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    Chat Macros

    I got this suggestion from another game, the anime-style golf simulation Pangya.
    I really don't like this game but It has some interface features that will be a must have in HoN.

    The one I'll talk about in this thread is the integrated chat macros system.

    How does it work?

    It's really easy, we will have some key bindings that will automatically write things in chat.
    In Pangya they are the F keys by default, I think that they are really comfortable this way, but in HoN the devs can make them bindable as the player prefers.

    In HoN it will work like this:
    we will have a specific section in the options "the macro section" where we can set-up the sentences that will be written in chat and see the key they are linked to,
    something like:


    (F1)[Missing from action top ](TEAM)
    (F2)[Missing from action mid ](TEAM)
    (F3)[Missing from action bot ](TEAM)
    (F4)[Good job! ](TEAM)
    (F5)[Good Luck have Fun! XD ](ALL)
    (F6)[Enemy team is noob ](ALL)
    (F7)[I'm back! Care. ](TEAM)

    then while in game we can press the button and the sentence will be automatically written in the chat panel

    if you have played Pangya sometimes you will know how great this feature is, if not, imagine how it can be used in HoN, you will need no more mods to automatically write misses and it can be used for almost any situation.
    just pressing a button and not writing all the mess.

    it can look difficult to remember which key is linked to which question, but trust me, as in Pangya, in few games you will remember them all.

    what do you think?
    my english is really bad please tell me if something is not clear
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    I also made a Mod for this. (link in sig)

    No need to be without this right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bangerz View Post
    I also made a Mod for this. (link in sig)

    No need to be without this right now!
    didn't know about the mod, I searched about another thread about this, but only in the suggestion forum XD so I didn't found it, good job really

    I hope the devs will make this as a new game feature, because if a noobish game like pangya can have its integrated chat macro system, we can have it too (and in HoN it will be 10 times more important and useful)

    any other comments?
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    even if there's a mod for this, vote yes if you like it to be implemented in the game, maybe if I get popular the devs will think about making this as new game feature

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