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    "Spiderthing, Spiderthing, does whatever a Spiderthing does"



    It is said for every fear and phobia that effects man and beast alike. there is a demon waiting to be born -- Arachna, chittering, skulking, crooked and wicked -- spawns from the fear of spiders. Protected by a chitinous exoskeleton as strong as cold iron, she stalks, and traps, and slaughters her enemies.


    Using the index: Simply bring up your "find" feature in your browser (Ctrl + f) and type in the code next to the section you wish to browse.

    • Stats [qe1]
    • Abilities [qe2]
    • Skill Build [qe3]
    • The Rundown [qe4]
    • Items [qe5]
    • Strategy [qe6]
    • Hero Synergy [qe7]
    • Replays [qe8]
    • Changelog [qe9]

    Stats [qe1]

    Strength: 17 (+1.7)
    Agility: 22 (+3.2) Primary attribute
    Intelligence: 15 (+1.5)

    Damage: 40-51
    Armor: 2.08
    Movement Speed: 290
    Attack type: Ranged
    Attack Range: 600

    Abilities qe2]

    Webbed Shot (Q)

    Arachna imbues her attack with webbing, slowing enemies on impact.

    This is an attack ability

    Type: Magic
    Mana Cost: 12
    Cooldown: 2/2/0/0 seconds

    Effect: Causes her attack to apply Webbed Shot to the target for 1.5 seconds (Note: This actually feels like 2.2 - 2.5 seconds)

    Webbed Shot: 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed slo
    5/10/15/20 Attack Speed slow

    Flavour text: I got a fly in my web!

    Harden Carapace (W)

    Arachna hardens her carapace for a short duration, increasing her resistance to magical attacks.

    Type: Self buff
    Mana Cost: 90
    Cooldown: 22/20/18/16 seconds

    Effect: Dispels debuffs on self and applies
    Hardened Carapace for 6 seconds at all levels.

    Hardened Carapace: +5/10/18/35 Magic Armor
    (24.8% base Magic Resistance --> 38.7% / 48.2% / 58.5% / 70.8%)

    Flavour text: It's tough to be a widow.

    Precision (E)

    Arachna's renown at being a precise shot inspires nearby ranged units, increasing their base damage. Also increases Arachna's base damage.

    Type: Aura (passive)
    Passive target: Allied Ranged Units (default) / Ally Ranged Heroes
    Range: 900

    Effect: Increases base ranged damage of Arachna and nearby ranged units by 7/14/21/28%

    On use effect: The aura will only affect heroes / The aura will affect all units

    Flavour text: I can see your weakness.

    Spider Sting

    Hurls a Spiderling toward a target enemy unit that can reveal stealthed enemies. Upon reaching its destination, the Spiderling viciously attacks the enemy unit, poisoning it, slowing its movement and attack speed.

    Type: Target Unit, Physical
    Range: 500
    Mana cost: 125/175/250
    Cooldown: 80/50/30 seconds

    Hurls a Spiderling toward a target enemy unit.

    Spiderling: Magic Immunity, Splash Immunity, 600 sight range, focuses all attacks on target and keeps them revealed until the Spiderling is killed.

    • Attacks up to 5 times then perishes, lasts up to 15 seconds
    • Each attack Applies Spider Sting for 1.5 seconds with an attack time of 1.0 seconds
    • Each attack deals 75/150/225 Physical damage
    • The Spiderling dies once it has been attacked 3 times (loses 1/3 of its health with every hit it takes if you have lifebars turned on)

    Spider Sting: Slows target's attack and movement speeds by 40/60/80

    Flavour text: It's a deadly deadly kiss!

    Skill Build

    When the game starts you should be grabbing your items and heading either bottom or top lane with an ally, do not select your skills until you have seen your enemy heroes in your lane. You should take the orange highlighted abilities if the enemy heroes can hit you with 3 or more magic damage nukes.

    1 - Precision
    / Harden Carapace
    2 - Webbed Shot
    3 - Webbed Shot
    4 - Precision
    / Harden Carapace
    5 - Webbed Shot
    6 - Spider Sting
    7 - Webbed Shot
    8 - Precision / Harden Carapace
    9 - Precision /
    Harden Carapace
    10 - Harden Carapace
    / Precision
    11 - Spider Sting
    12 - Harden Carapace
    13 - Harden Carapace
    14 - Harden Carapace / Precision
    15 - Stats
    16 - Spider Sting
    17 - Harden Carapace
    18-25 Stats

    If your enemy can give you a debuff early you should consider taking a level of Harden Carapace to remove the debuff. Blacksmith, Armadon, Hellbringer, Deadwood, Pestilence, Predator, Legionaire, Keeper of the Forest, Soulstealer, Dark Lady, Glacius, Electrician, Wretched Hag and Slither
    all have debuffs that can be removed, making this skill very flexible. Slither has 2 debuffs that can be removed, making Arachna an ideal counter to Slither (Thanks XQuicksilver for finding this out). If the enemy team is mostly physical damage with 1 debuffer, you may want to only get 1 level in Harden Carapace and get stats instead of leveling up Harden Carapace since 2 str/agi/int is much better than a 2 second cooldown reduction on Harden Carapace. Skill builds are very dependant upon what heroes you are facing so make sure you get a good look at the enemy team and adjust your builds accordingly.

    As soon as the game starts you should be getting 1 level of
    Precision and toggling the aura so that it only effects your ranged heroes, thus stopping your lane being pushed by archers/warlocks (more on this later). It's a personal choice to get Precision at level 1 over stats, I find that the benefit of getting an early level in stats is overlooked by a lot of players, while others prefer the damage for last hitting over lane control. If you think you're going to have a hard time in your lane, you should be getting stats instead of Precision as the health boost is necessary to survive, and that's what the game is about for carry heroes like Arachna. A few important things to take note of are; Precision is only affected by Arachna's base damage, which is also affected by all items that give the agility attribute. Meaning that any items you are holding that have agility give you an additional 28% of that agility in damage! Not only that, but Arachna's agility growth is one of the highest in the game, which means her damage grows rapidly when you level up Precision. Since Precision is a passive ability, it propogates to illusions of Arachna as well.

    Webbed Shot is Arachna's main ability, its necessary to take this as soon as possible because of the powerful debuff it applies to the enemy. Webbed Shot is used for; harassing, helping out allies, kiting things, and most importantly, making the other team lose their cool. at Rank 1 Webbed Shot does not do much by itself, but if you're manually casting it, the creeps will not aggro you, making it a nifty harassing ability. You shouldn't toggle on autocast of Webbed Shot until the very late stages of the game where you cannot orb walk any more.

    Spider Sting is a very, very powerful ability at the moment, it has the potential to do more damage than Pyromancer's ultimate with Staff of the Master. If the target has 0 armor the Spiderling is doing 1225 damage, however 0 armor isn't very realistic unless you have heroes like Pestilence or Demented Shaman on your team. The
    Spiderling is extremely hard to kill by 1 hero alone, with 2 heroes the Spiderling will probably only get 3 attacks off before it dies. Early game you should use Spider Sting to get hero kills, towers and creeps will not attack the Spiderling so use this to your advantage. When deciding whether or not to use Spider Sting, divide the enemy heroes life up into chunks of 60 then work out how many attacks you need to do to kill the hero. For example if the enemy hero has 600 life, your spiderling needs to do 5 attacks (1 every second) and you need to do 5 attacks (1 every 1.7 seconds), obviously the numbers change a bit depending on your enemies' items. You can also use Spider Sting to escape ganks, cast it on thine enemy with the most damage potential and run for your life, and apply Harden Carapace when necessary. As soon as you get Spider Sting Rank 3, you can demolish any hero 1v1 with Webbed Shot and Spider Sting, make sure it's a 1v1 though, take note of your minimap, if you know where all the enemy heroes are, fire away.

    The Rundown[qe4]

    Beginner - Intermediate - Expert


    • Good end-game damage
    • Excellent attack animation
    • Can stack slows to literally stop enemies in their tracks (80% slow from Spider Sting and 40% slow from Webbed Shot which is an 88% combined slow)
    • A good counter hero for strong melee carry heroes like Madman/Dark Lady/Night Hound
    • Can remove debuffs on herself and provide magic resistance for a short period of time.


    • Poor early game damage
    • Poor strength gain, resulting in low max hp
    • Has no escape mechanism i.e. stealth, blink
    • Slow attack speed compared to her late game rivals (who get speed boosts from their abilities)
    • No abilities with stuns, ie. easily countered by Homecoming Stones

    Arachna is one of the most difficult heroes to play, because she is so fragile you're going to be targeted the entire game. To play Arachna with her greatest potential you will have to have mastered concepts such as; Orb walking, Animation canceling, last hitting, kiting,
    judging battles and creep leashing.

    Arachna is considered to be a carry hero, she is really weak at the start of the game, having a small strength gain and barely any base damage. Your goal is to farm lots of gold until you can form at least 2 Morph/Combatative items, then push your team to victory.

    Why choose Arachna over other ranged carries like Forsaken Archer or Corrupted Disciple? Because she is better (In some situations!) She is a counter hero for ALL physical damage melee heroes due to her Webbed Shot and Spider Sting almost completely removing an enemies' attack and movement speeds. Team battles will consist of you standing behind your team waiting for someone on your team to initiate, then you'll charge in, Spider Sting the hero with the most attack damage and Webbed Shot 2 heroes while their team retreats. Try to hit as many heroes with webbed shot as you can, giving as little chance of escape as possible to the opposing team, remember the debuff expires after about 2.5 seconds so you can probably fire 2 attacks into the hero you want to kill and shoot the other hero on the subsequent attack. You have to be able to judge team battles extremely well, there is no point using
    Webbed Shot on 3 enemy heroes when none of your allies are going to help you clean up, in this circumstance you are better off focusing down 1 hero before their ability cooldowns expire.

    Arachna is a very psychological hero, she makes her opponents think they can beat her, but she has the power to turn a 1v2 into a 1v1 then a 1v0. Just Spider Sting one hero, then Webbed Shot the other,
    Webbed Shot the original hero and keep swapping between them while running away. There will come a point where they will both back off and you will still have Webbed Shot on both of the opposing heroes, allowing you to chase them for the kill.


    Item build designed for non-em games, no one should ever play em... even if you're learning! Hopefully a support hero is nice enough to buy you a monkey courier so you can stay in your lane for as long as possible, don't be afraid to buy consumables as long as it will keep you in your lane.

    Starting inventory should look like this:

    2x Minor Totem: 2x53 = 106 gold
    Runes of the Blight = 90 gold
    Health Potion = 100 gold
    2x Duck Boots = 300 gold
    = 596 gold

    First up, you'll need to look at the enemy heroes and decide what items you want to build. If you think you're going to be harassed quite a bit you should buy an Iron Buckler to finish the Iron Shield Recipe. Otherwise you'll be saving your gold to buy some Marchers and Soulscream Rings to give you some extra early-game potential. Depending on the enemy team composition, you'll either be wanting to finish your Ghost Marchers first, or get a Helm of the Victim. I usually decide this by the amount of regen items I have left. You will need to get movement speed items as fast as possible so you can quickly get in range to use Webbed Shot, or quickly run away when a gank happens, since Arachna has no escape abilities she will be a prime target for ganks early on. If you're not farming that well, try getting Whispering Helm for the lifesteal, damage and armor. You can use Whispering Helm to dominate a Wolf Commander for 30% increased damage which helps with last hitting. Or alternatively you can dominate a level 5+ neutral creep to do some ancient stacking for your team mates.
    If you are not getting Whispering helm then you will have to constantly purchase consumables throughout the game until you build an item that gives you regen later on.

    It is never a bad idea to buy Mana Battery and upgrade it to Energy Booster!

    2x Soulscream Ring: 920 gold
    Ghost Marchers: 1500 gold
    = 2420 gold

    Should take you about 10 minutes, you shouldn't leave your lane at all until you have these items, they're extremely necessary for Arachna's survival. From this point on you should be carrying at least 1 Homecoming Stone on you at all times, no exceptions! Whether your team needs your help, or you're stuck in a tight situation and need to juke and teleport, your Homecoming Stone will be your best friend.

    Here's where an important decision comes into play, you need to build Arachna according to what enemies you're facing.
    If the other team has:

    • Jeraziah, Hammerstorm, Pestilence, Hellbringer

    Nullfire Blade: 3300 gold

    Dispels Protective Charm, Hammerstorm's ultimate, Swarm, and most importantly it instantly kills Hellbringer's ultimate. This should be built with Geometer's bane since your images can mana burn. Save charges for dispelling rather than using it on enemy heroes (unless of course you absolutely need it to get a kill or you're saving an ally).

    • A team of 3+ heroes with strong nukes or chain stuns, including heroes like Pyromancer, Glacius, Soulstealer, Behemoth, Torturer, Thunderbinger, Moon Queen, Witch Slayer and Pebbles.
    • Either Electrician, Pollywog Priest or Witch Slayer you should get:

    Shrunken Head: 3910 gold

    Shrunken Head is the staple item for countering a team of disables and stuns. Its magic immunity provides reduces your number 1 target status and provides you with 5+ seconds of free dps which is good on any hero. Make sure that Shrunken Head is actually going to stop stuns, since some heroes ultimates (Succubus, Devourer, Deadwood, Pandamonium) go through Shrunken Head. You will need health boosting items to counter these heroes instead of Shrunken Head, or maybe even a Null Stone if the other team has a few single target scary disables.

    Geometer's Bane: 5000 gold

    If the conditions for getting Nullfire Blade or Shrunken Head are not met, then you should be getting Geometer's Bane. It gives you; yet another ability which removes debuffs, images which do 33% of your base damage, extra movement speed to catch fleeing enemies or run away, and increases your armor. You should build the Blessed Orb before the Firebrand as the bonus health helps out a great deal when laning against someone. After Geometer's Bane is built, you should be getting Nullfire Blade anyway, since the mana combustion property gets transferred to your images. Keep in mind that images do not benefit from + attack speed, + armor or + damage items, they receive benefits from all stat boosting items though, so you may want to get Steamboots if you decide to get Geometer's Bane.

    Now you have ANOTHER decision to make, if the enemy team has just the one (or no) carry hero(es), you should get a whispering helm (if you didn't before) and finish a Symbol of Rage, otherwise the next item on your shopping list is:

    Wingbow: 6000 gold

    The benefits of Wingbow are extremely amplified by Geometer's bane, your images now get dodge as well as the bonus agility and Arachna's damage and attack speed get a nice boost in effectiveness, she's now effectively a walking anti-physical tank. You can probably push with your team and win at this point, but just to be sure you should get:

    Riftshards(Rank 4): 5500 gold

    After Wingbow and Geometer's at level 25 you will have 310 damage, Riftshards will increase that to 385 damage with 20% critical strike chance for 2.4x damage (924 crits), which is effectively a 20% chance of 539 physical bonus damage, statistically giving you an extra 108 damage every attack. But wait there is more, your illusions get critical strike as well!

    Deamonic Breast Plate: 6050 gold

    Only get this item if no one on your team has it, and after lifesteal and wingbow. Everyone you attack will have -5 armor and you will have an insane attack speed, letting you apply Webbed Shots at a faster rate and increasing the damage your images and spiderlings do.

    Symbol of Rage: 6150 gold

    As mentioned earlier, you should be getting this when you're faced against a team of only 1 or less carry heroes, this is because it's most likely you'll need this to survive the damage from the other enemy heroes which will probably be a combination of magic and physical, and since you have resistance to magic damage you should be able to survive long enough to activate the Symbol of Rage and steal back all the life you lost. Once you have this item you should continue on getting Wingbow and Riftshards.

    Any items not mentioned doesn't necessarily mean they're bad on Arachna, for instance you might want to get Savage Mace to stop enemies from teleporting away once you throw Spider on them (Savage mace's mini stun bonus damage works on your images as well as giving you True Strike, nullifying any dodge that the enemy has and eliminating any uphill miss chance which is useful when pushing base towers), you shouldn't be getting any items that include an Attack Modifier since Arachna already has Webbed Shot. If you are getting +damage/attackspeed/armor items, keep in mind that images do not benefit from these bonuses, so you'll have to get Behemoth's Heart or another tanking item to survive late game. Generally you will want to avoid Assassin's Shroud because when you're playing against experienced foes, they will always be buying wards/gem when they gank you (and they WILL gank you!) You can remove Dust of Revelation with Harden Carapace in dire circumstances.
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    Checkout my guide to Arachna

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    I know what you're thinking, how am I meant to farm that much, when my opponents are trying to gank me every 5 minutes or they're pushing mid nonstop at the 20 minute mark. Answer: if you're getting ganked, tp top/bot and farm some more while buying another Homecoming Stone from the Outpost. If their team is pushing, let them 5v4 while you farm, if they're getting a rax you have no choice but to tp back and help your allies.

    Keep in mind that Arachna has a very different playstyle to lots of heroes, expect to die in a few games before you know exactly how fragile she is to play. It takes a long time to learn when you should be farming/ganking/running away, it all comes with experience. You may get bored farming for half an hour but you should keep in mind that your team is relying on you to carry them to victory, and the best way to do that is farm, not gank. The only time you should gank is when someone else comes to your lane and you have allies that teleport in to help you.

    Early game:
    With a hero like
    Arachna, it's all about smart counter play. You need to be aggressive and make your enemies fear your lane. You should be attempting to last hit every single creep in your lane, denying creeps makes the enemy players die a little inside, making them frustrated. A good way to harass your enemy heroes is to orb walk 3 Webbed Shots into them, making them run away a bit then last hit a creep. Repeat this until they decide to stand out of exp range and continue to last hit. Don't forgot to make your movements unpredictable, even good players should find it hard to tell if you're going to attack a creep or harass them. When they're at the maximum last hit range, you should be standing in melee range of the creeps, so your projectile distance travels as short of a distance as possible, making it easier to last hit (try it in practice mode!). You should always prioritise last hitting over harassing. Arachna is not just about last hitting, she's about psyching out the enemy heroes in her lane to stop them farming.

    If you're in need of some laning advice, or even if you're not in need of any I suggest heading over to and read Nome's Guide to laning.

    Mid Game:
    If you've successfully scared your enemy out of exp range, they're probably yelling for help on their mic or in team chat, so be prepared for a gank. Hopefully you have smart allies that are warding and/or using abilites for map control, if they are not, you may have to buy some wards yourself. When there are no enemy heroes in your lane, just sit back max range of creeps and only attack to last hit, when one of your ally creeps falls below 50% health, attack it until it dies, this will force the enemy creeps back towards you and you should be able to sit in your lane without it being pushed anywhere. This isn't a skill that can be picked up after one game, you have to practice this a fair bit before you can judge how much damage you need to do to each creep to keep them in the same position. Remember that the ranged creep does more damage so if you're doing it correctly, they should be the last 2 creeps in the wave that are alive, attacking each other. You should be static farming your lane and watching your map while farming. When you think your lane is pushed to far, you should swap to neutrals or maybe even do a quick creep pull so you can farm the lane creeps at a safer distance from the river.

    Mid-Late game:
    You should never attack your enemy tower with
    Arachna, since you want to farm, if you push down a tower too early, your creeps will be fighting on the other side of the river, making you a very susceptible target for ganks. However once you have your Geometer's Bane, feel free to push down the tower for extra gold, make sure you have keen map awareness, the last thing you want is to trying to last hit a tower with 5 enemy heroes around it, waiting to deny. Remember your
    Spiderling deals physical damage which is amplified by -armor which rips through enemy intelligence heroes. There's a few scenarios that the enemy team could be doing, each scenario should be counterable by your team line-up.

    1) Full non-stop pushing team - Against a team like this you cannot afford to give them a single tower, for every tower they get, they all gain gold, making the next push even stronger. Your team line-up should be full of heroes to stop this from happening (and there are quite a few). If you don't have any of these heroes I'm afraid it's going to be a quick game, remember Arachna is designed to be shut down enemy carry heroes and she doesn't go well against a team of 5 Intelligence heroes.

    2) 2-3 pushing heroes, at least 1 farmer -
    Your goal in this scenario is to outfarm the enemy farmer, this can be difficult for Arachna as she has no "farming" ability like Madman for instance. If the enemy is pushing with 5 heroes, you should be farming in your lane still while your team is 4v5'ing against them. If they're trying to take down a level 3 tower however, you'll need to defend it with your team. Be sure to watch out for teleports so that you don't over-extend into an oncoming gank. You should not be roaming and looking for the enemy carry to kill, leave that to your teammates. If you notice that the enemy carry hero is missing when they're pushing, your team suddenly has the 5v4 advantage and should initiate. Do not get caught out, if a chronos suddenly appears and he wasn't there before, you're going to be in big trouble.

    3) 1-2 carries, 3 disablers/team nukers - This is where you will have a hard time farming a lane, since you will be constantly ganked. You will need Wards of Sight to be able to safely farm and you will need to be present at every team battle and you'll be next to useless without a Shrunken Head, because no matter how well your farming, if your team is dying every 5v4 battle then you're going to lose. When facing a team with a lot of disable, 1 hero can make the difference between a loss and a win. As soon as you take out 1 enemy disabler, you're going to have 1 more ally that is not going to get disabled (in theory).

    4) 2-3 healers, 1 carry - A common strategy at the moment, you'll have to rely on your team to pin/silence the healers while you all focus down 1 target and turn it into a 4v5. In this case you should not be spreading your webbed shots, just attacking the one target. If the target retreats into a few of his allies, you should not lunge for him since you're so fragile. Just wait for your team's cooldowns to come back up and try again. You have to make sure you're killing 1 hero at a time.

    5) 5 carries - Stop playing 1400+ EM games.

    Late Game:
    Puuush! You should be at the back of all your heroes, your enemy is looking to pick you off with nukes/disables. Your job is to get web shot stacks up on as many heroes in range of you while backpedaling away from nukes and stuns. Ideally you will have an initiation hero which will pin enemies so your allies can charge in with you and all look coordinated. Cast Spider Sting as fast as possible to unsettle the enemy, making some of them run back, some of them attack the spider and some of them trying to engage you still. You should have enough dps to down even the tankiest of heroes, if any melee come within 600 units of you, get a Webbed Shot debuff on them as soon as possible. If they are all ranged, then use your Harden Carapace sparingly and wait for someone on your team to initiate then begin casting Webbed Shot on as many heroes as possible. You should never charge out the front of your base and aim straight for the disabler, or the tempest, or their carry hero, just wait for them to come to you. They know you do the most damage on your team so they will try and kill you first. You can sit in your base, drag the game out and get items while they're pushing at your tower and you'll end up winning because pusher heroes lose their effectiveness late game, while you gain effectiveness when you level up because of Precision

    The key to being a good
    Arachna player is to be patient and smart, you need to know what your enemies are capable of and you need to know all their abilities/combos. You need to be patient enough to not charge out at the enemy, and patient enough to sit in a lane for 20 minutes and not push it anywhere. Webbed Shot is debatably one of the best control spells in the game at the moment, once you have Wingbow you pump your enemies with debuffs and dish out incredible amounts of damage. Debuffing enemies should be your number 1 priority, with debuffing comes kills, which gives you gold to get items that win the game.

    Hero Synergy[qe7]


    Arguably the best support hero in the game at the moment, his mana regeneration aura will keep you in your lane for an extremely long time and he will constantly help with ganks and map control.

    Voodoo Jester:
    Your Spider Sting + his cursed ground is almost a guaranteed kill. Your slows also keep enemies in range of his voodoo ward for a few extra attacks.

    -Armor heroes:
    Pestilence, Armadon, Predator, Soulstealer, and Andromeda all provide -armor effects to enemy units which is fantastic for you and your Spiderling

    Initiation heroes:
    Behemoth, Tempest and Keeper of the Forest all have extremely good initiation abilities which lets you put Webbed Shot on lots of enemy heroes before they have a chance to do anything.

    Laning Buddies

    Specifically ask for a lane with these heroes if they're on your team.

    Demented Shaman/Accursed:
    A Support Healer will help you be more aggresive and so you can push your enemies all the way out of exp range, none of these heroes are item dependant so you can take all the kills as well.

    When you slow, he can catch up and use Wall of Mummies and Hellfire to deal large amounts of damage to enemies and constantly stunning them, so if they have a delayed spell it can't be cast. Once you reach level 6, he will be able to interrupt the enemy Homecoming stone so they can't get away. He goes roaming at level 6 as well, leaving you to farm the lane.

    He is a very scary hero when the enemy does not know where he is, but he needs levels and your lane is good for exp. Once he reaches level 6 he will be off ganking and you are free to farm for the rest of the game.

    Witch Slayer:
    He only needs exp to become powerful, so he should be sitting in your lane harassing your opponents with you, he has 2 strong disables allowing you to destroy any opponent that comes too close. When you both reach level 6 its a guaranteed kill, possibly double kill.


    He can reflect 30% of your attacks back at you, he makes you apply Webbed Shot shot to yourself. You have to rely on your team to stop him farming early game, if he can't last hit, he can't farm.

    His ultimate completely counters you for its duration, Spider Sting will do no damage, combined with his Protective charm will nullify your Webbed Shot (Note: Your Spiderling will still apply the -attack speed and movement speed debuffs though it will do almost no damage, thanks to Built for pointing this out) . You will be expected to get Nullfire Blade to dispel his charm and you will need to farm it fast.

    Bad Lanes

    If you see any of these heroes in your lane, you should request an immediate lane change, they are going to stop you farming for a good portion of the early game.


    Disabler + stunner:
    Escape mechanisms almost become pointless when you're hit with 2 stuns and a slow, these caster lanes are way too difficult for you to lane against having no real escape mechanism, especially when you're faced against a lane that can just spam blood chalice and out-harass you.

    He is going to remove your debuffs and heal his allies, making you entirely useless early and mid game.


    A High level 1800+ game where Scandal plays in an aggressive Arachna + Glacius vs Accursed + Forsaken Archer lane. Arachna gets a situational Null Stone to exploit the lack of single target spells that burn it, forcing legion to either waste a flick, face smash, cauterize or codex if they want to focus Arachna.

    In this next replay we see Era playing in a high level match as a solo Arachna in the Hellbourne top lane with a jungle Tempest against Pollywog and Hammerstorm. Hugging the forest allows Arachna to harrass and last hit without the fear of a Hammerstorm stun and Pollywog follow up. Since pollywog's disables have such short range (400 grip, 500 hex), Arachna can harass him whenever he gets out of position, and the gank from tempest secured the win for the lane. Era chooses to get Geometers, Savage mace and Portal key. In this circumstance 3/5 of his team members are heroes that normally get portal key, so he gets it as well to get himself in a better position as well as having an escape mechanism. Geometer's is fantastic against Moon queen and chronos since the images tank some moon beams and Chronos has to spend time working out what the images are. Savage mace is also good for interrupting long channeling spells such as Pollywog's grip.

    The last replay is a ESL match between unZ and TSoG with Revyy playing as Arachna on Legion. He lanes top as a solo knowing that he'd either be against Wretched Hag or Corrupted Disciple, since his team has the defensive tri-lane with Dark Lady. Thunderbringer ends up dominating mid, and TSoG had to start trying to gank TB, Dark lady and Arachna, which ended up being too hard for an underleveled Wretched Hag. The threat of an outlevelled Arachna means 2 heroes need to be dedicated to ganking her in order for her to die. Even if TSoG got a kill on her, they still had to move bottom again in order to stop dark lady's farm from getting out of hand.


    28/07/09 - Skill Build and The Rundown added, a few new sections announced, stats changed a bit.
    - Finished Items and Strategy sections.
    29/07/09 - Changed font size and added Whispering Helm to Build list
    30/07/09 - Cleared up BB code a bit
    New patch 0.1.30 featuring Arachna changes:

    - Base agility gain from 2.5 to 3.2
    - Tweaked the Spider Sting's spiderling
    * The Spiderling has a movement speed of 522
    * It will now last for 6 total attacks, up from 4
    * Each attack deals 75/150/225 Physical damage, increased from 62,138,225
    * Fixed tool tip, the debuff applied by the Spiderling on attack will now be displayed
    * Removed Clear vision and True Sight from Spiderling. Instead, its target will be permanently revealed while the Spiderling lives

    06/08/09 - Added some new items for variation, changed color scheme, minor changes to strategy section, reworked item build, added hero synergy, added how abilities scale, bad enemies coming soon.
    07/08/09 - Added Baddies and Bad lanes sections.
    08/08/09 - Fixed up some typing errors, added some unordered lists, added a bit more to The rundown and strat.
    11/08/09 - New Patch 0.1.34 featuring more Arachna changes:

    - Base intelligence gain from 1.8 to 1.5
    - The First two levels of webshot have a 2 second cool down
    - Some tweaks to Spider Sting
    * the Spiderling will now last for 5 attacks, reduced from 6
    * Rather than using health, the Spiderling will be destroyed after being attacked 3 times
    * Fixed an issue causing the spiderling to sometimes become idle if its target became invulnerable for any length of time

    19/08/09 - Ninja edited guide to account for Webbed Shot no longer having stacks. Changed some colours.
    02/09/09 - Fixed Jereziah's laning info and added some info for items, keep the posts coming
    11/09/09 - Fixed up the broken pictures, also added links to their corresponding honwiki page, fixed up Slither's section
    12/09/09 - New Patch 0.1.42:

    - Fixed Spider Sting to not drop target if the target becomes Invulnerable for a fraction of a second
    - Changed her attack action time from 300ms to 400ms
    - Harden Carapace now lasts 6 seconds at all levels

    20/09/09 - New Patch 0.1.45:

    - Arachna's spiderling is now easier to target and select
    - Web Shot will no longer trigger charges on Power Supply or Mana Battery
    - Movement speed reduced by 10

    27/09/09 - Changed Steam boots to Enhanced marchers.
    13/11/09 - Removed Puppet master from baddies section now that Puppeteer's hold is displled by Harden Carapace - Thanks Dark0ne1
    - fixed up a few things like riftshards and a mention of Repel.
    22/11/09 - Changed Enhanced marchers to ghost marchers
    30/03/10 - Updated First page of guide with lots of new stuff, and the second page with some new hero strats
    25/09/10 - Included skill icons and hon wiki links, updated the main picture and strength gain
    30/09/10 - Added replays, and pictures for abilities, changed some text to be more precise for current gameplay
    Last edited by Shadowcamsy; 10-01-2010 at 04:32 AM.
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    I think this needs a lot of work, but it's a good start.
    As for Item Build, I usually build her like drow, going 2 wraiths, steamboots STR, assasins shroud, wingbow, and then some type of defense.

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    You know what's good with aracha, Frost Skull. Gives you the health you need and stacks with your snare for -70% movement speed. A little redundant since you already have a snare but can make for a fun game

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    stats... rly?
    unless you die a lot early game im pretty sure your items can make up for it.

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    definitely stats. you can take 1 in carapace if ur gonna have a debuff to remove. good so far.

  7. #7
    I put up an arachna guide a while back. I disagree strongly with getting more than 1 level of harden carapace until 25, but otherwise reserving judgment till you post an item build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travakh View Post
    I put up an arachna guide a while back. I disagree strongly with getting more than 1 level of harden carapace until 25, but otherwise reserving judgment till you post an item build.
    Eh there is a pretty big difference between 38% magic reduction and 70% magic reduction don't you think?

    So far so good though, Arachna does not need precision early but hardened carapace can easily save your ass. Best of luck on this guide.
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    Extra levels of Harden Carapace also reduce the cooldown of Harden Carapace and duration of the Harden Carapace effect, allowing you to keep it up for 33% of the time.
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    It's more efficient to have 2 wraith bands and str treads.. you save 100 gold. bracers are retarded for agi heros as they soak up 525? gold each and have no effect late game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tr1cKSt3R View Post
    It's more efficient to have 2 wraith bands and str treads.. you save 100 gold. bracers are retarded for agi heros as they soak up 525? gold each and have no effect late game.
    Fortified Bracelet is 510 gold.
    Soulscream Wring is 460 gold.
    6 damage, tiny increase in attack speed, tiny increase in armor for 6str which is a roughly 8% health gain in that point in time.

    Wraith bands give you a bit more damage, Bracers give you a bit more health, its a personal choice but I'd rather the extra health, I can't even put a number of the amount of times I've gotten away with <50 health because my enemy misjudged my health with bracers.
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    In my honest opinion, both Bands and Bracers are possible, if you are going Bands go 3x, if going Bracers go 2x. I usually go for fast Midas, because the HoN midas are just so powerful, so I don't get more than 2x Bands and then straight for Shieldbreaker. In addition, I suggest going for Whispering Helm also, Armor Reduction + Lifeleech is a very powerful combination (which may be fixed soon when orbs don't stack )

    You can also dominate a Wolf Commander for 30% damage aura, makes an incredible difference for Arachna.

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    I like your guide, but what does the term, "orb walking," mean exactly? As far as I can infer, it just means to shoot your enemy.
    Last edited by MisterEvil; 07-28-2009 at 10:51 AM.

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    The ult is so stupid, she throws a spider at them? Wtf?

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterEvil View Post
    I like your guide, but what does the term, "orb walking," mean exactly? As far as I can infer, it just means to shoot your enemy.
    Shoot them, move, shoot them again, move again, shoot them again, etc.

    Basically it's to prevent them from hitting you.

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    lol someone who agrees with me that arachna owns.. but is a lot harder to play than most... my item build is a lot different though.. maybe I will try yours

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    You should mention something about needing a solo lane as arachna (but not particularly being a great solo). I would like to see some comparisons between arachna and drow/viper. Finally saying something like "Strongest ranged hero" what respect?

    Overall nice guide though.
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    I solo kited a legionaire all over my team's forest the other day.

    It took some time and I was almost oom at the end, but it was fun.

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    This guide is pretty good, but there are a couple of things I disagree with.

    While getting stats early game is the way to go, getting more than 1 rank of carapace is not. You only need 1 rank for the debuff dispell. If you are in a lane with 2 nukers, immediately ask for a switch. If switch is not possible, carapace isn't going to save you. You'll still get nuked when carapace isn't up.

    Also you should consider getting precision around level 10, because this is where your damage is high enough to benefit more from precision than stats. And this is where you'll start participating in ganks.

    Item-wise, you can't ever go wrong with assassin's shroud. You are extremely vulnerable to ganks all game long. Assassin's shroud + carapace will save you plenty of times.

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    I strongly disagree.

    first. harden carapace NEED to be taken at level 2. no matter what. debuff is vital for early game. Going more than 1 level of harden carapace, is not the way to go. You need at least 2 +stat before that.

    Item wise, i do not follow the same path. I personaly go for :
    ring of the teacher -> early harass/kill
    phase boot. armor is good. thread give IAS which is to my point of view not usefull to arachna as you will need more mana.
    runed axe.
    wingbow but game should be already over.

    Early strategy is simple : webshot webshot webshot and more webshot on your ennemy. They will either die or flee.
    Just watch for gank because people will hate you.

    mid game, you can rush to gank without problem or take people 1 on 1.

    late game, stay behind and just webshot people so they don't flee.

    Arachna is very good hero if you have a few ranged heroes. Else her support late game might be a bit low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thotor View Post
    I strongly disagree.

    first. harden carapace NEED to be taken at level 2. no matter what. debuff is vital for early game. Going more than 1 level of harden carapace, is not the way to go. You need at least 2 +stat before that.

    Item wise, i do not follow the same path. I personaly go for :
    ring of the teacher -> early harass/kill
    phase boot. armor is good. thread give IAS which is to my point of view not usefull to arachna as you will need more mana.
    runed axe.
    wingbow but game should be already over.

    Early strategy is simple : webshot webshot webshot and more webshot on your ennemy. They will either die or flee.
    Just watch for gank because people will hate you.

    mid game, you can rush to gank without problem or take people 1 on 1.

    late game, stay behind and just webshot people so they don't flee.

    Arachna is very good hero if you have a few ranged heroes. Else her support late game might be a bit low.
    I guess you are the only to talk with K/D ratio of 0.5/1

    Runed Axe on Ranged... Reminds me of old times in Dota a couple of years ago, when some people were playing Medusa with Bfury

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