Thread: New Competitive Discussion rules! ~ Updated 23rd of March 2014

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    New Competitive Discussion rules! ~ Updated 23rd of March 2014

    Our Competitive Discussion forum will be undergoing a few changes as to better facilitate the people that frequent this section and to that effect we have added a new Competitive Off-Topic sub-forum.
    The main forum is for the serious discussion of competitive HoN and the general forum rules are fully applicable here.

    Here are some additional rules for the new Competitive Discussion(Main Forum):

    • Here are some example of threads that will be allowed in the main Competitive Discussion forums:

    • Threads regarding games that were cast on twitch by anyone. The thread should contain link to the game cast (minute it starts, if the thread is put up before the game as to have a discussion about the game before it starts, the thread will be updated with a link after the game is over) or ingame match ID of the game and should be preceded by the [Match].

    We as moderators will try to our best ability to put up such threads as often as possible. We might not always manage to do it, so we urge you to put up such threads should you wish to have a discussion about any of the games.

    • Threads regarding the current competitive scene and its players: roster changes, announcements or any other news that revolves around the competitive scene.

    • Threads about other competitive scenes from other games (Dota, Dota 2, LoL etc.) will also be allowed, but they should be discussed purely from a compare/contrast point of view.

    • We will also have threads put up announcing each upcoming tournament, threads that will be stuck as needed.

    • Here are some examples of threads that should not be posted in the Competitive Discussion forum:

    • Goodbye threads will only be allowed in our new Competitive Off-topic sub-forum, should they be posted in the main forum, the thread will be moved to the appropriate location.

    • Threads regarding any of the former competitive HoN players, now moved to different games, will not be accepted on the main section of the forums and will be moved to the Competitive Off-topic sub-forum where they can be discussed freely by the posters.

    • Threads regarding an achievement made in a high TMM game is not competitive discussion, regardless if you played with/against other competitive players. Such threads will also be moved to the Competitive Off-topic sub-forum.

    • Threads that are not related to the competitive scene and belong in other sections will be locked and the moderator doing the locking of such threads will point the user in the right direction.

    In order for our Competitive Discussion forum to grow we need all of you to follow the Forum Rules when posting. A few changes to the posting rules and punishments:

    • Trolling posts of any kind will be punished as per Forum Rules and will no longer be accepted in the slightest on the main forums of the Competitive Discussion. When posting, make sure your posts adds to the discussion and please do not post one sentence / phrase / line or image posts as they are considered to be troll posts as well and will be punished as per Forum Rules.

    • When posting make sure you contest the idea or the topic and not the poster himself,by insulting or flaming said user, as that is against the Forum Rules and will be punished accordingly.

    • We understand that discussions of certain topics can evolve during a thread and it may at times get off-topic, this will be accepted as long as the topic it has derived into is connected to the main topic. Threads that lead to a different topic, unrelated to the first post or the discussion surrounding it, will be notified by a moderator as to have it back on track and to remind the posters what the thread initially was intended for. There will be no punishment for such occurrences, but please make sure to not abuse this. (Threads, that do not get back on track within a day after a moderator notifies the posters of its derailment, will be locked)

    • All the Forum Rules are applicable in the main section of the Competitive Discussion so make sure you read through them before posting.

    • All posts that break the rules will be deleted and the user will receive an infraction as per gravity of the case.

    Rules are subject to change over time as such be on the lookout when we update this thread with new rules. (We will put a date of the latest updates in the title of the Rules Thread)

    If you want to give feedback regarding the moderation in CD, you can do it here, in website feedback, or by sending me or Stormeren a private message.
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