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    FJ Presents: The notebook

    The notebook

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs.

    A bad player is below average. A normal player is average. A great player makes few mistakes. A perfect does not break when he does. A formidable player challenges the perfect players’ perception of perfection.
    Do you wish to become formidable? – Nah, I can’t teach you that. I can teach you how to be a great one. I can make you handle reality, deal with situations and develop from that point.
    Welcome – and best of luck… Oh wait, we honplayers make our own luck, right?

    Hi there. My name is Frederik Jacobsen – and I’ve decided to post this under my Mila-Kunis tribute account. Why? Because everyone loves Mila Kunis, that’s why! (Also I don’t want to attract damn trolls)

    All of the information gathered here, is based around observations and analysis by myself, from playing and spectating high tier matches. Theories can be credited to the current top gamers of both Heroes of Newerth and Dota.
    Please go ahead and use the [bracketed] section-indicators for swift browsing.
    None of the material is affected by copyright, and may be shared when and wherever. However, I kindly ask you not to abuse it in any way for your own personal gain.

    : “The first step to getting better is to realize that you suck!” – Quote, Jascha “Nova” Markuse.

    Shoutout to: [z] – all those ever involved, LIONs, AceJR, Emperor, S2 Games, Redeye, my friends, my viewers.. and everyone who believes in karma.

    > I kindly ask you to read content, unsuited for your current level, with caution. Don’t attempt to bench weights, which you cannot lift. It’ll only cause you pain.
    Green: content suited for beginners and novices (+1500)
    Orange: content suited for average players (above +1650)
    Purple: content suited for skilled players (+1800)
    Red: content suited for high tier players and competitors (+1900)

    If you for god knows what reason want to support my work, or contact me, you can hit me up through the PM button.
    Donations goes here

    Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated – this is a guide for everyone, so we can add whatever you guys wish and please :-)

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    Table of Contents
    .. Introduction
    The 7 deadly sins
    .. Lust – the first sin
    .. Gluttony – the second
    .. Greed – the third
    .. Sloth – the fourth
    .. Wrath – the fifth
    .. Envy – the sixth
    .. Pride – the seventh

    [1] – The basics
    The “zero to hero” – what to learn list
    .. [1.1] Gold
    .. [1.2] Creeps
    .. [1.3] Roles
    .. [1.4] Effects
    .. [1.5] Lanes and setups
    ... [1.5.1] Lanes
    ... [1.5.3] Game modes
    ... [1.5.2] Team composition (setup)

    [2] Being a competitor, being a champion
    .. [2.1] – Before the game
    .. [2.2] Mentality

    [3] Laning
    .. [3.1] Beginner
    .. [3.2] Intermediate
    .. [3.3] Advanced
    .. [3.4] Master tips

    [4] – Winning the game
    .. Winning the game – the essentials
    .. [4.1] – Winning the game
    .. [4.2] – making the right decissions

    [5] – Roles
    .. [5.1] Hardcarry (1) – And farming
    ... [5.1.1] Farming effectively
    ... [5.1.2] The right items
    .. [5.2] Semi carry (2)
    .. [5.3] Utility / all-around / initiate + Jungle (3)
    .. [5.4] Jungle / support (4)
    .. [5.5] Hard support (5)
    ... [5.5.1] Ward placement:
    .. [5.6] – The suicide lane
    .. [5.7] – The midlane

    [6] Strategies
    .. [6.1] Advantages
    .. [6.2] – The staygreen push
    .. [6.2.1] - The draft
    .. [6.2.2] the push itself

    [7] Matchmaking
    .. [7.1] Handling trolls
    .. [7.2] Tips and Tricks – Read this!
    .. [7.3] General advice
    .. [7.4] Beginner tips
    .. [7.5] Intermediate tips
    .. [7.6] Advanced tips
    .. [7.7] Master tips

    Links and helpful sources
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    The 7 deadly sins
    My friends – do you think it was just a cool coincidence that S2 released “The seven deadly sins” into Heroes of Newerth, when the sins mentioned are what corrupts, not only your playstyle, but also the community?
    The reason why the I start off with the 7 sins, it is because I believe not falling for the temptations described beneath, is actually what can get you from being a good player, to being a great player.
    For those of you interested in the origins of the sins, and how Dante described it, I can recommend:

    Lust – the first sin
    Lust is the first sin, and has its origin in sexual desires. In hon, I like to translate it to making bad decisions, knowing it’s not ideal for your team. Small temptations. In regular games, this could be ‘I feel like playing <x>shithero, even though I know it doesn’t fit in’. SCOUT!
    In general – don’t get tempted to ruining your team, just because it could be fun.
    General translation: Don’t ruin a game for a minute of fun. (Don’t ruin a marriage for a shack with another woman)

    Gluttony – the second
    Gluttony is described as ‘over-consumption’. Eating too much, too expensively, wildly and so on.Now, where as this can be misinterpreted, it is also seen in a farm of ‘farming too much’, or ‘too wildly’.
    - If you farm too much as an essential hero in your team, your team will have a bad time. If you team has a bad time, you will have a bad time later on.
    - If you farm too wildly and aggressively, you will end up dying to a pickoff.

    Greed – the third
    It is a tad similar to the two above. It is, however, described as a desire towards material needs. In Heroes of Newerth, it can again be applied to farming too much. I wanna give a shoutout to IGGB, my beloved old teammate, who shows his greed-sin every single ****ing game, where he will do things like:
    - Overextend
    - Chase an opponent too far
    - Farm when he’s supposed to be involved in teamfights
    <3 u man. But seriously – don’t do it people!

    Sloth – the fourth
    Guys, in Starcraft 2, this is what limits most players. Not doing enough.
    Sloth is defined in modern language as ‘laziness’. We’ve all heard people saying ‘couldn’t be arsed’. Every single time that is being said, it is being used as an excuse for not making a better move.
    ‘cbateamfighting’, ‘cba pushing’, ‘cba stacking’, ‘cba warding’, ‘cba building <boring but best item’. – It comes in many ways. I guarantee you though, more active and focused play will get you further.

    Wrath – the fifth
    Wrath… The sin that is the most common here in Heroes of Newerth. It translates into raging. Probably what most players experience oh so very often. It is a thing that I myself have been struggling with the last couple of years, especially after starting to stream.
    Trolls have been getting to me, and I’m doing whatever I can to avoid letting them do that. Remember, it is your anger that feeds the trolls.
    So, how do we deal with it? Here are some advices:
    - Take a break after a loss if you need one
    - Keep telling yourself ‘it’s just a game. You’ll do what you can to win, but in the end of the day – it’s just a game’.
    - Remember – winners are made from losers who stand up when they fall.
    Also, /ignore add, /ic, /fc, /dnd, - there are plenty of methods. If you are just getting griefed, I will tell you one thing: There are less griefers on the higher brackets, and very few in the competitive scene.
    It is proven that stress or anger is definetly not a good thing when playing video games.. Alternatively, anything pretty much.

    Envy – the sixth
    You remember I talked about trolls before? The trolls are just found on this stage. Trolls are in general just envious people. Whether they envy your hero in the game, your stats, your fame or whatever – most trolls are built from envy. Some might just think that it’s funny to troll, but there’s a reason why famous players are the ones getting trolled the most and more often.
    Envy is such a sad sin.. Being envious of someone is just like saying ‘I wish I could be you’ or ‘I’m not on par with you’. Really, treat it as a compliment if you’re being trolled.
    You may be surprised by this, but trolls are made from low self-esteem. http://articles.timesofindia.indiati...ow-self-esteem
    I hate trolls. Personally. But I also feel bad for them. Most of them have really low IQ as well. Seriously, I dare you to try explaining logic to a guy who were trolling you before – it’s not happening.

    Pride – the seventh
    Pride is considered the most serious sin of them all. Dante’s definition was “love of self-perverted to hatred and comtempt for one’s neighbour”. Pride comes in many ways, and mostly seen in hon, it is admitting when you are wrong, when you’ve made a mistake or when you could’ve been a better man. As I’m writing this, a sad song is playing in the background, and I think back of all the times where’ve kept trying to desperately explain why I was right, and you were wrong..It’s a really sad thing to admit that you are wrong, but it is way sadder to cling onto a wrong statement. Especially, when pride is what causes it.
    Pride is also what limits most teams from becoming successful – not being able to take criticism, not being able to admit they are wrong, and not being able to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
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    [1] – The basics
    Heroes of Newerth is, similar to Dota 2 and other MOBAs, a clash between 5 heroes in order to destroy the opposing teams throne. MOBAs test your mentality on a very basic level: keep calm, keep focusing and be ‘in zen’ with your game.
    Teamwork is of the essence in order to win a game such as Heroes of Newerth.

    The “zero to hero” – what to learn list
    What you need to learn, in order to become a good hon player, is as follows.

    Beginner stuff:

    • What heroes are there, and what can they do?
    • What is the main purpose of the game?
    • How do I avoid dying?

    Novice stuff:

    • What is my role?
    • How do I take teamfights?
    • What items should I carry?

    Advanced stuff:

    • What is my purpose in teamfights?
    • What items are ideal for the situation and for the team, against that team?
    • How do I position myself properly in teamfights?

    Expert stuff:

    • When is a tower worth pushing?
    • How do we take advantage of our position?
    • How do I get the best out of a teamfight?

    Post game:

    • What could I have done better?
    • What would make the team come out better?
    • What decisions could’ve paid off better?
    • Should we have drafted different heroes?

    Golden rules:

    1. Avoid death
    2. Make every second count
    3. Stay calm and focused at all cost
    4. Watch your minimap. All the time!

    • And a golden nugget, which I personally like: play with likeminded friends.

    [1.1] Gold

    • Gold is used to purchase items, or buybacks
    • You accumulate 1 gold per 0,875 second
    • Additional gold will be gained from killing
    • Heroes of Newerth heavily rewards last-hitting. It is possible to deny allied creeps below half health
    • Gold is gained from: killing heroes or assisting in doing so, last hitting non-allied creeps, destroying enemy towers and killing Kongor

    [1.2] Creeps

    • The first lane-creeps will spawn at 00:00, 3 melee and 1 ranged.
    • Neutral creeps will spawn at 00:30 (after bell)
    • A siege unit (catapult / ballista) spawns at 3:00, and then every 2½ minute.
    • Kongor is spawned from gamestart, and drops a Token of Life, which allows the wielder to respawn. The Token of life despawns after 7 minutes. Kongor respawns 10 minutes after death
    • Allied creeps can be denied from 50 % health, to deny the enemy from gaining as much experience.
    • If you’re melee: enemies who deny creeps will deny you 50 % experience
    • If you’re ranged: enemies who deny creeps will deny you 75 % expererience
    • Certain heroes such as Plague Rider, may deny creeps at level 1.
    • If close to creeps, commanding attack on enemy hero will automatically make the creeps attack and follow you.
    • Neutral creepcamps can be stacked up till 3 times, also including ancients. This is usually done by aggroing the creeps around :53, and pulling them far outside the camp. This is distance-decided, as opposed to how Dota 2 works with vision.
    • Creeps grow in strength every 7th minute mark, and gain more health, damage and the amount of creeps spawning increases.

    [1.3] Roles

    Heroes of Newerth allows you to choose from a large pool of heroes, consisting of more than a hundred. Each hero has a variety of roles he can put himself into.
    There are three ways to determine your role:

    Per definition by lane:

    midlane, suicide, jungle, safelane. – In this case, a support will normally stick around between the middle and the shortlane.

    Per definition per teamfight:
    Initiator, carry, support, disabler, pusher, escape, jungler.

    Per definition of priority (the 1-5 system):
    This is the one competitors use mostly, and is also my favourite. The lower the number, the higher the priority. This goes for both saving life, giving farm, leaving out solo experience.

    The 1st: hardcarry: the one you want to carry the weight lategame
    or :wret2: - The "1" is also most prudent to going

    The 2nd: midlane/semicarry: supports the hardcarry in carrying
    est2: - notice how these heroes are interested in getting - and still does amazingly with just those items. The items these heroes are going for, are often items that support the damageoutput or survivability of the hardcarry.

    The 3rd: often an initiator or jungle
    :keep2: -- not Ophelia. These heroes will go for items such as . (Teamfight items)

    The 4th: also known as second support
    :magm2:s - Heroes that does well with a few levels and items. Can buy wards, upgrade courier etc- but shouldn't do it all game, to farm core items.

    The 5th: the hardsupport
    :empa2: - Will only buy items, if the entire priority list does not need it, and you are not needed to buy

    [1.4] Effects
    Silence: Makes the affected unit or hero unable to cast spells.
    Perplex: Makes the unit unable to use items.
    Stun: Unable to move, use items or abilities.
    Morph: Moves slowly, unable to use items or abilities.
    Slow: Movement speed reduced.
    Magic immunte: Hero cannot be affected by any spells, which are not superior magic.
    Channeling: If a hero is channeling a spell, only morph, slow, silence or stun will cancel it. If magic immune, only a superior- or physical stun will interrupt. (Example, Savage Mace, Pestilence’s Gore or Hellbringer’s “Summon Malphas.” - Keeper of the Forest along with Tempest ultimate is also a superior interrupt.
    Mesmerized: If a target is mesmerized, it will be unable to do anything until duration is over, purged or someone has taken over the mesmerize by commanding attack upon the hero.

    [1.5] Lanes and setups

    [1.5.1] Lanes
    Midlane: normally just occupied by a 1 vs 1 matchup. In high tier games, you will find dual-lanes in the middle. (This often happens, if your safe lane carry dominates his lane, or if the jungler on your team is able to help you. The midlane will often be a hero capable of ganking and utilizing the bottle.
    Short lane: Also known as “safelane”. For legion, this will be bottom. For hellbourne, this will be top. Usually you put a hero there, if you prioritize his farm and exp gain.
    Suicide: Suicidelanes are meant to get ‘as much as possible without dying’. They are not expected to win the lane.
    Jungle: kinda self-explanatory, but obviously a hero who primarily gains his experience and gold from jungling. Aggressive jungle or enemy jungle indicates that you are not going to be farming in your own jungle, or that you are going into enemy jungle to st down the enemies’ jungler. (Often seen by Parasite players)

    [1.5.3] Game modes

    • All pick(AP): Each player has 90 seconds to pick any hero.
    • Single draft (SD): Each player must choose from a selected pool of 3: one intelligence, agility and strength hero. Swaps can be used.
    • Banning draft (BD): A limited pool of heroes will be drafted per turn, going 1-2-2-2-2-1.
    • Banning pick (BP): 4 initial bans from each team captain or highest rated, followed by 1-2-2-2-2-1 picking stage.
    • Captain’s pick (CP): 1 click per turn
      • Each captain bans two heroes each
      • Each captain picks three heroes each
      • Each captain bans three heroes
      • Each captain picks two heroes

    [1.5.2] Team composition (setup) - Numbers indicates how many players there are in each lane.

    The most basic setup is 2-1-2, indicating that you have two heroes on each lane except for middle lane. No jungler.

    3-1-1 Also known as the trilane. Trilanes are meant to gain kills, but should only be used if your other lanes do not suffer too much, or your impact will be large enough to sustain other lanes suffering.

    1-2-2 A suicidelane, a dual mid and a dual short. This is a very balanced setup, ensuring you the early game, as only 1 lane is undermanned. However, if the enemy has a jungler, you will quickly feel it in enemies gaining more gold and experience.

    1-2-1 or 1-1-2 w. jungler, two lanes suffering from being solo, and one lane is supported. This is the second most ‘greedy’ setup, seeing as you have a jungler. Having a jungler will increase experience and goldgain. (This is also known as pseudo-trilane setup, pseudo indicating that not the 3rd person in the trilane is a jungler)

    1-1-1 w. 2 junglers: the most greedy lineup of them all, indicating that you want exp from 3 lanes, along with 2 jungles. This is a very risky lineup.
    We will talk more about movement, strategy etc. at a later point.
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    [2] Being a competitor, being a champion

    Competitors often get the question: “How can I be like you?” What is it really that makes competitors so good?
    Some might answer... Well most, will probably answer in a simple manner, and just call it ‘hard work’.
    And that’s true.. It is hard work. But in what way is it hard? What should we use our time on, if we wish to become better?

    [2.1] – Before the game
    Before the game, you want to make sure that you are ‘ready’ to play.

    Be in the right mindset
    Most importantly, be in the right mindset. Get in your ‘Zen-moment’. Be aware of the present, and don’t worry about the past or the future. A champion’s mentality, is first and foremost the ability to live in the now, and be comfortable with doing whatever it takes to win.

    Let your body breathe
    - Eat healthy
    - Have the energy
    - Warm up
    - Get proper sleep

    I am not trying to give you all lifestyle advice... Well I am, but whether you wish to take it or not, is entirely up to you. It is scientifically proven, however, that exercise , proper diet and the right sleep will boost your mentality, and your ability to think logically. Google it.
    This also applies to games like Heroes of Newerth, Dota, Starcraft 2 and FPS-Games.

    One of my personal idols is Evil Geniuses’ DeMuslim, and his comrade HuK. Those two guys are absolutely phenomenal at their game, SC2.
    If you would ask HuK to explain his routine, it’s pretty simple: Eat, practice, and get proper sleep. If he gets a bad beat, he’ll take a shower, think about the game and repeat.

    Playing tired, unprepared and without motivation
    Probably the worst, most annoying and pointless position to play in… Not only do you play worse, you also have less fun, and your teammates will hate you for showing up in a state like that.

    I can tell you one thing – the games that I have enjoyed the most, are the games where both me and my comrades had a high amount of motivation, were ready and mentally prepared for the games. They are just more fun, and make you play much better.
    People who ***** and moan all game, every game, are usually also people who don’t know how to properly handle their lifestyles.

    [2.2] Mentality
    A winner.. What is a winner, really?
    Some say, people are born winners. However, I see MTV shows us how ‘Super Sweet Sixteen’-girls and boys are crying over not getting the right supercar, how the diamonds weren’t sparkling enough to suit their eyes. Are they winners, just because they were born by successful, and spoiling parents?
    Nah. Spoiled brats are not winners.
    You are a winner, if you put your mind to it. In life, you don’t get what you want. You get what you are.
    “You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying. To the best you can do everyday.”
    ― Jason Mraz

    What is it, that makes us great players? How come, professional players can play at the highest level game after game, while you, yourself, have great moments, but also terrible moments.
    Well, let me tell you one thing: The reason why pros are constantly performing, is purely because they are very rarely ‘rattled’ They always seek the best outcome, and they always stay calm.
    Take the shot
    Honestly bro, or brodess.. Or sis.. I don’t know, I’ve never learned how to use ‘bro’ in the female version. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at here..Is: take the god damn shot.If you don’t believe in yourself. If you don’t believe that you can get better.. If you don’t believe that you can win, then why the hell do you even play?

    The graph here, was originally meant to explain how to get ‘in the zone’ while writing novelles. However, it also applies to gaming.

    How can you know what’s best for me?

    I bet you, that your best games are the ones you truly care about. The games where your friends are involved and you do not just play for yourself, but also for them. You know **** is on the line, you won’t disappoint, you play to win, and you play for your friends.

    Likewise, your worst games of all times, are the ones where you soloqueue, and end up in ‘yet another’ game where you are not allowed to play mid or carry, and when the guy who called it before you failed miserably. You stop caring, and you develop ‘apathy’ for the game. Apathy means that you’re completely uncaring, opposite of sympathy.

    True story!
    Some of you, may remember Fnatic. One of the things that they were known for, was never conceding. They never gave up. They always gave it their absolute best, and even in shitty situations, they picked up small pieces, took chances and put everything on the line to win games.
    Fnatic became the best and most rewarded team in Heroes of Newerth for several years, and they are currently one of the best Dota2 teams in the world, with the same roster.

    That’s professionalism for ya. That’s the ability to control yourself, to only let emotions affect you positively, and to be in the moment. Yes, I am here referring to ‘being in zen’.

    So, where I am trying to get at here:

    1. Find a reason to play. Don’t play if it’s just for ‘getting mmr’. Play for the glory of victory.
    2. Play with people you care about. Griefers are most found in people who hold no honor, and just soloqueue. They don’t care about the players they get matched up with, because they have no relationship with them. Griefers rarely grief, when they’re with their friends.
    3. Never give up. That is the one advice any champion will give you. Never give up.
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    [3] Laning

    Supporters should always either upgrade courier, or buy 2x wards.

    • Regeneration is needed in all laning situations. Always get 1x Runes of Blight and 1x Health pot – unless you’re running with Iron Buckler/Hatchet or using a special strategy.
    • There are three lanes; The safe, the long and the middle. – The safe lane is always the lane where the creeps will be closest to your allied tower, meaning it’s East (bot) for Legion, and West (top) for Hellbourne.
    • A good lane consists of one ranged hero for harassing purposes and one stunner for defensive or offensive purposes.

    [3.1] Beginner

    • Priority: Carries always have priority on lasthits. This goes for both creepkills and herokills. If you’re a support hero, don’t try to take their lasthits!
    • Autohitting: Never ever autohit. This means, you do not automatically attack creeps. Use “H” to avoid it, or move around a lot.Lasthitting is key to carries.
    • Denying: Denying creeps is a huge asset to your lane, as it drags the creepwave into a better position to last hit and reduces the amount of experienceenemy’s gain.
    • Harrasing: If you’re ranged, harassing your enemy will make it much easier for you guys to keep control of the lane. If they’re low on hp, they won’t be able to go on you.
    • When harassing: When harassing, do not get behind the enemies creepwave, as that will leave you vulnerable.
    • Ensuring lasthits: With very few exceptions, melee heroes that need farm in order to carry should almost always purchase a Loggers Hatchet, unless your base-damage is high enough that you’re sure you can lasthit with ease.

    [3.2] Intermediate

    • Keep your distance: Attacking enemies while standing close to creeps will draw creep agro, resulting in the creeps attacking you – this very often leaves you taking more damage than you inflict onto your enemy. (Avoid getting attacked by the creeps, and avoid dragging creeps to the tower)
      • Pulling creeps: The neutral-camp that is closest to your tower can be pulled’ in order to draw your lane close to the tower. Your lane creeps will begin attacking the neutral creeps if you pull at the right time. Creeps can be pulled at X: 16 and X: 46.
      • Never pull without first stacking the neutral camp. Unless attempting to push, this will result in creeps getting into your towers’ range, and push the lane afterwards.

    The most vulnerable or least level-dependent hero should be the one pulling (supports), as that leaves the other hero in your lane with soloexperience. Do not pull if your enemies can kill your teammate while you’re gone.
    Don’t pull unless your lane is pushed out. Pulling when enemy creeps are already at your tower serves no purpose.

    • Manapooling: Do not save your mana if you have mana regen items. There’s no reason to pool up mana unless you and your buddy are looking to kill the enemy hero soon. Having a full mana pool for 5 minutes is a waste of spells.
    • When to lasthit: As a melee-hero, try to avoid getting close to creeps until the last possible second to avoid harassment.

    General itemchoices:

    • VS Burst magic damage: items that increase your HP poolare recommended: +6 STR, Mystic Vestment, Fortified Bracers, minor totems (build up into mana battery)
    • VS magic harrasers: Mana Battery / Runes of Blight – the items are cheap, and very useful.
    • VS Ranged harrasers: Iron Buckler / Ring of Protection (Turn into Ring of Teacher)

    Blocking neutralcamp: There are a few ways to block the enemies’ pull-camp. Blocking it, means preventing neutral creeps from spawning – so the enemies will not be able to pull it. You block it by having an object granting vision placed within a few yards around the spawn-point. Wards are ideal, but Emerald Warden’s Traps or Scout’s Eye. (Everything which spawns a gadget)

    [3.3] Advanced

    • Ganking: If you’re on long lane, and you’re winning the lane greatly, don’t believe the game is won. If your lanepartner is able to survive, it may be a wise choice for you to gank mid. (Only do this, if your lanepartner won’t lose all his farm/lanecontrol)
    • Towerfarming: If your creeps are in towerrange, it becomes difficult to lasthit. Unless your damage is exceptionally high, you need to attack any creep once, while letting the tower tick it down until you’re in lasthit range. Logger’s Hatchet + Autohit can also help you here. A good advice would also be to pull creeps behind tower / tank it away from towerrange, as it will push the lane.Catapults / Ballistas take 3x towerhits if no one else attacks it.
    • Doublepulling: There are ways to pull which doesn’t require stacking, and are usually only wardcountered on Legion side ; this is difficult, and requires practice:

      • Legion: When you pull the camp, you can Logger’s hatchet/eat the trees behind the camp, and then pull yet another set of creeps. Do this when the original pull is low on hp, so your allied creeps won’t start running back to lane.
      • Hellbourne: As Hellbourne, you go with a different approach – you can either pull the camp from camp > lane by pulling at: 24/:54, or you can simply pull them when, as described above, the original creeps are low.

    • Initiating: You only want to initiate, if it’s worth it. Kinda obvious, isn’t it? However, when you initiate, you want to initiate on the hero that is mostly out of position, or the easiest target. This is very often the support, seeing as he will not have as many lasthits as the carry. The support will also attempt to harass. The most ideal situation for you to initiate, is when this is the case:
      • He or his partner has used their spells recently or is out of mana.
      • Your target is out of position, making the hero an easy kill.
      • You have “just” leveled, making your skills stronger than your opponents.
      • Enemies creep wave has just died, meaning your creeps will attack your opponents.
      • Your :ManaBattery: is full, or you have an hp-advantage.
      • Remember – never initiate on them if they have a big creepadvantage, unless absolutely necessary. (Also, do not attack with regular attacks if creeps are nearby, this will aggro them)

    [3.4] Master tips
    EXP Priority: There are certain heroes, who benefits way more from experience than others. It is wise to assume, that these heroes should be left alone, and the lanepartner stay out of exp-range. This usually goes for carries that rely on abilities. The exp prio hero should only be left alone, if he can handle it. (EG Creeps near tower, or opponents far away / low level)
    NEED EXP: Voodoo Jester, Witch Slayer, Nymphora (Scale well with levels)
    NO NEED EXP: Behemoth, Andromeda, Hammerstorm (Levels matters less, due to stun being reliable either way)

    Pulling the lane: If the lane is lost, or you’re at a disadvantage, it could be very wise to pull the lane. This is very risky, and requires both you and your partner to be on your toes. You basically pull the enemies creepwave behind their tower, before they meet your wave, and then drag them into a point where you feel comfortable. This will make the lane pushed back towards you, since your wave will usually go directly into the tower. Opponents usually react by following their own creepwave, so if you survive it, they will have lost exp from your wave going into their tower. (Big profit) Another useful point to this, could be that a hero like Behemoth is very neatly able to block enemies from getting experience time after time. This can be done on several points, and im not going to teach you how – since im very much against doing it. However, it is possible, and you’ll simply have to try it out for yourself.

    Minionpull: As mentioned above in “Pulling the lane”, you can aggro the creepwave and pull them to wherever you like. This is very neatly done with Booboo, seeing as he is fast, beefy and will not get killed easily. – Same result as above, and also you can control lasthits. Can also be done with Keeper of the Forest

    Body pull: Similar to minionpulling, yet more risky, as it requires you to actively bodypull yourself. Grinex and Scout actively does this on suicide lane, as they have an invis to escape with, if needed. It is also seen by heroes which buys boots as first item, to avoid getting chased down.

    Overpushing: If you're completly unable to gain lanecontrol, you can force the enemy to push. This happens if you push your creeps into the enemies' tower, resulting in them pushing afterwards.
    This is how:

    • You can singlepull a camp (pull without stacking) - this will cause your lane to push a lot, due to you having 2x creepwaves at once, and your enemies' creeps will be in towerrange.
    • You use spells to clear the enemies' wave, or simply autohit into a push.
      • This is a very useful move, and will provide you with the needed experience. However, your enemies won't get any experience or gold denied this way, and it can be countered by simply pushing against your push.

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    [4] – Winning the game

    The essentials
    In order to be succesful in Heroes of Newerth, there are plenty of phases you must go through. I’m going to go through some of the essentials and try to talk about how we do it properly, and later on go in depth with the most interesting parts.

    • Find your team
    • Pick your lineup
    • Analyze key strengths and weaknesses in yours and your enemies’ lineup
      • Make a strategy based on the abovementioned
      • Based on abovementioned strategies prioritize who should get EXP as well as FARM.
      • Choose your fights according to your strengths.

    • Is your lineup stronger than your enemies’? Why not push or force teamfights?
      • Is your lineup based on position? Make sure to find uphill or in clutch areas.
      • Do the enemy team have weak earlygame? Punish them by forcing teamfights and pushing.
      • Is your lineup best later on? Try not to take unecesseryteamfights.

    • Make the right itempickups, according to situation and gamestrategy.
      • Is this gonna be a long game? Do the enemy have a hardcarry and you still cannot teamfight? – If that’s the case, maybe a Runed Axe on your own carry.

    • Execute your momentum. If you have a window where you are stronger, utilize it! Exampes:
      • Your pebbles just got a PK.
      • Your magebane finished GEO / FWS
      • You got your Shrunken head on tempest, enemies have no interrupt
      • Your Ophelia just finished Astrolabe, enemies do not have it

    • Your enemies have 1-2 guys dead. USE IT! Counterward, place wards, farm enemy jungle, push towers, get Kongor, pick up another kill – DO SOMETHING

    Finish the game..+5 MMR!

    What makes the best teams the best?
    The have a lineup that fits their strategy, itemchoices that fits strategy, take teamfights that fit their strategy, and they communicate and make actions based on their strategy.
    When the game is over, make sure to think about what has happened. Where did you make mistakes, what could you have done better and how could you have prevented defeat or ensured a more reliable victory?

    [4.2] – making the right decissions
    Now, this is where it gets tricky. The laning phase is soon to be over, and now you’re looking to get the edge, or even win the game. The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself:
    What does my setup lean towards?
    What does the enemies’ setup lean towards?
    Do I have the advantage? If not, how do I get it? (Perhaps turtling is the only choice)

    It is very important not to misjudge your situation. Here are some very common scenarios:

    Scenario #1 - Pushstrats:
    Your enemies are looking to push, their setup is very good for that. However, you have the lategame. What do you do?

    needs to be on defensive, seeing as they will most likely either push or gank and then push. (Lanewards primarily!) – You may have to reconsider if they have a mixture of gankers and pushers.
    Your teammates need to have TP’s available at any time, so towers can be defended. Pushstrats only works, if you get bunches of towers and goldadvantage.

    Pushstrats works in two ways; either the entire team pushes, or you split it. Either way, you need to be realistic about the situation – you don’t 5man-TP, if they still have someone pushing another lane.
    Pushstrats works very well early game, but not late. They usually rely A LOT on physical damage. Armor boots, Ring of Teacher and Bulwark are all very useful items here. Do not be afraid to use AOE-spells to clear waves of minions (versus KOTF / Tempest / Balph)
    It is very important to note that you CANNOT go for lategame / farmheavy items like Runed Axe, Alchemist Bones or similar. Go for early game items, like Hotbl / Frostburn / Similar.

    In order to get the edge in this game, you need to defend towers. Your opponents will waste a lot of time gathering up and pushing, meaning they will have the level and gold-disadvantage, as long as you manage to defend towers. It is also very important to note, that a single gank can stop their entire team from pushing.

    Scenario #2 – Gankers:
    Your enemies are ganking all the time. There’s nowhere to farm, and nomatter where you go, you end up dying. What do you do?
    Gankstrats are usually heavily based on burst-damage. Pebbles, Deadwood, Fayde – you know the drill. The point of this strategy is not to go lategame. It is to shut down the core-heroes of the enemies lineup so much, that they will be unable to teamfight. Pubplayers are usually very demotivated while playing against such strats, even though they have the lategame, and will end up conceding before reaching 30th minute.

    However, simple adjustments can counter gankstrats, since many people believe this is the weakest strat against topteams there is.

    Gankstrats relies on burstdamage. If you make sure to have lots of relevant beefiness. (Armor/HP/Magic armor)
    Avoid getting farm-items. You won’t be able to either way; the best gankers will attempt to shut down the coreplayers.

    should split the map ; you should ward around entrances to your lanes / jungle, so for instance, if you are Hellbourne – you would want to ward around midlane, toplane and jungle entrance, so you get the runevision as well.

    React to the stage of the game.

    • Early game: Runewards / Entrancewards
    • Midgame: Lanewards / Entrancewards
    • Lategame: Depends on lineup – perhaps it’s your time to gank?
    • Stick together, carry TP’s. Gank-lineups are usually very weak in teamfights. They don’t have big stuns or big AE ultimates. That makes them useless in teamfights. So if you decide to go as 5, do it.

    Counterwarding is a big part of playing against gankers.
    Gankers will usually have wards here:

    • o Early game: Runes
    • o Midgame: Close to towers for diving, or in jungle
    • o Lategame: Jungle / ancients
    • - Steamboots > Any other pair. You need the +10 STR.

    Scenario #3 - Turtlers:
    You have the gold- and leveladvantage. Should we try to get rax?
    Depends on how much advantage you actually have. The easiest way to lose a game, is to allow them to turtle. If you’re that much ahead, there are so many things you can do to ensure your victory.

    • Farm the lanes; if they get out, punish them.
    • Keep their wards down. Bound Eye and map-awareness will handle that.
    • Clean their jungle – get 100% of the map-gold, and give them nothing.

    Lure them into traps
    ; if 1-2 of them dies, you can get their rax. A good idea is to bait Kongor, and take them as they approach you. (Make sure they don’t have ward’s revealing your trap)
    Do not overextend. That is the easiest way to lose a game.
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    [5] – Roles

    Roles are..A tricky thing to explain. There are about 15 different roles and explanations for mobagames. On top of my head: Hardcarry, semicarry, all-around, utility, ganker, initiator, jungler, enemyjungler, suicide, counter-initiator, split-pusher, roamer, secondsupport, hardsupport.. There’s plenty, and explaining each role it possible, yet takes ages.
    To get a brief explanation of each, go ahead and check the terminology at the end of the guide.
    Remember: If you teamfight frequently, pick of a bit of defensive items. Power Supply, Mystic Vestments, HP-buffer, regardless of role.

    [5.1] Hardcarry (1) – And farming
    Highest on priority. This hero will be farming, and will usually purchase farming- as well as survivability items. He will then, when realizing that he won’t die in teamfights, buy damage items, utilizing his earlier farming-tools to quickly obtain those, and adjust.
    There are three golden rules to a hardcarry:

    1. Do not die.
    2. Gain gold, gain exp
    3. Always think about ‘the bigger picture’.

    As the game progresses, you will choose items accordingly to your opponents, rather than your teammates. Your teammates will choose their items according to you.
    Examples of hardcarries: Magebane, Silhouette, Draconis, Moon Queen, Sand Wraith.
    Common examples of itembuilds:
    1.a Sand Wraith: Steamboots -> Energizer -> Mock of Brilliance -> Geometer’s Bane -> Behemoth’s Heart
    1.b Sand Wraith: Ghost Marchers -> Hotbl -> Mock of Brilliance -> Dawnbringer -> Wingbow
    2.a Silhouette: Steamboots -> Portal Key -> Null Stone -> Shieldbreaker -> Geometer’s Bane -> Savage Mace
    2.b Silhouette: Steamboots -> Energizer -> Geometer’s Bane -> Shrunken -> Shieldbreaker -> Savage Mace
    3.a Magebane: Steamboots, Runed Axe, Abyssal Skull, Geometer’s Bane, Shrunken Head, Wingbow
    3.b Magebane: Steamboots, hotbl, Geometer’s bane, Basher, Shrunken head, Wingbow
    3.c Magebane split: Steamboots -> Hotbl -> Split to Runed Axe -> Behemoth’s Heart -> Geometer’s -> Wingbow
    4.a The dark lady: Ghost Marchers, Runed Axe, Frostburn, Abyssal Skull, Dawnbringer, Shrunken Head, Riftshards

    [5.1.1] Farming effectively
    There are actually some really easy-to-remember rules about farming.

    1. If you’re squishy, make sure you have a laneward, so you can spot ganking TP’s in time.
    2. If the lane is pushing, go ahead and farm jungle instead.

    Presuming you have AOE / Junglefarm capabilities:
    3. Stacking

    1. If your teammates are stacking, push the lane where creeps spawn at :00, and clear the stacked camps. – Only kill creeps inside camp prior to :37, as that will allow the camps to respawn again.
    2. If your teammates are not stacking, push the lane where the creeps spawn at :30, and go ahead and stack yourself afterwards.

    1. Ancients will always be priority once stacked, as each ancient-stack is worth 250-350 gold each.

    [5.1.2] Farming

    You all know how to farm, but I’m gonna give you some golden nuggets here, before that however, – please note that the map only has a certain amount of gold available at a time. Use it wisely. (Creeps do not spawn faster, just because you kill them faster!) – Killing things before :37 in neutralcamps will make creeps spawn again. Corpses blocks spawns.

    With an early basedamage of 50-55, each creep will need 1x hit (both melee and ranged) in order to get into “lasthit-range” when being attacked by a tower. So, hit the creep once, if your own creepwave is not handling that for you, and then wait for the lasthit. Catapult 3 hits from T1 tower.

    Staying strong:
    Nomatter where you go, it is always useful to have some way of regenerating health. Having a health-pot can make your life so much easier until midgame, where it kind of loses its effect due to your healthpool increasing. Going back to base is a huge GPM-killer.

    Getting the extra:
    Killstealing is profit for a carry. It provides a boost to your gold, but only do this if it does not blow up the teamfight. Same goes for lasthitting towers; do not use spells on getting towers if it’s not in danger of getting denied. However, keep in mind that faction-towerkills are worth more if taken by your faction, and not yourself.

    - It is up to you to conclude whether it is exceptionally important for you to get the extra. However, if you're playing a farmdependant hero, which is hard to get farm on- like - you should take it, honestly. (also recommended if you "just" need that last 500 gold from a big item)

    Runed Axe & Alchemist Bones can be great GPM-boosters. However, if your opponents are looking to teamfight early, they may not be the best pickups, as they leave you squishy and easily killed in teamfights. The thumbrule is; if you can get Alchemist Bones before 8, or Runed Axe before 20 – it’s worth it. Otherwise, you should get something else, in many cases Frostburn is a better choice on the same heroes.
    -- Remember, if your enemies are planning on pushing early, or you are, Runed Axe will not be ideal. A teamfight item will prove itself more useful.
    DO NOT TP TO A TIER2 TOWER FROM BASE – Unless urgent protection is needed!

    [5.1.2] The right items
    This is the hardest part, and there will always be different opinions about itemchoices. It is a matter of preference, playstyle and opinion. – See MacroHard’s damage-spreadsheet in the link section. ( – Damage Theorycrafting by MacroHard)

    However, I am going to give you some advices on what could be useful tips:

    1. If you’re going to push early, and intend on breaking base, do not go for farming tools.
    2. If your lineup has strength in splitpushing, Runed Axe is excellent.
    3. If you’re going to teamfight a lot as a hardcarry, and can afford it, Alchemist Bones is great, because it’s literally just extra gold soaking with time, as Alchemist Bones are charging while in battle. (Not while dead)

    Choose according to purpose:
    - Splitpushing? –RunedAxe for Melee, Lightbringer for ranged.
    - Teamfighting? – Shrunkenvs CC / AOE, Nullstonevs Single target, Geobanevs roots, Dawnbringer for ‘general’ utilization.
    - Need damage? Shieldbreaker for autoattackers (silhouette), grimoire for spellcasters (hag), -Bulwark for physical dmgspellcasters (Monkey King)
    - Lategame? – Wingbow, Savage, Riftshards, Symbol.
    - Need to shut down enemy carry? – Basher, Sheepstick.
    - Too squishy? – FWS if lots of enemy magic dmg, Daemonic if lots of physical.
    If your enemy-team has no lockdown, Symbol of Rage is awesome.
    If you’re in doubt around early game, an Energizer is always useful.

    [5.2] Semi carry (2)
    Second highest on priority, and is very often building items that support him at the same time as the hardcarry.
    Some examples could be Pebbles / Monkey King, who will buy an item such as Bulwark to help out his teammate physical-damage based hardcarry (for instance Silhouette).
    119343257 – MK goes Bulwark, supporting the Scout.

    This could also happen in a situation where your semicarry was the Wretched Hag, and would go for a sheepstick to prevent enemy carry from shutting down your carry. OR go for a Hellflower to avoid an enemy Silhouette, Magebane or Predator use their survivability-mechanisms to get away from your carry.
    There are plenty of options – but the general point is; you are not the carry, you are the semi-carry.
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    [5.3] Utility / all-around / initiate + Jungle (3)

    It is hard to describe this role, as it is seen in many varities. Whereas some teams run their jungler as a third, others will have a laner do that job. It really depends on how you wish for the game to progress. For instance, we very often see a Keeper of the Forest get very farmed, sometimes even from the jungle position. Same goes for Tempest. – It doesn’t happen often for an Ophelia though.

    [5.4] Jungle / support
    Most important thing about jungling, is understanding your strategy. Do you want to push, do you want to teamfight, do you want to gank.. Let me break it down:
    - Portal Key, if your role is to shut down single targets (Parasite can shut down a spellcaster, Kotf can shut down enemy Tempest ultimate, Tempest can shut down single targets or position well for ultimate)
    - Plated Greaves allows unlimited amounts of pushing
    - Barrier Idol allows you to push even against heavy AOE spellcasters. (Aluna, Pyromancer, Hag, Plague Rider) – and so on.
    - Astrolabe makes your team much stronger in teamfight, as it figuratively gives your teammates +200 HP. Same goes for minions, which encourages pushes against small-time aoe damage. For instance, if your enemy only has an aluna to clear minions. It is also about half the price of Barrier idol.
    One tip I’ll give you though: Gank when you see the opportunity, but in general just farm until your teammates asks you to gank. If they’re not asking, they’re probably fine, and you’re better off farming. – Chessie’s Ophelia – Chessie’s Tempest – Chessie’s Parasite

    [5.5] Hard support (5)
    The supportplayer is the guy who likes to lean back and chill, while the rest of the team does the work. – Nah, just joking. This player is the guy with constant mapawareness, who makes sure his teammates gets plenty of farm, does not get killed and wins the game for you. Never underestimate the importance of a supportplayer. Just the fact that you’re there for your teammate, is enough for your opponents not to give a go on you.

    Let’s start off with the basics.
    First of all, it is important to understand the main concept of supporting; supporting means in its very basic understanding to help others. In the very beginning of the game, you help others by getting them farmed, and making sure they do not get killed. The best supportplayers, are able to have a massive effect in the game without pooling themselves with items. Wards are always a priority, seeing as it makes the game so much easier for all other lanes, in regards to not getting ganked and similar.

    The most common items for any supporthero, are:

    • If you’re alone on the job: 2x Wards, 2x Minor totems, Mana pot, Healthpot, Runes of blight.
    • If you’re not alone on the job: Upgraded courier, 2x minor totems, mana pot, healthpot, runes of blight.

    If it is specifically needed for your strategy, buy a counterward, as they can now be purchased from minute one. Counterward your jungle, to ensure junglefarm or camp-pulling.
    Your item priority is as followed:
    è Wards -> Upgraded courier ->counterwards -> boots -> survivability -> luxury items.
    Word from Frosty: Counterwards only -> boots if you know where they wards are.

    [5.5.1] Ward placement:
    If you don’t know **** about itemplacement, I’ll go ahead and teach you! ;-)
    · Runeward: A ward that is used to scout out runes.
    · Jungleblocker: Used to block enemy jungle creeps from spawning, or reveal enemies jungling for easier ganks.
    · Defensive wards: Wards used to defend your team from either ganking your carry, or your enemies pushing ‘out of the blue’ leaving you without time to react. Can also be used to avoiding your enemiesganking you while you leave your base, if you’re in lategame.
    · Aggressive wards: Wards to help you either gank, or push.
    · Laneward: This term is used too frequently, and has many meanings. Most commonly it means ‘a ward that gives vision on enemy tower in my lane’ – this ensures that you won’t be surprised by TP-ganks.
    · Ancient wards: Gives you vision at either your own ancients to secure you being able to farm, or your enemies not grabbing them. It can also be used to scout out when the enemies are farming their own ancients, or can be used to block enemy ancients from spawning.
    · Teamfight wards: The top tier-supports often carry a ward + counterward(s) in teamfights. This is to ensure perfect initiates by having vision on the enemies. This can be either seen when enemies push basetowers, when around Kongor and so on.
    · Kongorward: Gives itself – a ward that either defends you from being initiates unexpectedly while at Kongor, or to do Kongor yourself.

    [5.5.2] Understand your strategy
    - Is your strategy to wait for your carry to get farmed? – Better get that laneward and make sure your enemies do not do Kongor, enter your jungle or push towers unexpected.
    - Is your strategy to push? – Better have those wards ready for pushes to happen!
    - Are you going to gank? – Well what about placing a ward in your enemies’ jungle, behind towers and make sure you always know where they are.
    - Are you planning on doing Kongor? - Better get that baby counterwarded, and have wards ready for enemies’ initiate, unless you have Fayde / Tundra / minions to scout that out!

    All in all: Prepare for your enemies movements. If you’re already in control of the game, eliminate enemies’ options by opening up for ganking them, or potentially blocking their ancients.

    [5.6] – The suicide lane
    Heroes that are able to suicide are found everywhere. It all depends on what you’re up against. Predict your opponent’s way of laning, and you can make the pick accordingly.
    Most importantly though, is that your suicide is able to get as big of an outcome as possible. Common for most suicide picks are that they can either:
    - Can win the lane
    - Get experience
    - Be effective without levels/farm
    - Avoid death

    Heroes that are commonly known as suicidelaners: :madm2::ramp2::keep2::wret2::valk2::drun2::gemi2::scou2: + Lodestone / Rally / Grinex (I don't think these icons are uploaded yet?)
    Each of these will either have a form of invis, a leap away or a way to pull creeps in order not to get too far away from the tower, when another supporter is around.
    I have personally grown very fond of Suicide Swiftblade,- without revealing too much.. When you have spins and level 3/5, you can pretty much oneshot any support. Once you hit level 6, you can oneshot the enemy hardcarry. (It all depends how well you gain experience)

    Remember, it always comes down to what you're up against. Rampage does well vs SW + Engineer, but terribly against SW + Empath.
    Swiftblade is amazing against SW + Empath as well. (125022698 - here's an example vs Glacius / Zephyr)

    The tricks to beating an Empath as suicide is:
    - Don't stand near wall.
    - Have a link-breaker (SB Spin, Bubbles Take Cover)
    - Don't be afraid to get nasty, when Empath CD is down.

    Your priorities as a suicide player are:

    1. Experience
    2. Runecontrol
    3. Farm
    4. Shutting down enemy (if possible)
    5. Stacking ancients (If you have a Soulstealer / Moonqueen - that should be must if you're not in a 1V1 situation)

    Once you’ve gotten your levels, it’s time to start roaming. If you cannot get farm / levels anyway, start roaming earlier.
    By picking a strong suicidehero such as Rally or Lodestone, you also force the enemy carry to have an aggressive jungler, or a support helping him out constantly, because otherwise he could lose the lane.
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    [5.7] – The midlane
    We’re starting off with what many believes, me included, is the most important role on a team – the midplayer.
    Back in 2010-2011, many believed that winning mid, meant winning the game. This has changed, due to the metagame being different. The responsibility does not hang on the midplayer himself alone. It is a common misperception to believe the midplayer to be responsible for others lanes lost, but he can be countable for you winning, if played right. It’s a teamgame, so everyone is to blame for losing.

    First of all, stop blaming yourself for losing midlane. **** happens, and the game is not over just because you lose it. There are tons of reasons for doing so, but we’re going to try stopping you from doing so.


    Accepting your opponents
    You need to think about; what am I up against? What can I do with these items? It’s nearly impossible to make general rules about what items to get. However, I’ll give you guys a bit of advices.

    Melee vs Ranged Physical: Focus on lasthits / denies - avoid staying close to the creeps for too long. You have the upper hand in damage, so you should get plenty of lasthits.

    Melee vs Ranged Magical: Focus on lasthits – Do not stand close to creeps, seeing as he will use spells to get CK’s. Do not get hit by these spells (get away when creeps are low)Heads up: They will attempt to pre-damage the creeps, so they get low before

    Melee vs Melee STR: Focus on lasthit. (He cannot harras you, meaning you can autohit all you want, and go for only 1x Runes of blight + Logger’s and whatever fits your future build) - Attempt to push when runes are spawning.

    Melee vs Melee AGI:
    If he has Iron Shield – ignore him. If he doesn’t, keep the pressure up, but again, focus on lasthits – autohit so he gets into tower range. (He cannot lasthit in towerrange, and you can get runes when lane is pushed)

    Ranged Physical vs Ranged Physical:
    Positioning means everything here. Most importantly, you need to bodyblock creeps, stay uphill. Whenever he goes for a lasthit, make sure to attack him. If the creeps gets pushed too much, you just get semi-close to the range, quickly attack him to draw aggro to the creeps, then quickly pull back. (Check your opponents armor/hp pool/regen/bottle before deciding whether to exchange autoattacks)

    Ranged Physical vs Ranged Magical:
    Again, positioning – but this time your enemy will most likely push the lane in order to harass you, due to his damage being primarily magical. This means, you will need a bunch of regen, and you will need to avoid dropping low on HP, due to him having burst-damage.

    Ranged Physical vs Melee STR:
    Do as much as you can to harass whenever he comes into range. It will be difficult getting lasthits, due to his high basedmg. This is why, harassing him works well. (This also pulls the creeps, getting them out of position for him to deny!) – Do not be afraid to use all of your mana early on either, preferably from level 3. The more creeps he gets, he bigger an advantage he gets. (Early bottle on melee will be your doom!)

    Ranged Physical vs Melee AGI: ^
    similar to above. No difference honestly, apart from his armor being higher, and damage lower.

    Ranged Magical vs Ranged Physical:
    Exchange as many autohits as you can. The less regen he has when you get level 3, the better. If you have similar regen at that point, you should be able to outharass him. (If you have AOE-dmg spells, using it to get lasthits + hitting him is really useful)

    Ranged Magical vs Melee STR:
    This is pretty difficult, seeing how a STR-hero doesn’t need Logger’s in order to get lasthits against you, and can get regen/ early bottle instead. None the less, this situation will be about you putting a bunch of early pressure on him, getting your bottle very early and winning by runecontrol.

    Ranged Magical vs Melee AGI:
    Harass all you can. Similar to Ranged Physical, an agi-hero who does not have a lot of regen at level 3, will most likely lose the matchup. Punish him for every lasthit he wants!

    Ranged Magical vs Ranged Magical: S
    imilar to Physical V Physical – beware of autoattacks, and attempt not to stand close to creepwaves.
    Runecontrol is everything in this matchup.

    If you face a dual lane – you’re all on your own. All you can do is try not to take too much harassment, don’t get out of position, try to get experience and NEVER push the lane. I recommend either laneswapping, asking for support-help or playing very defensively unless you really know what you’re doing.


    Having runecontrol is very important in any game. A haste or invis can be very fatal the sidelanes, seeing as it will most certainly ensure a successful gank. Similar to how a DD or Illus will ensure lasthits over your opponent, and regeneration speaks for itself.
    You will never be able to out-harass a player with a bottle, who has constant runecontrol. He’ll mirror your damage and regen back the lost HP/MP. It doesn't matter as much to you with the implementation of refreshment rune, but a Haste / Invis matters to your teammates.
    The best way to keep runecontrol is by doing the following:

    1. Make sure your lane is pushed before the 2nd minute-mark. Clear the enemy creepwave. This way, your opponent will be forced to lose experience / gold, should he attempt to go for the rune.
    2. Ask your teammate to walk towards the opposite rune of what your position lies towards. That way, either you or your teammate will get or guard it.
    3. Keep mobility-increasing tools available; ghost marchers, leap, and blink – things like that.
    4. Use a long-time CC to gain control, this could be a Succubus’ mesmerize or perhaps just a stun.

    Pro tip: (for experienced players):
    If you’re unable to clear the wave with spells, you can use the :30 creepspawn. Walk towards it, and bodyblock it as much as possible. If your opponent does not do the same, you should be able to get the creepwave in tower-range, making the wave die faster, and getting you the edge for the rune.
    - Do not be afraid to ask your teammates to ward. Ask politely. They may just have forgotten it. Ideally, you wanna ask way before the 2nd minute mark, so you don’t miss out the first rune.


    When to gank / push?
    A common midplayer mistake, is to push yourself into a poor situation. You will very often experience your teammates to ask for ganks – sometimes they really need one. However, it is not always ideal for you to do so. If you’re playing a hero which has easy access to getting a tower, it may actually be worth pushing before ganking.

    • Pushheroes: Should be getting levels / tower before ganking. If your opponent leaves the lane, it is the perfect chance for you to score a neat +300 gold for you and your teammates.
    • Gankheroes: Should be focusing on helping the sidelanes. These heroes thrive by levels, and not really by farm.
    • Initiate / utility-heroes: Shouldn’t be focused on getting a bunch of early farm / levels, while still carrying a TP for counter-initiation on sidelanes.

    Note that you shouldn’t leave the lane for anything but a certain double-tap + push, if leaving the lane means your opponent will get tower / go way above you.

    Creeps spawns at :00 and :30, so if you get a rune at :10, you will most certainly be spotted if you walk straight up behind your enemies, due to the creeps spotting you.

    Note that it is always very situational what you’re supposed to do, and these are simple guidelines you can choose to follow. As mentioned earlier, you should pretty much always gank with a Haste- and possibly invis rune. (Check if the sidelane is pushed or not, before jumping into a gank)


    When dual-laning mid
    In a dual lane, the priority is very similar to sidelanes. However, it is slightly different, seeing as runes will play a big role in the lane. Again, it usually comes down to a bit of luck, as well as communication. It is highly recommendable to call out who’s going for which rune before spawn, so people have time to move.
    While dual-laning in the midlane, you simply have to work together on getting lasthits. The lane creepwave-radius is very short, meaning that unless creeps are uphill, anyone in the midlane can make lasthit attempts. If a lowhp / low-armor hero gets too close to the creepwave, you should always attempt to CC/intiate on him and get as many autoattacks in as possible. It is crucial to seize your chances in high tier games.Heads up: He may be waiting for you to initiate on you, or make a move.

    It is also very important to note that, seeing that midlane is midlane, it is very easy to gank. It has plenty of entrances, and sneaking behind has never been easier. When a team decides to dual lane mid, it usually means they want an active game early on. So watch out for ganks – make sure to have wards defensively, perhaps even at the exit of your own forest – and make sure to call misses asap.

    When facing dual-lanes
    If you're facing a dual lane as a solohero, you are going to have a rough time. However- everything is not lost.

    Mid- and shortlane are the best lanes to be in a 1V2 situation, seeing as it is easier to get lanecontrol and ensure experience.

    When this is happening, there is pretty much only one way to approach this: Take what you can get.
    > If you're facing 1x ranged supporter- make sure you mirror his autohits, so he cannot harass you unpunished. When that happens, that is where you've lost the lane. - only counts if you're ranged yourself though.
    (Remember, supporters usually have way lower armor, less regen and lower level than you, so in a plain 1V1 autohit fight- you should win)

    What you need to take advantage of, is the fact that you will get extra levels. Heroes like can actually pull out tons of damage with a bit of a leveledge. So, be careful- but don't be scared to take your chances against the underleveled support in front of you, if you get it. (EW is especially powerful, due to being able to spam W)

    When being 1V2, do not attempt to get runes unless you're covered by teammates. You need to stick to your lane and get all the experience you can. (Focus on never getting out of position)

    I’m losing, he’s pushing, he’s getting the runes, what do I do?
    – Ask teammates for gank, or attempt to counter-push and random the rune before spawn, or make sure you get the tower-lasthits atleast. (Do not attempt to gank, when your opponent has the rune, unless obvious situation) – Make sure you as much experience as possible in this situation. If your opponent is winning, he will attempt to either kill you, or get you out of exp-range.

    If you’re really interested in becoming the best midplayer in the world, I recommend checking out Chaq’s ultimate guide to advanced solo middle: (it’s in dotalanguage)
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    [6] Strategies
    The first thing you need to consider when making a strategy is:
    - “What strength do we have, and what weakness do they have?”
    Topdrafters will have a strategy prepared, even before going into drafting phase. [sG]Swindlemelonzz will always have a pretty clear idea of what his opponents will draft, and he will have picks prepared to counter that specific strategy. As he says himself, he spends more time analyzing than actually playing the game.

    Lucky for us, we’re merely spectators, so we don’t have to do the prework, we can just enjoy other people being geniuses.

    [6.1] Advantages
    Short story:
    Inspired by Na’Vi [1] back from 2011 in Dota 1, most top competitors knows the advantage of pushing early on, and how doing so is the best way to increase your lead, or diminish your deficit. (If interested, here’s a link to DenDi explaining his thoughts:
    “If you’re ahead, get more ahead” – Artosis 2012.

    There are three primary examples of how to make an advantage in teamfights

    • Your enemies initiator or carry is not ready to fight.
    • Enemy does not have a
    • When drafting a moon queen, you will often allow her to clear jungle and ancients, along with getting solo experience. This means, which other heroes on the team, won’t have near same farm or experience, but without a Shrunken Head, she can barely have the impact against a team which has a lot of spells to provide. Especially if your team has minions or a barrier idol, her ultimate will be, to say the least, useless.
    • Enemy / does not have a : Normally, a freefarming Pebbles or Pestilence will have their around the 14th minute mark, unless ganked or zoned out. It is no secret, that heroes relying on , are way weaker before having them.
    • You have just hit a sugarpoint.

    a. You have just claimed , making the teamfight ‘6v5’ atleast.
    b. You enemies have a big ability on cooldown (, Tempest Hole, MQ Moon Finale, etc)
    c. You picked up a or astrolabe. These items are teamfight turners.
    You simply have the better lineup at the moment.

    In high rated TMM, there is nothing as annoying as facing an opponent, with a team such as: SW Short, Gemini mid and Scout suicide.
    The reasoning is that you know, at some point, that these heroes will get out of control, if left alone. It’s not that the draft is hard to deal with, but communicating with your teammates, and making them pick the right heroes within the 90 seconds which AP provides, is difficult.
    BUT, the truth is, that all of the abovementioned heroes are absolute garbage when it comes to early 5V5 teamfights. Just grab an Astrolabe, group up as 5- and do your deed.

    Ravenor VS :scou2:
    Result in TMM: Hellbourne will win. Result when communicating and getting the gathering + pushing done: Legion wins easily.

    [6.2] – The staygreen push
    This is the current most famous strategy. To some, it may seem like pure genius. It may seem like a result of stayGreen having the advantage early on.
    Well yeah, both of which are somewhat true, but there is a lot simpler explanation to it. But hey, let’s take a look at the straight up facts:

    • Without saying a random number coming on top of my head, only about 1/10th of the games I get to watch, are ended after the 30th minute mark.
    • Swindlemelonzz claims that he will close to never draft a team, without a jungle. Simply because your suicidelane is not affected by being suicide, due to mechanics allowing us honplayers to pull enemy creepwaves. ( “A suicide is not a suicide”

    [6.2.1] - The draft
    Let’s take a look at the standard stayGreen lineup:
    Initiator, Jungler with minions, A hardcarry able to fight pre-30, a support countering enemy lineup / wins midlane / shut down enemy suicide.
    Now, the suicide?
    Rules of suicide for sG: Shutdown enemy, don’t get shut down.
    War Beast: Always banned, due to his Battle Cry making his teammates win all other lanes + his jungler farm faster. He also has the wolves to get lane into position, making it hard to shut him down.
    Scout: shut downs enemy jungler with wards, also does not lose out on exp. The counterwarding in enemy junglecamps does that without Scout though, hense him not being picked as much anymore.
    Kraken: Amazing in teamfights due to ultimate, will win a lot of 1V1’s, hard to harass and has an escape.
    Valkyrie: Great ganker if you have a lineup-stun, also does fine in 1V1 scenarios.
    Kotf: Due to patch 3.3, now a lot easier to harass, but still has the great teamfight presence, and due to minions + invis, will still get loads of levels. Corrupted Disciple has, however, become a counter to kotf suicide. (Link goes through invis, a single dust can be enough to kill a Kotf if you have boots and he doesn’t)

    Remember: When drafting a suicide, you want to consider whether enemy will have a dual lane bot, or dual lane mid. (Ex if enemies have a Kraken mid, he won’t need a support. If it’s a Ravenor, he might – this is based on how hard the hero is to kill, and him having an escape mechanism)

    [6.2.2] the push itself
    Using the advantages in [5.1], a team like stayGreen will often have a lineup which has a lot of teamfight potential early on. “The stay green train” is commonly known from this.
    Let’s take a quick look at a game here, step by step: (124739399, 12th of November 2013)

    StayGreen versus Neon Knights


    Hellbourne: Wretched Hag / War Beast

    LEGION: Keeper of the forest
    Hellbourne: Tempest
    Legion: Ophelia
    Hellbourne: Engineer
    Legion: Rhapsody
    Hellbourne: MOA

    LEGION: GRINEX, Bubbles, Sand wraith
    HELLBOURNE: Slither, Soul Reaper, demented Shaman

    Legion: Moon Queen
    Hellbourne: Ravenor
    Legion: Kraken
    Hellbourne: Lodestone

    Short summary: Very standard bans, nothing outstanding. sG doesn’t like the scout, Limmp also claimed in earlier-mentioned thread that he would never play without the scoutban. It allows Ophelia to freely jungle without worrying about Electric Eyes, or Scout harassment.

    sG Firstpicked KOTF, forcing HB to pick Tempest as their 1stpick, which allowed sG to use KOTF as a suicide, by picking up Ophelia next. Haxxeren banned out Hag rather than Tempest, making this the result.
    From then on, it’s pretty much just standard drafting. Kraken was picked up by Swindle, due to him being able to sololane mid versus Engineer / Ravenor without dying. The MOA vs KOTF on westlane is always a bit ‘meeh’. MQ + Rhapsody easily shuts out Lodestone.

    Already analyzing the draft, the only think NK has going for them is the being a quicker farmer than Ophelia.
    Staygreen strategy step by step: (LEGION POV)

    1. helps shutting out , gets free exp midlane, and does just fine.
    2. 7:50 Tempest uses ultimate middle, now on cooldown till 11:10
    3. 9:00 KOTF & Kraken moves from their lanes, to push towers with , and , knowing that they have 1½ minute till TEMP ultimate is up. Result: 2 Towers destroyed, Hellbourne unable to defend. T3 tower drops down to 227 HP.
    4. 10:50 Entire team moves from Short -> Middle, claiming T1 tower just before TEMP Ultimate up. (remember what we talked about with having early teamfight potential? + + + is the definition of early teamfights.

    o Huge Energy Field + Ravenor Ball + Missed ultimate resulted in a bit of an upset for sG. This was only caused by a poorly taken teamfight though.

    1. From 11 -> 17 sG farms rationally. They stack, ward defeinsively gets 2x Portal Keys (Kraken / KOTF) + Astrolabe on Ophelia. They now h ave 3x 11’s, and hits the perfect timing to push.
    2. 18:00 Having Kraken PK, attempts to set up kills at shortlane, resulting in a kill on MOA, Engineer and Lodestone.
    3. 19:00 Staygreen fights without ultimates up, but the kills in point 6 allows them to push T3 tower and barracks. Game ended afterwards.

    Staygreen’s playstyle fits perfectly the step-by-step play, and it is not a repeating game that we are experiencing. (Don’t tell me you’re surprised the game went down exactly like it did) – The early push was a result of Tempest ultimate being down, giving Legion support plenty of room and gold to ward defensively, staygreen then waited for the perfect moment to teamfight and push out the last tower. It didn’t matter that they lost a big fight in the middle lane, because the teamfight-abilities from MQ/Kraken/OPH/KOTF was simply far superior early on.

    • Well, that’s all very nice, but what should Hellbourne have done?

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitively very easy to sit here and be Captain Hindsight

    The major issue was the reaction to the 5-man push. NK should have been able to claim 2x towers, instead of just 1. Secondly, the MOA-pick only works if it’s played in a turtlestyle. If initiated upon outside 5M-teamfights or outside base, which was, what happened at point 6, you do not benefit from the Acid Spray being such a good counter to Ophelia + Kotf minions. Same goes for Engineer’s Energy Field, which is also a great defensively tool.

    TL;DR – ultimate being down resulted in 3 towers being taken. A single poorly taken team fight from NK resulted in 1 tower + barracks being taken.
    I am also not sure if I like giving up both and
    dual laned middle with Ravenor, but didn’t really make any difference. wasn’t killed, he wasn’t shut down and Ravenor could’ve handled middle on his own anyway.

    I will add more strategies, step by step play and analysis by other teams if requested.
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    [7] Matchmaking

    I realize a lot of people primarily play this game for the matchmaking part. Here are some of the tips and tricks that I have come to learn, in order to enjoy it the most:

    • Never lose temper.
    • Try to master 1-2 heroes for each role. That way, you’re versatile enough to play better than anyone in any role, and will get the experience from all points of view in a game.
    • If you feel that you are better than your team- and opponents, pick a hero which snowballs well. Don’t try to pick a hardcarry, seeing as if your team gets dominated early on, you won’t have an impact.
    • Agility: :damp2::zeph3:
    • Intelligence:
    • Strength:
    • The best supports: since you have an impact of the way your carry plays, you still gain levels and gold from kills, etc. (“Support” 2K rated 98% Empath played, for instance

    All of the abovementioned heroes work in any bracket, and you can pretty much find replays of professionals playing them within seconds. So you get the knowledge, you get the tools – now you just need to practice.

    • Communicate – the way to avoid your teammates from failing is telling them what to and what not to do. Remember to provide a reason, and apologize if you make mistakes yourself. It’ll avoid trolls and griefers.
    • Play with friends – it makes your tmm experience so much better, and you won’t find yourself becoming a griefer, when you have a friend relying on you.
    • Call your hero and role already in the picking phase. Don’t surprise your teammates. Nobody likes surprises in HoN.
    • Manners counters trolls – There’s atleast 1 troll each game. Whether he’s on your s or your enemies’ team. However, only 1/10 of all trolls will remain idiots if you befriend him and ask him what you can do to make him stop. Go ward, go upgrade courier, be friendly. It really helps!
    • Play AP – If victory is what you want, then you need to make the right picks to sustain it.

    [7.1] Handling trolls
    “I’m mid! STFU!” (The mid guy): This situation is very common, and the best thing you can do is to kindly ask him to let you mid, while ensuring him you won’t lose the lane nor forget about ganking the sidelanes. If you’re man enough for it, the best thing you can do is to put your faith in him with encouraging words, and ensure that he has wards to provide rune vision. He will most likely forget all about being rude, and start being a useful asset to the team instead. (Note: These guys are usually rage quitters if they lose, mainly because they lose their pride. Ganking once or twice for them usually helps a lot!)

    “Hahaha, u mad bro?” (The troll): Trolls are here to annoy you. The more you rage at their idiocy,the happier and more ‘trollful’ they will become. The only approach to this is to be friendly: “Look mate, we all want to enjoy this game, so if there’s anything I can do to make you stop grieving, please tell.” – In almost all situtations, being respectful helps. Don’t forget that trolls are just angry, attention-seeking children. Being the grown up in the situation usually disarms them. If this doesn’t work and if they are literally ruiningthe game and annoying, just ignore them and report them afterwards. Remember to put a lot of work into your report, with timestamps and proper explanation- otherwise it’ll be a waste of time. Trolling and griefing is notallowed.

    ”I’m done. AFK, HF!” (The sad guy): When people say this, they are actually not trying to gameruin. They are simply trying to get attention to an issue. A guy will usually say this after a teamfight, or him getting caught off in a bad spot. However, a guy who says this usually really wants to win. The best way to avoid him going AFK, and ensure him playing better – is to approach him with proper respect. “Hey mate, I’m sorry that happened. Perhaps I should’ve warded or been there for you. However, the game is not over. If I ward for you, would you mind following the rest of us once?”

    - Try this stuff. It may prove effective J

    Tips and Tricks – Read this!

    General advice

    • Expect the worst, hope for the best.
    • Never let anger take over. It never helps.
    • If you’ve had a bad game – go masturbate. Take a shower. It calms your nerves.
    • If you have cold hands, let them soak a bit in warm water. Playing with cold hands is actually really impactful.
    • If you have an important game, or you want complete focus – caffeine such as coffee, apples or just a very nice sleep can do wonders for your performance.
    • The games you lose are the games you learn from.
    • Manners works on most adults. Kid’s psychology works on children. – Use it.

    Beginner tips:

    • Avoid death, unless for a hero higher on priority
    • Wards are of the essence. Do not be shy to spend up till 300g every 6th minute if necessary, regardless of position
    • Always carry a homecoming stone, do not use it unless necessary (You don’t want it on cooldown)
    • Avoid taking teamfights in enemy territory, unless you have vision on them, and are 5 players.
    • Do not and never autoattack on lane unless pushing. Only take lasthits, if you are higher priority than others.

    Intermediate tips:

    • Avoid fighting when you- or your teammates are affected by cooldowns. Not having a big ultimate, such as tempest or kotf can be a teamfight killer.
    • “The winner will always be the team with most mystic vestments” – quote Kyle “Swindlemelonzz” Freedman – captain of StayGreen. His point is that teamfight-items will win you teamfights.
      • Early items: Steamboots, Mystic Vestment, Power Supply
      • Midgame items: Astrolabe, Barrier Idol, Abyssal Skull and Tablet of Command
      • Lategame items: Kuldra’s Sheepstick, Daemonic Breastplate and Shrunken Heads

    • Denying creeps > lasthitting for gold. Taking 50-75% of enemy experience is worth more than a bit of gold.
    • Don’t be afraid to die in order to save your teammate, if he is higher on prioritylist. (See 1.3)
    • A towerkill is worth more if killed by faction, than if killed by you.

    • Team gold bounty is: 200/240/280/320 – but a faction kill is 315/350/385/420 – the extra 200 gold you gain is not worth it. However, always secure the lasthit. Do not let enemies deny.

    Advanced tips

    • It can take up from 30-45 seconds to run home from lane, if low on health. Ocassionally, suiciding can be viable for supportheroes, or legionnaire. Remember to spend your gold before doing so. (Only on low levels ofcourse)
    • Some helpful hotkeys:
    • Bind a key to Direct Pathing. It allows you to lasthit creeps over your own even as a melee. It also helps a lot in terms of juking, and aiming as Gauntlet or Soulstealer. Enemies juking are also a lot easier to catch.
    • Bind your hero to 1, and courier to two. <CTRL + 1 / 2>
      • Quick buy bottle: B + R + R
      • Quick buy boots: B + E + A
      • Quick buy homecoming stone: B + R + D
      • Courier fairy: 2 + E + Q + SHIFTCLICK R

    • For sideshop:
      • Quick buy homecoming stone: B + Q
      • Quick buy boots: B + G

    • Nearly all spells can be fake casted by clicking S immiediedly after casting the spell, and make enemies react. The sound effect procs on every fakecast (example Valkyrie’s Prism)
    • Doubleclicking items will make it use on self, or use to travel towards base.
    • If you have a group of units selected, pressing tab will switch ability-board in between
    • Casting spells on enemy will not agro creepwave

    Master tips

    • Current mechanics allows for creep waves to be pulled by any enemy unit. This includes minions spawned from kotf/wildsoul. (Suicidelane)

    How to do it: pull the lane using yourself or your minion to the enemy creepwave, and then drag it through the river either in front or behind your tower.
    How to counter: have a support follow the player doing it, allowing the support to leech exp and harass opponent. That way no exp is lost. – Remember, if your enemy does this to you, do not allow enemy creeps in tower. This will further suicidelane’s position.
    Another counter: Succubus Mesmerize enemy hero or minion will prevent the pull from being possible.

    • In order to gain lanecontrol in a 3 melee/1 archer mirror, attack enemy hero once, pulling his creeps towards you, repeat until enemy creeps attack your archer. You being one archer down will automatically push the lane towards you.
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    Links and helpful sources

    Recent patch notes can always be found:

    Clytemnestra's list of guides:

    If you’re looking for opponents to scrim against:
    /join clan scrim or /join scrimhigh

    If you’re looking to become a better player:
    /join clan project epoch

    In order to find Heroes of Newerth livestreams:

    For hero guidance:

    Theorycrafting and maths (serious awesomeness):!-(WIP)


    • Ever wondered what a certain word meant? Well here you have it. Your very own hondictionary:
    • SS: Miss or Soulstealer
    • MOA: Master of Arms
    • Shortlane: The teams lane, where jungle is closest to your tower. (Legion = BOT // Hellbourne = TOP)
    • Safelane: Also known as Shortlane
    • MIA: Missing in action. Often used the same way as SS
    • Psuedo-trilane: A dual lane assisted by a jungler
    • Defensive pseudo: A dual lane on your short lane. Often includes a 3- or 5:30 push with the jungler
    • Aggressive pseudo: Dual lane on long lane. Mostly done with Parasite or Ophelia
    • Trilane: a lane where three players are
    • Fake: to fake something is to pretend doing something. (see also bait)
    • Fake back: to pretend to fall back, but in fact wait for enemies to get a good initiate or similar
    • Fake push: to pretend you’re pushing, in order for the enemies to waste time or town portals to defend, where the fakers are in fact not intending to push
    • Fake initiate: To initiate to force enemies use big spells.
    • Ophelia casts Judgment on Pharaoh. Pharaoh initiates. Enemy uses a big spell such as Vindicator’s silence, Chronos’ sphere, Master of Arm’s call – but Pharaoh ports back. – Result: 60 second cooldown wasted versus 120 second cooldown
    • CC: Crowd control. From games like World of Warcraft, where you sometimes have to sheep, stun, immobilize or disorient enemies in order to focus down another with no interrupts.
    • Follow up: When someone initiates a teamfight with the team following up with spells.
    • Aggressive wards: See the “support role” or “strategies” – aggressive wards are often used to benefit ganking and pushes. (See proactive play)
    • Defensive wards: Often used to support reactive play, and allow yourself to “breath” while farming, and be able to defend towers and see pushes coming from far ahead.
    • Proactive play: To take initiatives to make teamfights happen.
      • Warding aggressively
      • Ganking
      • Farming enemy jungle
      • Doing Kongor and forcing teamfight or get token

    • Reactive play: To adjust your playstyle and actions depending on your enemies’ movements and actions.
      • Seeing 1x use a TP bottom -> “let’s push top, 5v4!”
      • Playing passively, waiting for opportunities
      • Farming safely
      • Defensive wards
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    Thank you and Merry Christmas !
    "What do I need PK for, I can charge from 1000 range"
    " is the most toxic pile of radioactive human garbage I've ever seen..."

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    Is this just that black guide reposted or what is the difference?

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    wtf FJ, just HOW long have you spent working on this?

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    I love you, Mila.

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    He combined his Black Code with new stuff. +1!

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    You do nice things like this for our community which leads me to believe your a nice guy then you go make good bye threads in CD (you stay online on forums, not one reply back) and play 5 plus consecutive matches right after post.
    You were honored with rewards and knowledge. You would of been a staff member easy if you applied.

    Anyways good luck to you man and all the best.
    Thanks again for helping out our newcomers.

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