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    Matchmaking - EMMR a system for good players

    How about making a system for people who either win alot of matches in a row or have a really high win/loss ratio and make them get tried on a higher SMR than they've got?

    Would have to implement a Effective MMR(EMMR) and Win/Loss for this too work, since it currently only has the MMR to use when calculating how good someone is. It's not necessairy for EMMR and win/loss to be visible for the player but could be if thats what the devs want. I'd suggest not showing EMMR tho since MMR SHOULD be what's used for determing someones skillevel and since EMMR only is a fictional number of how good the player "could be".

    I also suggest that it isnt put into work unless the player have played more than X amount of matches. How much EMMR they should get should be depending on amount of matches played and win/loss.


    Adam have a SMR of 1500 and 0 win 0 loss.
    Adam plays a game at 1500 SMR.
    Wins and get +20 SMR.
    Adam have a SMR of 1520 and 1 win 0 loss.
    Adam plays a game at 1520 SMR.(No change yet)
    Wins and get +20 SMR.
    Adam have a SMR of 1540 and 2 win 0 loss.
    Adam plays a game at 1540 SMR.
    Wins and get +15 SMR.
    Adam have a SMR of 1565 and 3 win 0 loss.
    Adam plays a game at 1580 SMR.(15 added because of 100% win rate)
    Loses and get -15 SMR.
    Adam have a SMR of 1550 and 3 win 1 loss.
    Adam plays a game at 1565 SMR.(15 added because of 75% win rate)
    Loses and get -20 SMR.
    Adam have a SMR of 1530 and 2 win 2 loss.
    Adam plays a game at 1530 SMR.(Back to normal due to 50% winrate, no streak)
    Wins and get +15 SMR.
    Adam have a SMR of 1545 and 3 win 2 loss.
    Adam plays a game at 1555 SMR.(10 added because of 60% win rate)

    Numbers are just to make it easy in the example and should be thought through more thoroughly(wosh!).

    What would this change bring to the game?
    It would be that people with a higher skill level would be able to climb the MMR-ladder faster after resets and whatnot and dont have to get stuck at a inappropriate skillevel for a longer time.
    Would also be a tool against the common "pubstomping" which could arise when teams start playing. A team of 4 would most likely get tried on a higher skillevel quite fast if they're good and not have to worry as much about getting that last 1 random who doesnt know anything, assuming they dont get someone who has been carried to high MMR.

    Questions & Answers.
    Q. Someone got a really high Win/loss ratio while still being a bad player? will he continue to get tried on a EMMR higher than his current MMR?
    A. That would be very unlikely seeing how winning even 5 matches in a row while being so bad that you drag your team down would need extreme luck. There's no denying tho that it COULD happen so in those cases I guess players would either have to: suck it up since its a rare case and he will get a more balanced win/loss ratio over time or that the EMMR gets reset to his current MMR after losing say 2-3 matches in a row.

    Q. What if I'm a really good player but loses all the time due to my teammates being bad?
    A. This is a problem and this system does not provide a solution for you unfortunately, you would have to start winning matches since the system can't assume you're a good player when you lose, it's only a system.

    Q. Matching people up against a rating of 15 more than his actual MMR would make no difference.
    A. It would. And as I said earlier it's only a number for the example and should be changed. Maybe even create a table for getting appropriate numbers depending on what MMR the person is at so someone who is at 1600 MMR doesnt get tried on 1800 MMR. Having a person at 1670~ MMR getting tried at 1750 could maybe work tho, if he doesnt belong there he will lose and thus removing/lowering the EMMR.

    Q. What will happen to their MMR gain/loss when winning/losing matches?
    A. This suggestion does not make any changes to the gain of MMR not the loss, it only suggests how to faster match up people who are good against similair players.

    Feel free to discuss what you think is either bad, good or if you think this is a totally unnecessairy change and why. I'll try to update this first post if more questions arise that seem to be asked frequently.
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    Sounds almost entirely useless. The system is already set up to give you a lot of points really fast if you win a lot of matches.
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    I agree with losing making you lose points. I'm pretty sure current system does not do this.

    I view matchmaking as a faster way to set up games tbh. The system needs some tweaking though, since I think it's a bit silly atm (ie no points lost on losing)

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    Came here hoping to have a rant on how there should not be an EasyMode matchmaking pool.

    Oh how I was dissapointed.

    I however believe that this is trying to complicate without truly improving, like all rating systems:

    give it some time.

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