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  2. почему я не могу войти в игру, разблокируйте пожалуйста
  3. Is there a way to dodge newly created accounts? I'll wait 20+ minutes for a queue so I don't get a new account player. The issue I've been running into lately is people creating new accounts and then throwing (doing literally the bare minimum to not get suspended or banned) so that they can get into a lower bracket; So then they can get "games faster" with the lower elo. I just had a game with someone who had over 500+ games. Over 1.0KDR/KDA. Over 400GPM per game. Over 50% win percentage. Gold II. Was queuing with a newly made account "friend" and they were pretending not to know how to c
  4. I would love if you guys could implemented to have all the owned alt. avatars a hero to the left of your default alt. As it is today you have to scroll through all avatars to see if you own any. This feels like a really simple and easy fix that would give some QoL to the picking phase. (Would also be cool if you could change the avatar of your hero for the first minute while in the pool. Last second swaps can make avatar changing impossible)
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  6. I've put a thousand warnings to read below because despite saying read below in like 10 different ways I still get so many DM's when the answer is right in the post, cmon fellas.
  7. You probably know but Polly and bramble ultis can have the same problem.
  8. I think that most issues of Adeve's cloak could be solved if the item had 3 recipes instead of 2, and making the cost cheaper (from 1100 to 750) From that point, values can scale better. Duration can smoothly go 3 - 4 - 5, damage reduction can go 15-30-45 and so on
  10. Nitro first ability is really useless in early and late game, here is my suggestion: Change his first ability function to: Target an enemy to enhance your attack with strong bullets and deals bonus damage on your attacks, 15/30/45/60 bonus damage. Change mana cost to 6/10/14/18. When overdrive is active, ballistic is auto-casted if you have enough mana, half mana while overdrive is active.
  11. Chat server has been reset to resolve this issue
  12. Imho generally it would be hard for a Gladiator to fight a Riptide. Riptide gains too much bonus armor from his passive being in the water. Gladiator can only take shots with his whip with true damage and then run back to hide. He cannot fight Riptide hit for hit. Also Riptide can evade your pitfall easily with his 2nd ability. I would say anyone with a lot of burst damage can beat Riptide mid.
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  14. It's like you don't put in consideration that he has freaking long range? and there are many heroes that can die in 2skill combo? git gud or how they say
  15. There you go: https://hon.fandom.com/wiki/Comparison_of_HoN_and_DotA
  16. Hey, I apologise if this is the wrong forum spot, but I am seriously interested. I love this character for her zoning-ish, auto-attackish play-style, or at least thats how I've been testing her out like. I feel her W is just ASol from League (the game I play, and started to play before HoN) but everythign else feels super great with her kit. I was wondering if there is another character, in a different game, that shares her kit nearly 1:1. Thank you!
  17. Bro, your rework is very nice, but this hero needs a change to survive more, any hero like Sand Wraith, grinex, night hound, nomad, every single assassin can kill flint beastwood really fast, 2 atks/skills and he is dead. He is one of the worst heros for 5x5 match, almost 40% win rate. If I see a flint on the other team, its like 100% guaranted win, because is really easy to counter flint and kill him really fast.
  18. I think it's a good suggestion. The same thing happened with Ichor W, where it was not applied through magic immunity to save allies.
  19. Okay my bad mine are minutes too lol Thanks for responding
  20. Free 45 day ban for me. EZ Tommy 2021-07-26 18:46:35 Hello, Developers are aware of the problem. We do not have any work-arounds at this time Sorry for the inconvenience Regards,
  21. I logged in and it says I have been banned for 62,753 minutes because I either left a match or failed to properly connect to one. Which is totally incorrect. Please reset these bans.
  22. My account cannot play matchmaking for 49,000 hours. Which is total of about 5 and a half years. When I put in a ticket; this is a known issue with the developers. Am I able to get any confirmation from the community that this is something that's happening to other peoples accounts too.
  23. Hello, as title says, I found it rather annoying not being able to cast prophets W on self/allies while shrunken/jera shield is on the target. It would be a great QoL improvement on the hero (and a minor buff). Considering he is not played too often anyway I don't see why this should not be changed.
  24. Variations on this idea was proposed before, and the biggest argument from FB was that preventing friend groups from playing together is a line in the sand. I do agree with this, especially as the Legendary-Immortal community has never been smaller or more connected. Still, this doesn't mean that we can tune MMR gains/losses commensurate with whether someone is Group Q or Solo Q, and therefore still allow their Rank/MMR to be a relatively accurate measure of their skill level.
  25. yes, we need something like that. Or my idea: Make it solo-q only from legendary rank upwards. Means once you reacah legendary you can only solo-queue. That would make the games much more interesting and would also show the "real" skilllevel of the players. Regards
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