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    Patch 3.2.1 -- Matchmaking Improvements Heading Your Way!

    Patch 3.2.1 goes live Wednesday and some exciting changes are heading your way! (please note, from this point forward all patches will fall on a Wednesday)

    Persistent Groups

    Two very noticeable changes we have made are the addition of persistent groups as well as queue confirmation. Now when you are matched, you will get a confirmation requiring everyone to accept the match before getting into the game;this will stop games where one player remains afk through the whole pick phase.

    Ranked vs. Unranked
    We have also removed basic and verified. These have been replaced with ranked and unranked matchmaking. Similar to the transfer from basic to verified, new accounts will only be able to play in unranked games until level 3,when they will then have the option to play in ranked games where MMR and stats will be tracked.

    The implementation of unranked matchmaking creates a less stressful environment for new players and experienced players alike, while not mixing them with the people who are looking for serious competitive matches. This system also changes the base MMR at which accounts are introduced into ranked play. An account playing ranked matchmaking for the first time will no longer be 1500 MMR, but their MMR will be set to a value based on their performance in their first three levels of unranked play.

    Reducing Queue Times
    The next change that is very noticeable is the removal of a few modes previously offered in matchmaking. The modes that will be removed are: Lockpick, Core Pool, and Grimm's Crossing. These modes were causing very long wait times due to low play numbers. For those of you who enjoyed these modes, they will still be playable in public games. Also, expect Grimm's Crossing to reappear in a new form in the future.

    We are also taking a look at the matchmaking algorithm itself to see if any tweaks can be made to allow faster and better matches. You can expect to see the results of this over the course of the next couple of weeks as it is being tweaked.

    Balanced Random
    We're trying out a replacement for All Random in the Forests of Caldavar. In matchmaking, you will now see a mode called Balanced Random. This mode, while still retaining the enjoyability of the randomness, will generate more balanced teams to play against one another.
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    2rd ....

    also will that revamped/edited version of grims be implimented back into matchmaking?
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    And just by the way, Grimm's Crossing is getting removed from matchmaking...Instead of making a pathetic LoL copy you should listen to your HoN community more.
    EDIT: Creating a ladder for Grimm's would be a much more viable option.
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    @ Trugo

    Why does a mode like Grimms Crossing, that isn't played by many, influence the queue time? It only concernes the (few) people who actually play Grimms Crossing (but they do it on their own will and will wililingly accept longer queue times...).
    What is the benefit from removing Grimms Crossing from Match Making? Instead of making use of one of the unique points HoN had (different modes) in comparison with e.g. Dota2 and advertise it, you are removing it...

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    Glad to see continual change and updates

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    Thank you s2 !

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    Im actually really excited that S2 continiues the good work for the game.

    but i have 1 small Quetion: If a player is above lv3 and wants to play unranked game will this game have any affection to his stats or it will be something like MidWars?(no stat only coins and relaxed fun)

    EDIT: will a player be able to choose between Ranked and Unranked Only matches? i mean when u have Ranked only thumbed up the matchmaking will seach ONLY for Ranked games and when u have Unranked the MM will ONLY search for Unranked games.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nice to see more frequent updates affecting different aspects of the game than just heroes and bug fixes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinsword View Post
    Good sir, I would like to commend you on your overuse of the slippery slope fallacy and wonderfully researched numbers/statistics that came from your ass.

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    Can you give us a better hint how Grimm's crossing will appear in the future? Makes me sad to see it removed, there is already a thread about this with lots of people agreeing on this, I think we deserve some more info Apart from that, looks good, especially persistent groups!

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    Ranked vs. Unranked
    Ranked vs. Unranked
    Ranked vs. Unranked
    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post

    We'll remove logger's hatchet.

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    RIP in peace MM Grimm's Crossing, you will be missed.

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    awesome changes

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    Oh man yes! Balanced Random!

    I made a thread about this long time ago:
    Yeah wrong place to but it in General, should have been in Suggestions.

    Hopefully this mode will be something like I had in mind because that would create more balanced games but still got that random element with it.
    Back then you did not have initiator/support/carry roles etc. what you have now, that is better way to balance around than my suggestion by basic attribute.
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    A first and small step, but this patch may be the best S2 has released in a long time. Over the past year or two, I've slowly started to lose confidence in S2...but this patch may have just rebuilt much of that confidence. It's a small patch with some minor changes, but it is a clear indication that S2 is headed in the right direction.
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    I just would like to see at least 2 maps after like 10 years of the same game, because Caldavar is just like DotA... so Im playin the same map for over 10 years... can I see something new in a serious MatchMaking?

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    more like LOL

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    Please also add Balanced Random to the midwars map

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    I've prepared the shackles next to my computer so that I may press the "accept queue" button after an indeterminate amount of time between 1-30 minutes.

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