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  2. I'm really happy to hear that. I understand very well what you mean by his main problem, as I believe I experienced it first-hand by having to buy items from all the spectrum of attributes (Agi, Int, Str). It may be contrary to my current opinion, but to my eyes it is fortunate - as I just wanted to see Adrenaline changed for the better, be it drastic or moderate changes. I'm really looking forward towards the next patch, uncovering the new methods to be used with the future changes
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  4. I noticed that Adrenaline was missing the Blue "Crystal" looking Avatar. Don´t know what´s the plan with those Avatars.
  5. Jungle Heroes need to have a place in game. You may dislike it but some people not. You cant force the meta destroy the jungle so everyone will go 2-1-2. No matter how you nerf or buff those neutral creep, there is still people keep picking jungle heroes and you must deal with it They are part of this game.
  6. Game before he was vs the all the same guys and went 0-18 with Succy. Probably slept his teammates constantly.
  7. Match ID 160732346 I haven't seen a legit plant in a long time. But yup. As you see that Zephyr is constantly trolling games for the same group.
  8. I skimmed through this thread and I can safely assume you are stuck in some rank like gold, where basically everybody plays for themselves. Thing is, 2-1-2 is still the most viable meta and junglers in team are most of the time, just soakers. When I dual Q, me and my friend usually go dual long because it is fun. Also you mentioned that jungle meta was never more popular which is not true, 1-2 years pre 4.0, every game literally consisted of a jungler which is what I hated, because it was boring. Basically to sum up my thoughts - I think this meta in terms of lanning is rea
  9. We had 2-1-2 meta from like 2016/2017 (whenever Orb of Zamos was implemented into the game), so the last 4-5 years of the game. Before that we had the jungle meta - now we should theoretically have a healthy split of them. The issue is that you feel that despite this split, you're not having a good time with junglers on your team & that experience is largely subjective. It's fine to start a discussion on it as long as you're aware of that fact - I don't agree with changing anything right now.
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  11. You were asking for a discussion on a topic you brought up. If that's the outcome I can only wish you all the best for your future endeavors. I don't really know what you expected - nobody officially stated that there won't be any changes/nerfs to the jungle. But it's highly unlikely that a full transition into a 2-1-2 meta will happen in the near future as it would require a lot of work and isn't really a desired approach anyway.. It may have worked out for games like Dota2 but it also required a lot of work and changes. Plus the goal should be to have every hero being playable/viable.
  12. So 3 days ago I was getting ready to buy both Legendary Valkyrie and Shinobi Monkey King at once (I've been saving up 9k for a while). And I noticed that they were unavailable... After that I noticed that every single Limited/Gold/EA avatar has been made unavailable. They were available up until the honmas event ended (I literally lucked out for a day or two). I was just curious why this decision was made after nearly 2 years? Or if anything, an announcement would have been nice. I would have put in an extra couple of hours to get the silver before they got "closed off". Is it possib
  13. Try this, install HoN x64 base version into a **SEPARATE** folder and don't update, instead go straight to practice mode and look at mid lane directly with nothing happening ( empty practice game, NO bots. ) Then do same on main installer, this way u can identify if the patch REALLY caused it.
  14. Ok, since I am stupid and all my game experience and opinions are worthless I guess I just quit playing the game. Simple solution. Not gonna waste your or mine time anymore. Hf
  15. I was playing as Andromeda vs Bushwack, used a stun and one autoattack, managed to taunt him before the creeps killed him, and after he died got a message in the chat saying that "Legion pwned PlayerName's head". 7:22 on game timer 12:14 on replay timer Match id: 160729742
  16. personally i don't use heroes that can make good use of grimoire or elders but i think these 2 items are good and a good pick. Perhaps Grimoire does need perplexed after using it, but the item itself is now something you can indeed consider to pick up.
  17. Does PSR mean to be Public game rating? I think you just need to create a lobby game and see your PSR there.
  18. Also grants True Strike and makes attack ignoring deflection. Thought Process: Dota does this (minus deflection) to give the item more worth. Grants the optional item to counter evasion and miss chance. Bonuses
  19. The main problem really is multi-attribute dependency (reliant on all 3 too much). Unfortunately (contrary to your opinion that is), we're going to do more drastic changes to his primary attribute next patch. Even with your changes only on their own, it would still make him too dependent on every attribute to do his job properly & would not solve the problem for the average player that plays him (compared to a specialist/devoted player like yourself). It's possible he may be a bit overtuned next patch, but time will tell. I personally don't think he will be. Thank y
  20. I share the same experience from these 2 quotes. It's just bias, and I'm trying to be as unbiased as possible. Dota2 & League of Legends shops are just as "bad" (if you want to view it that way) as HoN's in the sense that you have to know what you're getting. Dota2 has suggested items when you play a particular hero though, and so does HoN & League of Legends. As a new player to the game, why not follow the hero guides until you are more familiar with customizing what items you want to buy in particular? It's really not that hard. Oh, but you want to
  21. Only playing MW... Moira - brokenly strong initiator that can take all the mana from a hero like Armadon or Dr. making them useless. Just rush pk immediately (after power supply) and use illusion to avoid any personal risk when possible. I used to hate her and didn't get the hero now she's my fav. But since nobody plays her everyone complains the moment they start losing games. And sadly she's only a carry very late with early pk/staff, so if team can't fulfill other roles you still gonna lose. Ellonia - make sure you are tanky enough for any dive and you can sit around making mid range
  22. I log into my main account. go to purchase sub account, type in new name, password, confirm new name. but there is no option to proceed past this point. am i just missing something?
  23. Just had my friends trying to get me to play Dota2 and their shop felt like a nightmare imho - tried to hotkey store to B button, didn't work, can't seem to hotkey the shop - no idea how to open the shop finally discovered it's the gold in your lower right - no idea what items I need or how to find em it's all a big bunch o icons - can't quick buy a part by clicking the major item - seemingly no item buy hotkeys - secret shop is needed to buy half the items you want etc etc nightmare
  24. Are you sure that the Dota 2 shop is so much more intuitive than HoN's or do you just feel that way because you're used to it? Whenever I play Dota 2, I have no idea what I'm buying.
  25. ok here is the thing what dota does is, it makes everything that has nothing to do with playing the game, intuitive. shopping is very fast and need no knowledge at all as an new player. the knowledge what items really are an great combination for your character comes after many hours of gameplay. Why have they done this? because an high learning phase at the beginning is frustrating. and the engine of hon or the script language, is not that hard. i am sure it would be easy to have this "is shop is open and player hold alt+click left mouse button on Item in inventory, the
  26. So the closer we get towards the next patch, and the more games I play with Adrenaline - I'd like to give an update regarding to where I see Adrenaline. As of now, I have played a total of 123 games with Adrenaline ever since he was reworked, of which 46 are won games and 77 are lost games - standing at a total of 37.4% win rate. (Which is an improvement, I may say, since when I was at the 50 game mark - I stood at ~28-33% win-rate). Most of the games are at the 1600-1900 MMR bracket. What I can say is - the better I get with the hero, the better I know his limits, his interactions
  27. It's fairly easy to counter jungle players. Simply put some pressure on them. A strong dual lane, some offensive wards, even a suicide like grinex/scout/nh is a pain if you have a legio trying to get his PK. The biggest disadvantage of jungle heroes is that they lose their impact really quick. E.g. if legio does not manage to get his PK in time (~7-11min), he will not get "easy" kills on the enemy carry. If he does not get easy kills on the enemy carry, the enemy team will have a huge farming advantage at that time as their carry was free farming and a possible dual lane contested your c
  28. I can say the same thing for Dota2 or even League of Legends for items - if you only have icons to work off of & are new to the game, the exact same issues are there. You do in fact have to go through every single item to see exactly what they do. FYI in HoN you can also search by keyword for terms similar to Dota2 (like "hex" - that will bring up Kuldra's Sheepstick, or "bkb" - that will bring up Shrunken Head).
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