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  5. Stumps.honmod: https://trello.com/c/LuCiacXx/15-stumps
  6. Το Nike Blazer για άλλη μια φορά θα κάνει μια βόλτα στην άγρια πλευρά με μια άλλη νέα εξωτική επιλογή να εμφανίζεται online σήμερα. Συνεχίζοντας από τα χρώματα Cheetah και Snakeskin, αυτό το Nike Blazer Mid "Zebra" ακολουθεί τα βήματά τους χρησιμοποιώντας αποκλειστικά το Swoosh και την πίσω επένδυση για αναδυόμενα μοτίβα. Εδώ, φαίνεται ελαφρώς βαμμένο σε ένα δασύτριχο ουδέτερο σουέτ, ενώ αφήνει ολόκληρο το υπόλοιπο του παπουτσιού για ένα απλό άσπρο nike blazer πώληση rapid συμπεριλαμβανομένης της επωνυμίας. Οι επικαλύψεις στο μπροστινό μέρος του ποδιού υποθέτουν ένα λείο δέρμα στη θέση του τυπ
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  8. So you are saying if i dont have friends online i cant play for fun? I should always pick my strongest hero and do my best to win every time cuz thats fun to you? I should never go the items i want but the items i know will work better in the game? I cant get a kill if i know i will die afterwards and its not worth it even if its fun? You sound like a dictator telling others how they should play in a game where the main purpose is to have fun, ridiculous.
  9. I understand where you are coming from, because when I am on the other side of the coin it does not feel nice at all when somebody is attempting unconventional strategies and failing, or simply me lacking the knowledge of how to adapt to it. Calling it a one-off miracle work is far from the truth however, since when you Master such strategies and gain the knowledge of when and how to use them, it becomes fairly consistent. That being said, I don't think I have good decision making skills. I think I have quite bad decision making skills; I am very stubborn and unrelenting, and sometimes I
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  11. If he griefed e.g. refused to participate, report him using the game client. The screenshot doesn't show any abuse. Besides it's against the forum rules to call out players and you risk an infraction.
  12. Depending on how old your account is and how long you use the email, there was a data breach back in 2012 if I recall correctly. If you use the same credentials, it's possible.
  13. There's none, as leaving is not a bannable offense except in situations Frostburn deems as abuse.
  14. Is any chance that this player and like hi will get permanent ban?
  15. Is there any terrain mods? I assume that only visual aestethics or diferent terrain details is the only thing that could be allowed, im not even sure if its alowed to play online servers with diferente terrain textures or trees, thanks guys
  16. You are free to explore your unconventional metas as much as you wish if you have friends that support you in your decisions. Doing so in a solo que where people expect familiar actions they can work with will always impact the rest of the team negatively. They are not expecting bizarre strategies nor can they benefit from this experience just because a one-off miracle worker succeeded at something when most of the time it won't be the time nor place to attempt any such unusual strategy at everyone else's expense. Sure, the examples I've given may not be perfect, but that doesn't change t
  17. With a decent mail-provider spoofed mails should be filtered out, but I guess a lot don't really do it. Anyways, you should contact the support with this information. Technically a breach in HoN will not sent mails from your mail-accounts (since you don't have one ending with @heroesofnewerth.com) but could leak the address you registered when you created your account. No password or any further access. That could be different for staff-accounts, though.
  18. Limiting freedom in a game its never good.
  19. Someone is impersonating me and sending abusive emails. The emails refer to HoN and purportedly come from one of my gmail addresses. Google says there's been no sent mails and no activity (which is fair because I don't often use the email address). I am not sure what happened and if my Google account is actually compromised. If it is, the hacker apparently didn't damage anything. I will be changing my passwords, but in the meantime: can you check if there was a HoN data breach that leaked the emails?
  20. Too controversial. Too ambiguous. I am often accused for off-meta strategies, trolling, griefing, and everything your mind can think of. One of my strategies was a 5-wave Night Hound Sui stack into self-t3 push into denial of enemy carry farm space. Sometimes you need to push the carry lane, sometimes you want to. Sometimes other players refuse to listen so you type a lot. Sometimes entering the same scenario 15 times with the hope to win, only ending up with 15 deaths can be overly optimistic. Sometimes the 1 player knows better than the other 4 players in the te
  21. If player starts typing 1000 word per minute and can't shut up -> suspension for being disruptive If player enters more than x encounters without a care in the world and accrues more than x deaths -> suspension If player doesn't understand lane mechanics and starts pushing lane to put carry at a disadvantage -> verbal warning -> suspension for repeat offenders If player is repeatedly addressed in chat to cease performing actions that put team at a disadvantage resource-wise -> verbal warning -> suspension for repeat offenders. Know-it-alls can be mitigated by educatin
  22. And how would you classify those actions? every game is different and sometimes afk farming may be trolling or may be the best curse of action to win the game. A lot of times lower mmr players will trashtalk or call troll a player who is legitimaly trying to win cuz they dont understand basic strategy or cuz they wanted you to die with them for no reason after they screw up, cuz despite being 100 mmr lower they think they know better, and then theres no surprise if the other player refuses to carry their team to victory. Thats what i call real toxicity.
  23. Same issue here. Can someone check?
  24. It's heavily recommended to play HoN over Ethernet & not via Wifi (due to the latency-dependent nature of the game). Just wanted to put that out there.
  25. Im so happy to finally see my favorite hero Fayde get a staff effect. This is awesome!
  26. I might be off here, but your problem sounds very similar to a problem i used to have before. My solution involved changing your wireless card properties to only connect via 5ghz, as opposed to 2.4ghz. If your wifi and card are similar to mine its very possible you have a wireless card that will connect to whatever wifi it finds. By changing the properties on your wireless card to only connect via 5ghz you will be rid of these microlags. Here is a video that explains it step by step. Maybe it will help you same as me:
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