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    HoN Invitational - Group A Update

    Hi everyone,

    I'm really excited that so many of you showed up to watch the first few matches in today's Group A of the HoN Invitational. Unfortunately some persistent server issues prevented the remaining 3 rounds of matches from being played. After over two hours of waiting the teams and casters were told that we would be unable to continue today and we will be rescheduling the matches.

    I have to give a big shout out to all five Group A teams for being receptive to rescheduling and not forfeiting in this event. They will play their remaining matches between now and the Quarterfinals on Thursday, starting at 1200 EDT / 1800 CEST. I will personally attempt to cast some of these matches in an attempt to continue in the spirit of this event.

    Going forward Group B will be played tomorrow as scheduled, starting at 1200 EDT / 1800 CEST to be covered by Honcast and Team stayGreen Cast.

    A big thank you to everyone tuning in, and to the teams and casters for putting on an awesome show so far. I look forward to enjoying the rest of this awesome event and I pray that we encounter no additional complications!

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    Awesome, thanks for keeping us in the loop Beef; keep up the good work! Can't wait to see these teams in action!

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    may peace be with HoN

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    Looking forward for tonight!

    PS: TMSR vs sG was one hell of an intense game, it was quite a show.

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    Seems like the HoN gods are not pleased.... some one must offer something or S2 will feel the wrath of the HoN gods

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    Beef, you seem like a very dedicated person, and i like that. i would strongly suggest minimizing your time in HoN and looking at other options. even though, like you, i love this game, i just see no future in it, atleast no competitive future.

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