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  2. Nothing new to offer but I like that you use your account, keep posting with that.
  3. Technically it's working as intended, as the targetscheme is "enemy_and_ally_other_nonlanecreep_willing_units" Design-wise maybe not, but low priority (it may not be fixed due to the complexity of the target scheme)
  4. I understand your point - I don't really need one either, I just install the libraries needed and that's it. However it's usually a bit more tedious to search all the libraries and fight with your distribution because it has an incompatible version of some library. The AppImage was meant to just bundle every needed library - but the same problem happened there as well: APIs changed and because of that even the bundled libraries don't work everywhere . There is always a way, you can't prevent anything from happening, but you can make it harder. It doesn't matter that much if you preven
  5. When controlling a Lane creep, Ophelia can not use her [W] Ophelia's Judgement ability on the controlled creep. I noticed this at the stage where opponents had large creeps due to us losing a full rax set on a lane so I took over some of their mobs and when they dropped low I randomly tried to send one back to base. It wouldn't even let me target the creep. This would make sense for allied lane creeps to be disabled (though tbh with heroes being able to at level 1 denie allied creeps, why not let Opheia send one back for lane control, as it would eventually show up at the lane anyway unlike
  6. Are there going to be new alt avatars in the future of HoN because i think the majority of players and new players want more alt avatars for an example Warchief or Xemplar
  7. I have a new hero suggestion. Name: Professor Trickster Ability 1: Injection - deals 150/200/250/300 damage and slows for 3 seconds. Ability 2: Viral plague - fears a target for 3/4/5/6 seconds. Ability 3: Green acid - deals 100/125/175/200 damage and stuns a target for 0.5/1.5/2.2/3 seconds. Ultimate: Heavenly flames - spawns fire balls around professor trickster and deals 200/400/500 damage to whoever the fireballs hit. Image: Wears a white costume (doctor costume), carries a needle and has black goggles.
  8. Thanks again Manu, is good to know it won't be a real problem, the warning only shows after playing a match when the gamelog is created, so just restarting the client will remove it I recently got a laptop where I tested the 64-bit and the multilib 32-bit HoN (and become aware the HoN client still had It) I thought the only MOBA available for 32-bit linux was awesonauts, that's why I'm checking it out. I'm using this 32-bit box since it's the one I used to try and test a pure linux without dual boot win after I got a critical malware/virus under windows 7, and I'll intend to use i
  9. The Linux client has worked great for the last 10 years (or 9?), the bash script still installs it fine on a sane distro, I see no need for the AppImage (but that's me anyhow). I'm glad it still recieves updates, my game-loading times has been without doubt the fastest in 99 out of 100 matches for years, running on a 2014 CPU with a not so fast SSD until quite recently with the new ryzen chips and amazingly fast m.2 drives. As for cheaters, there are ways to fake your HWID without virtualization, sure it takes some talent and dedication, but some seems to be willing to go that route, this
  10. Classic Soundtrack Replaces the in-game music with tracks from older versions of HoN. Credits to RedBear's music collection for making this possible. This mod does not require a mod manager to install. Do not load it as a .honmod or .s2z, as doing that severely reduces the game's framerate for some reason. Download link: classic_soundtrack.zip Installation instructions:
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  12. connection failed and cannot restore the game
  13. Many ideas that players present are good - that doesn't mean it's worth the priority or resources to actually implement them is all I'm saying, especially given our resource levels.
  14. Just because the others doesn't have does it not mean it's a bad idea. Well, VALVe has an inbuilt benchmark in their title "Counter-Strike: Source" in the mainmenu where it says "Stress Test". Basically just showing of certain areas of FPS in the Source engine, and then end out with the average, min and max FPS for those areas.
  15. This is why I love this game. Same as in Counter Strike 1.6. One guy can turn the whole match at a critical point. It's not quite what it used to be in this regard, but still among the most hardcore games out there for sure.
  16. You can open up Practice Mode and simulate that yourself if you want. Other MOBA games do not have this "benchmarking" option that you specify though. They would do the same thing to "benchmark" themselves.
  17. Usually in your case you get banned 24 hours at maximum I think . However if you get banned by GM it depends on your previous actions, the more you get ban the longer you have t wait.
  18. Idk if this exists already, but it would be good if there was a benchmarking tool with the K2 engine for HoN so that you don't have to join a game to benchmark yourself or spectate some other player. Could be multiple tests, like having multiple creeps spawned in the map, standard lane, teamfights etc.
  19. Uhh, I never had that with an actual file inside. I know that for some reason I most of the time got a warning about using mods - even when I didn't use any. Prevented me from playing SBT-matches when they were required to join SBT . Anyways: Mods are only forbidden if you're playing matches with Tournament Rules. Matchmaking does not use those! So you should be fine unless you're going professional . Also interesting that someone still is running 32 bit Linux Desktops. Even I stopped to do that eventually (5 years after I had 8 GB of ram inside of my PC).
  20. I guess that's a valid reason to use Shadow PC . But my options would still work, even in combination. You can buy a cheap PC and put it somewhere in your house - either put Windows or Linux on it (Mac OS will probably work too, but it's not as cheap ) and install Steam on both your Mac and that PC and use in-home-streaming for it. I know it's worse to have two things instead of one, but it's an option you might consider if you care for the better graphics and the battery drain enough .
  21. How about making it so that stats reset can set your MMR to any number from 1500 to the current MMR? This makes it so that you can drop rating (to find games faster), but not go all the way to 1500 where the games might not be enjoyable. Of course, implementing a cap on MMR would be even better.
  22. Hi, I'm currently testing on my slackware 32-bit machine but encountered the following warning: something about having mods enabled and won't able to play on some game modes, (not really an issue at the moment since I'm just bot gaming in order to re-learn how to play) but may be an issue If I want to play a real match in the near future. Is this just some bug or is there a way to disable the logger? The client have created two files from the previously bot matches: /home/lariesadx/.Heroes of Newerth/game/logs/ game_00000.log game_00001.log I didn't noticed if that ha
  23. Last week
  24. I'm on a Mac so I use Shadow PC for gaming. It costs $30 / month so it's cheaper and easier than trying to find a GPU. I found and tried the beta Mac client last night and it works well. It would still be nice to play on a VM instead since it can handle graphics better and doesn't drain the battery.
  25. Well, suit yourself. You may check my other threads for your inspiration in proposing the idea. I admit that I have some ideas inspired by yours, so keep posting.
  26. Regarding your Skrap tunnel ability-I like it very much that I have already thought of the same idea to Riftwalker's Ultimate... Riftwalker must have that ability in my opinion for two reasons: it's easy to be done for her; and she's a better candidate due to her abilities' description. Or maybe we can agree that Skrap&Vorax can get the same idea as Tremble&Boris while Riftwalker can make this available for her allies like doto2 Underlord's Fiend's Gate?
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