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    Quote Originally Posted by LethalTurnip View Post
    Helm is not much cheaper and it gives similar lifesteal % and adds 20 damage.

    Abyssal gives you all the above minus the 20 damage, which it makes up for in a 15% damage aura. This scales much better into lategame and gives all your team a nice bonus when ganging.

    I would say anyone going for a helm instead of abyssal a fool, unless they are dominating creeps and I would even question the usefulness of doing that with a warbeast. My 2 cents.
    I would say anyone NOT going whispering helm first is a fool. Solely based on the fact that you can get a wolf commander which is +30% base dmg AND extra dmg when kongoring. And no you dont need aura for wolves when kongoring, you will be tanking, not your wolves. Also, when your ulti is activated, all your units get max move speed and unit-walking. Try dominating a few minotaurs and a puzzlebox. Come back and tell me how it felt like.

    Unlike a "jungling till 40mins" Warbeast who will eventually force their team to play a 4v5, a whispering helm with a dominated wolf/minotaur is much more helpful for the team from early game. Wolf for pushing/minotaur for ganking.

    Skull offers nothing you really need. A.K.A. a disable which helm offers in form of a minotaur.

    Also, I dont get why people are saying Skull scales better than helm. Helm can be used in symbol of rage which is core on Warbeast. Skull is useless after lvl 15-16 max.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nietzschean View Post
    I have ended games (multiple times) with Warbeast, using his core build and only jungling. The first item to get (embarrassing, I forgot the name) is the one made from the ring, the lifesteal, the ring of regen and the 300 gp recipe. The next item is the godly shieldbreaker - and by level 14, you should have farmed enough to have bought all these items along with boots. Go solo Kongor, the start pushing 1 lane, whilst your team pushes another and then say GG to your opponents.

    It has never, ever, ever failed me. Of course, my kills are never the highest, and sometimes I do get the good ole gank, which does nothing but slow me down. It took me 21 minutes to farm and level, 24 total to do Kongor, go back and buy 1100 gp Heart, then 27 minutes to push lane, destroy rax and then push mid with team.

    However, if your team is stupid, its GG. Your farming is pointless, because the opponent will be fed. And they can gank you very easily.

    As I tried to explain to my teammates, Im a 1 man pushing machine when the time comes, don bother me, dont expect me to help, and just dont die and I'll end the game. It works beautifully in half decent teams, in teams with ADHD kids and your run of the mill noob, you will fail miserably.

    You are forcing your team to play a 4v5 all the time you are doing your Godly farming. Your team isnt the noob here.

    The problem with your build is that it is very selfish. Yes it feels good to jungle for 20 mins, but your team is forced to be on the defensive. Going a helm first then a puzzlebox puts you in a position to successfully gank any lane you want every time your ulti is up. Give it a try sometime.

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    better have a keeper buy abyssal+greaves?? while u get helm+greaves??. then both get puzzlebox=gg? only thing is that you must be with him all time(which is good since you want to push with him).Also you must decide who goes forest and who goes lane.I'd say let keeper solo until 6.Then he ults while wb comes with ult.If the enemy has no blink=easy kill+push.

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    Don't want to be THAT guy, but tbh there really isn't a RIGHT build for any char......its all about trial and error/countering the other team....this being said if you're skilled enough to know how to micro multiple minions whispering helm is great because it gives you the ability to stun where (other than escape mech [and i dont count 522 ms if the other team knows how to CC]) war beast lacks the ability to do. In practice whispering helm shouldnt be hard to get the hang of HOWEVER when I play War Beast I almost always skip WH and go straight for abyssal -> then pick up either BKB (for those pesky magic heroes) or puzzbox (level 3 for invis otherwise amazing for mana drain) and play the pushbeast role (if the other team has a hard carry) or carrybeast (where I take advantage of 2 shotting pyros or ***** slayers)....but take this with a grain of salt, because there are plenty of ways to play any char in HoN
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