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    Official HoN League Press Release

    Announcing HoN League!

    I am proud to announce what will soon be the first established League for Heroes of Newerth. We are proud to be working with S2 Games on the development of their In-house League System which will make HoN the best competitive game since Counter-Strike. The minds behind some of greatest DotA leagues (DXD & IHCS) bring HoN to the next level of competitive play

    HoN League consists of two tiers of play, each with their own HoN In-Game League Channels:
    * HoN League [HL]

    * HoN League Invite [HLi]

    Channel HoN League :
    This is for skilled players who have earned the right to call themselves a competent player. Each HoN League player is required to know all of the heroes in HoN, as well as attain a higher level of skill and teamplay. Getting vouched in HoN League requires a try out game, and being accepted by one of our vouchers.

    Channel HoN League Invite :
    This league is for professionals, and HoN e-Sport recognized players. This channel will consist of many DotA "professionals" in this channel and the vouchers will be top tier HoN Players, as well as, internationally recognized for top tournament placements.

    HoN League is not only just the greatest experience for HoN play, it is your source for HoN e-Sport news, articles, coverage, events, tournaments and interviews with your favorite Professional HoN players.

    Currently the HoN League Channel is open for support, and questions before the official closing of the channel to invite list only. Feel free to stop by and ask questions.

    HoN League Features:

    * HoN League In-Game algorithm with advanced match making, in game statistics, and high skill level requirements on both [HL] and [HLi]
    * Sponsored Seasons with Cash Prizes & Gamer Gear
    * Sponsored Tournaments with Cash Prizes & Gamer Gear
    * Integrated Facebook Account Registration, posting, and can post
    threads to your facebook.
    * Integrated Twitter updates for HoN e-Sports news, Articles, Interviews, & HoN League Updates.
    * More coming soon...

    GameRiot News about HoN League:

    You can find us in IRC @ Quakenet Channel: #honleague

    Follow HoN League on Twitter!

    Also on ventrilo: Port: 3903

    *edit: Staff List:
    Those are the staff members of HoN League, direct any queries to them.
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