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    What If? MMR & Match Making

    How would you react, after taking a deep breath and really thinking of the implication of us doing the following:

    1.) Resetting all MMR to 1500
    2.) No longer showing MMR in the lobby?
    3.) Created a new account progression system and account scoring (MMR should absolutely NEVER be used as a score)

    Please, no trollish or knee-jerk reactions to this. Also, I'm just asking a question, absolutely in no way signaling a change we are going to make.

    EDIT: The main purpose of this would not be to create a more accurate MMR system but use MMR as it should be (a measure to create accurate matches) but not as a score or a way to "progress" your account. We should create other systems for that purpose.

    Also, it wouldn't take many games until the MMR system found its way separated again. Think of this as us "restarting" a season or ladder.
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    I just do not see the point, everyone will go back to their real mmr and it will be chaos @ 1500

    People who worked hard like me with 50% win to achieve 1800... It will be a pain to start again.

    And not showing the mmr in lobby I do not really mind.
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    Compressing/resetting mmr has done nothing in the past except cause frustration.....Not showing mmr in the lobby wouldn't have a negative impact, I don't think.
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    Reset with the current +10/-10 with bonus for bloodbath/immortal/etc for the first 10 games would be acceptable.

    MMR needs to be visible (at least for the higher mmr games).

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    Wow. That's a scary thought. On the one hand, I see potential good for those who have been carried too high, or sunk too low to rise again. On the other hand, it'd be seriously chaotic for a long time while people got to where they should be, new players would have a worse time than usual, and high-tier players would end up carrying a lot of people. Honestly though, I'd be willing to give it a shot, just cuz.

    As to not seeing MMR, sounds fine to me.
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    I think I like the first part though, about resetting MMR - it might prove to be a good action in the long run. Maybe along with this, we could see a ladder system with periodic resets or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maliken View Post
    2.) No longer showing MMR in the lobby?
    Wouldn't this part be "countered" by just going ahead and checking their profiles & stats?

    EDIT: A good solution might be to show the color of the players instead of their names (Pink/Blue/Grey/Brown/Orange), if they are not part of your group that you queued with. This way no profiles can be checked. I think this could be really beneficial for the goal that the change is meant to achieve.
    Even hiding them for the duration of the game, until the end stats are shown, could be a way of further improvement.
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    Finally, people in midwars will give me prisoner, even though I am 1400!

    I play a mean prisoner just fyi.

    Yes all the way!


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    Nice ideas of changing the current system. If you could toggle the display of your MMR during picking phase and on your stats page, that would be the best.
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    Don't reset the mmr again... lets take a deep breath and remember the quote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" and drop this thought.

    Playing was unbearable for weeks after the last time it was done.

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    I think MMR is a system that needs maintenance over time whether that be from periodic resets or decay in order to maintain accuracy in reflecting the growing or shrinking of the playerbase as a whole, so this idea would be totally fine. One and a half years since the last reset right? That's a long time.

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    Sounds legit. Can't approve or denie :I

    Edit: What about giving players Ranks instead of a score.

    Like hidden 1500s are called "Starter" and 1900s are called "Legend" or something like that. A new Rank for every 50 MMR you gain including a fitting rank symbol.
    I feel like that could be an option
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    I feel alot of people play for MMR rather than for the enjoying of the game

    and what will be the point in sub accounts?
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    the more you think of this the worse it gets. if this happens im 100% certain more than half of your current playerbase will quit hon. just give people 1 free stat reset if THEY want it.
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    Wouldn't personally mind the reset that much but high rated people would get pretty upset because they would have to work their way up again. Maybe if you reset the stats of people who are below 1500 because imo 1000mmr is as good as 1500s. It would give the people from the "pit" the chance to prove they are above 1100mmr :P .
    The anonymity of stats (while MAY decrease the stats flame) will only make people rage more about other things, it wont make the community any better and it certainly will be a pain in the ass to not be able to have a glance on someones stats while picking your hero and gameplan. HoN took enough turns for casualness imo (range indicators, spawn block circles, only thing that is missing is a global anouncement when someone buys back).

    Quote Originally Posted by Maliken View Post
    EDIT: The main purpose of this would not be to create a more accurate MMR system but use MMR as it should be (a measure to create accurate matches) but not as a score or a way to "progress" your account. We should create other systems for that purpose.
    You mean something like the current leveling system only with benefits?
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    I think allowing players to DECIDE if they want others to be able to see their stats and MMR is a better idea.

    A reset to 1500 is probably not a great idea unless the rating system is completely revamped. By that, I mean that the MMR system of starting at 1500 would be gone and a new system altogether would be implemented, since players with 1000 games but rated at 1500 are obviously not in the same skill bracket as players with <10 games played.
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    seems like it would be rough at the ~1500 bracket. ppl who are already 1500 will go down even more due to everyone being the same mmr and it would be hard to climb back up.

    if s2 were to change mmr/matchmaking they should put leagues like bronze, silver, etc

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    Do eeeeet.

    But seriously, I'm heavily in favor of annual ladder resets.

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    I think some changes need to be made. My main complaint is to be able to play ranked TMM, you need to play unranked. Spent 30 minutes in que last night with nothing to show for it.
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    If this happens. I will be leaving HoN (Seriously).

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