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    Death Star

    Death Star


    The Death Star is a MASSIVE space vessel flying high above in the endless space around Newerth. Bringing war to our beloved friends as they tap the screen in hope of beeing the holder of this humongous Hero in the select screen. It has been told many stories of how this spacecraft was created, and each of these stories comes down to one conclusion. . Which many belives to be the Dark Lord himself.
    Str: +5,000
    Agi: -1,000
    Int: +9,000

    Speed: 0.0092
    Range: +9,000,000,000,000
    Damage: OVER 9,000!

    Warp Speed - Q

    Range: 1,000/2,000/3,000/4,000
    Mana: 700/900/1200/1500
    Cooldown: 30

    With the power of it's massive lightspeed engines, the spacecraft is able to move all the way across newerth, bringing destruction to anything in it's path.
    Such as trees and critters, and anything else unlucky to bee in it's way.
    Magnetic Field - W

    Mana: 2,000/2,500/3,000/4,000
    Cooldown: 70
    Duration: 7/10/14/20

    The spacecraft, just as ANY other spacecraft contains the ability to shield itself with an enegry barrier, in this case it will deflect any incoming damage and return it to sender.
    Invasion - E

    Range: 9,000,000,000,000
    Mana: 5,000
    Cooldown: 60
    Duration: 9
    Ships: 1,000/5,000/9,000/20,000

    All in all this is also a carrier ship, so it contains thousands and thousands of Tie Figthers. These will invade an area on the map turning anything in it to bits and pieces.
    Death Ray - R

    Range: 9,000,000,000,000
    Mana: 9,000
    Cooldown: 160
    Area: 5,000/8,000/15,000

    With it's enormous laser beam, it is able to fire upon any selected area of the map, leaving very little left standing and a huge hole in the map. This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master, leaving only dark matter to be seen after fiered.
    Sound: ( a bit low, made with windows sound recorder )
    perfect LOOP sound in any condition.

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    Archive please.
    Immature child.

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    That immature child is way over the age limit of buying alcohol.
    Immature, i wouldnt say, just someone with too much time on his hands.
    It's a joke, nothing to get upset about. Like it or not, i found it amusing.

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    Impliment, NAO.

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    Sad that HoN forums bring hate all over threads like this, and I do agree about them that these are "trash" compared to "real, serious threads".

    But I like the Death Star. And I'll browse around as long as this thread is still alive. Nuff said. :3

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    1. No joke suggestions. Memes and Chuck Norris are included.

    It's in the forum rules that you agreed to, learn to read them and abide by them next time.

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    killing critters is op

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drasha View Post
    killing critters is op
    I know, that needs nerf. Everything else could do with a buff.

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    T-up, implement this now.

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    Some noob didn't read the forums rules.

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