Thread: HoN Invitational Update - Day 2 (spoilers)

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    HoN Invitational Update - Day 2 (spoilers)

    Hi everyone!

    We're all wrapped up with Day 2 and the Groups are shaping up nicely! Group B was decided today, however we still have a few matches left in Group A. Those will be played out (and cast) accordingly:

    Thursday, July 18th
    sG vs xCet -1000 EDT/1600 CEST Thurs - coLcast
    sG vs DCx - 1100 EDT/1700 CEST Thurs - coLcast
    LION vs tmsR - 1100EDT/1700 CEST Thurs - Honcast

    Immediately following the completion of these matches we will continue with the bracket matches as originally scheduled.

    Thursday, July 18th
    Quarter-Finals - 1200 EDT/1800 CEST - Honcast and coLcast
    Semi-Finals - 1500 EDT/2100 CEST - Honcast and coLcast

    Make sure to tune in to find out who takes 1st in Group A, and which team sneaks in as the final quarter finalist in the HoN Invitational: Powered by Honcast Subscribers!

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    Thursday, July 18th

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