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  2. Go to Practice Mode, then when the map has loaded, go to Options -> search "Movable frame" and then you can edit the position of the movable frames there.
  3. Yeah and like... you can get Savior skins in the Silver Chest! SO cool!!!
  4. except that it's purpose is to help you avoid damage, thus it's defensive. being a "wingbow" is just a design flavour, might have aswell been a helicopter hat it's about what attributes it contains (not the stat ones!) and they are of defensive nature.
  5. Plinko the most cost effective way to get avatars.
  6. Please don't discount Plinko, I sent like a bad amount of money on it in the last week or so...
  7. This is 99% the issue. Do a full uninstall and download the Hon64 client.
  8. Seems like Plinko should get a 10% discount to 49 gc to keep it even.
  9. old riptide and bramble would be nice.
  10. POG Avatars would be much appreciated as well! kotf for example.
  11. Hello, Im not sure, this installation is pretty old and I used some mods many years ago, but I cant find any mod manager, to check if there is something installed Thank you for your reply, unfortunatelly my resolution is properly set, so I wasnt able to fix my issue this way :))
  12. Yea, I'm having the same problem. I'm playing only on EU and I got 150-200 ping. Usually I got 70-100 ping. And there is also a problem in finding a matches, when it is entering in the game it dc me from mm. They rly need to fix that asap.
  13. If Legionnaire taunts someone who is disarmed while they are using a homecoming stone (Not Post Haste) it won't interrupt it until he walks out of their attack range or until the disarm wears off despite the taunt effect perplexing them.
  14. The client is rlly good . I have like 120-160 fps. Problem was the migration of the servers
  15. Just play the 32 bits client then xD
  16. I had liek 5 k silver and bought ursa flux . I had 30% off with the cupon but it didnt work and i bought the flux for 4.5k when i should have bought it for 3150 silver I think. Is there anything I can do?
  17. I would like to take a moment to talk about Bloodborne Maul. I personally love the design of the item - it's gritty, savage, red, metally, and it fits a strength hero to wield it. Even the philosophy behind it - pure strength item, health/damage focus, and you gain damage as you take punishment - perfect. However - there are a few, in my opinion, design miscalculations and changes over the years that hinder the item from reaching its true potential. Let me explain it from my perspective; Issue #1: The item is a late-game item, meaning you will probably
  18. @HyperXewl thanx, yes i would like assistance with this issue. Can you please send me a new discord invite? Seems like the one you sent has expired.
  19. Hello, You will be able to play after 2020-11-25 11:23:46 And for similar and future cases, please don't open a thread if you already made a ticket, you should ask your questions there!
  20. It really does, ty! :). I would like to see bramble
  21. The end goal is to eventually have all the throwback avatars in the store yes. But the purpose of this thread is to see if there are any high on demand throwbacks that people want to come out sooner than others. If there's a good enough reason behind why people would rather have X over Y, then I can add that avatar to the next patch. We're trying to give the game more content by not releasing a large amount of avatars that get released each patch. Hope that makes sense.
  22. my address has been blocked, I already spoke to the Rap of Hon, I was told that I could play after 5 days, but I already pass more than the indicated time, I already complied with the sanction, I hope and they can let me return to the game
  23. Yesterday
  24. Smilie changed the website's error message so that it does not wrongfully display it.
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