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  2. I don't get how you guys were able to make a hero who was already shitty even shitter.
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  4. Players in the BR/LAT region may have network connection quality that can be unstable at times. Unfortunately, your solution is to move and/or get a more stable internet connection somehow, or just leave things the way they are. Could also be caused by the network route that is taken from your ISP to the game server, and not much can be done about that. Overall though, I only see like 4 entries where you had an issue - and that's not really much of a concern to take action for.
  5. Match ID 162664282 Server Name (br03) Name of the account you were playing on at the time of the incident - igorkaka16 Actual in-game time of occurence (and replay time if possible to disambiguate) Even better would be the real/actual time of the occurence if you provide your local timezone when reporting the issue (22:22) Your graphics driver setting for HoN (DirectX9) What you were doing at the time of the issue (as best as you can remember) - Playing hon! https://www.mediafire.com/file/bb2vfgmofx78q07/console.log/file
  6. What exactly makes her (supposedly) especially vulnerable to this compared to every other carry hero in the game?
  7. Not many heroes face this problem but this one of dark ladys biggest weaknesses, and that is Trees. She is one of the few heroes that if u dodge her via vision block for even 1 second it can be a huge disaster kind of like how the old swiftblade R used to work. My suggestion, Dark Blades. After attacking a target 3 times, applies a 1 second vision debuff to the target if she continuously attacks said target. [Does not reveal invise] Why 3 attacks? If its less then this would be a unnecessary buff to tdl as in late game she kills targets with very few autos, but in e
  8. Thanks for the feedback... My initial concerns were the following prior to his release: He would snowball out of control if his scaling wasn't kept in check somehow, and if his DPS and mobility for out-of-enemy-hero-combat situations weren't toned down (otherwise he'd be encouraged to play the same way as before, pure rice-farming, when that's not his greatest strength now) His W blink mechanic would be too oppressive in lane because of its low mana & cooldown spent, compared to other heroes and their mana cost to damage ratios However, there was no way of knowing thes
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  10. Definitely better/more interesting version than the agility one. General thoughts: His kit lacks a bit as he heavily relies on his autoattacks. While that was fine as a hardcarry, it does not fully fit his new role as initiator/tank/mageslayer. Basically he requires at least 2 core items (insa, sh) if he doesn't want to get fully kited. Until those items are obtained, he can be easily kited and disabled. The damage he provides is basically his W (120 if maxed out). This is underwhelming considering his role is played best as a core offlane hero. There are simply better pickups in mos
  11. I literally just tested it right now after seeing your post. It works fine. You know the heal/shield mechanic only works when dealing damage with those abilities to enemy heroes right?
  12. Nice you download the game but you get no icon for the game to start the game with can you guys fix this? I mean how are people suppose to play without an icon to even start the game with. Just to make this clear i download everything perfect and i get the game files and everything the only thing that is missing from it all is the HoN.Exe. Can't start when i downloaded the game very nice....
  13. Bramble isn't working at all now, Q doesn't proc Sheild and the E only props the additional damage without adding your attack dmg, hero doesn't have a shield spell to use now, totally useless hero now, win rate tanking and will likely bottom out at 45 percent. He needs to have his spells fixed so they work again.
  14. I am able to port objects in to blender, but I am unable to attach the textures to the model and create animations. Is anyone able to post a tutorial on how to attach textures to the hero model in blender and how to create some spell casting (QWER) effect animations?
  15. If you encounter the same issue as the person in this thread, please follow my instructions there.
  16. I suggest you reinstall the HoN client on your end to see if it resolves anything. I have queued USW servers to be restarted. That's all I can do on my end - this is considered a resolved issue.
  17. Ask @Sliferjam he requested it and I agree with him. Damage scales way faster on Bramble through this mechanic than any other permanent stat mechanic. That's why. And Bramble is still a menace even with this limitation - still a top tier MW hero. No need for changes.
  18. the best part was the 300-400 silver for game a day on previous events with the ursa bonus aswell but nah decreased yay
  19. Hey - I've merged your threads, since they are about the same issue and were created just a few hours apart. They don't. If someone gets "no response from server" when connecting to a game, the game doesn't get created successfully. However since people could provoke this (e.g. by plugging their network cable), it results in temporary bans if it happens to you twice withing a short time. It should not count to any other "leave"-counter, so the only downside is that it will ban you for a few minutes.
  20. The avatar discount coupons do not show after your heroes reach LVLs 2 or 11. The only way I have found to fix this is by relogging into your account, upon which they become available for use.
  21. Rift on gladi is just meme item build on lower brackets anyways
  22. Hello, I've been getting this message whenever I connect to a game. Region: USW & USE Console: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/971611/console.log OS: Windows 10 HoN Client: 64-bit Help please.
  23. Hello, this has been happening to me ever since I updated my game to the Christmas patch. I'm in queue for a game, then before I connect to a game, it tells me "No response from server". I would do this about 5 times and then the game temporarily bans me. How do I fix this? Region: USW & USE Console: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/971611/console.log OS: Windows 10 HoN Client: 64-bit
  24. After inseting my card details in storeI am getting: Connection Error, please try again Is this something what can be fixed?
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