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    Legionnaire Entombed: Chaser/Pusher



    Skeletal Giant Appearance:

    Ghoul Appearance:

    Alternate Name: Undertaker, Risen.


    (Primary)STR: 24(2.6 per level)
    AGI: 17(1.6 per level)
    Int: 19(1.5 per level)

    Affiliation: Hellbourne

    Range: Melee.
    Move Speed: 310.
    Damage: 42-59.
    Attack Speed: 0.55

    I'm no great shake on attack animations and casting animations, but his attack animation should be decent for it's damage point, but his casting animation should be rather bad.

    Story: Once a cowardly foot soldier in the Legion armies, Entombed committed suicide in an attempt to escape corruption at the hands of the Hellbourne. The Hellbourne's necromancers had other plans, however, and he now serves as a shock trooper in their unholy armies. His fear has been turned into hatred, and his cowardice into power. His first hand knowledge of pure dread allows him to force it upon even the bravest enemy soldier, and his mastery of undeath allows him to drag his enemies into the waiting hands of his allies. Entombed is such a vicious foe that he can even make his enemies consider the same folly he did.


    Q(Death's Reach)
    Range: 500.
    Mana Cost: 150/170/190/210.
    Despite his bony appearance, Entombed is filled with Unholy strength. Slamming into the target enemy, he can knock them away from him, or into his waiting allies.
    Entombed charges at the enemy, knocking them 450 units in the direction Entombed is coming from, and filling them with horror.(If you're facing away from them, you'll turn around to face them. It's possible to charge into them from behind or from the side, though.)
    Horror Effects
    Slows you by 15/25/35/45%, and deals 1/2/3/4 damage per second for every enemy within a 600 Radius.
    Cooldown: 30/28/26/24 seconds.

    "Don't you know who I am? You must not know who I am."
    W(Dread of the Grave)

    Range: 500 yards.
    Entombed's skeletal visage and unspoken promise of what becomes of those who fall to the Hellbourne horrify his enemies and inspire his allies.
    For every 3% of their maximum health enemy heroes within a 300/400/500/600 radius of Entombed are missing, they are slowed by 0.50%, and take 0.75% more physical damage.
    This effect is passive. Press W to turn off the aura.

    "You're already dead."
    E(Unholy Wave)

    Range: 500/650/800/950
    Mana Cost: 160/180/200/220.
    Waving his unholy sword, Entombed sends forth a burst of dark energy in a line ahead of him.
    Entombed sends forth a shockwave from his sword, which is very wide (300) but travels somewhat slowly. (If he were to cast it from max range, and you had vision of him, you could very easily dodge it on reaction) It does not dissipate when it hits a unit. This shockwave deals 60/90/110/130 damage, gaining speed, 8 damage, and width with every unit hit. It gains speed and width when it hits allies, but only 4 damage, and does not damage them.
    Cooldown: 24/22/20/18 seconds.
    "Swallow your Soul, Swallow your Soul!"
    R(Summon Skeletal Giant)

    Range: 150.
    Mana Cost: 250/300/350.
    Calling upon the necromancy granted to him by those who raised him, Entombed summons a large skeletal giant 150 units in front of him. The summoning itself deals no damage and has no averse effects on nearby enemies.The Skeletal Giant lasts 50 seconds or until killed.
    Cooldown: 140 seconds.
    Skeletal Giant Stats:
    Health: 1300/1600/1900
    Damage: 40-40/60-60/80-80
    Attack Speed: 0.59
    Range: Melee.
    Move Speed: 280.
    Gives 70 gold when killed. (90 in EM.)
    Q(Ghoul Swarm)

    The Skeletal Giant itself is capable of raising the dead. Every 5 seconds, summons a ghoul near five random enemies within a 700 radius. If less than five enemies are in range, summons the remaining ghouls directly in front of the skeletal giant.
    This effect is passive.
    "Say hello to his little friend's little friends!"
    Ghoul Stats:
    Health: Dies in 3 attacks from creeps and towers, and 1/1/2 attack(s) from heroes. Unaffected by all AOEs except an allied Entombed's Dark Wave, and splash damage effects. (Hammerstorm's passive, Runed Axe, Whiplash, etc.)
    Damage: 1-5.
    Attack Speed: 2.00
    Range: Melee.
    Gives 5 gold upon death. (7 in EM)


    Summon Skeletal Giant + Ghoul Swarm + Dark Wave would be a deadly AOE in a teamfight.
    Death's Reach + Allies + Dread of the Grave would be guaranteed gank. This is balanced by the somewhat hard positioning on Death's Reach.
    Death's Reach + Summon Skeletal Giant knocks them into range of your ghouls, and might even let your somewhat slow giant get a couple of whacks in.

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