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    "Cancel Refresh" / "Stop Refresh"

    In order to represent the need for this suggestion, I have illustrated a probable scenario that has occurred to me many times in the past.

    1. Want to join a game: press refresh.

    2. Browse through all the appearing "ap" games and finally spot an "sd/bp/etc" game mode with all your desired extras (ab/low ping/non em)

    3. Try to click on that perfect game, however just as you make to click on it, the game is replaced in the list by an extremely non-perfect game, which you have just joined...

    4. Realize once in the lobby that this is not your desired game: disconnect.

    5. Go back to your game list and repeat steps 1 -> 5.

    I'm sure this has happened to many of you aswell, which is why the addition of a "Stop Refresh" button is needed. If this was included, the scenario would play out quite differently...

    1. Want to join a game: press refresh.

    2. Spot your desired game type.

    3. STOP!!!

    4. Join your desired game in a relaxed manner, without worrying about it disappearing.

    As I'm sure you can see, this would improve the joining games process significantly, which is why your should vote 'yes' so that this idea can be implemented.

    Also, I apologize if this concept has been raised before, a search for 'refresh' only brought up similar ideas, but not quite what I was looking for.

    Thank you

    Be able to stop refreshing so that you can easily select the game you spotted without it being moved around. Vote 'yes'.

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    come on people...


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    bumpity bump bump bump...

    dont let this die, its a must have.

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    you click on the game you like ONCE

    then you click on the join server button bottom right.

    if you happend to click the very second after a new game was added (missclicked) click on the game you want to join again

    really nothing to waste a second of programming time on...

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    just checking if my signature comes up
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