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    Missing sleeping animations

    I just went over the heroes just to check out which ones got this bug (since I know that paragon parasite had it until a couple of patches ago)

    That's the list of the ones I've found:
    Steam Mage Bubbles
    Necrosis Kinesis
    Necronomicon Vindicator
    Adkarna Hammerstorm (the animation is just insanely quick - you also might wanna check out the Mighty Swing effect on the Hellbourne ancients, it is huge)
    ALPHA Blood Hunter
    Baby Yaga
    Duchess Dampeer
    Hook Madman
    The Dark Consort
    Demented Shaman - One avatar I cannot find in the shop is missing all of his animations, he got a really quick sleep animation tho
    Basic Glacius
    Yanluo Wang
    Centipedalisk - insanely fast animation
    Parallax - One avatar I cannot find in the shop is missing the animation completly, you cannot taunt yourself
    Dominatrix Torturer
    Scorpion Magmus
    Phoenix Ra - takes like 2 seconds
    Icy Deadwood - seems like the animation just cut off
    Bedsheet devourer

    Kettle skins by spawning all alts:
    Moon Queen - 1 kettle
    Night Hound - 1 kettle
    Nomad - 1 kettle
    Zephyr - 1 kettle
    Aluna - 1 kettle
    Nymphora - 2 kettle
    Thunderbringer - 2 kettle
    Ophelia - 1 kettle
    Tempest - 2 kettle
    Armadon - 1 kettle
    Behemoth - 2 kettle
    Berzerker - 1 tiny kettle
    Prisoner - 2 kettle
    Tundra - 1 kettle
    Slither - 1 kettle
    Tremble - 3 kettle
    Succubus - 1 kettle
    Wretched Hag - 1 kettle
    Magmus - 1 kettle
    Gauntlet - 1 kettle
    Pestilence - 1 kettle

    Tested them all via practice mode on FoC and killed all trees, neutrals, critters, lane creeps and all that stuff. Deleted all the heroes with the "delete unit"-button but it took 3 restarts since at some point, the avatar textures became bugged (same with the avatar in the shop) and hon just crashed at some point. I assume they don't really get deleted the way they should be, but yeah, I guess that stuff only really occours in rare cases (like GM's watching a lot replays having that texture bug in the shop as well).

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    Thanks for going through all of those, it might take a while for these to be fixed.

    Do stick with 1 bug type per thread though. The "kettle skins" on retail client is fine because players can't normally access those, since their assets are not ready for retail & are in SBT/RCT or still a WIP.
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