Version 3.2.2

== New Content ==

- Added new Night Hound Ultimate Alt Avatar: Cowardly Night Hound
* Put 'em up, put 'em up! The Ultimate Night Hound may start out cowardly, but as you add items his courage grows large enough to fill the lanes!
* Elder Parasite / Symbol of Rage / Abyssal Skull: Face mask and hair upgrade
* Firebrand: Flaming weapons
* Nullfire Blade / Brutalizer / Thunderclaw / Charged Hammer: Weapon upgrades
* Boots: Leg armor upgrade
* Energizer / Soulscream Ring / Iron Shield: Body armor upgrade
* Minor Totem / Lex Talionis: Badge of courage
* Releases on 8/30/2013

- Added new Deadwood Alt Avatar: Gravewood Deadyard
* The Wicked Hag of the West has called forth the monstrous, cursed trees of Hellbourne burial grounds to impede the Legion's progress through the Forest of Caldavar. Tin Hammerstorm, sharpen that ax!
* Releases on 8/28/2013

- Added new Hammerstorm Alt Avatar: Tin Hammerstorm
* There's plenty of heart in this warrior, who has proven his worth in countless battles dating back to when Maliken led Man against Beast. Still, no one knows if a man lies beneath the armor, or a machine.
* Releases on 9/2/2013

- Added new Pearl Alt Avatar: Good Witch Pearl
* This optimistic spellcaster wants to see the best in everyone, but sometimes those mean old Hellbourne just don't have a redeemable scrap of good in them. When that happens, Good Witch Pearl is happy to send them into the afterlife to be reborn and try again.
* Releases on 9/4/2013

- Added new Sand Wraith Alt Avatar: Hang Tuah
* Rising from the waters where his iconic weapon once rested, the legendary Malaysian warrior Hang Tuah has emerged to drown Newerth in a flood of fear, vanishing only when he is once again the strongest fighter on land and sea.
* Releases on 9/6/2013

- Added new Fayde Holiday Avatar: Scarecrow Fayde
* Scarecrow Fayde could be called mindless in his pursuit of Legion heroes, reaping entire fields and forests just to harvest the souls hiding in the shadows within.
* Releases on 9/9/2013

== General ==

Courier Rework
- In the bottom right corner of the screen, the "Commands" have been removed. The panel now shows:
* Taunt
* Fortification
* "Use Courier" Button
* Courier Status
- When you use the "Use Courier" Button, the Courier will grab all of the items in your stash, use Speed Burst, deliver the items to you, and return to base
- The Courier Status now shows stats at a glance about the Courier
* The icon will change depending on what the Courier is doing. Changes between:
* Idle, Getting Stash Items, Delivering, Returning, Dead, or Roaming (when someone is manually controlling it)
* Upper Icon changes color based on who is controlling the Courier
* Lower Icon changes based on if the current Courier is Private, Shared, or Dead

- This information will also appear when your stash is open

== Hero Balance ==

Monkey King
- Starting Strength reduced from 19 to 18
- Starting Agility reduced from 20 to 19
- Starting Intelligence reduced from 18 to 17
- Illusive Dash: Damage decreased from 10/20/30/40 + 100% attack damage to just 100% attack damage
- Heavenly Vault: Mana Cost increased from 120 to 120/130/140/150

== Bot API ==

- New function: unit:GetHeading()

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- LRM's "Turn" sub-skill now shows the cast range indicator correctly if you click on the skill with your mouse

Master of Arms
- Forked Lightning range indicator width adjusted to be correct

- Neutral Creeps controlled by Command now deal and take the correct damage

- Wrath of the Pharaoh unbinds him if he hits someone with it

- Power Overwhelming will now properly propagate to illusions (and will do reduced damage on them)

- Elemental Void now properly pulls the Ancient creeps

- Fixed the ranked/unranked setting in Matchmaking changing itself to unranked on startup instead of restoring your last setting
- Fixed some options not working correctly when changed via search (for example: Swap Minimap)