Thread: Personal vendetta gets competitive player banned

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    Personal vendetta gets competitive player banned

    Just wanted to see if S2 is more keen on helping out with this problem once it's made public.
    Today when the player noshit tried to log in, he found his account to be suspended. Due to bad nickname.
    This player has been casted multiple times on honcast with the ingamename noshit, and no one has ever said anything about it.
    Yet when he hurts the feelings of one S2 member, personally, his accounts gets suspended for a bullsh*t reason.
    None of the GM's that were asked found noshit to be an offensive or banworthy nickname. And when looking deeper, no one could see any RAP-ticket submitted against said nickname. This means someone went and manually placed a nickname ban.

    None of the GMs can do anything about it, the SGM online is not responding and S2 is no where to be seen (most likely due to timezone difference, but still.. make the mess, clean it up please).


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    so shady
    such s2
    much wow
    so banned

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    lol i dont get what the problem is with "explicit nicknames" when they have just released an announcer that repeatedly says "motherfuker"
    can anyone explain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn_Gleeson View Post
    lol i dont get what the problem is with "explicit nicknames" when they have just released an announcer that repeatedly says "motherfuker"
    can anyone explain
    Because obviously noshit is much worse and more offensive than mother****er.

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    If S2 are going to help you, you'd be better off Private Messaging them instead of trying to stir up drama in the most volatile subforum on the forums.

    Discussing bans, infractions and suspensions on the forums is not allowed as a part of the forum rules, to stop people causing drama and/or flat-out lying about situations that have occurred.

    I will raise this internally for debate, and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this. However, I'm not letting the usual flamefest occur. Locked.
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