Thread: Respawn Timers 1.06.4 (25/03/2010)

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    I have the messages in my chat, but not the images at the top of the screen.

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    so not work Will u know when update??

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    Here's the fix for HoN 2.0+:
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    Thank you sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lim_Dul View Post
    Here's the fix for HoN 2.0+:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awan`Afuqya View Post
    Barter is MIA . Do it yourself
    tried that on several mods many times. never worked for me.
    notausgang's modman never accepted the modified mods and didnt display them in the menu after drag&drop...

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    Finally working again, thanks

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    Yes, thanks.

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    So this mod died? 404 when trying to download.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattie42 View Post
    So this mod died? 404 when trying to download.
    that should fix the fail update since it doesn't really need an update, link removed

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    Link not working.

    ^what is says. Thanks.

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    Can you please add a new link for it this one doesn´t work.

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    yea would be nice if it could work again^^

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    try google that , the version i have, i search on mediafire if i'm right, well still working

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    Could anyone update this mod to have an option to show or hide the respawn bars? I love the respawn text notification, but I already have the respawn timer on the scoreboard as well as my Bang! MIA buttons. It's a little redundant to have three different respawn timers taking up space on my screen.

    Another suggestion I have would be to colour code the respawn notifications with the player colours, for easier identification.

    It could be like;

    Name (team colour) / Hero (player colour) has respawned.

    HoN assuredly has an option to colour code names like that, it's used in Bang! MIA and a few other mods as well.

    Thanks to any who decide to take up this task, I only wish I could code mods instead of asking for those experienced enough to do so.

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    Bumping for the requested features!

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    Is this mod dead/discontinued?
    Too bad, it's S2.

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