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    USE TrainedPros LFM for HonTour 1600+

    We are currently looking for 3 people + a well rounded backup player.

    Trained Professionals is looking to pick up a few new souls for HonTour. This is my second take at making the team, I made a couple of bad roster calls last time which ultimately led to the team fighting with itself and the eventual breakup. I'm not in a rush this time, So I am not only looking for skill, but people I can get along with.

    We will do a several runs with everyone who wants a tryout. We use mumble as our voice chat, so you will have to install that before your third tryout. At number 3, you won't be able to continue tryouts unless you are on mumble.

    The next confirmed tryout days are Wednesday/Thursday (10/23-10/24).
    This will be a USE team. Practice times will start between at 8-9pm EST and last for a couple of hours.
    For the timezone impaired that is:
    5-6pm PST
    7-8pm CST
    1-2am GMT
    2-3am CET

    Practice times are non-negotiable due to Nobban's work schedule.

    I will however be on by myself throughout the day and will tryout people if I feel like it.

    Nobban mostly plays mid or tank initiators.
    I mostly play semi-carries/gankers.
    We are looking to fill in the rest.

    Don't put any under role, I'll simply ignore your app if you do.

    In-Game Name:

    Best way to insure getting a tryout is to be in the
    clan channel, 'Clan Trained Professionals', as I have multiple accounts in the clan that I use.
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    we are down to scrim you

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    Cool, I'll add you in-game and as soon as I have enough players I'll hit you up.

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    In-Game Name: Guy`Ledouche
    Role: Carry/suicide
    Timezone: PST
    Age: 20

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    IGN: mike_x
    Role: carry
    Timezone: Eastern
    Age: 21

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    In-Game Name: `peachy
    Role: Carry/suicide/jungle
    Timezone: Central

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    In-Game Name: HoGUY
    Role: Jungler, Suicide, Hard support
    Timezone: USE gmt -5

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    In-Game Name: Reei
    Role: Carry
    Timezone: US East
    Age: 24

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    Doing a couple more tryouts tonight

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    In-Game Name: sh1ft
    Role: Support
    Timezone: CST
    Age: 22

    Played so far this season for Its Mahvel Baby as support, we got to the RO16 in silver.

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    You already know what role I play, and I'd still like to play on the team if you're down. I thought you two stopped playing so I never messaged you guys.
    Gotta feel special when Breaky, Emperor, and Beef all respond to your thread. <3

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    Still looking for more players!

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    Are you holding practices each of those days for an hour - or is that merely the tryout schedule? I guess my question is mainly what will the normal play/practice times/requirements be?

    I've built a few teams myself (so I understand your pain), and got quite burned out after my team of 6 months finally started making progress and then just fell apart.
    So, I am interested in potentially signing on to see how it goes, so long as the fit is right and can get me re-interested in HoN.

    In game name: AjaxVM
    Role: Hard Support, Roaming Support, Jungle, Solo (in order of best to decent)
    Timezone: CST
    Age: 23

    My current mmr is somewhere just under 1600 as I recall, but normally around 1650-1700, so if you are still looking let me try out, I'll gladly prove I am 1600+ if you don't trust
    I also stream, usually nightly after 8:00pm EST, except for Mondays and some random days, so that schedule should fit.

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    In-Game Name: Mattimus
    Role: Hard carry / hard support
    Timezone: EST
    Age: 24

    I know it says 1600+ and I normally fall under that in the 1650+ range but solo queues have dipped me down just below 1600. If that's a problem, no worries but I'd at least like a tryout to show you that I know this game inside and out. I know that queuing with people I can easily make it back to 1700 like I was last time I played with 3-5 people regularly.

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    In-Game Name: `tictactoe
    Role: Carry/Mid
    Timezone: Est
    Age: 17

    I play mostly one or two games a day. My current mmr is 1750+

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    I guess that was unclear, I meant to say that it starts between 8 and 9 and goes on for 1-2 hours.

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    I weeded through the applications and so far have only found 2 potential people.

    Needless to say, that means I'm still looking for more.

    Doing tryouts tonight and tomorrow night. (10/23-10/24)

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