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    Talent group

    Hello people.

    What I have been thinking, is maybe we can set ourselves a "talent group" which can occur in Snapchat/Whatsapp or whatever you find comfortable.
    Talents can be whatever: From painting, singing to picking your nose - literally anything.

    I personally will beatbox, even though I'm super talented at everything, (Kappa).
    Attaching a Straw Poll. Make sure you select the preferable place of the "show". In case you select "Other" please write in comments where you would prefer to preform.
    This thread is not made in order to make the non talented people upset, so please no upsetti jkjk.

    To begin with that, we would like to have a minimum of 5 interested people, and we will be able to move on.

    After we get a majority in a certain app, each will be able to PM me, with his/her Snapchat or Whatsapp, depending on what you guys selected.

    Let's get that going!
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