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Current Donation Goals

Mac 64-bit Client (Catalina, Big Sur)

Since the release of the HoN 64-bit Client, we will strive to develop and release the Mac 64-bit Client to be compatible with the modern MacOS platforms (e.g. Catalina and Big Sur) as soon as we can!

Anything donated here will help speed up development of this Mac Client. We appreciate your donations as always!

Raised 945.02 USD of 1,000.00 USD target

Server Upgrades (R&D)

Donations contributed here will focus on the following features in terms of Research & Development:

  • Stability and quality upgrades (e.g. DoS protection, hardware upgrades, bandwidth quality upgrades)
  • 64-bit HoN Client for an official public release. Benefits of this client include:
    • Increased in-game FPS, faster load times
    • Official client & support for modern Mac OSX (e.g. Catalina latest releases) and Linux clients (Ubuntu and Debian latest releases)

Raised 3,545.05 USD

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