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    maby dracula if you can

    is the guy who dose the sound mods dead?
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    I'M NOT DEAD! ...Part Two?
    It's been a long time fellas; I quit playing HoN for a while but I don't want to get into why. Now that it's free and has a bunch of new features I've slowly been getting into it again. There has been a reason why I haven't been modding in the meantime; not that long ago I got caught torrenting lol so that pretty much slowed my ability to get sounds for the mods to a screeching halt. I do plan on doing this but now that I can't torrent it might go a little slower and I'll be much more limited in the characters I can actually do. Before I tried to stray away from doing a lot of characters from the same series but now I don't have that luxury anymore. There's going to be a lot more sound mods coming in from the same series' (more Futurama, Family Guy, etc) characters.

    I just wanted to keep you guys updated on what was going on! If this new plan works out then we'll be back in business . If it doesn't... Well, let's just say I'll be pumping out more sound mods MUCH MORE SLOWLY. So Cross your fingers.

    In any case I hope to eventually add more memes to Memesmith sometime this week!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacky View Post
    THankyou for the wild soul one man. Epic.


    Love the ulti sound.
    Ah yes, that is definitely one of my favorites.
    I watched a lot of Ace Ventura when I was a kid so getting to do a mod for it was AWESOME!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Valorium View Post
    HAHA Love the mod. You did a great job!
    Thanks Valorium (: I worked really hard on that one.

    Quote Originally Posted by BeeR View Post
    Hello, i have a request. I just bought Flamboyant Announcer Pack. And the Sounds, when a Tower is attacked/destroyed which come VERY often just kill me. Is there a way to keep all the flamboyant sounds but to disable the ones for anything that has to do with towers?

    Kind Regards Beer
    I'm pretty sure I can do that so yes, I can Mod that for you and PM the file to you if you'd like.
    I could either make it so that nothing plays when a tower is attacked OR put the default announcer voice only for that sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyann View Post
    Yoda sounds for Panda, please!
    See what I can do, I will.

    Quote Originally Posted by kphiL View Post
    I can't seem to download the bundle pack from mediafire. keeps denying me authorization :/
    That's really weird. :/ I could try another file hosting service but mediafire is the most free-friendly.

    Quote Originally Posted by S_W_Zerker View Post
    so what about vampire hunter D for ? or alucard from hellsing?
    I don't think I'll be able to do that unfortunately :*(

    Quote Originally Posted by S_W_Zerker View Post
    maby dracula if you can

    is the guy who dose the sound mods dead?
    I'll think about it if I can find a good dracula.
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    Sick of those regular, boring HoN Hero Voices?

    Is your love life with your favorite hero not what it used to be?
    Worry Not, Friends! BECAUSE OfMiceAndM3N's Sounds Mods ARE HERE!
    Now Taking Requests
    Surgeon General's Warning: Not Suitable for Pregnant Blacksmiths

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    i dont see a download for the rickjames

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    please do monkey king with the goku teamfourstar voice that would be really awesome since its from youtube you won't have to torrent or you could do the original you have already put it in the idea's list but I wanted hopefully to remind you of doing it please do it asap
    p.s alot of my friends want it too after i told them they aren't forumers tho

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    All links broken
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