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    Exclamation Looking for a team to get me started

    About Flv`:

    I'm 24 years old, from Spain (GMT+1), nice to get along with I guess and always ready to take some criticism. My spoken english could use some improvement, my written english is decent, or so I've been told. I've got mic, ventrilo and everything ready, even a ventrilo server for some months.

    Favourite heroes:

    Those are the ones I'm better with, but usually I know how to adapt whatever the hero I'm using is.

    Favourite mode:

    I liked CM in dota, I guess here it is BD right? I also enjoy a good random draft.

    My stats:

    Not many games played yet, but so far, 1.2KDR, 60% of matches won, and I encourage looking at my assists too. I'm a team player, which isn't really displayed in any stat, but if you watched my games, you'd know Im ready to take it up in the ass if my carry is in danger.

    Some more stuff about me:

    I don't consider myself pro, not at all, I know creep pulling/stacking, decent last hitter, could improve juking but sometimes I manage to do pretty cool things, gotta improve my farming skills tho since many times I go to every single clash even if i'm not needed and that is reflected in my xp/min, my map awareness is decent, i know where to place watchers if I'm playing support, and not just the spots, but also where to place them depending on where the gank squads might go through at every game's stage.

    I don't really know if I'm noob either, because I use to get a lot of "you're pretty good!!!", but some other matches I just can't do ****.

    Some days I play 24/7, some others I don't play at all due to job, but I can adapt my job since I'm a freelancer graphic designer, which is always a plus I guess :>

    I played dota with a MMORPG guild I had in Aion (which was one of the top European guilds in Aion), we used to do some 5v5s within the guild and against other friendly guilds we used to know, we all started playing at the same time, but soon we started seeing how 2 players learned faster than the rest, 1 of them was me, that's where I learned. We recruited a guy for Aion who was into the competitive dota scene and he always asked me to move over to hon with him, but he can't play due to IRL issues now. Never been into the competitive scene, but as I said, I played localy, only recently I moved to pubs.

    What I'm looking for:

    As I said, I have to improve in many fields still, and I'm starting to think that pubs aren't really helping, so I'm interested in joining a team, doesn't need to be too fancy really, I'd like to get into the competitive scene sometime but I'm aware my time might not be this, I just want to get some team vs team fights, see as me and my team progress together, and maybe, in the future, think about joining some competition for shits and giggles.

    So, PM me through the forums or whisp me ingame, if I'm online I guess we can settle a tryout if thats how you roll.

    Kind regards, and sorry for the tl;dr post!
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    bump =)

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