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  2. And when RNG gives the enemy team Flint, Devo, Prisoner, MoA, etc... such fun.
  3. I'll repeat the last post. Is that possible? I'd like to see the game as much "classic" as possible. Way to much cringy stuff these days to my taste. I'm curious about announcers replacement too. I want to hear the old man
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  5. You can choose to follow my advice or just not play HoN. The choice is yours. You seem to have largely misinterpreted/took my response the wrong way. I would advise reading it again - HoN by default only has the 32-bit client on our website. In a separate forum thread, the 64-bit client is technically in open beta, but it's been stable ever since the previous patch.
  6. I think u are not aware of anything, I didn't choose anything. my system is 64 bit but ur client downloaded a 32-bit update. hon born because of warcraft dota's old, now hon is old but u don't care. I just wanted to play hon for old times' sake but u ruined my weekend time. You didn't even apologize, you weren't even ashamed because this kind of problem is normal, right? I know u are not from the developer team, ty for respond
  7. Download the 64 bit client instead. We're aware of the issue with the 32-bit client. There are some technical issues we need to resolve before we can properly rebuild a new installer for it.
  8. WHOAAAAA ıt started from scratch zero. HAVE A NICE DAYS GUYS. I WILL PLAY DOTA SEE YOU
  9. And also useless text editor removed my writings after i uploaded image link #$*%&
  10. I'm all for "All Random" or "Balanced Random" in all modes. Imo they are way more fun because this doesn't only apply to MidWars. However All Random has been removed from both game modes (even before single draft, in case of Foc) because apparently people find it worse to have an equal chance of having the strong heroes than to let people pick them . So I guess we tried that, but without way more players again, it's probably not gonna happen. You could host public games with AllRandom I guess - if you're willing to wait for an hour for the game to fill up.
  11. I can't remember that EVER having been a thing... Not on retail at least. PRISONER had a version where his Shackle would be applied to the closest nearby opponent hero. GLACIUS had a version where Staff would allow his ult to teleport to a location and begin casting it.
  12. I stopped playing FoC when all I had were players not wanting to play as a team. Too many lost games, one after another, too much shit making the map not fun at all. I don't mind losing if I had fun, almost equal chances like the enemy. Long ago they tried to make Midwars hero stats different to FoC, but changed them back due to learning curve of new players. Why don't they apply this to the items as well? Jade Spire, Icon of the Goddess, Grave locket. Midwars is already a fast paced, imbalanced mode.
  13. I've mentioned this a few times before I think, but I thought I'd make a fresh new post, see what other people think about this. So how would people like the idea of bringing back the King Klout version that we had for a brief moment, where his Q would target the closest target to him, and his ulti was a 700 range jump that would hit in a fairly large AoE? I fucking LOVED that version of him, and I would definitely like to see him back in that form. Anyone else share my sentiment, or am I alone in this?
  14. Fixed for next patch
  15. Yesterday
  16. I would just like to point out that the link to the discord server is giving an error. I've tried both from the link in this thread and also the initial welcome page.
  17. Transfusion doesn't deal magic damage in an area around ichor if disjointed.
  18. I have edited your post as it is not allowed to publicly call out other players. Please read our rules before posting and please use the in-game report function!
  19. publicly calling out players on the forums is not allowed. use the ingame RAP function to file a report against the player, make sure to mark the timestamp of the most severe manipulation and include a proper description.
  20. Good luck to all the applicants!!! Upon acceptance you will receive a friend request from me on Discord.
  21. hello please ban the player *******. this player repeatedly spoils the game he manipulates the statistics in the game he does not help the team but only hinders intentionally does not help the team here is a match for you as an example it is simply unbearable *******
  22. Fixed for next patch
  23. i played maybe 50 FoC games and 6500 Midwars games. Midwars is just a ton of fun to me wile i would rather get a burning iron injected in my anus, because to me there is nothing more boring than a game of FoC well another way to solve the picking problem would be to do some kind of each team ban 5 heroes and then all Random mode. But i guess you are right, the problem is not that there are these imbalanced gamebreakers its those human trash that takes em every single game just to be sure to win easy or to prevent them from trying out new heroes. But what could on
  24. Doesn't preview the actual throwback wildsoul, but the default version of it. See photo down below for reference.
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