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    Patch Notes - 3.2.7

    Welcome to Heroes of Newerth

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    Version 3.2.7
    == New Content ==

    - Added new Soul Reaper Alt Avatar: RoboReaper
    * The warped genius inventor who is creating robotic versions of Hellbourne daemons has designed a mechanical harvester of souls in RoboReaper. Equipped with cutting-edge radar to locate living souls, RoboReaper uses advanced algorithms to judge their worth and withering attacks to destroy the living vessels. What the Hellbourne genius will do with all those collected souls, no one knows...
    * Releases 11/6/2013

    - Added new Master of Arms Alt Avatar: Master of Cybernetics
    * Giving up his body for the sake of the Legion, Master of Arms has fitted himself with the most advanced cybernetic bodysuit the Blacksmiths were able to construct. 50% human, 50% robot, and 100% ready to melt the Hellbourne ranks with a barrage computer-aided of weaponry, the Master of Cybernetics is a deadly foe with all the skills of a mercenary soldier and all the power of a nuclear reactor.
    * Releases 11/6/2013

    - Added new Moon Queen Alt Avatar: Eclipse
    * A ruler of distant galaxies and a jaw-dropping beauty in all of them, Eclipse is a stunning example of alien breeding and near-utopian culture. Having been in contact with humans before the Fall of Man through technology like Gundromeda, she recognizes the existential threat that the Hellbourne daemons and spirits now pose to regions beyond Newerth and its galaxy, and joins the fight to rid them from the known universe.
    * Releases 11/8/2013

    - Added new Parasite Alt Avatar: NanoParasite
    * The mysterious Hellbourne inventor has outdone himself this time; just ask him. His NanoParasite is built entirely using nanotechnology and is programmed with the sole purpose of infecting Legion heroes with a potent virus to spread its vile presence across Newerth.
    * Releases 11/13/2013

    - Added new Armadon Alt Avatar: Robodon
    * Building upon the strength and durability of the slow-witted Armadon was not an easy task, but increasing his intelligence was a much more realistic goal. Stuffed to the brim with a phalanx of missiles and equipped with oil pumps for lubrication of his massive limbs, the Robodon is an industrial miracle, showcasing both the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Legion’s robotic engineering prowess.
    * Releases 11/13/2013

    - Added new Rally Alt Avatar: Bogatyr
    * No greater glory exists for the wandering Bogatyr than helping those who cannot help themselves. His treasure lies not in the physical riches that he could have for his heroic deeds—and in fact, he detests the thought of helping the well-off for political or capital gain—but in the virtue of selflessness through battle. He is a symbol of pride, respect, and leadership.
    * Releases 11/15/2013

    == New Map & Mode: Rift Wars Beta ==

    - Our brave heroes must venture into the alien realm of the Great Rift to close the portal that is spewing apocalyptic creatures across Newerth. The Great Rift has its own chaotic reality, however, and each warrior will possess an ever-shifting array of abilities. Prepare for countless opportunities to showcase your skills and non-stop OMG anarchy!

    - Custom-made Mode that creates a totally different experience every time you play
    * Everyone picks one hero each. This will be the in-game hero
    * Everyone then picks two heroes each for the ability shuffle. All heroes are enabled for this phase, and each hero can only be selected once per game
    * When the game starts, every player gets four random abilities from the entire pool of shuffle-picked heroes
    * When a player dies, they get four new random abilities from the entire pool of shuffle-picked heroes
    * This is a Beta release because we want to bring this great experience to all of our players as soon as possible. We will continue to improve the mode, fix bugs, and bring everyone a bigger and better experience.
    * For more information please see the forums

    - Amulet of Rebirth added as a new ability to every hero in a Rift Wars game
    * You can use the Amulet of Rebirth to re-random all of your abilities while ingame
    * Using the Amulet costs a small amount of Goblin Coins (NOT gold from killing creeps)
    * You can only re-random your ability in your team's Well.
    * You can earn a free use of the Amulet by playing Rift Wars games

    - Grimm's Crossing is back and better than ever!
    * Grimm's has been re-textured and touched up to be used for the Rift Wars
    * Players on the map have been increased from 3v3 to 5v5

    - Rift Wars added to Matchmaking
    * Stats are not recorded for this mode other than the "Games Played" and "Leaves"
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