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    European Clan

    Hey, i'm looking for a European Clan with active members and a good community.
    Basicly i wanna play with better players, and have some fun. I would love to play scrims, but i'm also interested in competing in tournaments and such.
    I have no DotA experience (Played a little Battle Tanks if that count :P), so im quite new at this sort of game. I do however think i'm learning quite fast, and i would love to become even better.

    Nationality: Danish
    Age: 16
    Timezone: Guess it's GMT+1

    I've got a mic, and a ventserver (not my own, but i can use it whenever i like)
    I ofcourse speak Danish, and pretty fluent english. I can understand Swedish and Norweigan aswell if that has any interest

    Im available most evenings after 19:00, but can play in the afternoon aswell. I'm not online most Friday and Saturday nights, but i'll be online most sundays.

    Not interested in:
    EM players
    Elitist Jerks
    Clan with 100+ members

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    If you are looking for a ingame community where you can play inhouses (mainly) or vs clans if you like visit my link. We have a clan, active forum and we aim for 1000+ members. Attitude comes before skill, but atm most are 1650+. Nothing holds you from playing with your own skilled friends inside.

    Hope to see you soon.

    PS: I know you aren't interested in a clan with 100+ members, atm we don't have that (about 30-40) but we do aim for alot more. Might seem strange but with an active admin crew as we have, all of our games have been proven flame free or banhammered. It's very enjoyable at pickup. Live proof can be found at dotapickup.euro.
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