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  3. what u mean about nums lock? its normal la no broke and i was enable all mods in setting. iam play hon garena sea so i need that mods because mmr in hon sea not display right now. so what should i do ah?
  4. Did you make sure your nums lock key isn't turned off? Also, why are you using redundant mods? You don't need the 4.3 UI mod or the unhide rank. They're literally in the game.
  5. man u need see this. i dunno why when i press num1-num2 its not display in game. did i wrong put command? Which one step i wrong put the command? tell me pls
  6. If the stun is superior, it's fine if nomad buy SOTM himself but the problem is if his teammates give him Legacy buff, it's broken and annoying
  7. How about the fact the ElementUser himself said some heroes are ok to have lower winrates. Any hero can be viable if you buff the numbers enough, but we don't do that, mostly. Magebane is a hero that avoids all conflicts, playing hide and seek the whole game until he's an unstoppable 6 slotted machine. Forcing 5 enemies into chasing him, and 4 teammates into buying him time. That's one thing i don't want to experience, but you're entitled to your preferences. This particular change you want would increase frustration a lot, because it's gonna make Magebane even more slippery, more di
  8. Match ID : 160153593 Our team of 1400-1500s (me in queue with one other person) got matched up against a full team of players over 1700, and mostly 1900. How is that even possible?
  9. Yesterday
  10. use ctrl+f8 to open and close games console setsave vid_resolution 2560,1440 then restart game When fullscreen unsupported values may have odd/unwanted results. Extremely usefull if you have it windowed and want uncommon window size.
  11. Try deleting you "heroes of newerth" folder located in "my documents" folder I think (windows 10).
  12. Title says it all, maybe someone have some tip for me! Worked fine for many weeks playing at 2560x1440, happened after i closed the game to go for some dinner, came back and started the game again and the resolution was fucked, and its stuck at 1650x1050 as maximum, i have tried playing around with all the settings to see if it prompted more options and i have reinstalled the game and still have the same problem :/
  13. At my last match, with another nick, the match was 1200 to 1800 vs 1901 to 2000 mmr. Isn't balanced the MW? Obvious was a boring game with all giving up.
  14. The tutorial options I saw when I first ran the game have now disappeared, so I cannot try anything again. I am going to try a bot match and see if things work better.
  15. So I just installed the game. I run it for the first time and pick the tutorial game. After selecting a champion I am presented with a view of a monster that doesn't look like my champion. I try to get it to do something by clicking all over the place, left clicking and right clicking. After a minute I realise that I am not viewing my champion, I am viewing what appears to be the enemy base. The minimap shows my champion running in. He shows up on the screen...and dies. My champion respawns at base. I open the menu and check options. I remap "Centre" to the space k
  16. any updates on the shadowblade? or any of the avatars? :))
  17. I downloaded the Linux client from https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/31-mac-linux-clients-unofficial-downloads/. I installed it to /usr/game/HoN. So far so good. I ran the link that appeared in the menu. Nothing happened. I examined the menu entry to determine the program being run: /usr/games/HoN/hon.sh. I ran it manually: warning: The VAD has been replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) Major opcode of failed request: 1 (X_CreateWindow) Value in
  18. oh you are right, its the SotM, disregard my comment please.
  19. Update mod? My step like this. I open hon mod manager > set the link file hon > open mod file > i copy macro assit file into file hon mod manager > press F5 > and macro assist was available in hon mod manager then i enable that then i apply mods and i open hon. Its work for setting mods for macro chat but not work when i use ingame even i was click enable and set hotkey ingame
  20. Just macro assist. Try right click > update mod, then enable. Or disable mod, then enable it again, and then click apply mods and launch hon
  21. I'm very confused about your post, if possible please explain how magebane is frustrating to play against? or how it would become frustrating to play against if he had a shield that would depend entirely on player skill to be useful? I don't believe putting any hero below the winrate curve is intentional, it simply happens due to balance, every X amount of time, balance occurs to change the meta of the game, having the same meta all the time can become boring. The point of reworking heroes is to innovate or fix mechanics that are currently not useful in the meta and can't become usef
  22. I didn't see that in the tooltips (or the advanced ones). It is the SotM effect so that could be what you're getting mixed up with (or I missed something).
  23. How do that? I still not work when i use chat macro. What file u need in hon mod manager? Actually u need macroassist file. And what else file?
  24. Actually, never mind - I just tried it randomly again in a game and now it actually works. I have not changed anything really so not sure what happened there. But it works now! xD
  25. Yeah, it's pretty much the same for me. If you can see the mod in the settings, then it's definitely applied by the modmanager. For me it just doesn't do anything when I press the hotkey assigned to the Macro - I tried all line macros and it just doesn't do anything in game. Might be something in the control options or the client we are using that just doesn't work anymore.
  26. Can't wait for the tournament...
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