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    Don't see the need for runed axe on madman, you should be getting your gold from ganks

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    @billcosplay: Depends on how you play. If you follow this guide, yes. If you play him like a traditional carry (which is in my opinion even more valid than the ganker, because soloing mid with meele heroes has gotten harder), then you should be farming.
    And really, Runed Axe and Steamboots is all you need to do good DPS (which should be farmed by 20-25 mins, Runed Axe should be finished by the 20min mark or sligthly after). And farming with a Runed Axed Madman is a breeze
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    But yeah, it's simply retarded logic, that is very much incorperated by the esport community. If it isnt old n shitty to control, it aint skilled.

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    I got a question, not guide related though.

    Do you guys see madman still viable? Because he did get nerfed hard. Then slightly buffed. But could someone who knows, go through how bad the nerfs were ect.?

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    Also its the time spent clearing the stack that takes the time not the process of stacking

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    Madman doesnt need a runed axe at all imo. If you want to farm get nullstone. He has awesome skills to farm barral roll + 2 times stalck and your done with 1 creep wave and it takes around 5 seconds.. You can do the same with ancients..
    Hellflower works too but its much less effective since it gives 0 HP and madman is VERY squishy even with nullstone.

    For madman: Nullstone > Runed Axe.. Get Runed on heroes like darklady not on madman who has so much potential with his skillset.

    Tldr.: This guide should suggest nullstone, else madman cant farm fast enough early.
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