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    [Map] Elemental Tower Defence

    Hey everyone, I've recently had the notion to start making a copy of Elemental TD from WC3. Now this is going to be a long process and I?m going to need feedback(hence this post) So feel free to give me suggestions and what not, I'll add screen shots and information as I go.

    If you're interested I could use some molders to create models for towers.

    Game Info

    Building Towers:
    Buy Tower from shop
    Item Tower = x amount of gold
    Item Tower has 1 charge(like mana potion)
    Item Tower ability = to Engineer's turret ability
    Item tower radius = to tree radius on engineer's turret radius to trees(prevents stacking(I think), I know you wanted to)

    Element Towers:
    After killing an Elemental boss it drops an element shop item of the type of boss killed equal to level of boss killed. Place the item in the shop area and you will be able to buy that element.

    Upgrading is like courier upgrade. You have to buy the recipe and place it on tower to upgrade or combine in inventory before placing.

    Element mixing:
    Will be handled just like the recipes in game. Lvl 3 Element x + lvl 3 element X = Mixed element lvl 1. (I looking at at a way to implement this to a tower already on the ground, I believe it will work but haven't tried it. Giving tower and upgrade recipe to the tower on ground and then upgrading like a courier)

    Armor System:
    Not sure how this will be seen in game, but basically
    Hero= Water
    Range= Earth
    Siege= Nature

    Screen Shots!:P(just of terrain in the editor)

    These are a little old seeing how I had to make it bigger, but its still exactly how it looks

    umm that covers it for now, I'll try to keep this fairly updated with my progress(post below)

    You should play as Engineer, forgot to take other heroes out.....XD

    How to use this map:
    First thing you need to do is download it(here).
    Once you finished downloading just put the file you have into your HoN's map directory

    Things you might want to know: (This will get updated with feed back)
    Shops kill the trees to the top right of map and replace them with well the shop.
    There is only one wave boss per element, currently having problems implementing a three boss system:S
    Waves only go up to 35 and there is no counter atm, though expect one shortly(last wave is moon queen for the moment)
    "b" is the hotkey to open up the shop and accessories is the Composite shop.
    You buy bosses for the elements at relic shop
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    Change Log:

    1. Added the remaining waves(up to 61)
      *Note:Once the waves reach a certain hp they look like they don't have the full health. They do, but the game won't display this for some reason, but believe me they are still hard to kill.
    2. Fixed a few cosmetic bugs
    3. Added Arrow Tower Elements

    Okay Progress report
    Right now all I"m working on is getting the entities ready for the map:
    Last Change:3/2/10

    I currently have

    All Water Towers
    All Light Towers
    All Darkness Towers
    All Fire Towers
    All Earth Towers
    All Nature Towers
    Arrow Towers
    Wave Announcer System (credit goes to cartoonic)
    All Waves (No abilities are in the game yet)
    Creep Pathing (though had an error when I tried to teleport back to start)
    Terrain(Turned out much better than I imagined, but is still plain with few details, though I think I got the dimensions right)

    I currently don't have
    Alot of text reading and changes :'(
    Element Mixes
    advanced composite building and cannons
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    Armor System:
    Have a couple ideas for this, but not sure if either will work, and one is kinda sloppy.
    Idea 1) Apply buff to runner per element type and apply another buff per element on each tower. Now when buff type 'x' attacks buff type 'y' it amplifies damage by 'z%'
    So if water tower attacks a runner with fire buff the runner takes z% more damage from that tower.
    Idea 2)create a global aura per level that grants x% damage to towers of type 'y'.
    Example: Level 5 - Armor Type - Fire
    Great a global aura giving water towers x% more damage.
    Idea one will work just fine if you use a condition test to check for a state on the runner and amplify/reduce damage accordingly. It may vary slightly depending on how you're planning to set up the towers. As soon as the SDK is released it should easen it up by quite a bit. Good luck with your project.

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    Alright thanks for the information that was the one I was going to try and fall back on idea 2 after I had exhausted my limited knowledge

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    Armor types for HoN are listed in the file resources0.s2z\base.gamemechanics

    Not sure if you want to mess around with that, but I thought I'd let you know in case you want to take a look.

        <combattypes list="Hero,Melee,Ranged,Siege,Structure,Tower,Neutral">
            <combattable name="Hero">
                <attackmultiplier target="Hero" value="1.0"/>
                <attackmultiplier target="Melee" value="1.0"/>
                <attackmultiplier target="Ranged" value="1.0"/>
                <attackmultiplier target="Siege" value="0.5"/>
                <attackmultiplier target="Structure" value="0.5"/>
                <attackmultiplier target="Tower" value="0.5"/>
                <attackmultiplier target="Neutral" value="1.00"/>

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    I could ask Karawasa if he'd allow me to send you the terrain for the map (since I made it), if that would be helpful to you.

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    Edit:BlacRyu actually that helps a lot thanks Might not have to mess with buffs 7 armor types is what I needed, but I didn't think to count neutral as an armor type(I wrote the op while on campus at my college and couldn't look up the different armor types manually so just went with with the assumption that there wasn't 7

    By all means Isin do so, also if he would rather take over this project I will let him do so, I'm not trying to steal credit and planned to credit the makers of Elemental TD upon completion, I was just planning to make a tower defense that you could play solo and this one came to mind
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    This is great idea and if you can get the original creators approval/help with this it would be even better.
    Also couldnt you just make custom base.gamemechanics mechanics file and let the map use that one?
    Im asking because Im curious and dont know if you can do that.

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    awesome, please keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuichi View Post
    This is great idea and if you can get the original creators approval/help with this it would be even better.
    Also couldnt you just make custom base.gamemechanics mechanics file and let the map use that one?
    Im asking because Im curious and dont know if you can do that.
    I assume you could, but I'm not as good at this type of stuff as some people are and I'm kinda learning as I go, and asking alot of questions on IRC, Generally I understand how to change and edit values create skills, units, all that good stuff, but its more of the game mechanics that I haven't really tried to edit yet.

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    Just make the shop aura cover the entire map
    give towers infinite range to place them
    allow certain buff items on towers in combination with upgrading them? :P

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    Comments are in Quote and yellow:

    Quote Originally Posted by TarquinMitzi View Post
    Just make the shop aura cover the entire map That was the plan well atleast for the "composite" shop the element shops would only cover the players playing field
    give towers infinite range to place them Eh i might do this might not, if i don't it will be for nostalgia just because the builder in wc3 had to move:P
    allow certain buff items on towers in combination with upgrading them? :P What I meant by courier type upgrade,unless i misunderstand you here

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    Cant' wait for this to be out gotta love TD

    My hero idea: Grinder (Tank, Anti AoE magic)
    Hero contest: AGI Pusher: Nergal - AGI Pusher

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    Can you please post the version you currently have, because i really want to try it.

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    Unfortunately I don't have one to give atm, I just started this project well when I posted this, and the main reason for that is I figured if I put into writting what I was going to do and get it out to people I would have more motivation to finish when things started going wrong, and just to kinda help formulate everything in my mind and keep people up to date, but since you asked I will get working on a release now, though keep in mind it will be very very very very rough and incomplete. and things like armor was planned to be done once I got all the tower files created and shops and creep waves created.
    Anyway I hate to give a release date and then have to keep moving it back, so I'll just say I'm working on one and I will get it out as soon as I can Roozi.

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    Screen shots of the terrain i just completed

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    Well good news and bad news I ran a test last night and half the things I wanted to work didn't work, but I was able to actually load the map with correct starting gold and see some of my items, though they didn't work... I have this weekend off so Friday night and most of Saturday I will be working on it so hopefully I will have some significant progress by Sunday.

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    I think is better to wait for the editor to come. Its about 100x the effort to make without an editor. But TD ROX! Let the Tower Defense beginnnn!!!

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    Tower defense maps with 2 tower models currently in-game.


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