No change. WTF
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  12. it`s just alot of my lower ranked mates hate the new balance they are faced with way stronger and better oponents as the bronze and silver has merged and it`s kinda unfair on them i`d like a new season maybe a season a year
  13. Hi @ElementUser. As requested, details of DDOS attack on server. It happened 3x, all at key points in the game. The second and third time I did not DC. The issue looked different from lag as a) the game was stuttering for over 20+s, commands occasionally went through, and b) the same seemed to be happening to everyone else. The first DDOS is the one I'll report. That time I did DC but my client didn't know about it for 20+s. -159961252 - EU203 - Match history says 30th Sep, 11:51, but that was not my local time. Local time was 4am-ish, about the same time I posted you know where. TZ = BST = GMT+1 - 34:11 replay time.
  14. Unfortunately, we didn't have much say for what our programmers should work on, because around that time, the power to direct developers was basically shifted over to Garena. Now, we have a lack of resources issue, so we can only tackle on the critical elements of HoN one step at a time whenever we can humanly do so. But at least I have a lot more say as I'm the director for the NAEU/International Client right now. The actual limits/bottlenecks are the physical resources, time, the age of the tech stack & how much access we actually have (and of course, legal constraints & what-not). If I was a director maybe 5 years ago, things would have been so much better.
  15. Funniest part is that when HoN had tons of players I made my 5.0 suggestion thread in which I suggested toooooons of things to improve the gameplay and bring more players. That thread was few pages long and I spent hundreds of hours to make it happen, unfortunately it was totally ignored by frostburn studios, the only thing they implemented was blinking HoN icon on window's bar whenever you found a match while being in windows to eliminate AFK picks and AFK in general at the start of the game. I was not even mentioned in Patch Notes for that, rofl. And now they trying to make accounts legacy and valuable, now.... hahah when more than half of playerbase left. I suggested a lot of things how to improve that side but they were too busy doing nothing or ONLY making cashgrabbing stuff all around.
  16. One thing I think that's helped me is if I think a team will be toxic, meaning they don't call their lanes or show their picks, then they like to wait until the last second and pick something stupid, I just pick a jungler. That way I don't have to put up with people, I can just farm and still take over sometimes even if my team feeds. I've been winning most my games with Keeper of the Forest, I can usually pull it off even when my team starts getting crushed, just a portal key and staff, get some good ults and it's over.
  17. not only the map but the bases, now is harder to place a ward without the enemy noticing. old map was a classic that was taken away from FB just trying to hard to change what the players since beta days were ok with. and also de fog one inside their base and fountaineven to catch kills (which i have been ok with since dota 2000s)
  18. funnily enough i just had a game 4 hours ago with a 0.2kd swiftblade, a 0.5kd nighthound and a 0.4kd flint on my team. and i went mid with monkey king and got bloodbath and 700 gpm vs a panda. and i was the only one that was actually even actively warding and dewarding with an average of 1 ward every one and a half minutes or so plus revs every minute. and i am maybe 17xx on my support mains. so either you are picking wrong, or you are in the end maybe better than your team, but still not actually that much better that you could rightfully complain about them losing the entire match for you. and before someone complains what i am doing on 1400, thats TMM for you after losing 2 of my placement matches because we had 2 dcs due to people attempting to manipulate their stats which we reported and succesfully got perma banned (someone please again tell me how reports dont work, kappa).
  19. I think what he wants to say (and what i aIso observed) is that there is no more bronze ranked pIayers this season. Because every1 started at 1500 (instead of 1250) and onIy Ioses a max of 15mmr per pIacement game Ioss aII the former bronze pIayers are now 1410 mmr (which is siIver something). A former 1300 with 2 Iucky pIacement wins is now 1600mmr. You can do the math how many games 1 has to Iose/ruin to drop from 1600 to 1300mmr. Anyways, I have mixxed feeIings about it. On one side season resets gave some refreshing wind into the ranks on the other side having an infinite season makes you wanna grind ranks more since u can keep it. tI;dr OP has a point in my opinion but wheter its good or bad for the game in generaI I can not say.
  20. I will have to raise though that making LRM central to what makes Artillery a damage-based carry is what makes him entirely flawed in the first place - unless there are mechanics in place to mitigate these flaws: LRM, as a channeling ability, may have its long range and its high damage potential when farmed. However, it also prevents Artillery from auto-attacking - shoehorning him to build mostly damage and nothing else (if to be built to carry), since most attack modifiers or attack-based procs mean nothing for him. This is one of the reasons why (a) Shroud is usually core on him (as the invi / mobility portion complements his kit while also giving him more raw attack damage to boost his LRM damage) and (b) Doombringer makes or breaks his late-game prowess (as this is the item with the best damage/gold/slot ratio and is also an item he can abuse through long range - and there are no items which can come close to what Doombringer can offer Artillery). LRM's ability to scale is limited by the fact that its locked to +28% of his damage per missile (unlike others who fully benefit from what they build - in terms of additional bonuses, damage, attack speed). It sure is strong early on (since 10 damage per missile + the % boost for longer channeling + the inherent base damage the ability benefits from has a lot of damage potential during the early game - with 240 Physical Damage at level 1 minimum). He over-depends on LRM to carry. Chances are, he is unable to follow-up with anything else once his LRM is out of charges (unless enemies rush towards him to allow him to be in range to attack). LRM's maximum damage potential is mostly single-target - given that the missile damage descales (quickly from 100% to 0%) based on distance from the center of the blast (and the blast radius being about 200 means that in a few steps, damage is already cut to 50% or more). If anything, I would instead suggest looking at E first - such that range increase is sacrificed to make way for carry-complementing aspects (if the direction is to keep him as one). Precision Targeting Protocols is one step towards this - especially when added with the possibility of applying attack modifiers (in some way) through these missiles, then transition him towards a cast-based, long-range damage carry (one who balances between his damage-based carry items and casts to proc Precision Targeting Protocol missiles) - since LRM can be considered a cast-based ability as well. This, then, probably allows him to be more distinct from Flint as a long-ranged carry, while also being distinct from other cast-based carries. Other aspects of Q can also be reviewed - like lowering max range for a larger blast radius (so damage degrades less in just a bit of difference in distance) and/or a higher minimum damage at the edge of the radius (helps with wave clearing / farming without sacrificing his single-target damage potential).
  21. The issue with that part is that it will overlap and overshadow Flint in it's own niche (tbh, Flint could really use something like the bunker down ability)
  22. A way to encourage people to play on "main" accounts and actually play for rank or some type of reward would be amazing. I miss playing on only 1 or 2 accounts, these days it seems like everyone has dozens of smurf accounts
  23. No, we are slowly getting back to healthy ranks, why would you ever want to reset again?
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